Fire Emblem: Path to the Dawn

Chapter 25

They were on the ship once again this time heading to Ayuthay. When Boyd, Lucia, Matthew, Rief, and Sveta had come back with the Tuaparang soldier Susa had locked him up on the spot. His crimes were for the Grave Eclipse and for awakening the Serpent from its apparent slumber. Everyone had slept well that night in their comfy beds and awoke ready to be on their way. Susa told them that their ship should be stocked with enough food to last them to Champa, saying it was the least he could do for them after they killed the Serpent, if they wanted more they would have to purchase them.

When they got back to the ship it was agreed that they'd stop in Champa to get Gatrie a new weapon from Obaba even though they still weren't sure if she'd forge them a lance or not. When they had landed off the coast of Champa they headed up to the city they found Obaba waiting for them in the same place she had been during the events of the Eclipse. Champa itself was looking better now that people had moved back in and were repairing all the damage that had been done. Houses once again were standing throughout the mountain side village.

Eoleo asked his great-grandmother to forge Gatrie a lance with the Mythril Silver that he had. Obaba had looked Gatrie over with a critical eye before saying that she would make him a weapon. They spent the day in Champa waiting for Obaba, who might I add has to be around Kraden's age and wasn't effected by the Golden Sun event, to finish the weapon. Everyone was huddled in Champa's inn eating fish when a guy interrupted them telling them that the weapon was done and if they wanted it they better hurry up before she tossed it down the cliffside at them. The Tellieans thought the man was joking but when the Adepts got up and ran out the inn door they thought better about sitting there and followed after the Adepts.

Obaba handed Gatrie what looked to be a normal Silver Greatlance like the one he normally carried around. The craftsmanship though shone with the sunlight in a way that the Telliean weapon did not. Everyone could see that the lance was something special despite its quite normal look. They thanked Obaba for her work and she told them that if they wanted to repay her to make sure that they brought her great-grandson home safely, it was about time she had some great-great-grandchildren. No one doubted that Obaba would be there to witness the birth of any child Eoleo had.

Again they slept in comfy beds instead of heading out that night. Come morning Obaba all but threw them out telling them that the sooner they got off their lazy butts the sooner they could be done with their business. In the instance of Matthew who slept like a rock he was thrown out of bed by Obaba. Even Sveta hadn't been able to wake him up that morning. From Champa they started sailing down along the coast of Angara towards Ayuthay.

No matter how long he had spent on a boat Matthew could never get used to the boredom that it brought along. Only so much could be done on the seafaring vessel. At least when they were traveling on land they were walking. Days on the ship could only be passed by staring at the open sea and sparring with the others on board. There was nothing on the ship other than people, food, weapon supplies, and cabins to sleep in. Being a Venus Adept just made it ten times worse as Matthew could no longer feel the life force of the earth calling out to him and his Psynergy responding to the call. With luck though they were to land near Ayuthay in the next two hours according to Eoleo's map. From Ayuthay they would head towards Kalay to meet up with Isaac, Garet, Jenna, and Ivan. It was going to be a long walk from one country to the other but at least it was a walk and not standing around doing nothing.

Two hours dragged by for those aboard the ship. Everyone, even Eoleo, was getting tired of the constant sailing they seemed to be doing. When they finally caught sight of Ayuthay's capital city there was a chorus of rejoice and Nasir landed the ship off the coast like they always did. No one on Weyard seemed to want to build ports and had ships just anchor offshore instead. The list of ports could easily be counted on one hand.

As they approached the home of the Alchemy Well they were met with Ayuthay's guards. Matthew explained what was going on and that they only were here to pick up a few things before they were headed off. The guards understood that they didn't have the time to meet with King Paithos. Rief was the one who informed the guards were Amiti was at and that he was doing fine and forging relationships with the kingdoms across the sea. You know the nice things that Amiti was doing and not the fact that he was there to fight off evil Umbra Adepts for a country.

Fully outfitted once again the group headed west. Monsters would attempt an attack from time to time but they were easily gotten rid of. No one ever seemed to get hurt from the attacks leaving Rhys feeling just a little useless as the group's healer. Even Soren was getting annoyed as he had to save his tomes for when they faced the Tuaparang. The Tellieans were all irritated by the sheer number of monsters that kept trying to attack them. The Adepts just chuckled and remembered the week that Tyrell had worn the Lure Cap. That had been an eventful and difficult week.

Unlike the Lure Cap week the weeks it took to reach Kalay were uneventful. They had fended off monsters, set up camp at night, packed up and headed out towards Kalay in the morning. Even with the boring routine everyone was happy to again be on dry land, a certain feline a tad happier than others. On the dawn of the third day of week two they could see the buildings of the city. Matthew felt glad that he was finally going to see his parents again. He would actually get a chance to be with both his mom and his dad and tell them all that had happened with the Grave Eclipse and his journey to Tellius.

"That's your home town right Matthew?" Ike asked

"Yeah." Matthew answered.

"This marks the start of yet another journey for us." Rief stated.

"But we get to enjoy a little rest first." Boyd informed the Mercury Adept. "Even warriors need to kick back once in a while."

"No wonder you are so weak Boyd." Lethe said as she walked by him.

"What?! Hey I'm a good fighter!" Boyd shouted after her.

"Yeah but you could stand to be better." Lucia told him as she too walked by Boyd who had now stopped walking.

"Come on Boyd you have to admit. We can't hold a candle to Ike." Gatrie laughed as he passed the open mouthed Reaver.

"Not you to Gatrie." Boyd whined. "Or did you forget who one that match the week before Ike came back?"

"I didn't forget that one win you had Boyd. But that was after how many loses?" Gatrie responded.

"Don't worry Boyd." Eoleo told him smacking the man on the back with a laugh. "I'll give you a few pointers."

"How did this become Pick-on-Boyd Day?" he asked the group.

"You make it to easy is how." Janaff informed him from above.

"Really Boyd if it wasn't so much we wouldn't do it." Reyson added as he flew by.

"Not you to Reyson."

The entire group let out a chuckle as they kept walking leaving Boyd in their dust. The Reaver let out a growl and ran to catch up with them saying that he wasn't lazy and that he'd show any one of them just how strong he was.

Entering the city of Kalay with such a large group attracted the attention of every guard patrolling the streets. People gave them all odd looks. The laguz and Sveta stuck out like sore thumbs. Beastmen were an uncommon sight this far west and the two Bird Tribe members were still an extremely odd sight to the residents of anywhere but Tellius. Matthew, being the only one who knew Kalay's layout, was at the head of the group and led them towards his parent's house. It would be a tight fit to put so many people in there but the small house would should be able to fit them all inside, that is if Gatrie would take his armor off. The fact he walked for days in that fortress was an amazing feat of strength.

A group of fourteen people stood outside the door to Matthew's house. Last time Matthew had been standing outside this door was when he was with Karis and Tyrell and they had come back with the Roc's Feather that Ivan needed for the soarwing. That was quite a few months ago. In fact it was over half a year ago. Matthew hadn't realized before it but his birthday had come and gone during his travels. Now in the eyes of Kalay's legal system Matthew was an adult at seventeen years old.

Opening the door Matthew led the group into the house. Like he had thought it was a little cramped with everyone trying to enter the house at once but they managed to fit into the living room of the house. The sounds of a door shutting echoed from upstairs. Feet shuffled across floorboards as whoever was up there moved towards the stairs.

"That was quick." Jenna said as she came down the stairs to find Matthew and the entire group standing in her living room.

"Hi mom." Matthew said with an awkward wave.

Jenna ran up to Matthew and pulled him into a hug. Matthew stood there shifting uncomfortably at first as he was being hugged by his mother in front of a large group of people. That lasted about three seconds though before he was hugging her back thankful to be home once again.

"I was so worried about you. Your father and Ivan kept telling me not to worry but I couldn't help it." Jenna said as she stood back her hands still resting on Matthew's shoulders. You could see it on Jenna's face when she realized that there was a large group of other people standing in her home. "Matthew. Who are all these people?"

"I'm Ike." The Vanguard said holding his hand out. Jenna shook his hand as she looked over the rest of the group.

"Holy cow that's Felix's sister? She's hot." Gatrie whispered to Boyd.

"Wait you guys know Felix?" Jenna asked overhearing Gatrie and choosing to ignore his comment about her looks. She was a forty-six year old in a twenty year old's body and she knew it.

"Mom. Uncle Felix is across the sea on a continent called Tellius." Matthew told her. "That's were a lot of these people come from. The Tuaparang have started attacking their home. We've come here to put a stop to them for good."

"I think we need to wait for your father to come home. He's going to want to hear about this and it's best to only have to explain things once." Jenna said. "They can't all stay here though Matthew. There's not enough room."

Lucia stepped forward. "We will get out of your lovely home then Mrs. Jenna." Lucia turned towards Ike. "I take it you and Soren will be staying behind?" Ike nodded his head yes. "Alright everyone else let's go find the inn and leave Ike and Soren to explain everything."

People shuffled and passed Jenna on their way out commenting on her lovely home or in Gatrie's case how lovely Jenna herself was. Rief, Eoleo, and Sveta were going with the rest of the group but Matthew stopped Sveta from leaving with the rest of the group. A series of looks were exchanged between the two of them. Matthew telling Sveta to stay while she was asking if now was the right time for it. Sveta wasn't given much of a choice as Jenna soon caught the looks the two teens were exchanging.

"We'll be in the kitchen." Jenna said to Ike and Soren who were the only ones left standing in the room. "Have a seat and make yourselves at home we'll be back before you know it."

Matthew and Sveta now exchanged a worried look before they were dragged into the kitchen by Jenna. The Mars Adept reached into her cupboards and produced a small tea kettle. She went over to the small basin and filled the kettle with water. Setting it down on the stone counter the kettle turned a shade of red as Jenna used her Psynergy to heat the water inside while she grabbed cups and the special brand of Kalay tea leaves. She poured three cups of steaming hot tea and set them down on the table. Jenna snapped her fingers and pointed at the table where she had just put the three tea cups. Matthew and Sveta rushed over and sat down at the table. Jenna poured another two cups and left the room. Thank yous could be heard from Ike and Soren. When Jenna came back into the kitchen she sat down at the table and picked her own cup up.

"Matthew is there something you would like to tell me?" Jenna asked calmly as she sipped her still steaming tea.

Matthew started to sweat. It was like the room's temperature had increased by twenty degrees. At first Matthew thought that it was just him but then he saw that Sveta to was sweating and there were a few beads on his mother's face. Whenever Jenna held back her emotions the room she was in would tend to heat up. Which to Matthew meant that his mom must really be holding something back if she was heating the entire kitchen enough to make herself sweat.

"Well uh..." Matthew didn't know where to begin.

The sounds of a door closing saved Matthew from having to explain anything at the moment.

"Isaac dear is that you?" Jenna asked loudly.

"Yeah. Uh Jenna, who are the two guys on the couch?" Isaac responded.

"The big guy is Ike and the other one from my understanding is Soren. We have other things to deal with right now though so get in here." Jenna commanded.

Isaac walked through the door and looked at Matthew and Sveta sitting at the table. As soon as he walked in the kitchen Isaac shed his blue trench coat and slung it over a chair. He didn't seem bothered by the change in temperature but he had also been living with Jenna for over twenty-five years and had become accustomed to such things.

"Hi I'm Isaac, Matthew's father." The blonde man said holding out a hand for Sveta. She shook it tentatively.

"My name is Sveta." She told him.

"Matthew it's good to see that your back." Isaac said as he sat in the chair he put his coat on. "What was it like across the sea?"

"It was fine dad. I met some nice people like Ike and Soren. Also found out that Uncle Felix is alive and well he's been-" Matthew was cut off by Jenna slamming her cup on the table.

"Matthew I don't think that's what your mother wants to hear about." Isaac told him.

"You're darn right Isaac. Your son brought home a group of people who are trying to find an inn and I really should have suggested Nathen's but he stops Sveta from leaving." Jenna informed her husband. "I want to know why they were exchanging looks."

"So you are the Sveta that Kraden told me about." Isaac said looking Sveta over as if seeing her in a new light. Then he turned his attention back to Jenna. "I think it's obvious why he stopped her from leaving Jenna."

"He's too young Isaac, he's only sixteen." Jenna said sternly

"He's seventeen dear," Isaac corrected, "which is the same age that we started dating."

"We didn't start dating until we moved here to Kalay and by that time you were eighteen." Jenna countered.

"So Matthew's starting a year earlier."

While Jenna and Isaac went back and forth about Matthew being too young or not to date the young couple sat and drank their tea hoping there for a chance to escape. Matthew had been ready to tell his mother that he was dating Sveta but that had been before she heated up an entire room. Ike and Soren hadn't made a single peep from the other room that could have saved them either. It had to be awkward for the Tellieans sitting in the other room listening to the quite loud conversation going on in the kitchen.

"Mom." Matthew spoke up not able to take just sitting there while his parents argued over something they had no control over. "I'm dating Sveta."

"Matthew sweety you are too young." Jenna told him.

"Mom I'm seventeen years old and I've traveled the entirety of eastern Weyard and traveled to a whole other continent. I've fought monsters that I never though existed, I've fought people who have wanted to kill me, I've even... Well you're just going to have to deal with the fact that I care for Sveta despite you thinking I might be too young."

Matthew left the last part of his argument out. He was going to say I've literally shared my soul with her but he knew that wasn't going to go over well with his mother. That wasn't exactly a normal occurrence even in his odd life with immortal parents, falling worlds, and goddesses being trapped in medallions.

"I care for Matthew just as much as you do Mrs. Jenna." Sveta added. "If it was not for him I do not know how I would have dealt with the death of my brother. From the first time I met him he worked to help other people. You have raised him well Mrs. Jenna and I feel that I am lucky that he returns the feelings I have for him."

"I'm outvoted on this aren't I?" Jenna sighed as she rubbed her temples. Matthew and Isaac nodded their heads. "Alright. I guess I'm just being an overprotective mother. Sveta you have permission to date my son."

"I guess we can bring Ike and Soren in now and talk about what you've been up to across the sea." Isaac said as he got up and walked over to the door.

He opened it up and called the two guys sitting in the living room to the kitchen. Soren and Ike joined everyone at the table. Both Tellieans noticed the temperature change as the room had just started to cool off. Ike and Soren took the last two chairs. With this house being the one used most often for meeting between Garet, Ivan, Isaac, and occasionally Kraden they had made sure to have a few extra chairs around the house.

Matthew explained what had happened since they left Weyard. He told them of the people they had met in Begnion, not exactly a warm hello, and that the Tuaparang were already in Tellius causing trouble. Then Matthew explained that the people of Tellius had two Goddesses and one of them was named Yune who was the Goddess of Chaos. There was a medallion that she had been trapped in before and the Tuaparang wanted to trap her in it again for reasons they didn't exactly know. Matthew also told them that Felix was there on Tellius along with Amiti, Karis, Tyrell, and Himi who had all remained behind to help fight off Umbra Adepts. Soren and Ike answered questions that Jenna and Isaac had about their land. They were both a little astonished to learn that Tellius didn't have Adepts but instead had Mages.

"So that's where Felix has been at these past few years." Isaac said at the end of Matthew's story.

"He wasn't there the entire time. We met not long after I set sail from Tellius and traveled together exploring the world." Ike informed them.

"Which means my brother had to have sailed right off Gaia Falls." Jenna pointed out. "I know we've received power from the Golden Sun even but to live falling from such a height."

"Let's not question it Jenna. Felix is alive and we know where he's at." Isaac said.

"Which means I can finally kick his ass for not writing to us all those years he was still here on Weyard!" Jenna exclaimed a little too excitedly.

"We need to tell Ivan and Garet what's happened though. If we're actually going to take the fight to the Tuaparang we're going to need everyone." Isaac said brining the conversation back to focus. "If one of you wouldn't mind letting Ivan read your mind it'll go much faster than having to explain it again."

"Why can't he just read your mind? You know everything that has happened." Soren replied.

"Because when you read a person's mind it is better to get it from a source that has actually seen what has happened rather than have only heard a telling." Sveta answered.

"Great our son's dating a mind reader, that's gone well for this family." Jenna murmured.

Sveta cocked her head to the side in confusion. Everyone had heard Jenna and they all left it alone, Isaac and Matthew especially as they knew that you didn't mention Sheba within earshot of the Mars Adept.

"I will let Ivan read my mind." Sveta offered. "It will be easier for me than the others."

"Alright then let's head to the palace. Ivan should be talking with Hammet about now and Garet should be at home."

Everyone got up and followed Isaac out of the house. As they walked through the streets towards Garet's house which was only a few blocks away Sveta whispered into Matthew's ear.

"What did Jenna mean about mind readers and your family." She asked.

"Sheba broke up with Uncle Felix in a very cruel way." Matthew answered.

They reached Garet's house and Isaac knocked on the door. Sounds of a person tripping over something could be heard from outside. Garet opened the door and he had an old shirt on his head that he quickly tossed back into the house. Isaac told him the brief version of what they were doing and Garet quickly agreed to come with them to learn what was going on.

Arriving at the gates to Kalay's castle the guards admitted them all in with no problems. They all knew Isaac, Garet, and Jenna. A few of them knew Matthew, Karis, and Tyrell but not all. So despite the fact that they were brining three people the guards didn't know being with the Warriors of Vale got you into Castle Kalay with no questions asked. No escort either as the three knew the way to Hammet's study where he and Ivan could most likely be found.

Sure enough the door to the study was open and inside the small room packed with scrolls about the kingdom was Hammet sitting at his desk and Ivan standing next to him with a scroll in his hand. They were both absorbed in their work and didn't see nor hear the group approaching. Isaac knocked on the open door causing both men inside to look up at what had made the noise.

"Isaac what brings you here?" Ivan asked him.

"Got a mind you need to read. " Isaac answered. "Need you to let Garet see inside to."

Garet and Sveta stepped forward into the study.

"What am I looking for in her mind?" Ivan asked

"I will put it at the forefront for you." Sveta told Ivan.

Isaac nodded his head saying that she was to be trusted. Garet put his hand on Ivan's shoulder so he'd be able to get the information from Sveta along with the Jupiter Adept. The light of Psynergy surrounded Ivan as he used his Mind Read Psynergy on Sveta. You could tell the second their minds touched as Sveta twitched at the contact. They all stood there as the information was exchanged between the two Jupiter Adepts. In a matter of seconds though the light around Ivan died and Garet took his hand off of Ivan's shoulder. All three involved in the mind read blinked their eyes like they had just come out of a dark room.

"I'm sorry that you've experienced such loss." Ivan said to Sveta. Even with her offering up the information he had to sift through the memories that carried intense emotion.

"So we're going to kick some Tuaparang rears?" Garet chuckled.

"That about sums it up." Isaac said.

"So you're names are Soren and Ike then." Ivan said looking at the two Tellieans that had accompanied the Adepts. "I'm Ivan a Jupiter Adept. You have met my daughter Karis. Soren if you wouldn't mind I'd like to take a look at your tomes when after we discuss what we will be doing exactly." Ivan turned around and faced Hammet who was still going over the scrolls on his desk. "Master Hammet I'm sorry but my friends need me once more."

"I understand Ivan. I've heard of these Tuaparang and they don't seem like the kind of people that are seeking peace." Hammet said looking up at his foster son. "Go and do what you need to Ivan. Kalay and its people will still be here."

"Thank you Master Hammet." Ivan said with a bow.

"Alright then it looks like we got some planning to do then." Isaac said.

"Yes. From what I saw in Sveta's mind there are more from Tellius. It'd be best if they were brought here to discuss what we have to do. I'll send the guards out to bring them to the eastern meeting room." Ivan said as they all followed him down a series of halls.

The first guard they spotted Ivan ordered to go out and find the Tellieans. He told the guard that they shouldn't be hard to find and to look for a group with bird beastmen in it. At first the guard gave Ivan a look like he was crazy, no one had ever heard of bird beastmen before, but the look Ivan gave him instantly sent the man on his way to find them. Ivan continued to lead everyone through the halls of the castle and when they started heading down a hall that ended in a set of double doors Ivan glowed white with Psynergy. The doors swung open before they even reached them. It wasn't hard to open doors with Wind Psynergy if you put your mind to it.

A circular table sat in an otherwise empty room lined with windows on one side. Ivan motioned for them all to sit down at the table. Matthew and his family sat together with Sveta on Matthew's left and his mom on his right. Garet, Ivan, Soren, and Ike all sat around the table. Ivan and Soren started talking about the Arch Sage's tomes and how they were able to conjure up the winds that they did. Isaac, Garet, and Ike talked about the differences between Tellius and Weyard. Ike was interested in hearing about all the monsters that the two Adepts had faced after seeing some of them first hand. The two Warriors of Vale were very interested in hearing about the laguz. Jenna on the other hand was more interested in how her son had come to start dating while he was away. This left Sveta and Matthew to explain what exactly the Djinn had done while they were in Begnion.

The doors to the room opened up and the rest of the gang that had come from Tellius arrived. Everyone sat down around the table. Introductions between them all were done. Once they were all situated and knew who they were talking with Ivan cleared his throat to get their attention.

"We're here to discuss what we're going to do about the Tuaparang." Ivan said officially starting the meeting that would determine the course of this story.

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