The Other Watson (The Grace Chronicles Book 1)


“Where in the hell have you been Sherlock,” Lestrade asked when we reached him. “Wait, who is she?” He asked pointing at Grace causing me to roll my eyes.

“She is with me,” I said walking away, completely ignoring Lestrade, Grace closely behind me.

“Sherlock wait, she can’t come…” Lestrade started and he had begun to annoy me.

Angrily I turned around and glared at Lestrade, “I said she is with me.” I sneered.

He threw his hands up in surrender and I turned back to walking down the long hallway. From behind me, I could hear Lestrade and John whispering.

“Who is she?” Lestrade asked, “I’ve never seen him act like that around anyone, apart from you.”

“She’s my sister.” John replied.

“That’s Harriet?” Lestrade asked shocked.

“No, no, that’s Grace, my youngest sister.”

“Oh and does Sherlock…” Lestrade started but I was not going to let him finish that thought.

“Did you just bring us here to walk down a hallway, or are we actually going to see something of importance.” I said as I turned back around. However my eyes didn’t look at Lestrade. They were focused on Grace who had a confused look on her face.

“Turn left,” Lestrade said and I followed his instructions turning away from Grace.

“Oh God,” John said when he saw what I was seeing.

We had turned into one large room covered in graffiti, on each side there were large wooden support beams that were each spaced about ten feet apart from each other. They led to the back wall, which was all windows. Each beam went all the way to the roof and was connected by another large beam. In the middle of the room was body, a man, his hands were handcuffed above his head to one of the horizontal beams. The handcuffs were long enough that the man’s feet were only ten inches off the floor. There was a giant cut all the way across his neck from ear to ear. Blood streamed down from his neck over his shirtless body and onto the floor, pooling under his feet. Looking at his stomach, I saw that the letter M was carved there. I turned to look at Grace to see her reaction, but she was not behind me. I turned back to find her running towards the body.

“Grace!” John yelled and the emptiness of the room caused his voice to echo.

“Grace?” I asked as Grace stopped before the body and turned around but she wasn’t looking at me, but more at something behind me.

“Stupid, stupid,” She said as she walked towards another beam.

“What?” I asked following her.

“Me, I can’t believe I didn’t recognize it.” She said.

“Grace, what do you mean?”

“This,” she said as she ran her hand over the beam where the letter S had been carved into. Made my some teen I assumed.

“Grace, what’s wrong?” John asked coming up behind us.

“Yesterday, that was me,” she said pointing at the body.

I heard John mutter something under his breath, but I was too busy making a mental picture of Grace, hanging there, her face bruised and beaten to hear what he had said. I shrugged off the chills that had started to climb up my back. Needing a distraction from these strange feelings I quickly went into my mind palace mode trying to figure out how the scene would have unfolded.

“Show me everything you saw.” I said grabbing her by the shoulders and turning her so she was facing me. She nodded and I let go of her shoulders watching her as she walked towards the body. She stopped right in front of it and stood on her tiptoes so that her face was level with the corpses. John was right, she was definitely like me.

“This is where Moriarty was,” she said turning towards me and then back to the body. Her focus was drawn to the man’s trousers. “Does anyone have any gloves?” She asked and I quickly turned towards Lestrade who threw me a pair, which I then handed to her. Quickly she put them on and reaching into the man’s trouser pocket pulling out a folded up piece of paper. I looked over her shoulder as she unfolded it. The piece of paper of paper read: “Beware the Ides of March,” followed by the letters:




And it was signed “Love M.”

“It’s just a bunch of rubbish,” John said as Grace handed it to him. I rolled my eyes. John had been around me long enough and had known what Moriarty’s games consisted of to know it wasn’t just rubbish.

“No it’s a…” I started.

“Caesar cipher,” Grace finished causing me to stare at her a smile on my face. She was smart, and I mean smart on my level of smart.

“How do you know that?” John asked Grace.

“It’s easy, “Beware the Ides of March,” Caesar.” She said smiling. “All we need is the shift number.”

“15,” I said and it was as though I was talking to myself inside my mind palace. Grace was so much like me but at the same time so very different.

“Right, the 15th of March.” Grace said.

I held the paper in-between us so we could both see it. Quickly my mind changed the letters around as I decoded the message.

“Got it!” Grace yelled breaking my concentration.

“Really?” I asked impressed I had never met anyone, apart from my brother, who could decode Caesar ciphers in their head, let alone faster than I could.

“Really?” John asked shocked.

“It says; Hi Sherlock, miss me! I haven’t been to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in a while maybe I should drop in. I’ll say hi to Miss Hooper for you.” Grace didn’t even have time to finish reading the cipher before I took running back out of the building.

“Molly!” John yelled running closely behind me followed by Grace.

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