Fire Emblem: Path to the Dawn

Chapter 15

Sveta walked down the hall towards the meeting room where all the royal members of Tellius would be meeting to discuss the plan that Ike and Soren had come up with. Matthew walked alongside her a serious expression on his face. Even without using her Spirit Sense she knew what was on his mind. He was ready, along with everyone else, to find out what this grand plan was. Whatever it was Ike had been clearly excited about it. He didn't show it to the world but a simple glimpse into his mind had revealed as much.

She had tried looking for the information on the plan but Ike's mind was never actively on it. No instead his mind was on Lethe. He truly felt sorry for hurting her the way he did. It was plain as day if that's all his surface thoughts was about. Sveta had hoped that Ike would get over it enough by day three that she would be able to read his mind but even then the feline laguz was in his mind. Sveta swore that Ike thought more about Lethe then she did about Matthew.

When she and Matthew reached the doors leading into the meeting room the Venus Adept held open the door for his girlfriend. Sveta trailed her hand across his chest as she walked by him and into the room. She knew that he enjoyed a touch from her now and then as a reminder that he wasn't dreaming.

The room was lavish as the rest of the palace. Silk drapes hung over the windows letting in just the right amount of light. Priceless paintings and treasures lined the walls. Sveta had scoffed at first at the display of wealth that the Empress had in her palace. Back in Morgal Volechek had maybe half as much in the entire palace that Begnion had in one single room. When Sveta had taken over for the two weeks she certainly didn't change that fact. In the center of the room sat a circle table. In five of the chairs were carved symbols. From the design and careful carving they were most likely the family or nation crests for the nobility that would be visiting.

Taking a seat in one of the unmarked chairs Sveta looked around to see who was already in the room. Ike and Soren sat close to one of the engraved chairs. Ike's face was one of seriousness and fear. It was like he didn't want to be there and yet did at the same time. Continuing around the table was the rest of the Greil Mercenaries. It wasn't lost on Sveta the closeness of Mist's and Rolf's chairs. The last Mercenary was Rhys followed by Mia. The Trueblade was happily sitting next to her "rival" Felix. Her mate's uncle looked a little uncomfortable sitting next to the young woman. She was talking with Rhys about her last fight against Felix. The Saint didn't look terribly excited over the news of what new scar Mia may be sporting but the woman was very excited about her fight.

Rief and Amiti were sitting next to each other both talking the time away. Eoleo was in the chair next to Matthew and he looked half asleep. No doubt he had gone out to the taverns again and came back drunk. Himi sat next to him trying to poke the sleeping pirate awake. There were two empty seat and then Lethe and Mordecai. Neither of them looked exactly happy and Sveta could guess exactly why the Cat wasn't happy. Volug sat silently in his chair.

The last two chairs were taken by Lyre and a blue male Cat laguz named Ranulf. The newest laguz had come to Sienne during their first day of relaxing. Apparently he was the right hand to the King of Gallia and was sent to confirm that Ike was indeed in Sienne. No one though had been happier to see Ranulf then Lyre. The female Cat clung to him ever since he appeared. Whenever Sveta had seen Ranulf Lyre wasn't far behind him. One time she even heard Lyre mew like a little kitten to get Ranulf's attention. She though that all the flirting would annoy Ranulf but the man seemed to like the attention he was getting from the woman.

It seemed that the only people currently not in the meeting room were Tyrell, Karis, and the royals. She understood why Tyrell wasn't there. Matthew was to be his wake up call but he had snuck out early so he could meet up with her for a private morning. Karis though should have been there. She wasn't one to sleep in and surly Himi had woken her.

A bright white light flashed in the corner farthest away from the table. When the light died down four people could be seen. One was a simple Bishop that was to use the ElWarp staff and bring the Kings and Queens to Sienne. The first person Sveta spotted after the Bishop was a woman in an orange dress. It was quite simple really it looked like something that any woman in Tellius would wear. Her green hair flowed down her back and resting on her head was a golden tiara a symbol matching one on the chairs was etched into the front. It was a circle with three flowers on going up in bloom the other two going out to the side offering a side view of the flowers.

Standing to the right of the apparent Queen was a man with light blue hair. He wore a dark blue set of riding armor much like Titania's and Oscar's. His face was serious and a little frightening. On the other side of the Queen was a woman with long hair the same colour as the man. She wore a white sleeveless coat that stretched all the way down to just above her ankles. Underneath she wore a dark red sleeveless shirt. She had on a pair of heeled boots that ran all the way up to the middle of her thigh where again you could see red on her legs. White fingerless gloves seemed to reach for a sword that wasn't there.

"Announcing the arrival of Queen Elincia Ridell Crimea and her two retainers General Geoffrey and Lady Lucia." The Bishop said in a very formal voice.

Elincia sat down in the chair with Crimea's crest Geoffrey and Lucia stood silently behind her. Another white light and the Bishop was off to bring back the next ruler.

"It's good to see you again Elincia." Ike greeted the Queen. "How's ruling Crimea been these past three years?"

"You will address Her Majesty by her title Sir Ike. Even someone like you who is familiar with the Queen must observe the rules of the court." Geoffrey said a frown on his face.

"It's fine Geoffrey. If anyone has earned the right to call me by my name it is Sir Ike." Elincia said waving her general off.

"Really Geoffrey you complain about Ike calling her Elincia when just before we came here that's what you were calling our Queen?" Lucia asked her brother.

"We are all friends here and I wish for you all to drop formalities with me please." Elincia told the group. "Geoffrey it doesn't matter if our friends are familiar with me you know I do not care for formalities to begin with."

"Yes Queen Elincia" Geoffrey said stressing her title.

"To answer your question Sir Ike it has been peaceful ever since we quelled the rebellion three years ago. The nobles have more or less accepted my rule and are working with me to keep Crimea running smoothly." Elincia told the man who had saved her kingdom.

The doors to the meeting room opened Tyrell walked a red hand print clear on his face. Karis came running in behind him finishing putting her hair up in its ponytail.

"Good I'm not late." Karis gasped.

"Not quite but what took you so long?" Matthew asked his old friend.

"Someone thought it'd funny to toss a mud ball at me right after I came out of the bathhouse." Karis growled glaring at Tyrell.

The Mars Adept shrugged. "Just trying to keep her on her toes. Never know when the Tuaparang will attack. I figured tossing mud would be better than a fireball."

Sveta felt Matthew sigh next to her. "Tyrell remind me to talk to you later. Clearly you have lost your mind and need someone to examine it." Sveta told the Mars Adept.

"I don't want my mind read though." Tyrell complained. "It's weird knowing that you're in there sorting through my thoughts."

The sounds of hands meeting faces echoed through the room as each Adept, save Tyrell, face palmed. Even Felix did it. It had been agreed that Sveta's Spirit Sense ability wouldn't be revealed until needed. The people of Tellius may have accepted the fact she was a Beastmen but mind reading was a whole other story. Both Karis and Felix had wanted this enforced as they both knew the troubles Mind Reading could cause.

Sveta even with her back turned to the table could feel the gaze of every non-Adept in the room. Slowly she turned around and looked at the residents of Tellius. She tried a small smile but couldn't bring herself to do so.

"You can read minds?" Soren asked calmly.

Sveta just nodded her head to afraid that if she spoke her voice wouldn't be loud enough and that she'd break into tears.

"It's alright Sveta." Mist assured her. "We don't think any different of you it's just that it is a little scary knowing that you can read our minds."

"Mist is right." Ike told the beastgirl. "I'm sure you would only use it if you really needed to. I trust that you wouldn't go around reading minds without reason."

"Speak for yourself." Shinion said. "I don't want anyone, especially some little girl, reading my mind. Who's to say she hasn't already? It's not like we can tell if she has or not. In case you all have forgotten we can't see them use Psynergy."

"Shinion that's enough." Ike warned the Marksman. "Sveta is our friend and you will treat her with respect."

"I've been with Sveta the past couple of days and haven't sensed her using Psynergy except when practicing." Matthew said standing up from his chair.

Shinion scoffed. "It's not like your biased or anything now is it?"

"Come over here and say that" Matthew growled.

Sveta pulled on Matthew's sleeve to get his attention. While she was enjoying the fact Matthew was defending her it wasn't worth the trouble it was causing. He looked down at her worry and anger on his face. Sveta closed her eyes and shook her head. Matthew's whole body sighed as he sat back down.

"Not that I don't trust you Matthew but Sveta, have you read anyone's mind?" Soren asked

"I was impatient and looked into Ike's mind for information on the plan." Sveta whispered. "I never saw anything really. His mind was too clouded to make sense of what was going on."

"See she just dives into our minds when she pleases!" Shinion shouted. "You can't let her get away with that."

A Stone Spire hovered over Shinion. White energy surrounded Felix to the eyes of the Adepts. The people sitting next to Shinion slowly got out of their chairs and moved away from him.

"You shouldn't talk about things you know nothing about." Felix said calmly. "I know two other people with Mind Read. It becomes second nature for them to read minds to gather information. The fact that she has read only Ike's mind shows great control for a girl her age."

Sveta felt pride in Felix's words. He was right in the fact that using her Spirit Sense had been second nature for her. There were many times she wished to use it to read the minds of her friends but had refrained from doing so. It was much faster than asking and waiting for an answer that might not even be true.

"Felix is right. Even though dad hates his ability he can't help but use it to speed things along." Karis added.

"Really Shinion if you could read minds without someone knowing wouldn't you do it?" Boyd asked from behind the Marksman. He was one of the ones that happened to have been sitting next to Shinion. "Hell I know I would. I'd do it for little things even just to learn them."

"I have to say I agree with Shinion." Geoffrey said. "If she can read minds there is no telling what she can learn. She shouldn't be here if all the royal families are going to be. There are secrets that need to be kept and are in danger if she is here."

Sveta felt like bursting into tears. She wasn't trusted anymore. The people of Tellius couldn't understand her ability any better than her own people. Her Spirit Sense was the greatest kept secret in all of Morgal. Now thanks to her own words she had let her ability become known. Yes it was partly Tyrell's fault for actually informing them but if she hadn't said she wanted to examine his head he never would have made his mistake.

"Come on Sveta." Matthew said grabbing her hand and pulling her out of her chair. "They don't want you here than let's go."

Letting Matthew pull her along Sveta held her head up high like she had been taught back when she was a princess. She wouldn't let them see how much they had hurt her. When they got to the door it opened admitting King Kurthnaga, Nasir, and Gareth along with King Tibarn, Naesala, Janaff, Ulki, Reyson, and Leanne. A flash of light came from the corner the King and Queen of Daein stepped out of the light.

"What is a matter?" Leanne asked slowly her headed tilted slightly as she looked at Sveta.

"You guys complain about Sveta's mind reading ability but never once have I heard you complain about the ability of the herons." Soren said in his usual calm voice. "Or did you forget that fact when you decided to verbally abuse Sveta?"

"What did we miss?" Sothe asked as he walked to the table.

"Shinion and Geoffrey being asses" Boyd informed the King of Daein.

"Boyd watch your tongue there are children present." Titania told him.

The Reaver was taken aback. "Who's a child." It then dawned on him who exactly the Gold Knight had been talking about. Himi was only twelve years old. "Oh right. Don't repeat that Himi. Wait. After all that from Shinion and Geoffrey you tell me to watch my tongue?!"

"Enough!" came a voice from the doorway. "I can hear all of you from the end of the hall. If you can't behave yourselves then leave." Empress Sanaki fumed as she entered the room. "Everyone sit." Sanaki pointed to the empty chairs. Not wanting to anger their host any more than she already was those standing who had seats obeyed. "Elincia either control your general or send him out. Shinion one more rude remark about Sveta and you will find yourself in my dungeons where I'm sure the guards will teach you proper manners."

"At times I forget that you beorcs size betrays your power." Tibarn chuckled as he took his seat. "You all cower at the words of a teenager."

"I'd like to see you stand up to Sanaki when she's angry." Ike said. "It's not as easy as you think it is."

"No thanks I rather fight Kurthnaga over there" Tibarn replied.

The Dragon King simply smiled from his spot at the table so did the Empress of Begnion. She had Tellius' greatest hero scared of her.

"So all we are waiting on is Skrimir correct?" Micaiah asked the group.

"Yep he wanted to be the last one to be warped in. He said something about not trusting beorc magic and to let the others test it first." Sanaki told her sister.

"What about my Queen?" Volug asked.

"There was no way to get her here in time. Three messengers are on their way with a request to come here. If she comes we will tell her what the plan is but we simply can't wait." Soren explained.

Silence filled the room as they waited for the Bishop to bring the King of Gallia. Robes rustled, armor clanked, tails twitched, and wings fidgeted as they waited. Geoffrey and Shinion, while banned from saying anything, glared at Sveta. At first she shrunk back into her chair but a reassuring squeeze of her hand from Matthew helped her get over it. Her ears pulled back as she glared back at the two.

They didn't have to wait long before a flash of white light brought the person they were waiting for. Standing tall red mane combed nicely was King Skrimir of Gallia. The only person standing with him was the Bishop who had transported him.

"So Ike you are here. I have to admit that I was worried you wouldn't be." Skrimir said in his booming voice.

"Now that everyone is here can we please get on with this master plan?" Tibarn questioned a trace amount of excitement in his voice.

"Alright." Soren said standing up to get everyone's attention. "The basic idea came from Ike and was expanded on by me. As I'm sure you are all aware there has been a group running around called the Tuaparang. They come from the land of Weyard which is where the Adepts are from." Soren motioned to the nine people sitting together. "For reasons unknown they want to capture Yune. Before you ask where she's at she's at the temple guarded by the Holy Guard. Once the people figured out she was here they demanded to be able to meet her."

"Is it really safe for her though? I don't doubt Sigrun and Tanith mind you but from the reports you sent us say that these Tuaparang are extremely crafty and powerful." Sothe voiced.

"Don't forget that Yune does possess her own power and can use it to defend herself." Micaiah told her husband.

"Getting back to the plan." Soren said aggravated for being interrupted. "We are going to attack the Tuaparang on two fronts. The majority of us will stay here on Tellius and protect Yune from being captured. For this we would like at least four of the Adepts to stay here so they can deal with these Umbra Adepts. Another smaller group consisting of the other Adepts and a few warriors from Tellius will head back to Weyard and attack the Tuaparang's home."

"Why such a small force exactly? Shouldn't we send more to defeat such a powerful enemy?" Skrimir questioned interrupting the tactician once again.

"No. We need a small force for stealth. We can't let the Tuaparang get suspicious that we've sent a group after them. That and we plan to ask the Warriors of Vale for help." Soren continued and was again stopped by someone else asking stupid questions.

"Who are the Warriors of Vale?" it was Elincia who stopped Soren's explanation this time.

Rief cleared his throat and adjusted his glasses. "Allow me to explain that Soren." Rief said before launching into a story about the deeds his mother had performed and how the Warriors of Vale brought Alchemy back to Weyard. "That is who the Warriors of Vale are." Rief finished.

Half the people in the room had fallen asleep during the story. Each and every one of them had heard the Angle explain the story before, had parents that had taken part in it, or in the case of Felix had actually taken part in it.

"I done." Rief said loudly waking the sleeping people up.

"Huh wha?" Felix said groggily. "Gods Rief you make Kraden's stories interesting."

"I see a problem with you plan though Soren." Matthew spoke up as he rubbed his eyes. "We have no clue where Sheba is. She has the Teleport Lapis and can be anywhere on Weyard in a matter of seconds. While my dad may be ready and willing to fight the Tuaparang my mom has made it clear she had enough fighting to last her her very long lifetime. Though she also made it clear that when Uncle Felix came back she'd bring her staff out one last time." The mentioned Venus Adept gulped at the thought of his sister's rage.

"My dad is always ready to fight." Tyrell boasted.

"I know my dad should be glad to help. Once he sees those Tuaparang airships he'll want to take them apart to figure out how they work." Karis said dryly.

"Without me and Nowell at home mom is the only Adept in Imil. I'm not sure she'll want to leave them without a Psynergy healer." Rief added.

"There's also Piers. He's sailing around Weyard and could be hard to track. The Eastern Sea is vast." Eoleo told Soren.

"There went half of the Warriors." Soren groaned.

"More than half." Felix injected. "I'm staying here to help with the Umbra Adepts. I've had thirty-five years of training in Venus Psynergy you'll need me."

"Great we're down to three." Soren said through clenched teeth. "We'll just have to send more people from Tellius then. Ike and I have already decided that we'll be going. Those of you who don't mind leaving Tellius for an unknown amount of time please raise your hand."

The hand of everyone shot up. A chance to explore a new world was just too great to pass up. Sveta giggled as Soren face palmed. It was clear he wasn't expecting everyone to volunteer.

"Royals should stay here to run their countries." Soren said.

"It's no problem for me to leave. I'm sure Uncle Renning can handle Crimea for a while." Elincia said with a smile.

"If the Queen goes so do I" Geoffrey said with authority.

"No. Royals." Soren said slowly. "Now we should bring a member of each laguz tribe to be safe. Lethe, Nasir, Janaff, Reyson would you be willing to go?"

"I thought you said no Royals" Skrimir complained. "Isn't Reyson the Prince of the Herons?"

"Technically the Heron Tribe no longer exists. All of the Bird Laguz lives together." Reyson told Skrimir.

"Why those people though?" Sanaki asked the tactician.

"Simple. Lethe is a strong member of the Beast Tribe but holds no spot of great importance in their hierarchy. We need Nasir for his ship and the power of a White Dragon is great. As for Janaff his eyesight will be needed to spot Weyard as we travel and can be used to spot any Tuaparang attacks coming our way. Reyson is the best Heron because he has seen the most fighting of all the Herons and can handle the chaos from it better than Leanne." Soren explained matter-of-factly.

"I'll go" Lethe said

"If it's alright with my King I'll go with you" Janaff told them with a shrug. "Be nice to see a new world."

"While I'm sure you can find another ship I will gladly represent Goldoa in this expedition." Nasir said with a bow.

"Even if Tibarn says otherwise I will accompany you" was Reyson's answer.

"Well it looks like I don't get a say in this really. Janaff keep an eye on Reyson." Tibarn told his subordinate with a stern voice.

"Nasir make sure they get there safely" Kurthnaga said to the White Dragon.

"Now that that's settled we still need another four people to come with us. Since we aren't sure if Rief's mother will help us we'll need Rhys." Soren reasoned. "Boyd, Lucia, Gatrie should be the other members."

"Great a chance to take my axe right to the Tuaparang." Boyd laughed.

"Lucia will you please go with them?" Elincia asked the woman.

"Of course Elincia." Lucia answered.

"A whole other land with beautiful exotic women." Gatrie grinned.

"Of course I'll come. I only hope that I bring enough staves." Rhys worried.

Soren next looked at the Adepts. "Now which of you will be staying and who's going back home?"

"I need to check on my people." Sveta answered. "I left instructions to find a suitable replace for me and I wish to make sure it was done well."

"If we need the Warriors of Vale then I should go so I can try to convince mom to help out. It'll take both me and dad to get her to pick up a weapon again." Matthew replied.

"Even with Rhys going we'll need another healer and I'm the best out of us all. Besides like Matthew I have the best chance to convince my mother." Rief responded.

"I got to see how well this dragon steers a ship. If we're going out to the high seas you just might need a pirate." Eoleo said cocking his head towards Nasir.

"The rest of us should stay here then. This way both continents have an Adept of each element." Karis said. "Felix may already be staying but Himi has more Djinn and we might need them for summons."

"Agreed" Matthew said. Even though they technically were with the Greil Mercenaries Matthew was still the leader of the Adepts.

"Those who are leaving please exit the room." Soren said. "If the Tuaparang get a hold of anyone of you we don't want them to be able to find out about the plans for here on Tellius."

Those leaving nodded their heads and got up. No one complained that it was unfair. Soren had made a good point and everyone wanted to defeat the Tuaparang. No one even pointed out that Soren and Ike who knew the Tellius side of the plan would be leaving for Weyard.

Once everyone was out that needed to be Soren turned his attention to the remaining bodies. "We need to find a place to best protect Yune. I figured that having her cross the desert to Hatari. It is far from the rest of Tellius and has the best chance of being undisturbed by the Tuaparang. Once Nailah gets here I plan to ask her this but it would be best if the other royal families asked her also."

"Hatari would be a great place to hide her." Elincia agreed.

"If we must hide then we best do it far away from our enemies." Skrimir growled.

Kurthnaga was the next to add his opinion. "Yes the Tuaparang will most likely search the countries here before moving across the desert."

"You haven't steered us wrong yet Soren. If you think Hatari is the best place to hide her then I'll make sure Nailah agrees." Tibarn voiced.

"While it will be a loss to Begnion Yune can't hide here she's too well known. In Hatari she can be just another nameless child." Sanaki added.

"I am sure that Nailah will help us. She was so kind to us before when we took Daein back." Micaiah reminisced.

"It's decided then. We'll ask Nailah to hide Yune across the desert. The rest of us here will have to fight the Tuaparang. As the reports said they had far too may troops to have been brought over by the airships we've seen. Somewhere they must be recruiting. All of you need to patrol your countries for the black armored soldiers or anyone that looks like they don't belong. The laguz nations should be safer as the Tuaparang can't hide easily amongst them." Soren continued.

"Don't worry so much." Skrimir said. "We will take these Tuaparang out like we have done with every other foe we have faced."

"We need to go and pack Soren." Ike told his friend. "If we plan to leave for Crimea tomorrow then we need to get ready now."

"Why are you heading to Crimea?" asked its Queen.

"It is the best spot to launch the ship from. We can act like we are simply heading to Begnion first and then turn out to the seas and towards Weyard." Soren explained. "Which means that Nasir will need to bring his ship up to Crimea first King Kurthnaga, will you please tell him this."

"Of course. The less our enemy knows the better."

"That's our plan then. Sanaki will explain everything to Nailah and have a letter from each of the other Kings and Queens asking for her help while everyone takes care of the Tuaparang threat in their own country. There are no farther details so there's no need for questions. If you will excuse me I need to go and find Aimee" Soren told everyone as he walked towards the door.

"Alright everyone you heard him. If you wish you can be warped home or take the normal way home. Either way you are all welcome to stay her for the night." Sanaki told her would be guests.

Every one of the people in the room agreed to stay the night and decided to take the normal way home still unused to the feeling of being warped across the continent.

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