Fire Emblem: Path to the Dawn

Chapter 26

It was the worst day in Daein for Felix. Five days had come and gone in the blink of an eye. Tonight was the night of the ball he was being forced to attend. Felix almost felt bad but he prayed to, well Yune Goddess of Chaos, to send something towards Daein that would prevent it this night from happening. Four days ago a group of clucking women had burst into Felix's room, woke him up, and measured him so that they could make him a "nice outfit for the ball". Yesterday they had called on him to come down to their shop to have the outfit custom fitted for him. Felix had just happened to forgot to go to said shop and focused on training Daein's soldiers instead.

Speaking of training soldiers they were doing horrible. Felix couldn't get a single one of them to anticipate a Growth attack. He had even slowed the attack down so that they could hear the sounds of the ground breaking before they were tripped by the vines. Still the soldiers weren't getting the fact that they had to pay attention for tiny details around them. A boulder randomly levitating is most likely going to come flying at you at some point. Felix was spending as much Psynergy on healing them as he was attacking them.

The Dawn Brigade members were the only ones that were actually doing well. Edward was pretty good at seeing the vines as the broke from the ground at normal speed but had troubles with Spire and the randomly appearing stone. Leonardo was apt at dodging the attacks but he would get mad when one got him and quickly start making more and more mistakes after it. Nolan took the smash the rocks approach instead of dodging them all. His axe would meet alchemic stone and so far the axe had won every time. Felix kept increasing the density of the stones trying to find out where Nolan's strength stopped. Aran was iffy on whether or not the attack would get him but he was actually managing to dodge some of the attacks unlike the other soldiers.

Then there was Mia. She no longer had Echo with her and was deftly dodging whatever Felix through at her. It was like she had developed a sixth sense for Psynergy attacks. Felix had to resort to the third level attacks in order to manage getting her. It scared the soldiers when Felix had first unleashed a Mother Gaia only to catch Mia's foot as she leapt out of the way. No matter how much Mia begged Felix wouldn't unleash a Grand Gaia for her to dodge. The power behind it was too great for training. Felix felt bad when the Mother Gaia had gotten her and the energy had almost broken her foot beyond his healing ability.

Felix was at the moment hiding from the servants of Daein Keep. His hiding spot was sound. He was far from the Keep hiding out in the city. Felix had looked for the seediest tavern he could find in hopes that no one would find him and that he could just hide out there until tomorrow. Felix wasn't that lucky though. As he was in mid drink the door to the place opened and one of the women that had fitted him for his suit stood there her hands on her hips. The person sitting next to Felix almost ended up wearing his Felix's ale. How had she found him?!

"Sir Felix if you would please come with me we must get your suit ready. We are already pushing it quite close." The woman said in a motherly tone.

Felix set his mug down on the bar and left a few gold coins on the counter. It was impossible. There was no way that she should have been able to find him. Felix was a warrior though and he knew when he was beaten. He walked towards the woman like he was marching towards his death.

"Oh now Sir Felix it isn't all that bad you will look most dashing at tonight's ball." The woman assured him.

Sure he my look good but he wouldn't be comfortable, not by a long shot. As a swordsman Felix enjoyed the ability to move freely and whatever they had crafted for him would most likely not be something he'd be able to move well in. He followed the woman through the streets and debated running away but thought better. It wouldn't be right to have Micaiah pay for his suit and him not wear it. Nor would it be right for him not to actually attend the upcoming ball. He had a felling there'd be hell to pay if he didn't show up. Micaiah might look sweet and act sweet but who knew if she carried a mean streak in her or not.

When they reached the lady's shop she ushered Felix into the place and had him go into a changing room where he'd find the clothes he was going to be wearing. Waiting inside the changing room was a dark green doublet with gold trimmings. Felix tasted his breakfast come back up as he looked at it. It was definitely not his choice in clothing. It was worse when he saw the pants that he'd have to wear with them. They were a dark, almost black, brown color. Classic earth colors. Felix tried to look on the bright side of things though, they were dark colors and he wasn't going to be standing out anytime soon.

Changing quickly so as to get everything over with faster Felix walked out of the dressing room and let the women fuss over him. Twenty hellish minutes later they pushed him back into the changing room and Felix put his normal clothes on. When he emerged from the room he could hear a woman protesting about something in another one of the rooms. The voice sounded familiar but Felix didn't dwell on it as he left the building.

Felix headed back up to the Keep walked around. Now that he no longer had to hide from the servants it was safe to walk the halls again. Something in the back of his mind drew him towards his room as he walked the halls. When his door came into view it was slightly ajar. If it was a maid than the door would be open fully. Felix's hand drifted up over his shoulder to grab the hilt of Alondite as the pushed the door open with his other hand. Felix looked around and didn't see anyone in the room but kept his hand on Alondite just in case. Rolling his eyes Felix felt incredibly stupid. He was an Adept and had been one for quite a number of years. Closing his eyes Felix used his powers to scan the room for any signs of life. When he sensed nothing he removed his hand from the hilt of Alondite. Just as his hand fell back to his side the closet doors moved just enough for Felix to catch it. Wondering what caused the doors to move Felix moved over to the closet stood at the side of it and opened the door. Out flopped a young girl with a mess of red hair. Felix recognized the girl as someone he thought he wasn't going to meet again for a long time, Yune.

"Yune what are you doing in my closet?" Felix asked the young looking girl.

"Oh shush Fe-Fe. I heard that Micaiah was throwing a party so I had to come." Yune said as she bounced up and dusted herself off.

"Fe-Fe?" Felix asked

"Your new nickname." Yune told him with a grin on her face. "You like it?"

"NO!" Felix yelled. "That's got to be the worst nickname in the history of the world."

"I think it's perfect." Yune told him. "I could always call you Meat Sack instead."

"I think I'd prefer that." Felix muttered. "So you're here for the ball then? Aren't you supposed to be in Sienne waiting for the Wolf Queen to come get you?"

"Nailah is taking too long to get her furry butt to Sienne. Besides parties are just my thing you know, they're full of chaos." Yune said as she roamed around Felix's room opening drawers and shifting through the contents like a child. "So how's Alondite working for you?"

"Don't change the subject." Felix replied. "Yune you need to get back to Sienne before anyone notices you're gone and you give Sanaki a heart attack."

"I'll leave right after the ball Fe-Fe don't worry. Today is my day off from sitting in Ashera's church anyway. You know how annoying that is to sit in a church dedicated to you opposite? I know she's my sister and everything but still."

"My name is Felix!"

"And your nickname is Fe-Fe so get used to it." Yune giggled.

Felix groaned in despair. "Just go tell Micaiah that you're here will you."

"I want to surprise her. Besides this way if anything happens you can protect me." Yune told him.

Felix walked over to Yune who had gotten to his dresser and grabbed her hand as she went to pull open the drawer. "We're going to go and see Micaiah" Felix told her with a stern voice.

"What?! Nononononono" Yune chanted as she tried to pull free of Felix's grip.

Felix walked out of his room dragging the little goddess along with him. For being a goddess powered child she didn't put up that much of a fight as Felix dragged her down the hall. It was like when a child didn't want to leave a store and the parent had to drag them out of it. Yune squirmed and tried to free her hand by pulling it out of Felix's death grip. Felix stopped a solider on his way through and asked if he knew where the Queen was at the moment. The soldier directed him to the throne room as the Queen was meeting with the civilians at the moment to hear about their problems. Felix thanked the soldier and continued his march.

When Felix got to the hall that led to the main entrance to the throne room there was a long line of people standing outside waiting for their chance to talk with the queen. Felix didn't have an ego but he thought that Micaiah would be more interested in learning that a certain goddess had appeared in her home. He had to push past a few people and they got angry with him shouting at him to wait his turn in line. Felix yelled apologies over the crowd but wasn't sure if they heard him or cared. When he made it to the doors two guards stood on either side keeping control of the crowd. They tried to stop Felix from entering the room telling him that only one group was allowed in at a time so that Queen Micaiah could devote her full attention to the people. Felix told the guard that it was a matter of security that the Queen needed to know as soon as possible. The guard on the left was one of Felix's students and told his buddy that Felix was a big to do guy and they should let him in if he thinks it's so important.

The guards opened the door much to the protests of how unfair it was from the people behind Felix. Walking into the room the doors closed behind Felix and he could see a young man and woman standing in front of the throne where Micaiah and Sothe sat dressed up as you would think royalty should. When the doors shut everyone had turned to see who had entered the room and it was an odd sight to see a guy that looked to be in his twenties holding a young girl by the arm. Yune had given up trying to flee when they entered the throne room.

"Felix what are you doing here? Wait is that Yune?" Sothe asked as he got a good look at the girl.

"Yes." Felix confirmed as he walked up to the two. "She was hiding in my room and I thought you two would like to know that she's here."

The young man and woman dropped to their knees and started praising the Goddess. Micaiah got up and walked down to the two citizens of Daein and had the raise.

"I'm sorry you two but I have to deal with this. Would you mind waiting outside for the time being?" the Queen asked of the two in prayer.

"Y-y-yes" the woman stumbled as she got up and pulled the man after her. Both were obviously shocked at seeing a goddess in the room and having their queen come down to politely ask them to leave.

When the two had left Micaiah glared down at Yune. It was the most sinister look Felix had ever seen one the Queen's face though it still wasn't that evil looking. Micaiah just couldn't pull off evil very well. Yune must have known what Micaiah was going for because she shrunk back behind Felix like she was actually afraid of what might happen to her.

"Yune what are you doing here?" Micaiah asked her voice like silk as she tried to coax an answer out.

"I heard you were throwing a party and I wanted to come." Yune answered from behind Felix's legs.

"You're supposed to be in Sienne where Sanaki and the soldiers of Begnion can protect you." Micaiah reminded her.

"That's what I told her." Felix said.

"And I told Fe-Fe that I'll go back right after the ball." Yune told Micaiah from her hiding spot.

Micaiah raised an eyebrow at the name Fe-Fe and Felix just shook his head. The Queen just nodded in understanding.

"We can't really force her to go back to Sienne." Sothe said as he came to stand next to Micaiah. "There's no way that we'll be able to stop her if she has made up her mind."

"See Sothe has the right idea." Yune said as she skipped over to stand next to him.

Felix looked at Sothe wondering what he did to keep his name and what Felix could do to get back to being called by his name.

"As much as I don't like the idea of Yune being her so exposed Sothe is right." Micaiah agreed. "We can't contain chaos and nor should we try."

"I don't want to contain chaos. I just want to keep the goddess of it out of our enemy's hands." Felix replied. "But you two know Yune better than me."

"Yay! I knew you'd guys would let me stay once you thought it over." Yune said as she jumped around excited.

"We can't let people know who she is though." Sothe stated. "If word got out that Yune was attending the ball we'd have problems."

"You're right." Felix approved "So far the only ones that know she's, her, are the two that were just here and any guard between my room and here."

"That can be a lot of people."

"Well it's not like I could have hidden her on my way here." Felix countered. "I also wasn't keeping her in my room. She was going through my belongings."

"Yune!" Micaiah said like she was scolding a child. "You should know better."

"I do but I couldn't resist." Yune confirmed.

"Brat." Felix said.

"Fe-Fe" Yune countered.

"Felix. Yune. Enough." Micaiah told them. "Both of you need to stop acting like children."

"I am a child though." Yune whined.

"In appearance only." Felix pointed out.

"Felix." Micaiah said to him in a stern voice. "Just go. Sothe and I will take care of Yune."

"Alright." Felix said.

He strode out of the room thankful he didn't have to deal with the headache inducing goddess anymore. Now however he was out of things to do. The ball wasn't for another three hours and Felix didn't have any training time set up for the soldiers and Mia was nowhere to be found so he didn't have to train her either. That was pretty much his life here at the Keep, training. If he wasn't training the soldiers or Mia he was perfecting his own techniques so that when the Tuaparang came he'd be in top shape to fight them. With nothing better to do coming to mind Felix figured he should pay a visit to the Keep's library and learn what he could of the land he was in. Maybe something in the history books would give him a clue as to how the Tuaparang would try to assault Daein. History did tend to repeat itself after all and the Tuaparang would try to strike at Daein's weak spots.

Entering the library Felix asked one of the caretakers where he'd be able to find war records. At first the caretaker told him that such records could only be brought out for the nobility and current general of Daein's army. Felix rummaged through his pockets for a small medallion that bore the crest of Daein on it. The small item gave him access to such important documents and allowed him to command Daein's army should he need soldiers. It marked Felix as a very important person. Upon seeing the small item the caretaker beckoned Felix to follow him. They went through the library and headed towards the back where there was a wooden door with metal bars across it to reinforce the structure. With a click the door opened and Felix was admitted into the room.

Sitting in a chair in the dusty looking room was Nolan a series of documents sitting on a table in front of him. He looked up to see who else was allowed in the room and offered Felix a greeting when he saw him. The two quickly told the other why they were both their and found that they had the same idea. Nolan had a pile of documents to his left and told Felix those were the ones that he thought would be the most useful but had yet to get to. Felix took a seat in another chair in the room and took one of the unread documents. A few of them he had to pass by as they were written in a language that Felix didn't know but he was able to read the ones written in Common. The gods shined down on them surely since both Tellius and Weyard had ended up with the same language.

Felix shifted through document after document that told of previous wars of Daein. He was in the middle of reading the reports of one of the old generals about a siege on one of the fortress near the Begnion border during the starting years of Daein when the door open and the librarian came in.

"Sir Felix, Sir Nolan, your outfits have been delivered to your rooms. The ball will be starting soon so it would be best if you go change now."

"Come on Felix. We can get back to these tomorrow." Nolan said as he gently placed his scroll back on the table.

"I'd honestly rather stay here but I suppose I have to go." Felix said standing up and stretching his back popping as he did so.

Standing in his room Felix groaned as he looked at himself in the mirror that was hanging up on his wall. The outfit was just as stuffy as he thought it was going to be. Felix wasn't allowed to take Alondite with him and had to leave it propped up against a chair. On the ground next to it was a pot of dirt that Felix had requested. Needled vines shot up and covered the blade protecting it should someone try to steal it. If the vines were cut more would grow over in a matter of seconds hopefully trapping the person's hand. Having Psynergy was really handy.

Felix stepped out of his room and headed down towards the ball room. Many of the guests such as visiting nobles that came just for this event were already in the room. The important people such as Sothe, Micaiah, and Felix stood outside a set of double doors and were going to be introduced as they came into the room. Men lined up on one side of the door and women lined up on the other side. There were enough that they were paired for introductions. Felix stood behind Sothe and couldn't help but wonder what important lady he'd be walking in with.

"Announcing the arrival of Queen Micaiah and her husband King Sothe" a voice declared in the room on the other side of the door.

The royal couple walked into the room to the sounds of applause from the nobility and citizens of Daein. Micaiah had made sure to invite random business owners to the ball to reward them for keeping the business of the country moving forward.

Felix stepped up and looked at the woman on the other side of the door and felt his jaw drop. A guy behind him leaned around and had to physically move Felix's bottom jaw back into place Felix was so stunned by the sight on the other side of the hall. It was Mia in a dark green dress. Felix couldn't match colors to save his life but even he knew that her dress was designed to match his own outfit. The strapless dress hugged the top of Mia's body closely showing off her feminine figure. When it got to her waist it became loose and flared outward. The dress ended above a pair of heels that Felix had a feeling Mia had been learning to walk in the past few days as they had a few scuffs on them. As Felix openly gawked at her Mia lifted the top of her dress up to cover her chest more like the dress had been falling down. From behind her a woman's hand smacked Mia's as if to tell her to stop that.

"Introducing Trueblade Mia, fighter in the Mad King's War and hero of the Goddess War and Adept Felix warrior of Weyard and a hero of his own people." The voice from the ballroom announced.

Felix was shoved forward when he didn't move on his own. Standing in the open doorway next to Mia he offered his arm to her like Sothe had done for Micaiah. Mia looked Felix over for a second and then laced her arm through his and they walked into the ballroom together. They were both met with applause but not the same amount that the royal couple had been of course. What Felix mostly heard were the sounds of people saying that that was the new guy who was training all the guards and supposed to be really strong. He even heard from a few women that he quite dashing. Whenever one of the comments about his looks drifted towards them Mia hugged his arm more tightly like she was actually with him. Felix couldn't deny the feeling of enjoyment that brought him. Once they made their way down the staircase the they had to descend Micaiah waved them over to her and they walked still arm in arm over to the Queen. Felix figured that Mia still wasn't used to heels from the way she walked.

"Allow me to introduce Lady Jill of the Telrega region and her fiancé Sir Haar." The herald shouted over the crowd.

Felix looked up at the couple that had just been introduced. It was the two wyvern riders he had seen on his way to Begnion with Ike. Albeit they weren't in armor and instead were wearing black ball worthy clothes but red haired Jill and the eye-patch wearing Haar were hard faces to forget. What got Felix though was that there was a visible age difference between the two. It was like looking at Sothe and Micaiah. Did the all the people of Daein chase after younger people? Felix almost faced palmed though as he remembered his feelings for the girl on his arm and her age. He didn't really have much room to talk when it came to falling for a much younger person. At least he could say he wasn't married, planning on marrying, or even dating her. With what they were wearing and the fact they were introduced together between two other couples people might have another idea about them.

No one else after Jill and Haar. The ball was in full swing now. Many people dressed in fine clothes approached Felix and tried talking with him. Felix did his best to answer their questions about what he was training the soldiers for without giving anything important away. Mia was a great deterrent for the multitude of women that came up to Felix and asked for a dance. It was actually an overwhelming amount of women that approached him. Some of them were clearly married as their husbands came over and politely pulled them away from Felix. He felt like he was some sort of exotic animal set on display.

"Micaiah where's you-know-who at?" Felix asked as he remembered that Yune was supposed to be somewhere around.

"She's around acting like child of one of the many businessmen that are here." Micaiah told him. "I convinced her that it would give her the best experience that way. The Dawn Brigade members, Jill and Haar, along with a few trusted soldiers know to keep an eye on her just in case."

"Micaiah you are evil." Mia said now that they had started a conversation. "You made me wear a dress!"

"I know and you look fine Mia really you do." Micaiah assured the Trueblade.

"I don't care how I look. I hate wearing these things." Mia said as she pulled her dress up again. "You had to order it strapless to didn't you?"

"Oh just relax and enjoy yourself Mia." Jill said as she approached the group with Haar on her arm. "It's not every day that we get to dress up anyway. Besides your date seems to be enjoying your dress."

Both Felix and Mia turned a deep shade of crimson and looked anywhere but at each other.

"I'm sorry." Jill said realizing that she had been wrong about Felix and Mia. "I just thought you two were an item with the matching outfits, how you were introduced together, and the fact Mia hasn't let go of Felix since they came down."

"That's cause I have to wear these stupid heels. All my boots were missing from my room when I went to go change." Mia informed Jill. "Congrats for you and Haar though. When's the wedding?"

"Jill hasn't set a date yet. She can't pick between a spring or winter wedding." Haar said clearly exasperated with Jill's indecision.

"Well if someone would offer his opinion it would go a lot faster." Jill murmured.

"You knew when I asked you to marry me that I wouldn't be helping plan the wedding. I made myself very clear on that matter before you agreed." Haar reminded her.

"I didn't think planning it was going to be this hard though." Jill huffed.

"Jill don't worry I'll help you." Micaiah offered. "Can't be any harder than it was when I planned mine and Sothe's wedding."

"You don't know what you're getting into Micaiah." Haar warned.

"Quite Haar." Jill said smacking his arm. "That's be great Micaiah. Can we start tomorrow?"

"Sure." The Queen agreed. "After that we can plan Mia and Felix's wedding."

Both of the two mentioned at that moment were drinking and started choking at the suggestion Micaiah had made.

"I was just joking you two calm down." Micaiah giggled.

"Fe-Fe where are you?!" a young girls voice called out over the crowd.

Felix's face dropped as he knew exactly who was calling him. Yune came running out of the crowd and ran over to Felix a big grin on her face. When Mia registered that first the girl was Yune and second that she had called Felix Fe-Fe the Trueblade burst out laughing.

"Fe-Fe. That's rich." Mia said whipping a tear from her eye.

"Don't encourage her." Felix replied.

"Come on Felix dance with me." Yune said tugging on Felix's hand trying to pull him out to the dance floor.

"No thank you. I didn't dance at Jenna's wedding and I'm not dancing here." Felix informed the goddess.

"Who's Jenna?" Jill asked since she didn't know Felix's full story.

"My younger sister." Felix answered. "That was around twenty years ago or something like that."

Jill's mouth dropped as she looked at Felix. The Dragon Lord didn't know that Felix was actually forty-eight years old and he only looked to be in his mid-twenties. So in Jill's mind if his younger sister got married twenty something years ago she would have been a basically a baby. It was quite a funny look on Jill's face and Felix realized that Jill didn't know his true age.

"Oh right sorry that probably sounds bad. Jenna and I don't age like normal people. I'm well into my forties." Was Felix's explanation.

"He's almost fifty." Mia added.

"Fe-Fe dance with me!" Yune pleaded still trying to move Felix out onto the dance floor.

She suddenly stopped though and looked out into the crowd like she was trying to find something. Felix looked out into the mess of people to. Someone had used Psynergy it Felix didn't recognize the type. There was a good chance that an Umbra Adept had gotten into the ball somehow. People moved out of one man's way as he walked through. He was dressed in purple shirt and black pants a sword hung at his waist. Felix could see the light of Psynergy around him as the people moved away from him. Before he could ready any Psynergy of his own the Umbra Adept was standing before him. Something had happened Felix could feel trace amounts of Psynergy on him.

"Hello Sir Felix." The man said. "It's so good to meet you in person. My name is Zacchaeus. Don't bother turning to you friends for help they can't see me."

Felix turned and saw that the others were still talking amongst themselves like nothing was wrong. The only one who seemed to be paying attention to Zacchaeus was Yune. There was a purple veil over their eyes. The veil over Micaiah's though wasn't as pronounced.

"You see the powers of Dark Psynergy are vast." Zacchaeus said to Felix. "But the true power is the ability to manipulate the mind. Sadly your exposure to the Golden Sun lessens the effects of our manipulation on you."

"That's how you managed to get in here then isn't it?" Felix questioned.

"Yes. These beorc as they're called are quite easy to influence. You however Goddess Yune seem to resist my powers well." Zacchaeus said dropping down to Yune's level. "Don't worry I'm not here to take you away just yet. Your time will come soon enough though."

"If you aren't here for Yune then why are you here?" Felix asked calmly.

"I'm surprised at you Felix. From our information on you I thought you would have attacked me by now. Oh... I see to many innocent people around aren't there?" Zacchaeus asked smugly as if he already knew the answer. Reaching into his pants pocket the Umbra Adept pulled out a small blue stone. "I'm sure you know what this stone is."

Felix did indeed know what that stone was. He had retrieved it from Mars Lighthouse thirty years ago. The last person he had seen hold that item was Sheba. Zacchaeus was holding the Teleport Lapis in his hand. Sheba wouldn't have given that item to anyone.

"What have you done with Sheba?" Felix replied his voice raising in anger.

Why do you care? Didn't that little bitch break your heart?" Zacchaeus chuckled. "Don't worry your pretty little head over it. Miss Sheba is enjoying Tuaparang hospitality at its finest. You see Felix for reasons I can't tell you we need one of the goddess blessed blades, Ragnell and Alondite. I've been given this stone to offer to you as a trade."

"You're not getting Alondite. The only way you'll get it is over my dead body." Felix growled.

"I'd like to arrange that, truly I would, but sadly I don't have clearance to kill you today." Zacchaeus sighed in disappointment. "But it's a fair trade Felix. With this small item you can easily move from Tellius to Weyard and back. You better than anyone here know the powers of the lapis."

Zacchaeus was right. With the Teleport Lapis in his possession Felix would be able to move to any place he had seen before. A simple tour of Tellius ad Felix would be able to Teleport even an army of people across the land. The amount of people you could move depended on the amount of Psynergy you supplied to the stone. Not only would Felix be getting the item for Tellius defense, he'd be taking it out of the Tuaparang's hands. The powers the Teleport Lapis would give him where far better than the might of a single sword. But why would the Tuaparang want Alondite so badly that they'd give up the ability to Teleport?

"Come on Felix you know it is a fair exchange." Zacchaeus said. "You might even be able to find where we've stashed Sheba with this. That is if you wish to find her."

"As powerful as the Teleport is I can't give you Alondite." Felix told the Umbra Adept. "Teleport may be a useful Psynergy but it's not worth fathering your goals in exchange. If you want Alondite you'll have to take it from me cold dead hands."

"Yeah you big meanie!" Yune shouted adding her voice to the conversation. "I gave Felix that sword because I trusted him to keep it safe."

"Is it safe though? Do you think your little trap will be able to stop me?" Zacchaeus asked. The Umbra Adept started to shine along with the Teleport Lapis before he scattered in a series of lights.

Felix wasted no time in running towards his room with Yune hot on his heels. People in the ballroom though weren't making it easy for him to pass through. They party goers were standing so close together that Felix had to physically move them out of his way. He ran up the stairs leading to the hall and burst through the doors. Without thought Felix let his feet carry him back to his room. People stared at him as he ran through the Keep and he had a few close encounters with passing maids. Felix made it to his room and the door was smoking with black flames. Entering his room fearing the worst Felix saw the vines wrapped around a white sword. On one of the thorns was a piece of paper.

Don't worry Felix. I much rather kill you and take this fine blade. Just know that I could have had it.


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