The Other Watson (The Grace Chronicles Book 1)


“Come on Molly, pick up, pick up.” I begged gripping my mobile. Molly was just one of Moriarty’s pawns, I knew we should have told Molly about Jim, she had no idea how dangerous he truly was. The Jim from IT that Molly knew was just a ploy to get to Sherlock.

“Hi, this is Molly Hooper, sorry…” Her voicemail started before I quickly ended the call.

“She’s not answering!” I yelled, I didn’t know how much time we had to get to her before Moriarty did, and I feared he was already there.

“Can you go any faster?” Sherlock screamed at the cabbie and for once I didn’t correct him for his rudeness.

“Guys, just calm down.” Grace said looking back and forth between the two of us.

“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down!” Sherlock yelled with an anger in his voice I hardly ever heard. Sherlock cared for Molly, not in a romantic way, I didn’t believe he was capable of that sort of caring, but he still cared for Molly as a dear friend, and Sherlock would do anything he could to protect his friends, though he would never admit that to anyone.

Shocked, Grace placed her hands in her lap and put her head down. I was about to say something when Sherlock yelled at the cabbie again.

“Just stop!” Sherlock screamed.

The cab pulled over and quickly I paid the cabbie, something that had become my unofficial job since living with Sherlock since he never carried money with him, and followed Sherlock.

“What are we doing?” I yelled as Sherlock took off running.

“We, are running John!” He yelled back in his voice that made me feel stupid. Grace and I took off after him.

After many blocks, we finally reached the hospital. We sprinted through the doors, past all of the doctors trying to stop us, and headed towards the morgue. We were just about to the corridor when a scream rang out through the halls.

“No,” I gasped as we turned the final corner. Sherlock sprinted towards the doors as he slammed into them with all his force but they wouldn’t open.

“Molly?” He screamed showing emotion he normally wouldn’t show slamming into the doors again I could hear them creek against the strain but they still stayed shut.

“Molly!” I screamed as I copied Sherlock slamming my body into the doors.

“Guys stop!” Grace yelled shoving us both out of the way. I watched as she pulled a bobby pin from her hair and started to pick the lock. She had learned to pick locks at an early age, something that I had taught her though I wasn’t proud of it. Quickly the doors opened and we all charged in however as soon as we were in, we all skidded to a stop as the smell hit us. It was unbearable. It smelled like…well death. I placed my hand over my nose as I took in the scene before me. Hanging from one of the lights in the middle of the room was a body. Like the previous body, its neck was slit open, blood pouring down its shirtless body, mixing with the blood from the M carved into the stomach and pooling under the body’s feet. The only difference was that this body was female. It looked like Molly, however its face was down, covered by her light brown hair, so we couldn’t be sure. However, by the look on Sherlock’s face, I could see that the body had Molly’s measurements.

Sherlock quickly went over to the body. He reached out his hand to move the girl’s hair out of the way and I could have sworn I saw his hand shaking. Just as he had grabbed her hair a small voice whimpered from behind us.

”Sherlock,” it said.

We all quickly whipped around to find Molly cowering in the corner.

“Molly!” Sherlock and I said in unison as we rushed over to her. “Are you alright?” Sherlock asked helping her to her feet.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” She said wiping her tears away, “I came in and I found her just hanging there,” Molly started to cry again. “I work in a morgue for God sake, this shouldn’t scare me.”

“Molly, are you sure you’re not hurt?” Sherlock asked looking Molly up and down he did that about three times before he backed away slowly his attention turning back to Grace who was looking at the ground.

“I’m fine Sherlock, really.” Molly said a giddy school girl smile on her face. I never understood why Molly still cared for Sherlock even after all the horrible things he had done and said to her

Sherlock sighed in relief as he backed away from Molly, giving her some space.

“Why didn’t you answer your mobile, we tried to call you?” He said sternly.

“I was at lunch with Jim,” she said a little sheepish.

Sherlock sighed and I gave him a look that asked the question, “Should we tell her,” but he quickly shook his head no as he turned and walked towards the body running his hands through his hair.

“Sherlock,” Grace said following after Sherlock.

“Who is she?” Molly asked as Grace placed her hand on Sherlock’s shoulder. I could hear the jealousy in her voice

“That’s my sister,” I said as I watched as Sherlock gently placed his hand on Grace’s. I wanted to say something or better yet tear Sherlock’s arm clean off.

“That’s Harriet?” Molly asked shocked as she looked Grace up and down.

“Why is everyone so shocked by the fact that, that could be Harriet?” I said a bit insulted, “But no that’s my youngest sister, Grace.”

“Oh,” She said turning back to look at Grace and Sherlock.

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