The Other Watson (The Grace Chronicles Book 1)


That next morning, I woke up rather early; due to what I could only imagine was guilt from the way I had acted the previous night. Quietly I crept down the stairs only to find that my sister was not the only sleeping on the couch, instead I found Sherlock. “Why is he sleeping on the couch? And where is Grace?” I thought. Slowly I walked over to Sherlock’s room and opened the door. I looked in to find Gracie asleep, Sherlock’s sheets wrapped around her. I shut the door and angrily hurried over to Sherlock. He was dead if he had even laid a single finger on her. I didn’t think that that was something I was going to have to worry about with Sherlock. “Sherlock!” I quietly yelled not willing to wake my sister. However, he didn’t wake up. “Sherlock!” I yelled a bit louder kicking the couch. He woke with a start and rolled onto the floor with a thud.

“John what in the…” he started, rubbing back as he sat up.

“Why in the hell is my sister in your bed!” I yelled full force this time.

“She looked tired, and I didn’t want her to sleep on the couch. It was just for a night, that’s it.” Sherlock whispered.

“That’s it?” I asked suspicious.

“That’s it.” He said

“So there is nothing going on between you two.” I asked questioningly.

“Of course not.” He said annoyed.

“Good because then I would have to kill you.” I laughed helping him up.

“Wow, could you guys be any louder.” Gracie said as she came out of the bedroom. She stood there, in short shorts, that were tight on her skin, and a tank top that in the light was see through. Way too sexy, I thought, to be wearing to bed.

“Nice bed head Gracie.” I laughed trying to fight my urge to throw covers over her.

Quickly she patted down hair. “So,” she said flopping in one of the chairs. “What are we doing today?”

“Today we are going to beat Moriarty. John, I need you to go to Lestrade and figure out if the two bodies have any connections. Grace, do you remember what the brand looks like” Sherlock asked and Grace nodded. “Do you think you could sketch it out for me? We will take it down to my homeless network and have them look around to see where Moriarty could have gotten it. Then we will head over to the warehouse. I felt like we may have missed something.” Sherlock said as he grabbed the drawing Grace had quickly sketched. “We will meet back at the café at 5.”

As soon as everyone had gotten dress, we headed down to get a cab. Quickly one stopped and we all quickly got in.

“If anyone gets into any trouble, we call the other,” I said not liking the idea of Sherlock and Grace going somewhere by themselves, I knew Sherlock could take care of her but my fear was he would be to wrapped up in the case to realize something was wrong.

“Hmmm? Oh, yes.” Sherlock responded but I could tell he wasn’t listening. “Stop!” He yelled at the cabbie. Quickly he grabbed the sketch and raced out of the cab. “I’ll be right back!” He yelled.

I watched as Sherlock ran over to one of his homeless network workers. He handed over the sketch and some money and then quickly got back in the cab. “Alright, head to the police station.” He said and the cab started off again.

“Homeless network?” Grace asked looking at me.

“Don’t ask.” I whispered Sherlock could go on for days about his homeless network and how efficient it was.

“Alright John, find out everything you can, don’t leave out any details and…” Sherlock started as the cab slowed to a stop.

“Be you,” I smiled sarcastically as I got out of the cab. “Now you take care of her Sherlock, alright.” I said.

“Of course John.” He replied and I shut the door and watched the cab drive off again.

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