Fire Emblem: Path to the Dawn

Chapter 14

Mist instructed Rolf to put the boxes and bags down next to her bed. They had just returned from the shopping spree with Karis and Himi. Rolf had already delivered their items to their shared room and the load wasn't much lighter for the Sniper. With a sigh Rolf set the things down on the bed. After carrying them around for over an hour they no longer seemed like simple boxes and bags. It was slightly worth it though it did get to spend the day with three pretty girls. Karis and Mist were a lot alike, so much so it was almost scary. Himi hid her real self behind a mask like any other politician Rolf had met and he quickly learned she gossiped way more than the two older girls.

Standing in the middle of Mist and Titania's shared room Rolf shifted uncomfortably. Sure he'd been in the room earlier that day but Titania was there at the moment. Now it was just him and Mist and she seemed to completely have forgotten the fact he was in the room. The Valkyrie was headfirst in a bag looking through the contents. Rolf stood there and watched her shift from bag to bag to box as if she was looking for something specific. Then he remembered that while she was talking with Matthew and Sveta she mentioned that she had gotten him a gift.

Mist finally found what she was looking for and pulled a long slender box out of a bag. She handed Rolf the box who took it. Whatever was inside was heavier than he expected. Taking the cover off the box Rolf's gaze fell onto a sheathed sword. Next to the weapon was a small whistle with a horseshoe engraved on either side. Rolf looked at Mist in confusion. He was a Sniper he didn't use swords and what was with the whistle?

"The whistle is for your horse silly." Mist told him. "This way you can stop riding on the back of Chestnut with me when we fight. I don't mind but he's not getting any younger and it'll be good for you to have your own horse."

Rolf looked at the whistle in box. Mist had bought him a well-trained horse if it responded to a whistle already. He had to admit that having his own horse would be helpful during a fight. Now while he took aim at his target his horse could ferry him away from danger or towards his next target. The only downside was that now he would get to hold on to Mist as they rode around the field.

"Ok but what about the sword Mist I use a bow in case you forgot." He said.

A smile crept across Mist face and the smile she had on would have unnerved even Soren. Mist walked up to Rolf and put a hand delicately on his chest and looked him right in the eyes. It wasn't hard since they both were the same height. "I figure that Ike can give you some lessons on how to use it. You know spend some time with your girlfriend's brother. Now that he's back you going to have to get used to him being around. You might as well start bonding now."

Damn her, she played the girlfriend card. How could Rolf say no to that? He couldn't Mist had him wrapped around her finger. She had since before they started dating two years ago. Ah yes two years ago Rolf had finally gotten the courage to ask Mist to be his girlfriend. He had worried about it endlessly for nights before actually asking her and obviously she had said yes since she was currently his girlfriend. At first Mist had wanted to hide it but due to the fact they lived a small little fort with seven other people it wasn't that easy. His brother Boyd had been the one to find them kissing behind Mist's horse. At first Rolf was worried because he thought his brother had feelings for Mist but the first words out of Boyd's mouth had been "about time" and he left his brother alone.

After that Boyd had spread the word around the group and Rolf soon found himself in Oscar's room getting the talk and that he should be careful. Rolf didn't know why Oscar had felt the need to do that Rolf was nineteen at the time he knew what was going on and what could possibly happen. Living amongst soldiers had taught him that in no time flat. He still had nightmares about what some of them did in the tent next to his back during the Mad King's War.

Once they had found out that Ike was back Mist had stressed the fact that she didn't want her brother to know about the fact she was dating Rolf. She threatened the entire Mercenary group with various diseases that could be caused by plants and that even Rhys wouldn't be able to heal them if they told Ike. No one wanted to test her knowledge or validity of her threat and decided to keep their mouths shut. Her logic behind not telling Ike was because she didn't want him to feel like she was passing him. He never had a girlfriend during, well any time Rolf could think of.

"Uh can't you just teach me how to use a sword?" Rolf asked not really wanting to learn from Ike.

"Rolf I use the Florete a magically imbued blade to attack people. I really only know the basics of sword fighting. If it wasn't for the ranged powers of the sword I wouldn't be much of a fighter." Mist admitted and it was true. If you watched Mist fight she almost always used the energy attacks from the tip of the blade. Only in defense did she actually use the Florete as a regular sword.

"Well how about this then" Rolf offered "you teach me the basics so that way when I go ask Ike for help I already have some understanding on how to not cut my foot off."

"Fine" Mist sighed "But only the basics after that you have to go to Ike."

Alright that'll give me some time to think of a reason to not train with Ike. From what I heard from Mia all his training is very hands on and I'll be sporting more cuts and bruises then I ever want to. Rolf thought as he smiled at Mist.

"So now that we have some time to ourselves what do you want to do?" Rolf asked as he sat on Mist's bed.

"Well it's been quite a while since I've gotten a proper kiss from you." Mist smiled as she sat next to him.

The two young adults leaned in to start making out when Titania walked in. The Gold Knight rolled her eyes as they fell on the two younger members of the Mercenaries. It was just Rolf's luck that as he was about to kiss his girlfriend that something would just have to interrupt them. He really needed to start carrying around an Ashera Icon at this rate. Maybe with some divine intervention he could get lucky enough to kiss her again and that was just for a kiss. If Rolf wanted more he'd have to carry Ashera herself around with him to be lucky enough for anything beyond that.

"Really Mist what made you pick our room to start making out with Rolf?" Titania asked in her motherly voice. It was the one that she used when someone did something stupid. Boyd heard that voice quite often.

"I was thinking that you'd be out for the rest of the day." Mist informed the older woman her eyes were slits as she glared. "Don't you and Soren normally go over battle plans for days?"

Sensing a cat fight about to erupt before him Rolf tried to sneak out of the room but Mist had her arm wrapped around his waist possessively. When did that happen? Wait wasn't the guy supposed to be the one with his arm wrapped around the girl's waist? Rolf reached a new low at that moment. It became quite clear to him who wore the pants in his relationship. Despite the fact she wore very short very attractive skirts. Skinny as she was Mist had quite the grip on Rolf and he had no way of getting free without causing a scene. The last thing he wanted to do was draw attention to himself at the moment.

As the two hens clucked Rolf thought about what it'd be like to ride around next Mist using the sword she bought for him no doubt with his money now that he thought about it. He learned from Matthew to never let Mist hold his wallet while she was shopping. By the time he had gotten it back over three quarters of his gold was gone and Rolf was a rich mercenary. He never had to buy food as part of their earnings were taken for that from the start. He had stopped growing for the most part so he didn't need a new set of clothes every week. He could pass his old clothes to Mist who would patch them up good as new. The only things Rolf really spent money on were materials for making bows and arrows. Everything else had gone into his wallet to be saved for an emergency.

With a huff from Mist Rolf felt her pull him up off the bed as she stormed out the room. Downside to daydreaming he had no clue what Titania had said to get Mist so worked up. Now he'd have to either pretend that he knew as she complained about the Gold Knight or take a chance on Mist's mood not turning on him and ask what upset her so much.

"Mist where you taking me?" Rolf asked as he walked beside the girl his hand in hers as she attempted to drag him around.

"We're going to find somewhere more private Rolf that's where I'm taking you." Mist said with anger in her voice.

Rolf was torn in two. Private time with Mist would be great. Hey gentlemanly as he was Rolf was a twenty-one year old virgin and he was very much alive with a hot girlfriend. With the mood she was in Mist would be more likely to explore than normal. The other part of Rolf sighed as he knew that in the mood Mist was in he was going to have to be the shoulder to cry on for her as she vented her anger at Titania.

As they walked the halls of the palace Rolf heard crying. It wasn't coming from Mist he knew that much as the sound was to faded to be coming from a source so close to him. Stopping in his tracks and therefore halting Mist he stood listening for the source of the sound. Now that the sounds of their walking were no longer present Mist could also hear the crying. With a look at each other the couple nodded and tried to find the source of the sound.

The sounds lead them out the back of the palace, which the exit was only in the next hallway, where a small cluster of pine trees could be found. Whoever was crying was hiding out in the trees. Rolf walked in front of Mist down the stairs and towards the cluster of tree trunks. Together the young couple came upon a sight they never thought they would witness. Curled up with her back to a tree was Lethe. Her knees where brought up against her chest with her arms wrapped around her legs. They couldn't see her face as her head was hung down but there was no mistaking the orange hair and green collar with the ribbons ending in bells.

What worried Mist most about the situation was that it seemed they had snuck up on Lethe. Never in all the time she had known the Cat did Mist think anyone could sneak up on Lethe. As she approached Lethe Mist stepped purposely on a twig causing it to snap and draw the attention of Lethe towards her. Her eyes were red and wet with tears.

"Lethe what's a matter?" Mist asked her quietly and caringly.

"Men" Lethe said glaring at Rolf. "In particular your brother"

Mist turned to Rolf and made a shooing motion. He understood and left Mist alone with Lethe. Turning her attention back to the crying Cat Mist sat down next to her.

"What did Ike do now Lethe?"

"It's not what he did really Mist." Lethe informed the girl.

"Well what didn't he do then?" Mist prodded.

"I-I-I confessed y feeling towards him and he didn't return them." Lethe said slowly turning her head away from Mist.

Mist felt Lethe's pain. To tell someone that you love them only to have them shoot you down would be heartbreaking. Knowing her brother Ike didn't let her down easily either. No more likely he dropped her like a rock into a lake leaving her to sink to the bottom in despair.

"Who can blame Ike for not liking me in return anyway? Just look at me and look at the queen he fancies. What comparison is there?" Lethe asked the world.

Mist at first was confused as to who Lethe was talking about. It dawned on her when she listed the female royalty in her head. Micaiah was married and looked too young for Ike's taste. Sanaki was simply too young for Ike period. That really only left the Queen of Crimea, Elincia. Mist remembered when they first met her as a Princess and the crush that Ike had formed on her.

"Sure Elincia is pretty Lethe but so are you." Mist said trying to lift the laguz's spirit.

"Face it Mist your brother doesn't want a warrior. No he wants some pampered lady instead." Lethe sneered.

"I'm sure Ike would be thankful to end up with a warrior like you Lethe, who else could keep up with him? Besides I'm sure that there is a lady underneath your warrior exterior. I think that you just need some help letting it out though." Mist assured the Cat.

"What would it matter anyway? He already made it clear he doesn't like me." Lethe told the younger girl.

"You could do it to show him what he missed out on. You know torture him and tease him with something he can no longer have." Mist said rubbing Lethe's back. "Or at least something he'd have to work for now. Depends on how you still feel towards him."

"Do you really think so Mist? Can I really torture Ike like that?" Lethe questioned her hopefully.

"Lethe just leave it to me and you'll look so prim and proper you'll make Elincia look like a peasant." Mist told Lethe with a big grin.

"Alright Mist. Just don't do anything to drastic please." Lethe pleaded as she let the Valkyrie lead her back into the palace.

Mist took the semi-reluctant Lethe back to the Cat's room. Mist told her to stay there and if Lyre came back to send her away. Mist ran down the hall to the door leading into Karis' and Himi's room. With a knock on the door Mist tapped her foot waiting for someone to answer. Karis was the one to answer her hair out of its ponytail. Mist quickly explained that she was giving Lethe an extreme makeover and could use Karis' assistance and possibly Himi's. The two Adepts agreed to help and they ran into Mist's room. The gathered everything that they could possibly need in order to turn Lethe into a princess and left the room. It was a good thing that they had just gone shopping.

Mist kicked open the door to Lethe's room as her arms where full. A look of fear passed over Lethe's face as she looked at all the thing the three girls were carrying.

"Mist what is all that for?" Lethe questioned

"Doldrum hold Lethe for us will you?" Karis asked her Djinn.

The door to Lethe's room closed with a gust of wind. From the outside of the room you could hear the sounds of chairs toppling over. At one point you could hear a chainsaw despite the fact they weren't invented at this time in Tellius history. A cat screeched from the other side of the closed door along with every other cartoon makeover sound you could possibly think of.

Once all the sounds had subsided the door opened and three very messy girls walked out of the room along with a cloud of dust. Claw marks were found all over their bodies and their clothes were torn from the same claws. Their hair was all over the place as it looked like a typhoon had styled it for them. Lethe stood in the middle of the carnage in the room.

In a violet colored dress Lethe panted. It flowed from her waist out just a little hiding her long legs. There was a slit however on one side revealing the tan skin underneath teasingly. The girls had even thought to make a hole for Lethe's tail to slip through. As Lethe stepped forward you could hear the clack of heels. The top of her dress plunged down lower than was more appropriate for Karis to have owned. It pushed together the small breasts that Lethe had giving them the appearance of being twice their normal size. Gone was the green collar and in its place was an amethyst choker. Lethe's hair had been brushed and her hair framed her face perfectly drawing attention to it. Her ears twitched nervously as she tried to catch her balance as she walked towards Mist to strangle her.

"What did you do to me Mist?!" Lethe shrieked as she looked herself over. "I said nothing drastic! Look at these things!" Lethe shouted gesturing to her breasts.

"Well we had to make do with what you had Lethe" Mist told her. "Now get back in there we still have to do your makeup."

"Makeup?" Lethe asked as her face paled. "You want to do more to me?!"

"Just some eye shadow and some lipstick maybe a little blush." Karis said her finger tapping the side of her mouth in thought. "That's just what I can think of right now. I'm sure there's more work we can do once we set you in front of a mirror."

With each word Karis spoke Lethe turned paler and paler till she was practically a ghost. Before Lethe could hobble out the room the three girls ran back in and closed the door. This time you could only hear the sounds of Lethe's protests coming from the room.

When the door opened this time Mist was leading a very beautiful Lethe out. The beorc girls knew what they were doing and had brought to light Lethe's inner beauty. No longer was her face hard but her features were soft and she radiated nervousness and beauty. Lethe still had a hard time walking in the heels that the girls put her in but you could see her feline grace lending itself to her.

"Alright now we just need a test subject before we have my brother see you." Mist said.

"I know the perfect guy" Himi said running down the hall.

The others waited for the young Venus Adept to return with the so called "perfect guy" that'd let them know if their hard work paid off or not. Soon they saw Himi dragging a scarf-less Matthew down the hall. The older Venus Adept looked confused as to what was going on. You could tell the instant that his eyes fell on Lethe. His mouth dropped open and he just stared at her. His eyes looked her up and down before he spoke.

"Uh Lethe is that you?" he questioned.

"Yes that's Lethe, thank you Matthew." Himi said patting the blond on his back before pushing him back down the hallway.

Karis turned to face Mist. "You know Matthew was a good pick. He's not a pig like a certain Mars Adept I know and he's always honest. And you have to admit his reaction was pretty good."

"Alright Lethe now that you've been Matthew approved what do you say we go show Ike your what he missed out on?" Mist asked the dolled up Cat.

Lethe nodded her head and followed the Valkyrie down the hall towards the dining hall. The time it had taken to doll Lethe up had brought them extremely close to the appointed dinner time. By the time Lethe had hobbled down the hall, with the support of Mist, most of the chairs were filled. As they entered the room Lethe heard someone wolf whistle at her.

Mist sat Lethe down next to Matthew and Sveta. The Cat laguz was sitting between the beastgirl and Mist but most importantly she was across from Ike. Mist had chosen that spot for that exact reason. Now her brother would have to spend the entire meal staring at her handy work. Lethe looked good, Karis and Himi had really helped her out in fixing Lethe's look.

Looking at her brother's face Mist could tell that her work was not going unnoticed. Rolf sat down next to Mist and was looking past her towards Lethe. His face was asking the question his mouth couldn't. Mist told him that she'd tell him all about another time.

After they were all finished eating Mist took Lethe back to her room where they gave Lethe back her normal clothes. A quick trip to the bath washed the makeup from her face and soon the old Lethe was standing in her normal clothes in her room. She thanked Mist for her assistance and said that she did enjoy teasing Ike with something he couldn't have.

Mist headed back to her own room but found Rolf leaning against the wall waiting for her. From the way he was standing though he had fallen asleep waiting for her. She walked up to him and threw her arms around him and kissed him awake. It took him a second after waking to figure out what was preventing him from breathing normal. Once he figured it out though he returned the kiss with passion.

Breaking away from her boyfriend Mist lead Rolf through the halls and up flights of stairs till they reached the roof of the palace, well the upper balcony at least. Leaning against the rail in the night looking over the city was a beautiful sight. Mist made sure to shiver so that Rolf would get the idea to wrap his arms around her. Luckily she had trained him well as he walked up from behind and pulled her in close.

The fiery lights of the city of Sienne created quite the romantic atmosphere for the young couple. Mist heard something shift to her left and she looked over. Apparently she wasn't the only one who had the idea to look out at the city. Yune Goddess of Chaos was sitting on the rail overlooking the city. A grin was plastered on her face as she stared outwards. She turned and almost fell of the rail as she caught sight of Mist and Rolf. The Goddess waved at them before jumping off and landing in the streets below completely uninjured. Guards chased after the young girl claiming it wasn't safe for her to be wandering around alone.

Once they were again alone Mist turned herself around and kissed Rolf square on the lips. They stayed together like that for a few minutes. It wasn't long before they found their way over to the wall and sat down Mist using Rolf as a chair. They looked out into the night sky and stargazed until they fell asleep like that.

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