The Other Watson (The Grace Chronicles Book 1)


“Gracie!” I screamed as I flung the door to my bedroom open. I found Grace, sitting up in the bed, screaming. Her eyes were open but she just stared blankly at the wall. I had never seen her like that. When she was younger and had nightmares she made smaller noises, nothing as extreme as this. Something terrible had happened to her and it killed me. “Gracie, it’s me, it’s John, you’re ok, you’re safe.” I said shaking her slightly trying to break her out of her trance. Slowly she stopped screaming and looked at me.

“John?” She gasped as she flung herself at me and started sobbing. Her sobs were so strong that she was shaking. I was terrified seeing Grace this way.

“It’s alright Gracie, I’m here.” I soothed wrapping my arms around her gently careful not to hurt her any more. Thought I truly wanted to pull her into my arms as tightly as I could and I wanted to never let her go. Though she was 22 I still saw her as my baby sister who needed protecting.

“John,” Sherlock said pointing at Grace’s stomach. His head cocked to one side and I could tell he was trying to deduce her. Ignoring that fact, I looked down and saw what Sherlock was seeing. Grace’s shirt had blood on it near her stomach.

“Gracie, are you hurt?” I asked worryingly but as soon as I said it I cursed at myself mentally, of course she was hurt. “Can I see?” She nodded and I slowly lifted her shirt up. My stomach dropped when I saw it. She was never supposed to be a part of the fight that Sherlock and I were fighting. That’s why I tried to keep her at a distance, but it clearly hadn’t worked. He knew. “Jesus, Sherlock.” I said turning towards Sherlock who looked worried, generally worried. Carved into Grace’s side was the letter M.

“Moriarty,” Sherlock said confirming my fears before heading downstairs.

“Sherlock!” I yelled, I needed to know what he was thinking, what his theories were. While most times his showing off annoyed me, I knew that he was right more times than not and if he thought Grace was in danger, than we needed to protect her and keep her as far away from that madman as possible.

“John?” Grace sniffed and I quickly turned back to Grace. She looked so scared.

“Yes Gracie?” I said as I grabbed her hand trying to comfort her.

“Where am I?” She asked and I saw the confusion in her eyes.

“You’re in my room, do you remember how you got here?” I asked as I looked her up and down. None of her wounds were life threating though the gash on her head bothered me. Not to mentioned that she had clearly been beaten by someone. In some of the bruises in her face I could see finger marks where the fist hit. Anger grew inside of me as I wanted to kill whoever did this to her.

“No, I remember knocking on your door and then this old woman opened it and let me in.” She said as she struggled to remember as she brought her hand up to her head. She quickly drew it away as she winced.

“Do you remember anything after that?” I said as I slowly parted her hair. The gash was bad, but nothing that would need stitches.

“I remember, the lady yelling something and then I saw Mr. Holmes, but after that, it’s just black. What happened John?” She asked.

“Well, you passed out luckily Sherlock caught you or else you would probably have a concussion. Then he brought you up here. What is going on Gracie are you in some kind of trouble?” I asked.

“I need to talk to Mr. Holmes.” She said completely avoiding my question as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed as she attempted to stand but she started to fall. Quickly I caught her and steadied her. She was much skinnier than the last time I saw her in a sickly sort of way. Also she had grown to where she was now a good few inches taller than me.

“Alright well, none of your cuts are that deep, so I’ll just need to bandage them. Ready?” I asked though I was not going to let her off with not telling me what was going on. As soon as I patched her up, I was going to get to the bottom of it. Slowly I placed her arm around my shoulder as I helped her walk down the stairs.

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