Iron heart


In which a 16 year old girl name Morgan stark has to live with knowing her farther is the worlds biggest jerk but her biggest superhero. “Hero’s are made by the path they choose. Not the powers they are graced with”.

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Iron Heart Cast

Tony Stark

“My old man never told me how much he loved me.In fact he never had a problem with saying I could of been more like you”.

Natasha Romanoff

“No matter what pain your going threw don’t forget about the people that love you.”.

Steve Rogers

“A team that loose together stays together just to show how much we can do”.

Peter Parker

“If you don’t take take that chance you’ll never know what could’ve been”!.

Clinton Bart

“Sweetheart the only thing getting in the way of you beating that guys ass is you”.

Nick fury

“Miss stark I’m sorry but I guess I didn’t hear the sarcasm in your voice when you said that would you like to restart“.

Thor Odison

“You really need to listen to your dad more he knows his stuff”.

Bruce Banner

“Well genuinely I have to learn how to do things just like you.We always have a lesson life wants to show us.”.

Virginia Potts

“He’ll come around don’t worry He may not say that he loves you but he does trust me Morgan”.

Wanda maximoff

“We all have monsters inside us and we are responsible for what happens when we let them out”.!


“Just because something works doesn’t mean that it cannot be improved”.

Morgan Stark

Blue Storm

“I just wish that you would for once say you actually love me but obviously your never going to get to that point”.


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