Fire Emblem: Path to the Dawn

Chapter 2

The sun beat down on the land of Tellius. In the desert between Hatari and Daein three figures walked under the unforgiving heat towards the lands ruled by Micaiah and her husband Sothe. Two of these figures were familiar with the land and knew the Queen and King. One was a hero who had stuck down a goddess. The man had blue hair with a red clothe tied around his head and blue eyes. Strapped to his back was a giant sword called the Ettard. He wore a red cape along with a brown shirt and white pants. His name was Ike the Hero of the Blue Flames. The other familiar figure was a wolf laguz known as Volug. He was wearing only white pants where his wolf tail sticking out the back of them. Red cloth also hung from his waist and on his feet he had a pair of sandals. His hair was black-brown and you could just see his wolf ears sticking out the top of the messy hair.

Between these two natives of Tellius walked a man in white. This man was unused to the extreme heat of Tellius let alone its desert regions. Long brown hair was plastered to his face covering brown eyes. His hair was in a ponytail that hung down just past his shoulders. The white tunic and pants was to help with the heat. His friends Ike and Volug had advised him to block the heat with everything he could and white clothing was an easy way to help. This man wasn't from Tellius he came from a world called Weyard. He was a Warrior of Vale, a man who had traveled all around and lit the four elemental lighthouses restoring Alchemy to his world. Little did he know that his "world" was just a rather large continent that the people had dubbed a world and broke up into smaller continents. One day during his exploration of Weyard a storm had blown him off Gaia Falls and to the lands below. After weeks at sea he stumbled upon another ship and found the man Ike.

Together the two warriors traveled the seas in search of a way back to Weyard. As they sailed both told their stories and how they had helped their respective lands. Ike had been interested in the Venus Adepts powers questioning how he performed such feats without a tome. Felix had told Ike about the basics of Psynergy and how he could call on the powers of Earth. Sailing the seas for three years they had found many other lands. Each land held new challenges and species. No matter where they went though no one knew of the land in the sky. After about two and a half years Ike suggested they head back to his home of Tellius and see if they could find the goddess Yune. Their best bet at finding her would be to talk to Micaiah of Daein. When the two found Ike's home they landed in the country of Hatari.

There they found Queen Nailah and requested assistance in crossing the desert. That is how they ended up crossing with Volug. For the most part Volug still wasn't much of a talker seeing as how he spent most of his time in his wolf form. Whenever he was in his humanoid form he spoke broken Common and it required a lot of Ike translating. Before Ike had set sail he had gone to Hatari and learned the Ancient Language while there. While he had promised to teach Volug Common the lessons didn't stick since most people in Hatari spoke Ancient. That was how they spent the time crossing the desert though. Ike was giving the wolf laguz a refresher on the language.

After two weeks in the desert they met the solid ground of Daein. Felix had fallen to the ground in joy of rock and dirt rather than sand. From the edge of the desert they headed farther into the green fields of Daein. After two days in the wilderness they found a village.

"I think you two should stay out here." Ike told Felix and Volug. "We don't know their feelings about laguz and we don't want to attract too much attention to us. I'd rather not have to fight soldiers today."

"Why have me stay out here? I'm not a laguz and I'm sure Volug here can handle himself for a few minutes." Felix questioned.

"Felix isn't well-known either. He attract less attention than Ike." Volug said in broken Common.

Ike let out a sigh. "It'd just be easier for one person to go in and out rather than two." Ike then set off towards the town ending the discussion. Needless to say that Felix wasn't quite happy.

While in the village Ike learned that Nevassa was about four days away from their current location. On his way to the general store to restock their supplies Ike heard rumors about a flying ship landing in the southern parts of Begnion. By the time he made it to the store it seemed that the flying ship was all anyone in the village was talking about. Ike wondered how accurate the rumors were. Three years ago he wouldn't have believed a flying ship could exist. Now after traveling the seas with Felix, who came from a continent in the sky, he could easily believe that something as simple as a ship could take to the air. Ike gathered up the items needed to continue the trek to Nevassa which consisted of mostly trail food. With a beast laguz, Ike himself, and Felix to feed they went through food quite quickly.

"That comes to 128 gold" the stout shopkeeper told Ike.

Reaching into his bag Ike took out the specified amount and handed it over to the man. The bell hanging over the door let out a ring announcing another customer into the shop. Two men walked in speaking quite loudly.

"Yeah heard that Begnion was fighting some weirdoes near the coast," the more rotund of the two said.

"Think they'll be able to handle them. I mean don't they have all them bird sub-humans to fight with them?" the lanky one replied.

Ike inwardly flinched at the racial slur for laguz. Even after three years it seemed that beorc and laguz relations needed some work. Taking the supplies with him Ike headed out of the city. He found Felix sitting on a rock with Volug lying down in his wolf form under the shade of a tree. Ike tossed Felix one of the food bags.

"Nevassa is north of here. It'll take about a four to get there."

Felix just slung the bag over his shoulder and headed north with Volug on his heels still in wolf form. Even as Ike headed north towards the capital of Daein something in his gut told him that he was heading the wrong way.

Micaiah sat on her bed in the Royal Chambers. Sothe lay next to her fast asleep as she should be. It was in the middle of the night and most everyone was asleep save for the people who worked throughout the night like the guards down the hall. It had taken a few months after becoming Queen to have the guards stand at the end of the hallway rather than outside her door. Now three years later she had no problems with the guards. Micaiah stood up and walked over to a mirror. A silver haired young woman with gold yellow eyes stared back at her. She still looked young despite her age.

The reason the Queen was awake so late at night was the feeling of dread she was having. For the past few days she felt as if something bad was going to happen. What scared her most was the fact that the feeling of danger was not for just her, her friends, or even her country. No the feeling she had warned her of danger that was great enough to effect all of Tellius. Two days ago she got word from Empress Sanaki that someone was attacking the southern coast of her country. It had confused both sisters as to why Begnion was being attacked. Relations with the other countries were great. Queen Elincia of Crimea had no reason to attack. Both Goldoa was as peaceful as ever and Beast Tribe of Gallia had a standing peace treaty with the Empire. The unified Bird Tribe lived in Begnion so any attack on it would hurt them just as much. The only country left on this side of the desert was Daein and Micaiah would never attack her sister's country.

Micaiah wondered if her feeling of dread was at all linked to the attack on the coast. She had asked Jill and Haar to keep an ear to the wind for any information on the people who launched the attack. Of course she also had sent some soldiers to investigate and lend aid to Begnion if needed. That was only four days ago though and it would take at least a month for the troops to get down to the site. Even if they got there she couldn't be sure if the enemy would still be alive.

Sothe stirred in the bed as he unconsciously felt for his wife's body. Micaiah felt a smile creep onto her face as she looked on at the man she had married. His dark green was a mess and fell over his eyes. He had been training ever since he had gotten back from the Mad-King's War six years ago and it showed. While he was skinny like a bean stalk there were clearly defined muscles along the king's body. Rather than train for brute strength her husband had learned to make the most of his natural agility and could avoid most any attack, magical or physical. The smile still on her face she crawled into bed and laid next to her husband letting sleep take her as his arm wrapped around her.

It was late in the morning when Micaiah awoke once again that day. Sothe had already gotten out of bed obvious by the fact he wasn't even in the room. For the second time that day the Queen of Daein got out of bed. With a rumble her body let her know that it was time for breakfast.

Micaiah made her way to the dining room since the castle staff had enforced the fact she had to eat there and not in her room. Once she had gotten through the halls of the castle and to the dining room she found Sothe already eating along with Edward, Leonardo, Nolan, and Mia. Mia had left the Greil Mercenaries to find her rival in white. The Trueblade's search had led her to Nevassa where Micaiah had insisted she stay in the Keep till she wanted to leave. That had been only two weeks ago. Mia had told Sothe she'd be leaving within few days just to make sure her unknown adversary didn't pass her by.

As soon as Micaiah started eating a soldier in the grey of Daein walked in.

"Queen Micaiah Ike of the Greil Mercenaries, the wolf laguz Volug, and another man by the name of Felix are here and wish an audience with you."

"Ike is here? Great I'll have a real opponent before I leave." Mia said gleefully.

"Bring them here and tell the cooks to prepare three more meals I'd imagine they're hungry." Micaiah told the guard then added under her breath. "At least Ike will be and Volug is of the beast tribe."

The guard saluted and headed out of the room. The conversations around the table quickly changed to guesses about where the Hero of the Blue Flames had gone and who this Felix guy was.

"I bet Ike has traveled all over the world and fought monsters bigger than a Dragon." Edward said.

"Nah Ike probably traveled around resolving conflicts like he did here." Leonardo argued.

"Or you both could be right and he resolved conflicts by fighting giant monsters" Nolan offered putting an end to the starting argument.

Sothe, Mia and, Micaiah just stayed quiet and ate their food as the other Edward and Leonardo kept coming up with things that Ike had done and Nolan playing the mediator between the two. About five more ridiculous ideas later Ike, Volug and the man named Felix walked into the room. Ike and Volug looked almost exactly the same but Micaiah would say that Ike was probably a bit more tan than when she had last seen him. Felix's skin tone was about the same as Ike's currently was. He had brown hair tied into a ponytail and striking brown eyes. What caught her attention about the man though was the fact he was wearing all white and had a long sword slung across his back. With a mental groan Micaiah waited for the inevitable. As soon as the blue haired Trueblade's green eyes narrowed at the sight of Felix she let out a cry.

"YOU!" Mia screamed. Lightning fast the swordswoman leapt out of her chair and drew her katana. It was styled after the Vague Katti but lacked the strength of the blade. Silently Micaiah wished she had enforced the "no weapons in the dining room" rule seeing as how it was about to be a fight in it. She was however thankful the guards hadn't thought to take Felix's weapon away from him since he would soon find himself in a fight.

With the speed unique to a Trueblade Mia rushed Felix sword held level ready to attack or parry the attack of her foe. Both Ike and Volug stepped aside clearing the way for the battle crazed woman. The two knew that nothing short of Ike knocking her out would stop Mia. Felix's instincts took over as he drew the Gaia Blade from his back. The heavy blade met the light blade in a flash of sparks.

Felix took a defensive stance as he waited for the woman to attack again. He had no idea why the girl was attacking him when all he had done was simply walk into the room. Still since everyone simply let her attack him he had no choice but to defend himself against the woman. Again and again she came at him and again Felix simply blocked the attack. As fast as she was her attacks lacked strength behind them it was like fighting Ivan or Jenna. As he continued to block each attack thrown at him he could see rage build up behind green eyes. The woman didn't make mistakes though instead she seemed to channel her anger into her attacks and Felix could feel them growing stronger. After another attack she jumped back and shouted "Astra" and leapt towards Felix with speed far greater than before. The Venus Adept couldn't even get his sword up in time to block a hit. The five super speed strikes of Astra cut along the sides of the warrior leaving cuts just deep enough to hinder Felix.

After the shock of her speed Felix called on his Psynergy and cast Cure Well and the cuts stitched themselves up without scaring. If it wasn't for the magical healing of Psynergy Felix would be a giant walking scar. Everyone in the room save for Ike gaped at the sight of the healing flesh. Felix had forgotten that on Tellius the only magical healing was done with staves. The blue haired girl smiled at Felix. Deciding that the fight had gone on long enough the Warrior of Vale went on the offensive. Knowing that the woman had no magical powers Felix restrained from using any Psynergy or Djinn in his attacks. He even prevented the Gaia Blade from unleashing its power. With a horizontal slash he attacked his opponent. Rather than block his attack his foe jumped away from him. It was exactly what he had expected her to do. Over thirty years of fighting had given Felix many opponents with many different styles. This woman was doing nothing he hadn't seen and fought before. A simple pivot brought him forward and once again his sword came at the woman. She clearly wasn't expecting him to press forward and barely got her katana up in time to deflect the blow.

The two warriors fought what soon became a one sided battle. Felix was clearly on another level than Mia. He had the strength of a Warrior compiled with the speed of a Swordmaster. As Ike stood back and watched he could see that Mia had gotten better since he had left. Her form had improved but she still relied too heavily on her speed and flexibility to carry her through the battle. A swordsman needed not just speed and agility but power. If Mia was ever going to defeat Felix she was going to have to get stronger. It wasn't long before Ike witnessed the end of the duel. Felix had used his strength to force Mia down on one knee. From there he launched her sword from her hands right at Ike who stepped out of the way before it skewered him.

"Alright you win" Mia said with Felix's sword pointed at her chest.

The Venus Adept sheathed his sword and offered a hand to the young woman in front of him. She took his hand and with visible ease pulled her onto her feet.

"I'm Mia. Next time we fight I'll win." She told him in a matter of fact voice.

"I'm Felix and what do you meant next time we fight?" he inquired

"Simple. You're my rival that I've been searching for." She replied as if was the most obvious thing in the world.

Ike walked up and handed Mia her sword then turned to Felix. "She's been searching for a man in white that's supposed to be her rival since I met her over six years ago. She even challenged Rhys who faints at the sight of blood to a duel. Had I known she was here I would have warned you."

The others in the room approached the three swordsmen once they were sure Mia wasn't going to launch into another attack since she had her sword back. Ike introduced each person to Felix making sure to add the titles of King and Queen since he was back among "civilized" people.

"Now can you tell us about yourself Felix? Mostly about how you healed yourself without a staff." Sothe asked with a hint of suspicion in his voice.

At that moment the doors to the dining room opened and three servants entered carrying plates of food.

"Can that wait till after breakfast?" Ike questioned. "I haven't had a meal that tastes as good as that looks in three years."

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