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Creatures of the Night


She knew it was madness. The heat was messing with her. Raven was burning up with desire; still she repeated over and over to herself that she was not gay, she had never been gay... right?

Mystery / Romance
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The Question

Raven looked at herself closely in the bathroom mirror. Drops of water fell from her now long hair down her neck and naked torso. She looked closely at herself examining her skin and hair color. She sighed and began untangling her long braids. It was still a bitch to comb her hair everyday; but after a very long mission in the South Pole, where it had grown out of necessity and lack of time to cut it, she realized boys paid more attention to her like that.

Not that vanity was something she rejoiced in or she had a special need for boy’s attentions; but as time passed and she grew older, she knew her half demonic anatomy would demand her to get a partner. And that time was approaching soon, she was 19 already.

Demons were known to be very sexually active creatures, especially considering they had a tendency to kill each other, so the need to breed was also a survival mechanism imprinted on their DNA. So every now and then, they would go into an unstoppable heat.

Being half human only slowed down her mating cycles to once every year, making it easier for her to control her natural impulses; but meditation didn’t suppress them completely either. She had never been much of a sexual person; after all, the possibility of blowing up a potential partner was something discouraging. But if she didn’t channel her sexual energy, god knows what would happen. As years passed it only got worse.

Maybe we should give it a try. – sounded a voice inside her mind.

“Yeah, but who would want to date a freak like me? I’m not even sweet like Starfire, or funny like Beast Boy, or cool like Robin, or loving like Cyborg. Not even they like to hang out with me most of the time.” complained Raven to her image in the mirror.

Oh but we are smart and we have a killer body! – shouted Brave, her most confident emoticlone.

But what about our skin color? It’s so depressing. – whined Timid.

“Oh shut up all of you. You’ve been very chatty as of late. People are beginning to think am schizophrenic or something.”

It’s your fault; you’ve been lax in your meditation. – warned Wisdom.

True. Her emoticlones existed so she could easily hold control of her emotions through meditation. But since her father’s defeat, she had been in less need of it as time passed. Sometimes she allowed herself to feel love, or compassion, or anger, without necessarily blowing things up to pieces.

Raven looked down at herself; she had to admit hero duties had shaped her body quite nicely. So the empath began a self exploration with her hands, first touching her arms and shoulders then going down her chest. She finally reached her boobs and caressed them softly, in gentle circular motions. The goth titan could feel her nipples hardening under her touch, and as she pinched them between her thumbs and middle fingers a surge of heat rose from her center down her tights.

The half demoness was burning up, so she lowered her right hand down to her belly as the left played with her hardened nipples. She quickly reached her wet pussy and began caressing her opened folds. She took special attention to not touch her clit directly, and began a slow, gentle, rocking motion with her hand. The empath was on the brink of climax, and when she could take it no more she finally reached for her pleasure point.


Raven found herself suddenly drenched in water. The sink faucet had blown up the moment she let go of her powers, and now it was spurting water all over the bathroom.

“Oh shit…” cursed the Titan as she smacked her hand on her forehead. “I’m going to die a virgin.”

All heat forgotten, she diligently chanted her mantra as she fixed the broken sink and dressed up to head to the kitchen.

After brewing some tea, the empath headed to the big window to meditate. Her raging hormones demanded it. Strangely it was quiet in the tower… too quiet… which could only mean the boys where hanging out somewhere in Jump City leaving the two female residents on their own. This, of course, could only mean that Starfire would come to her any time now asking to "do the girl talk".

Maybe you can talk about what we are going through with Starfire.

“No. It would be too embarrassing.”

Come on. She’s an alien. When she reached puberty she grew a horn. Would you prefer to go to the “mall of shopping" or participate in “braiding maneuvers upon each other's hair"?

It was common knowledge that the girls had grown closer as time passed, especially since the Puppet King incident. The Tamaranean was the only one ever allowed into the empath’s room and she even humored the alien princess by participating in all the different girly activities that were intended for them to feel like “normal” human girls. Although neither of them was normal, nor human.

And just like she had predicted, Starfire appeared soon after as she meditated in the living room.

"Friend Raven" the Tamaranean Princess was standing at a reasonable distance from where Raven levitated. She had learned from experience to be cautious near the quiet Titan during her daily ritual.

"Yes Starfire?"

“Are you alright?” asked her friend in concern.

“Yeah, why do you ask?” replied Raven a little confused by the question.

“You’ve been meditating a lot as of late.”

“I always meditate.” answered her friend in her characteristic monotone voice.

“Yes, but I have noticed an increasing amount of it during this particular time of the year.”

Raven was surprised by Starfire’s keen perception. People usually thought of her as the airhead bimbo of the team, but she was surprisingly intelligent and insightful. Behind that innocent smile Raven knew she had an amazingly smart and caring friend.

"Has anybody else noticed that?" asked the empath as she lowered to the ground and took a seat at the couch of the living room.

“None of the boys have mentioned anything about it. I believe I am the only one.”noted the alien, taking a seat next to Raven. “Does that mean there IS something going on?”

“Well… let’s just say at this time of the year I find it harder to keep my cool… so I meditate more.”

“Why are you having trouble with the cool?” inquired Starfire.

“Well… I... my body has this need… and I kind of find it hard to control it…”

Raven began fidgeting in her seat under Starfire’s scrutiny. The Tamaranean’s face of confusion suddenly turned into surprise, and understanding.

“Oh! Raven you have mating cycles!” yelped Starfire “You are in heat!”

“Shhhh!! The boy’s might come in at any minute!” whispered the Azarathian covering her friend’s mouth with her hands. Raven was red as a tomato; she couldn’t believe Starfire had found out so easily about her predicament.

“They are at the games of video, will be there all day. Besides, you should not be embarrassed. I believe the human boys mating cycle never stops, they are always in heat.” smiled the alien girl, trying to calm down the empath.

“Yeah, you should know. You date one.”

“On my planet, the sexual act is merely for procreation, although here on earth I believe it is also for pleasure, yes?”

“Yeah, it is…” confirmed the goth girl, not quite catching her point.

“So I see no reason for you to hold back Raven. I believe you could find a suitable candidate to participate in the act of coupling without expecting you to bear children for him.” chimed Starfire trying to be helpful. Apparently on her planet they didn’t have any prejudice about talking so freely about sex.

“I don’t think so. I wouldn’t be comfortable with a one night stand."

"Perhaps not someone to be just for one night then." chuckled Starfire. She was apparently amused by the idea. "You could find a boy that is a friend and you can also do the dating, and the cuddling, not just the sex."

"That sounds like a complicated task Star…” replied the dark Titan somewhat crestfallen. “Just look at me! I don't think boys find me that attractive..."

"Oh but that is not true friend Raven! You are very shapely and when your cape is off I've seen the boys do the drooling over you, especially Beast Boy… I know! You should date him!"

At that moment Raven’s mind brought forth the image of Beast Boy, he had grown taller and muscular over the years; he was no longer the skinny brat they had met. But then again, his personality still matched that of a twelve year old. Sometimes it was sweet how he made such an effort to make her laugh, but most of the time he was just plain irritating.

"First dead than dating Beast Boy; he is too immature" whined the empath.“Even if we thought about dating where would we go together? I can’t imagine BB going into a bookstore if his life depended on it.”

"Guess you two don’t have much in common… What about Goth boy?"

"We certainly share many things in common, but our worlds are too different." answered Raven a little disappointed.

"How so?" wondered Starfire.

"He works at a coffee house… I fight crime… that somehow hurts his male ego…"Raven had indeed considered him before. They had gone out a couple of times, and even shared a kiss with him. But something always came up and she had to go save the city. He didn’t say anything about it, but she noticed his sudden need to prove himself to be man enough for her. And that was just awkward and pathetic.

"Well there are other superhero guys you could date!" exclaimed the alien.

"Name one."

"Speedy?" ventured the Tamaranean.

"Too Robin, I would feel like I'm going out with your boyfriend. Besides, just imagine putting those two together in the same city, they would kill each other."


“Well he’s quiet… But too creepy, even for me; and that’s saying a lot.” Raven had nothing against speaking in sign language, but his eyes were just a little too unsettling; like he was hiding something dark behind that gentle smile.


“He is handsome, but lives in another dimension.” admitted Raven.

"Más and Menos?"

"Not that kinky to date twins, I wouldn’t know which one to pick… besides they are too short… and I don't speak Spanish…"

"Ok, too many cons there…" Starfire was deep in thought searching through the images of her superhero pals for the perfect candidate.

"I know! Aqualad! He is very handsome!"

"He is sooo gay Starfire."

"Is he not of your liking because he is a happy person?" now the alien princess was definitely confused by this.

"ehm… not that… I know ´gay´ means happy but it is mostly used for people who like other's of their same sex."

"I like you; does that mean I'm gay?" asked the alien trying to make some sense of the word.

"ehm no… I mean they like people in a romantic, sexual way…"

"Oh… then I am not gay…"

"Yeah, that's what I thought."

They remained in silence for a while. Apparently Raven had been able to take the ridiculous idea of pairing her up to a fellow Titan off the alien's mind. She was just about to grab a book when Starfire finally came up with a solution for Raven's predicament.

"What about Argent?" asked Star innocently "You two have a lot in common, why don't you go out with her?"

The book she had grabbed fell from her hands. Had her friend actually implied she go out on a date with Argent? A girl? Ok, sure, they did have a lot in common, being all dark and stuff, but… a girl?

"Starfire… I'm not gay." replied Raven

"Well, you have never seemed interested in any of the boys… maybe you should consider the females."

"That would be a terrible idea. I am freakish enough as it is." answered Raven a little scandalized.

"Why? Is it wrong on your planet to be attracted to someone of your own gender?"

"It's not wrong… well, some people think it is. It’s too complicated Star, just let it go… regardless of going out with a boy or a girl, I'm better off on my own. I’ll just meditate till I cool off, like all the other years."

"But having a partner is a marvelous experience…"

"Just let it go Star…"

Raven sighed and slumped on the couch obviously frustrated. Starfire said nothing else after that, she just smiled fondly at her friend and hugged her gently. She knew the empath didn’t like hugs, but it looked like she needed one right now. Her goth friend didn’t answer back, but she wasn’t really expecting her to, although she did seem to relax her muscles under the Tamaranean’s embrace.

“You know, if you need to talk or, anything… I’m here for you.” and with those words Starfire separated from her and walked out of the living room to give her some space.

That night, Raven was lying in bed just looking at the ceiling. It was so late, and she had not slept at all that night, that the sun would be rising any minute now. Her bedroom window was open allowing the cool wind to enter and caress her exposed skin, as she was only wearing shorts and a tank top. The chilly air was actually welcomed for it numbed her a little. She had tried to meditate in order to sleep, but meditation had not gone so well, she felt like she was burning up. The heat was starting and it would last a whole week.

Soon she was thinking of some of the boys Starfire had mentioned a few hours ago. All of them had gorgeous bodies. Herald was tall, dark and handsome; and she imagined him lifting her up with his strong arms and holding her against his broad chest. Raven was very aroused by the heat, so she ripped away her top and began caressing her breast; at that moment her mind brought forth the image of Speedy. He always had this playful smirk on his face, and naughtily thought he was probably really good at playing with girl’s tits.

She then got rid of her boxers, and as her hand moved lower she realized she was dripping wet. She began a gentle, rocking motion with her hand, trying not to get overly excited so she wouldn’t start blowing things up. But thinking of Speedy had only made her mind imagine Robin going down on her, licking slowly. Delicious chills ran though her body. She knew that was so very wrong, he was her best friend and he was with Starfire, but lust had taken over her senses and she didn’t really care. She was approaching climax and all she wanted was release.

Suddenly the memory of Starfire hugging her took over. The warmth of her body along with her exotic, sweet, alien smell invaded her senses. She was always so touchy with her, and her big smiles always warmed her heart. But when she recalled her gentle voice whispering to her ear: I’m here for you… That’s when she lost it. All control she had left in her went out the window, and Raven was pushed over the edge.

Her body shivered with pleasure as her right hand rubbed her clitoris faster and harder. She moaned involuntarily as her body exploded into orgasm and wave after wave of hot pleasure poured into her fingers. Her own heart beat thundered in her ears, as several jars and books exploded around her. It didn’t last for more than 10 seconds, but it was enough to leave her sweating and trying to catch her breath.

The first glimpses of sunlight were already tainting the darkness in the sky outside; and with the light her heat diminished, making it easier for her to regain her senses. Her bed was a mess, with the sheets tangled around her and feathers of her blown up pillow scattered all over. That’s when it hit her, not only had she masturbated thinking of her friends, she had an orgasm thinking of Starfire… she had come thinking of a girl…and she had loved it…

“What the hell was that?”

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