The Taehyung Experience


Y/N was a girl who did enjoy her fun here and there no doubt no argument. Yet, she refused to show that to the people around her. She wrote about it in her stories but she made sure it seemed like a fantasy... that was, until she met Kim Taehyung

Romance / Humor
Age Rating:



I just wanted to give the warnings now and on every chapter. So if there is a scene that needs warning it will be updated on here and on the chapter.


Taehyung will be bisexual in this book so there will be a few scenes of mentioning him having sex with a guy. Most likely it will be with Jimin who will be gay in this story.


Sex, such a simple word that has a ton of backlash. Good and bad.

Taehyung saw the good. He saw the pleasure, the release, the adrenaline, the experience, and so did his father and mother

His father who was cheating on his mother, and vice versa which honestly shocked taehyung but uh he understand as years went on.

He even understood it himself... why not experience the new sexual generation?

Y/N however knew nothing about sex and nothing about the experience. Her family made her believe as a woman you can’t have sexual relations until a man made you feel like you should.

Yet, she did anyway. Just not as far as she’d like, but when a an like Kim Taehyung gives you an experience like this

How could you resist.

But you can’t just enjoy the good and not expect the bad to fuck you over

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