Fire Emblem: Path to the Dawn


When Yune submerged the lands around Tellius another god by the name of Namax had taken pity on the land of Weyard and sent it up into the sky. Now however the power of the god has left the land

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

A young blonde blue eyed warrior by the name of Matthew stood at the prow of the ship looking out into the unknown sea that was laid out in front of him. Turning around Matthew spotted Eoleo at the helm having them head in the last known direction of the Tuaparang airship. Rief was hanging over the rail his face a sickly green color. It always amazed Matthew that a Mercury Adept would get seasick. The bad news was that Rief was the best healer they had and if they were attacked he'd be practically useless. Tyrell and Amiti were standing on the deck sparing Amiti using his superior speed to avoid the stronger attacks of Tyrell. Even though he couldn't see them Matthew knew if he went below deck he'd find the three girls Karis, Sveta, and Himi in conversation. Returning his gaze to the water Matthew thought about the events that led him to standing on the ship.


Not long after he came home to the Lookout Cabin he spotted the Psynergy Vortex in the sky above the sunken Mt. Aleph. He had headed to the cabin to find his dad Isaac and Garet already gone a note left for him and his two friends Karis and Tyrell. Karis a Jupiter Adept with purple eyes and her green hair held up in a ponytail she had been a great friend throughout Matthew's life. Tyrell was your stereotypical Mars Adept hot headed and ready to get moving. Like his dad Garet his red hair shot straight up into the air. Apparently Isaac and Garet had headed towards Kalay because Ivan had a vision that he could only talk about in person. Naturally the three left as soon as they finished reading the message. Their trip to the city of Kalay was uneventful much to the dismay of Tyrell. The hothead complained about the monsters leaving them alone. Karis had given him an earful about how he should be happy that no monsters were attacking them. Matthew had smiled at Tyrell getting yelled at. It was always nice to not be on the receiving end of Karis' rage. Seriously she wasn't at all calm like her father Ivan. Her rage was worse than any storm she could call forth.

They had gotten to Matthew's house to find his parents, Garet, and Ivan sitting around a table. Even though everyone at the table was in their forties not a single one of them looked over twenty-five. The Golden Sun event had slowed their ageing to a crawl it'd only be a matter of time before their kids looked older than them. Isaac waved the kids over letting them in on the discussion. Matthew took a seat between his parents. It had been over two years since he'd been home he wanted to be with his family. Karis and Tyrell sat next to each other between their parents.

"Alright Ivan I think you should tell the kids what you saw." Isaac said in a clam voice. Matthew noticed that his dad was trying to keep calm though.

Ivan's normally calm face betrayed the shock he felt at Isaac's request. He quickly hid it and started to tell the three teens about the vision. "I saw the entirety of Weyard falling into an ocean followed by eight figures on a boat following an airship. There was also a man with blue hair and a girl with green standing on a balcony over-looking a great number of people."

"We can assume that the airship belongs to the Tuaparang since they are the only one with such technology." Isaac reasoned.

Garet grunted in agreement. "The eight people on the ship must be us" he said referring to the eight Warriors of Vale.

"No Ivan said seven of the eight were teenagers and since none of us still fit that description I don't think it's us." Jenna said. "Me and Isaac talked it over and came to the conclusion that it could be our kids." Jenna's voice was laced with fear at the thought of sending Matthew out into the unknown. He had just come home after two years. Half of that was spent chasing after a feather and then ending the Grave Eclipse. She had gotten so scared when a letter from Kraden had reached her explaining what her son was doing. Never had she been as happy as the day the Eclipse ended. She knew that Matthew was safe after that. Little did she know that Matthew had almost died trying to end the Eclipse by firing the Apollo Lens on his own. Only thanks to Sveta and Volechek was her son alive.

"Jenna could be right. The kids did have a group of eight like we did." Ivan said in a calm voice. Jenna had shown him the letter knowing that he'd want to know what his daughter was doing. He had only smiled and said that it was good the Karis was out seeing the world. Ivan was an expert at hiding his emotions though and letting them out later, sometimes against practice dummies.

"So we're supposed to send our kids out after the Tuaparang to god knows where all because Ivan has a vision?" Garet said his anger completely on display.

"You're forgetting the part where Weyard falls out of the sky. Last I knew Gaia Falls still lead out into thin air." Karis said in an assuring tone. "My dad's vision is of us leaving happens after Weyard apparently falls to the surface."

The adults all had a downcast look on their faces. Isaac was the one to speak up. "That's no longer true. A day after the Eclipse ended we got a letter from Piers who was sailing near the edge of Gaia Falls. Already he could see new waters off the edge. By now we've probably hit the oceans below."

"We think that the release of Alchemy on our world messed with whatever was keeping Weyard in the sky. For the past thirty years we have been slowly falling. The Grave Eclipse and Apollo Lens seemed to have sped up our descent." Ivan informed the teenagers.

"So we are leaving" Matthew stated more then asked.

"You might be lettin' Matthew go but there is no way Tyrell is going out there" Garet proclaimed.

"Dad if Matthew is going then so am I. You can't expect me to leave me friends like that." Tyrell argued. "We just saved the world from the Eclipse. Do you really think I won't be able to handle it?"

Garet let out a small chuckle and muttered something along the lines of "hot headed brat" before he actually spoke up. "Alright I can see there won't be any changing your mind. Knowing you you'd just sneak out and go with them anyway might as well give you my support."

Tyrell beamed at his dad. "See I knew you'd come around dad."

The three teens were given the day for rest before they would have to leave to collect the rest of their party. Their sleep was far from restful as they were plagued with nightmares of what they would find. Even the Warriors of Vale didn't get much sleep that night as they worried about the future of their children. The next day came slower than anyone wanted but didn't come fast enough either. After breakfast and a teary goodbye Matthew, Karis, and Tyrell headed out to Ayuthay to meet up with Amiti. A letter was sent to Eoleo telling him of the situation and to pick up Himi and head to Belinsk to meet up with the others. Another letter had been sent to Rief telling him the story and to also meet the others in the capital city of Morgal.

On the way to the city of water the group of three did run into monsters. They were all grateful for the chance to deal with something as simple as monsters. The trip to Ayuthay was much easier than the last time since they were all three considerably stronger and there were no obstacles for them to overcome. When they reached the city it was still as breathtaking as before. Seeing as how it was dubbed the City of Water and housed the Alchemy Well there was water everywhere. They still had to be let in by the guards at the secret door as Ayuthay was still under attack from Kaocho. The three teens were greeted by the citizens as they made their way to the throne room. Paithos was sitting on the throne with Amiti standing in front of him. They were clearly in a discussion about something but were interrupted when the guards announced the arrival of Matthew, Karis, and Tyrell. Amiti turned around and greeted the group.

After the formalities were exchanged Matthew explained what was going. All about how Weyard had been floating in the air until recently and that there was most likely a Tuaparang airship getting ready to explore the new world. It didn't take much for Amiti to convince his uncle to let him leave with his friends. There were new lands and that would mean new allies or new foes. It would be a great political gesture to send the Prince of Ayuthay to meet with these people. There was also the fact that the Tuaparang couldn't be left unchecked. After another day of rest in the city and restocking their supplies the four friends set off for the Passaj to make use of the passage over Craggy Peak.

When they reached the town they stopped to see Baghi since he was friends with Amiti and to let him know that they had indeed made it over the pass the first time. Amiti used the Ice Queen Stone to throw the Alchemy Forge into reverse once again and Matthew's group once again found themselves in the cloud passage. Karis used her Whirlwind Psynergy to blow them through the skies to the ruins that sat on a mountain. All the puzzles they had to do before were still solved which saved much time for the group.

Again they made their way through the Teppe Ruins Matthew had to use Growth a few times so they could climb the resulting vines. In less than a day they had crossed over from Passaj to the wild plains of the beastman country Morgal. While setting up camp Matthew had a smile on his face the entire time. One didn't need Mind Read to know the reason behind the smile. It had been obvious since the Apollo Lens that the young Venus Adept had developed quite the crush on the beastgirl Sveta. Obvious to everyone but Sveta it seemed. Either that or she simply chose to ignore Matthew's feelings. Immediately after dinner Matthew had told everyone that he was going to sleep and head into his tent. The others had simply shaken their heads at him as if saying "just because you want tomorrow to come faster doesn't mean it will." It was only a matter of minutes though before the loud snoring could be heard coming from the tent. They were going to have to wake up earlier and deal with an excited Matthew tomorrow. Karis, Tyrell, and Amiti tried to fall asleep like their leader but didn't have the same luck. Karis could have use her Sleep Psynergy but it wouldn't give the same rejuvenating slumber that natural sleep did.

Much to the shock of everyone but Matthew, Djinn included, the blonde haired boy was the last one awake. It took a slight electrical shock from Karis to wake the slumbering youth. After that he was exactly like they thought he would be. Despite his calm appearance you could see the excitement in his eyes. It took half the day to before they could see the walls of the city of Belinsk. Another half hour before they actually made it to the gates. The guards stopped them obviously weary of humans moving through beastman country. Once he recognized them though he informed them that Rief had arrived yesterday and spoken with Queen Sveta.

The four friends stood outside the doors to the throne room. Sveta was in the middle of discussions with her subjects and they had to wait. There was only the last group of people before they were to be admitted. During the wait Rief had walked in and the group was catching up on what had happened to them since they split up. Apparently Rief had gone back to Imil and told his mom, Mia, that Nowell was sailing with Piers. Unlike Matthew's parents Mia didn't get a letter from Kraden explaining their involvement in the Grave Eclipse event leaving the blue haired Mercury Adept to explain everything. It was later that day that the note calling him to Belinsk arrived. With a few tears Mia had agreed and left Rief go saying it wasn't fair for his sister to be out and not him. Rief informed them that he already told Sveta what their plans where and that she was going to be coming.

The doors soon opened and the five walked into the room. It wasn't very extravagant for a throne room. There was basically a chair for Sveta to sit in and an open area for her people to stand as they talked. The room itself was circular and filled with stone pillars all the way around. Sveta wasn't in her chair though she had gotten up knowing that it was her friends that were waking into the room. Everyone said "hello" in some form or another and Sveta told them about what she had been doing. Mostly all she had to do was oversee the reconstruction of her town. Matthew had noticed that in the matter of only a week the town square was mostly repaired. Apparently the citizens wanted their gathering places fixed up first. This had led to the almost completely redone town square. Houses and shops were still in ruins but the people were happy to be able to get together still. Sveta informed them that she had actually decided to step down form her throne. She had no training and after the Eclipse had discovered she was a wanderer at heart. It was already in process and the remaining nobles were already vying for the crown. Her brother's adviser was still alive and overseeing the choice of who would take the throne.

After that they had spent a week in Belinsk waiting for Eoleo and Himi to arrive. Sveta showed them around her hometown pointing out spot she remembered from her childhood and telling the stories that accompanied said areas. The group had found out that Sveta was quite the mischievous child. She had snuck into many places just to prove she could. She had enjoyed fleeing from guards after she had let herself be spotted. Basically she caused the guards a lot of problems as she had her fun. She never hurt anyone or gotten caught.

On day as Matthew awoke he found that his roommate, Tyrell, was gone. It was odd since normally Tyrell would be the last one to wake up. Matthew went and checked on Rief and Amiti's room next only to that they had vanished also. He then went to Karis' room and knocked on the door. Only silence greeted the young man. He warned Karis that he was opening the door and slowly cracked the door open. When it was fully ajar he found another empty room. It was no doubt Karis' room her bow and bag were sitting in the corner. He even resorted to asking the guards if they had seen where his friends had gone. Of course they couldn't tell him where the only other humans in all of Belinsk had gone to. Matthew then went to Sveta's room to see if she would have an idea of where the others were at. Well that had been his plan at least. Something about knocking on her bedroom door unnerved the "fearless" warrior. (Un)luckily for him Sveta had been on the other side of the door and opened it and walked straight into him. Not expecting this Matthew fell down. Sveta's natural grace, along with a small gust of wind, saved her from falling. Matthew explained the weird disappearance of their friends and the two set off to find them. After about three hours of searching the city they could find no trace of the four so they simply headed back to the castle only to find them in the dining room eating lunch. Matthew and Sveta asked where they had all gone. Karis simply stated that they all wanted to explore the city more but Tyrell couldn't get Matthew up that morning and the guards wouldn't let them wake Sveta.

The day that Eoleo arrived was a cloudy one. There wasn't a drop of rain but it looked as if the heavens would open up at any moment and drown the denizens of the world. It was only an hour before lunch when the pirate docked his ship. The Champa pirate was quick to ask for food once he was in the castle. Himi was more respectful and asked when lunch was being served. This earned a hardy laugh from the seafaring Mars Adept. He told the female Venus Adept that if she's hungry she shouldn't be afraid to let other know, especially when they were in a castle. After the pirate's appetite was satisfied they began making preparations for their trip. They came to the conclusion that they should be looking at the very least a month at sea after Gaia Falls. The only ones that would be going on the trip would be the eight adepts which meant Eoleo and his pirates would have to teach the others how to sail a ship. Their practice would be sailing to Champa to drop off the pirates that had come with Eoleo. It was there that they would restock and head east in hopes of spotting a Tuaparang airship.

With smiles on their faces the group of eight set sail from Belinsk to Champa. It was rough at first as the seven tried to get used to working the various parts of the ship. By the time they passed Tonfon they were skilled enough to need only a small amount of help form the pirates. It was about halfway between Tonfon and Champa that two Tuaparang airships were spotted. They were heading west out across the sea. The rest of that day was filled with silence as the truth of the mission reared its head. This wasn't a trip to be taken lightly they were going into unknown lands after a very dangerous enemy. When they arrived in Champa everyone was rushed. They had to go after the Tuaparang before they got too much of a head start. No one thought they could beat the Zenith Tribe to the new lands but every day they were behind was a day the Tuaparang could use attacking or recruiting. Within a few hours the ship was stocked with enough food and water for two months. Most of it was dried meat and bread but there was the occasional fruit or veggie, had to fight scurvy somehow. With a goodbye to Obaba they left the same day.


Matthew turned back to face his friends. This adventure was going to be rough that much was for sure. He knew though that the eight of them together would be able to handle whatever the Tuaparang were doing. There was also the prospect of making new friends on the new lands. Already they had been out in the vast waters for over a month. They were past the point of no return. If they didn't find land before their food ran out they would die at sea. Matthew quickly changed his line of thinking back to more positive thoughts. Like the fact his cabin was right next to a certain lavender haired girl.

A squeal sounded from the crow's nest as a Jupiter Djinn by the name of Fleet came flying down. Since they were short-handed they had asked some of the Djinn to sit about the top of the ship and keep a lookout for land.

"Land there's land!" the wind elemental exclaimed.

Just over half an hour the rest of the crew could spot the land mass that the Djinn had spotted.

"It's close enough that we should reach it before nightfall" Eoleo shouted down from the wheel.

With a cheer Matthew headed below deck to tell the girls the good news. They had found land and with luck were going to be docking within the day.

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