Fire Emblem: Path to the Dawn

Chapter 11

Felix woke up bright and early. Unlike his roommate who was still passed out in the bed. Eoleo lay in the bed making no sound other than the random squeak from the bed as he moved. Felix clutched his head as it throbbed. He really shouldn't have let Eoleo talk him into that drinking contest the pirate could pound them back. Even Psynergy and Djinn can't cure a hangover.

Heading towards the kitchen Felix groaned as the light hit his eyes. He was not looking forward to dealing with Karis and Tyrell or Yune for that matter. If those three wanted they could easily topple this Warrior of Vale. If he didn't get over his hangover by lunch he was going to have a hell of a duel with Mia. Felix had a trick up his sleeve though an old family cure for a hangover. WATER! And lots of it. It was so simple it was funny. No matter what anyone said Felix always felt better after he drank enough water to make a Dragon laguz's transformed bladder burst. He chuckled as he thought up an analogy that finally fit the amount of water he needed.

When he reached the kitchen he found Ike already down there talking with the cooks. It seemed he was making sure they had enough food prepared for everyone at breakfast. The head chef told him that they knew how much a laguz could potentially eat and were prepared for that fact. No beorc could ever prepare for the amount a Dragon could eat. Felix grabbed a pitcher and filled it up with water from one of the barrels. In seconds flat he downed the liquid and went back for more. It would have been easier to simply left the barrel and drink straight from it but Felix thought that might attract too much attention. After he had his fill nature took its course.

Wandering the halls looking for something to do didn't sound appealing to Felix. Like most Venus Adepts it felt more comfortable outside. He had met one Venus Adept that for the life of him wouldn't leave the cave Felix found him in. The man claimed the rocks spoke to him and they told him not to leave or his powers wouldn't work. Creeped out Felix had left him to his "talking rocks" and was quite frankly glad to be away from the crazy guy. That was three days before he set sail for home only to have a freak storm to blow him off Weyard. How was he going to explain that to Jenna?

Oh sorry sis I was on my way home but fell off Gaia Falls into the water below. I spent the next three years traveling with a man named Ike who had apparently killed a goddess.

Yeah that'd go over well. The truth or not it sounded farfetched even to Felix who had lived it. He only hoped that Matthew would be able and willing to back him up on the whole thing. Felix even thought about dragging Ike with him back to Kalay to have him support Felix. Jenna would just say that he hired Ike to help tell the elaborate lie.

Lost in his thoughts Felix had wondered out into the garden. His feet taking him to the hedge maze. Without even noticing the Venus Adept had already started his way in. Once Felix was done with trying to find a way to explain everything to Jenna he had already take to many turns to find his way back.

Great how do I get myself into these things?

Placing his hand on the grass Felix let the powers of the Earth flow through him. He could feel the hedges and mentally see the maze. Now all he had to do was memorize the way out. Sure that he found the way out Felix head off in the direction he was sure lead outside.

The poor poor Venus Adept had no clue that Yune could seem him from her room's window. Ever the one to cause mischief Yune caused the hedges to grow or shrink changing the path before Felix had even started moving. Even as he moved through she changed the layout just to mess with his mind a little. After half an hour of having Felix turn in circles Karis called from outside Yune's room telling her breakfast was ready. Forgetting to actually open a path for Felix to leave through the Goddess of Chaos left the room.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Felix shouted towards the sky. "Who is messing with me?!" Felix's hand was once again on the grass as he went to feel his pathway out. As the maze formed in his mind he realized that whoever or whatever had started moving the plants hadn't left him a way out. Coming to the one of the edges of the maze Felix used his own powers over plant life to cause an opening to appear. It was completely on the other side of the maze he had started from but that didn't bother him one bit. He was out of the damn thing. He also had a sneaking suspicion on who had changed the maze to begin with.

Felix broke out into a run to go and find a certain red haired little girl. No one else had the power to do the things she did without Felix sensing it. If it was an Adept he would have noticed the feel of Psynergy in the air. From what he saw the only magic the people of Tellius had was light, fire, thunder, and wind magic. Plants did not fall into any of those categories.

The doors to the dining hall burst open as Felix made his way in. Yune sat near the head of the table next to Sanaki. Regardless if she was a Goddess, regardless if she was next to the Empress of Begnion, regardless of the fact she looked like a six year old girl, she was going down. Someone had to teach her manners and Felix was going to give her the crash course.

That was his plan until a dark blue haired girl wearing an orange outfit pulled him into the seat next to her. Mia had just unknowing saved Yune from Felix's wrath. With a rumble his stomach also sided against him. Felix took a plate and piled some of the food on his plate. He looked over at Kurthnaga's plat to find what looked to be the remains of a boar. It was a good thing Ike had talked to the cook if that's what a Dragon laguz could eat in a single meal. How the people of Tellius didn't constantly face famine was a mystery to Felix.

"So Felix you going to duel with Mia after lunch?" Boyd asked from across the table. "I'd like to see that match."

"I rather do it there than have her sneak into my room and try to attack me." Felix replied.

Mia simply sat there looking as innocent as can be. She carried on eating her meal as if Felix and Boyd weren't talking about her.

"So has she beaten you yet?" the Reaver asked.

Felix shook his head. "Not yet she's still lacking something."

"What would that be?"

"Resolve. I've seen a few of the Myrmidons you have here on Tellius. They all seem to rely on their speed and use it to jump in and out of battle. If you aren't close enough to fight your opponent you do nothing but give them the chance to close the distance and catch you unready."

"I see. Now that you mention it only the Armored Knights and Ike really seem to get in your face with a sword. Everyone else does what you said jumps in and out. Or in some cases ride in and out."

Felix continued talking about the Myrmidon sword style and flaws he found in it. Mia kept eating her food yet you could tell she was hanging on every word that Felix was saying. She wasn't dumb enough to let the information he was giving her pass over. At one point Felix even started pointing out flaws in Ike's swordsmanship. If Boyd had a pen and paper he would have been taking down notes.

Ike spoke up after Felix was done talking. He too added his thoughts about the Tellius sword style and the flaws within. Like Felix did to him Ike pointed out the flaws in Felix's form. Even though Felix was an apt warrior he was still an Adept. You could tell when he instinctively wanted to use his Psynergy or Djinn.

Breakfast passed by without any real interruptions other than a Mercury Djinn floating in the punch bowl. The Djinn, Mist, wasn't happy when he was fished out via his tail by Shinion. Whenever the Adepts sat down for rest the elementals would come out to play. Most of them were well behaved and simply looked for someone to pet them and converse with. A few would cause a small problem but nothing like yesterday's fireball incident.

Gathering his Djinn Felix was one of the first to leave the dining room. Mia was hot on his heels.

"Alright Felix don't forget it's today an hour after lunch." Mia winked as she took a different corridor.

"Why do I get the feeling it's more than just a duel?" Felix asked the empty hallway.

Well he thought it was empty until a young beastwoman walked up behind him. Her padded feet made no noise on the polished stone floors.

"Because Miss Mia has taken a liking to you." She said.

Felix literally jumped at the sound of Sveta's voice. As he landed his hand covered his heart as if it would cause the organ to beat at a normal pace.

"Don't do that" Felix told her.

Sveta looked down as Felix said that. Felix let out a sigh. He still was a little uncomfortable around the beastgirl. It had nothing to do with the fact she could change into a werewolf like creature and easily rip his guts out of him. No it was the fact he was talking to his nephew's love interest. Not only that she was trying to talk to him about a possible love interest for him.

"Just make yourself known before speaking to someone." Felix said politely. "We humans don't have the hearing to notice you walking up to us."

Sveta brought her eyes up and look at Felix. "Alright."

"Now what makes you think Mia has a crush on me?" he asked. Quite frankly he really wanted to know. The only other girl who had ever taken a real interest in him had been Sheba and that path, while fun, had led nowhere. Despite the fact he was about twice Mia's age he wasn't blind. She was a little bubbly at times but she could be serious.

"It is the way she looks at you. It is like the way…" Sveta trailed off.

"The way you look at Matthew." Felix finished for her. "Sveta men aren't completely blind. Don't let the other girls tell you otherwise." Felix wanted to dispel that rumor that women seemed to spread like it was the divine word of god. "Most guys notice a girl's attention. Matthew probably hasn't noticed because you've done nothing but travel trying to save the world."

"I see. Thank you Felix. Is it really that obvious I have feelings for Matthew?" Sveta looked hopefully at Felix.

Great what do I say here? Echo help a guy out. You're an elemental you've been around for a few thousand years surely you know something I can say here.

Nope sorry Felix you're on your own. The Djinn replied.

"It's not overly obvious." Felix said searching for a safe middle ground. "I probably noticed because I saw Jenna doing the same kinds of things with Isaac thirty years ago. Now look where they're at. Married for twenty years and with a son."

Little too much there Felix. Should have stopped yourself at the 'Now look where they're at' part Echo voiced.

Sure now you want to help. Felix replied sarcastically.

"That sounds nice. I am not sure how Matthew will feel about being my mate though." Felix mentally rolled his eyes. It would be so easy to tell her and put the poor girl out of her misery. "Remember to be nice to Miss Mia if you do not want her attention." Sveta told him with a bow and left.

She certainly is an odd one. Felix thought to himself not taking the chance someone would overhear him and scare him like Sveta did. Already thinking of Matthew as a mate. Wait a mate? Must be a beastman thing.

Having a few hours to spend before lunch Felix headed out into the city. Thanks to Sveta he now had something he needed to mull over in his mind. He made his way to a local tavern and ordered a nonalcoholic beverage. He did not need to be tipsy during his fight with Mia. She always fought at one hundred percent and always used a real sword. The place was mostly empty being so early in the morning. So close to the palace the people inside were guards. A young red head girl stood behind the counter. She had thought him odd when he ordered 'anything nonalcoholic' but served him up a glass of milk anyway.

Milk? What am I five?

Now came the part Felix wasn't sure about. What did he think about Mia?

Actually you know what, not now. As of right now I'm swearing off girls until Tellius AND Weyard are safe from the Tuaparang.

Right… and I'll spontaneously change into a Mars Djinn.

Echo why? Why do you have to go against me on this? Shouldn't you be supportive for me? Be all 'Yeah Felix ignore that hot swordswoman who has a crush on you!' Gods above does that sounds stupid.

My point exactly. You couldn't ignore Sheba when she wanted… that. What makes you think this Mia is going to be different?

I should really learn to put you on standby or something during… that.

YOU THINK! I may be thousands of years old but in that department I HAD the mentality of a ten year. Also Felix you are forty-eight years old you can call it sex now.

Never! Least not when I'm talking with you, it's too weird.

Everyone in the tavern was looking at Felix because he tends to talk with his hands. Even when the creature he's talking to is in his head. It wasn't like his arms were flailing all over the place or anything. He was just doing the simple hand gestures everyone does when talking. The kinds of things you don't notice until someone points it out to you. Still it was creeping out the patrons of the tavern.

Felix noticed the predicament he was in. Finishing the glass of milk that he'd been sipping he rushed out the door. Once again outside among the streets of people Felix meandered through the crowd. At one point he was sure he saw Himi, Karis, Mist, and the green haired boy Rolf. It was hard to tell who the guy was as he carried everything.

That's you in five years max Echo told him talking about Rolf.

Felix decided it was best to ignore his only talking Venus Djinn. The others were content to simply observe what their Adept did. Only Echo felt the need to chime in to bug Felix. If he wasn't such a good companion Felix would have dropped kicked him over the remains of Mt. Aleph years ago. He was sure Isaac felt the same way about Flint and it was part of the reason Matthew had him.

Wondering a city as big a Sienne takes a lot of time. Before Felix had even managed to see a quarter of the place it was already noon. Walking into an inn he ordered a simple soup. After he finished his lunch he looked towards the tower building that was the palace. He had to make sure to get there in time for his duel with Mia.

Thankfully most streets lead straight towards his destination. It was only a matter of not getting pushed into an alleyway by the citizens. Walking against the crowd of people was not the easiest thing in to do. After a while Felix stopped trying to be polite and simply shoved people away with his shoulder. If they weren't going to move and push him around he'd push back.

Arriving at the palace training grounds Felix was stopped by a guardsman.

"Halt citizen. Only members of the army are aloud beyond this point."

"I'm Felix. I'm pretty sure Mia obtained a spot for me and her to fight." Felix told the guard than added to himself. "She was a little vague on how she did it but she did."

"Oh sorry Mr. Felix and didn't know you who you were. Ms. Mia has been waiting for you in the center field."

"Great she's been waiting." Felix groaned as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

Another guard led Felix into the side building where the soldiers trained. He was lead through a few halls until they came to an open area that was in the center of the building. The entire ground was covered with dust and dirt from the scuffles that took place there. There were twenty rings were soldiers sparred and in the center most ring holding two bronze swords stood Mia.

"Felix there you are! I was beginning to think you weren't coming." Mia called the brunette over waving a sword up in the air.

"I feel sorry for you. Not a one of our soldiers have ever beaten her in single combat." Felix's guide told him.

"Just watch." Felix told him as he walked out to meet his opponent.

When he got to Mia he felt heat rise to his cheeks. She was dressed in her normal orange clothing but it was as if he just noticed how closely they hugged her body. He wasn't just looking at his sparring partner but a woman who was in her prime. Taking the sword Mia offered him Felix moved to the other side of the ring.

"Oh no. You're little Djinn can sit this one out. Put them on standby or whatever it's called. I want to face YOU."

Felix sighed as he put each of his Djinn into crystal from. He showed Mia the gems and tucked them into his pouch that hung on his hip. The sounds of clashing metal that surrounded the two swordsmen stopped. Felix could feel the gaze of everyone on him and Mia.

Looks like they're expecting a show. Felix thought as he stood ready for Mia's opening attack.

It was something she had always done every time they dueled. She would make the first move and attempt to catch him off guard. When she failed she would jump back out of his range. From their either he would close the distance and launch his own attacks or she would leap in and out trying to get a single hit on him.

This time it was different. Mia hung back there was no starting charge. Felix felt himself smile. She finally realized that the tactic didn't work against him.

Alright than let's see how well you do against my opening attack.

Felix charged straight at her. Mia raised her bronze sword up to meet his vertical slash. Felix didn't bring his sword down all the way rather he lashed out with his foot getting her square in the stomach. While some considered it bad from to use more than just a sword in a match neither Mia nor Felix felt this way. You used everything you had to win the match.

After reeling back from the kick Mia regained her footing. Felix brought his sword down on only to have Mia sidestep away and deliver her own attack. Before she had even finished sidestepping Felix had been ready for the attack. The two swords clashed. Felix grinned as Mia didn't jump back. Instead she tried another attack. Fast as a snake Mia's sword lashed out again and again at Felix. One of the bites got him in the shoulder. A small pin prick with just the tip of the blade.

As if satisfied Mia leapt away and flashed Felix a smile as she landed out of range.

She really was listening, good. Still though she has much to learn it's time to show her the difference between us once again.

Felix brought the sword up into a ready position. Felix calmed his mind as he readied himself to attack. Mia took it as an opportunity to attack the stationary warrior. Eyes closed Felix blocked her first attack. As the second strike came at him he moved his body just enough to have the attack miss. Clothe tore as the sword sliced the air. Felix gasped as a powerful kick was delivered to his side. The sword was a distraction and he fell for it.

Taking Mia more seriously than he ever had before Felix lunched his own attack on the Trueblade. Attacks stronger than most men could muster rained down on the bronze sword held by a swordswoman. Even without the natural boost from the Djinn Felix was a strong man. Mia kept up with his attacks making sure that not a single one passed through her defense.

Both the swords started to crack under the pressure. Felix noticed the nicks in the blade as it readied to break under the strain. Dropping down Felix used his leg to swipe Mia off her feet. She fell on her back and let out a gasp as the air was expelled from her lungs. Felix dropped to his knees one on either side of Mia. His free hand held her shoulder down as the tip of the sword was placed above her heart.

"Alright you win." Mia sighed as she caught her breath. "Now could you kindly get off me."

Felix didn't feel the small heat rise to his cheeks that he did when he first saw Mia today. He felt an entire inferno rise to his face. A Mars Djinn looked pink compared to Felix's face. He scrambled off the woman under him. Always the gentleman Felix extended his hand to help her up. She took it and let him help pull her up. As she was crouched Felix noticed that her shirt was slightly open from a sword strike. It revealed just enough to keep the blush on Felix's face.

Having sensed that the fight was over the Djinn had reset themselves.

Wow there's a bit more there than you thought. Echo voiced the thoughts Felix was having. How does she hide it under the tight clothes though?

Echo if you don't shut up I will feed you to a dragon. I will have Karis and Rief summon Eclipse and then shove you down his throat.

Mia actually noticed the red on Felix's face. It was kind of hard to miss.

"Gold piece for your thoughts." She said standing upright.

"Uh…" was all Felix could say. The guards in the training room though saved Felix from having to speak.

"The only person I've seen beat Mia was Sir Ike." One of them said. The guards seemed oblivious to the red on Felix's face either that or they chose to ignore it.

Each guard had their own question or comment on the fight and would leave the two swordsmen alone until they were content. It took an hour or so to fully satisfy the guards. In that time Felix had used his Psynergy to restore his spent energy and close the small wound. As always he used it on Mia restoring her energy to normal Mia levels. If wished Cure could be used to patch up clothing. Not a single person seemed to notice the slightly exposed skin.

Alright Echo you win. I change my earlier statement. I won't WILLINGLY interact with girls that way until the Tuaparang are finished.

Let's see how well you resist.


Felix's remaining time while waiting for the ruling bodies to gather was spent exploring the town of Sienne. He would wake up with the sun and head to the city to explore another section. Sometimes he would see an interesting store and look over the items. These ranged from weapon shops, not that he needed one, to apothecaries, to what could only be called a junk shop. Mia only made him duel her once more and like last time he left his Djinn in standby and beat her easily.

It was on the fourth day that Soren called everyone into the Throne Room since it was the only place that could comfortably fit everyone.

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