Fire Emblem: Path to the Dawn

Chapter 31

"Time to wake up Felix!" Mia shouted as she banged on his bedroom door.

Micaiah had been right yesterday. Mia needed to figure out a way to thank Felix for saving her life. Not only that but for all the time he had taken to train her individually. So far she'd been a pretty big leech but today that would change. Today she was going to find something about Felix and not talk about fighting, training, or the Tuaparang.

"Mia! For the love of all things holy, let me sleep!" Felix shouted through the door.

"No can do Felix. We have things to do and getting your lazy butt up is step one." Mia called back.

Little did Felix know Mia had an ace up her sleeve. It went by the name of Echo and he was actually sitting on top of her head not up her sleeve. The elemental had come with her last night and had been used as a stuffed animal. He had heard Micaiah's order and offered to help Mia out. In fact the Venus Djinn had already been helpful. It was his idea to wake Felix up early enough that they could leave the castle before the visiting nobles that would vie for his attention.

The door to Felix' room opened up revealing an angry Venus Adept. He looked as if he had rolled out of bed and hadn't bothered to fully dress. Standing in his doorway with his in just a bed sheet wrapped around his waist was Felix. Brown eyes widened as Felix looked her over. Mia smiled with a little pride as he stared. Felix is a warm blooded guy and Mia had taken advantage of that. What better way to thank a guy then give him something to look at all day, not that she really had a choice in the matter. This morning all of her clothes had been covered in dirt which was odd as she had her clothes washed just the other day. Mia had gone to Micaiah to see if there was anything the Queen had that would fit her. Whatever had happened to Mia's closet had also hit Micaiah's, save for the outfit that Mia was currently wearing. The outfit that Micaiah had given Mia was a pair of tight fitting shorts that went to her mid thigh. A sleeveless shirt showing off her slender arms and for some reason the top three buttons were missing. With Felix being taller than her he had to look down and well, now he'd be getting quite the view whenever he did. Felix eyes stopped looking Mia over when he spotted the elemental sitting on top over her head.

"You're the cause of this wakeup call aren't you?" Felix growled at the Djinn.

"Get dressed and let's go!" Mia said happily shoving Felix back into his room. "Don't even think about going back to sleep or I'll send Echo in after you." With that said Mia shut the door and waited for him to change.

Her nerves were a wreck. She may be proud of her body and how she looked but having seen Felix give her a true once over was scary. Worse was she didn't know why. Plenty of guys had stared at her before. The clothes she wore were a tad revealing from time to time but Ike and Felix had seen more than what she was currently showing. Clothe didn't exactly stand up to steel all that well and since Mia always insisted on using real weapons their training ended up into ribbons. More than once Mia had… displayed more than she would be willing because of the training. It never bothered her then so she couldn't really understand why it bothered her so much. Maybe it was because they had been accidents and now she was more on display. That had to be it she just wasn't used to purposely showing off so much.

It doesn't have anything to do with how I feel for Felix and where the hell did that come from? Mia thought to herself as she waited. I mean yeah he's a good looking guy and he's always there helping me. In fact he seems to always make time for me. I can't be falling for him though! I mean he's twice my age, my teacher, and my rival!

"Mia?" Felix's voice pulled her out of her thoughts.

He was back standing in the doorway fully dressed. Mia felt herself frown a little at that fact. He had looked really good in nothing but a bed sheet. In fact Mia wouldn't mind seeing Felix in her bed sheet. Shaking her head to steer her thoughts away from that now apparently dangerous subject Mia groaned inwardly. Today was going to be a long day if she kept thinking those things. No! She did not have feelings for Felix. She was just suffering from the loss of so much blood yesterday. Yeah that was it.

"Let's grab some grub." Mia proclaimed taking Felix by the hand and pulling him out of the room.

Felix's mind was racing. What the hell was Mia wearing?! More importantly why couldn't he stop staring? Never before had he been so happy that the person he was with couldn't read his mind. Felix thought he had seen all of Mia's limited wardrobe and what she was in certainly wasn't in it. Yes he had accepted his feelings for Mia already but what he was looking at was torture. It was like she had set out to tease him. There had to be someone or something behind this. Felix's first guess was the traitorous elemental still sitting atop Mia. This reeked of something Echo would do for fun. He had to have an accomplice though. Amazing as Djinn are they couldn't fashion new clothes. That meant that he had help. Only question was who. Looking Mia over again Felix decided it could wait. After all this person had clearly gone to a lot of trouble.


"Echo which one would Felix like to see Mia in?" the Queen of Daein asked the Venus Djinn sitting on a table.

"This feels so wrong." Jill said as she flipped through a rack of clothing. "Ooo. This one looks nice." She added pulling out the very shirt that Mia would wear.

"You're right." Micaiah agreed as Jill held it up for her to see. "Break the top three buttons. That should be about right."

"Felix will be able to see right down her shirt then!" Jill exclaimed.

"Exactly." The deranged queen smiled.

"You two are going about this all wrong." Echo chimed in. "You've both seen Sheba now. Is she full chested, no. Felix admires legs and hips. Take if from a Djinn that's been," Echo's whole body shuddered, "there when that's happened."

"I have a pair of shorts that could work." Micaiah disappeared deep into her closet. Jill worried about the sanity of her queen. Maybe Sothe was actually running things.

Running back to the Micaiah held up the shorts that Mia would be wearing. "On me they go past my knees but with Mia's longer legs they should show enough."

"One problem you both seem to be missing. How do we get Mia to wear these? She's not going to pick these on her own." Jill pointed out.

"Leave that to me." Echo grinned jumping off his table.


After they had eaten Felix was leads out into the streets of Nevassa. He hadn't ever really been out in the city save the time he tried hiding from the seamstress. His time was spent in a war room or the training grounds preparing the soldiers of Daein as best he could for the threat they would have to face. Basically his life revolved around war at the moment. Training and planning seemed to be the only two things he had been doing until the ball last night. That stupid ball where he fought Zaccheaus. Who no longer had the Teleport Lapis on him. Felix was also reluctantly reunited with Sheba a girl he wouldn't have minded not seeing again for a few decades. Highlight of the night had been Mia in a dress and heels even if she had trouble walking in them. The dress had been overthrown by hip hugging shorts.

"We're here Fe-Fe." Mia sang waving her hand in front of his face.

Felix blinked and focused on his surroundings instead of his thoughts. They were standing in front of a large stone building with the Crest of Daein painted above the entrance. Mia pulled Felix into the building. Inside there were paintings hung all along the wall and random pieces of what Felix would call junk sitting on pedestals. Felix failed to understand the reasoning why Mia had brought him here.

"what is this place?" Felix voiced his confusion.

It's called a museum silly." Yune appeared next to Felix giggling. "All three beroc nations have one. It's a place where they store a buncha things that remind them of the country's past.

"Where'd you come from?" Mia asked the goddess. "Weren't you supposed to be heading back to Begnion today?"

"Today's not over yet." Yune pointed out.

Felix grabbed both of the girls and took them into a nearby room that appeared empty. This room also had a few paintings and pedestals with more junk situated on top of them. Double checking that it indeed was empty of any other people Felix closed the door behind them. Raising a few tiles of stone into pillars to block the door from opening he rounded on the two he dragged in. Mia had a what-did-I-do look on her face while Yune smiled innocently.

"Listen both of you." Felix said through gritted teeth. "We can't exactly argue about her being here where everyone could hear us. Now Yune. You told both Micaiah and I that you would leave after the ball. It ended last night."

"Oh come on Fe-Fe. It's just an extra day. Nothing bad is going to happen." Yune guaranteed.

"Famous last words Yune." Felix grumbled. "Fine. You can stay with us but you have to stay within sight of Mia or myself do you understand?"

"Crystal clear" Yune said jumping up and down happily.

"Might as well start in this room while we're here." Mia said dryly.

Felix cocked his head to the side. He couldn't figure Mia out. Normally she was an extra dose of happy on top of fun. Right now though she looked like someone had kicked her favorite puppy. Mia lead them all through the room reading the little descriptions beneath the objects that gave a description of why the item was in the museum to begin with. It was a nice idea setting such objects out for people to come and see. It gave them the opportunity to learn more about their land's history all on their own. When he went back to Weyard Felix was going to have a talk with Ivan about setting one up in Kalay.

Once they were done with their private room Felix lowered the stonework back down and opened the door. A few guards looked at the trio and were about to start questioning them when Felix touched the hilt of Alondite the protruded over his shoulder. All the guards nodded I understanding and let them carry on about their day. Now Mia didn't have to read aloud as they looked over a series of portraits of Daein's finest kings of the past. Tour guides were doing that for them and going more in depth than what the plaques said. Already a painting of Sothe and Micaiah had been hung up. It seemed that the people of Daein really loved their current monarchs.

What bother Felix about the whole ordeal were the whispers of the people they passed. Everyone he seemed to overhear was talking about what a lovely couple they made and that their child looked nothing like either of them. It took Felix a few times to realize that they were talking about him and Mia along with Yune. If he was one of the common people looking at them he probably would think something along the same lines. Only problem was that Yune looked a little too old to be their child. It was uncomfortable listening to people make the mistake but he couldn't very well just stop and deny them all. That would draw far too much attention to them and he wanted as little as possible to lower the chance of Yune being recognized as the Goddess of Chaos.

They soon came to a room that had four guards posted next to the entrance. They were only letting a few people in at a time and it was only after they did a full body search for weapons it seemed. Mia didn't hesitate going over to them and waiting in the small line for their turn to go into the room. They stood in the line with Yune between them. To farther support the people of Daein Yune was holding the hands of both Felix and Mia. This gave her the look of a child holding the hands of her parents so as not to get lost in the crowd. Felix figured now would be a good as time as any to ask why Mia wanted to bring him here.

"So Mia, what made you bring me to this museum?" Felix questioned her.

"I thought you'd like to learn about Daein a little actually." Mia answered with a smile. "Beats sitting in the castle going over strategies that you've gone over six times already doesn't it?"

"Yeah. Never thought that you would be the type of girl that would come to a place like this though. There's no training going on. We aren't even learning any new fighting styles." Felix joked.

"Hey. I'm a woman of culture. I just happen to enjoy fighting to ya know." Mia huffed. "You're right, I don't normally do these things. Figured that you would be into it though."

"It's interesting. We don't have anything like it back in Weyard. Ivan would really get a kick out of it. But why bring me here if you aren't enjoying it? I'm sure one of the guards could have shown me the way or you could have left after bringing me here." Felix told her.

"I did this cause Micaiah pointed out something to me last night and it got me thinking." Mia let go of Yune's hand the goddess looked up puzzled at the action. Turning so that she faced Felix Mia continued. "I've been kinda taking up your time and you've saved my life a few times. All I've done to pay you back is a say thanks for your time. I wanted to use this as a better way to say thanks. Wouldn't do much good if I wasn't here to actually thank you for saving me."

That got Felix. He was fine with Mia giving him a simple thanks for your time. He'd been thanked by many people and showered with gifts when he had saved them from death. It was refreshing that all Mia did was voice her thanks and move on. Made him feel like he was a more normal person than he actually was.

"Mia it's fine. A simple thank you is enough. We're soldiers. We save each other." Felix said trying to brush off the fact he saved Mia's life a few times.

"Enough for you maybe. Now that it's been pointed out to me I really did feel the need to do something more. Besides, I could use a little education in something other than fighting." Mia returned gesturing to the entire museum around them.

"Alright. Just next time do feel free to leave it at thank you."

Oh my… me. Yune thought. If they were any more blind I would throw up. Honestly can't they see the subtext of what they're saying?

'Oh Felix I love you for saving me and taking the time to train me' Yune did an impression of Mia in a high pitched extra girly voice.

'I love you to Mia. You keep things simple and are always so happy which is a nice change of pace compared to what I normally see." Yune snickered aloud as she did a deep gruff voice of Felix.

If only someone would help bring these two together. I can't keep hanging around trying to help Fe-Fe I promised you I'd go back to Begnion today. Yune reached for Mia's hand so that she could play being a kid again.

It was a nice change of pace being able to pretend that she was an actual kid. Back in Begnion everyone had known that she was Yune, Goddess of Chaos and she needed to be worshiped no matter her protests. Not only that she had an honor guard with her at all times that wouldn't even let her into the baths without one of them accompanying her. It was tough being watched constantly and treated like she was better than everyone else. Like she told Sanaki three years ago Gods aren't perfect they make mistakes just like berocs and laguz. Mind they just do it on a much larger scale. Her in Daein with Felix she was treated just like a normal person. He really saw her as just an extra powerful child and that made her feel special. So she decided that before she left for Begnion she would try to do something to bring Felix happiness. It was clear as crystal that Felix had feelings for Mia and her for him. Yune had hoped that posing as their kid would help them see each other in a different light and cause a confession by one of them.

"Come on." Felix said pulling Yune's hand and leading her towards the room they were waiting to get into.

The guards looked at Felix and they noticed the white blade strapped to his back and let him in without question along with Mia and Yune. Felix may not be worshiped like she was but he definitely commanded respect from people. Without even looking around the circular room Yune knew why it was so well guarded. She could feel the power radiating from the only two objects in the room. Sitting on one pedestal was a black book with symbols that only a few Tellians could read. On the other was a bow and quiver. The weapons pulsed with a faint blue aura as they sat atop their displays. These were two of the weapons that Yune had blessed in the Tower of Guidance. If she remembered correctly the book was a Dark Magic tome called Balberith and the bow was called Double Bow. Beroc gave their weapons a ranking based on their power and these two were ranked SS, the highest out there.

Yune had blessed a few other things in the Tower when they were heading up to fight her sister. Like any good Goddess Yune kept track of where the blessed items ended up. Alondite, Ragnell, Rexaura the highest Light Magic tome, and the Wishblade the best lance had all gone to Begnion. Rexflame and a sword called Amiti had gone to Crimea. An axe that had been named Urvan along with the Wind Tome Rexcalibur went along with the Greil Mercenaries. Right now both weapons were far far away in Weyard. Across the desert in the land called Hatari was the sword Vague Katia and the Thunder Tome Rexbolt. The nations had made these items sacred treasures and protected them from people who would want to steal them. Yune's blessing had made it so the items would never dull or run out of magic power and granted increased strength to whoever used them. None of them were as good as what Ashera had done with Ragnell and Alondite.

However Yune did more than just bless a few weapons. She had done the same for a few of the laguz. There was the funny Hawk Tibarn, the White Dragon Nasir, the Red Dragon Gareth, the Black Dragon Kurthnaga, Ranulf and Lethe the Cats, Skrimir the Lion, Janaff a Hawk, and the Wolf Queen Nailah. Blessing so many laguz and weapons had really drained her and she had retreated far into Micaiah afterwards. Yune didn't really feel up to snuff until the final fight against Ashera were she had given Ike all the power she dared. The blue haired numbskull defeated Ashera's corporeal form and weakened her influence in the world but he hadn't killed her like so many of the Tellians thought. No, Ashera was just back in the realm of the gods waiting to regain her strength before coming back down. Luckily the only ones who would probably be alive that would remember her "death" were the Dragons and a few Branded.

Yune waited patiently as Mia explained what the two items were to Felix. They were two items the Trueblade actually knew the story of and Yune was fine with letting her appear smart. Mia wasn't exactly the brightest girl out there but she was a smart meat sack. Besides she was the girl Felix had picked and so she was the one Yune would help him get as best she could.

"Wow Mia. Ike told me a bit of what had happened in the Tower but I didn't know that so many weapons were blessed by Yune. Laguz to even." Felix said in amazement. Yune swelled up with pride as she heard that.

"Yeah. She really helped us out. Only the ones she blessed could even hurt the Dragon King, Lehran, and Ashera." Mia agreed.

Both of the "adults" shuffled as they ran out of things to talk about. Yune was getting bored of them both dodging the obvious. It was going to be time for a little chaos if they didn't get things moving on their own. No emotion was as chaotic as love so Yune considered this very much within her rights as the Goddess of Chaos. She had no idea on how to get Felix to say anything to Mia though. He was the one that seemed more inclined to break down a deliver a confession. Romance was hard. If she could just get them to do something stupid like kiss each other the preverbal ice would be broken.

Felix wasn't in need of Yune's help though. Already he was thinking about how best to tell Mia how he felt about her. Spending the morning even away from the talk of war and being in a situation with Mia that wasn't training had started to affect him. Mia seemed to enjoy herself no matter what she was doing and she really had thought it through when deciding to take him to the museum. It was a little boring yes but his interest wasn't exactly directed at learning about the county he was in. He had spent most of day looking at her and watching her read aloud the writing on the plaques with a grin the entire time. Mia looked relaxed and like she was having the most fun since meeting him. Deciding that he should act on the courage he was feeling and tell Mia how he felt Felix let go of Yune. The little goddess didn't give him the same look she had given Mia earlier. Tapping Mia on the shoulder to get her attention Felix mentally readied himself for what he was about to do.

A loud scream stopped Felix from even touching Mia. The guards in the room moved to the door and peered outside. They were all blasted back into the room by a ball of fire. Yune boiled with rage down by Felix's side. She had sensed the emotions rising in Felix and had guessed what he was about to do. Now whatever was happening outside of the room was going to interrupt them and Yune wasn't going to let those blow that chance. Taking back Felix's hand Yune called up her powers and shifted time and space around her and the two people she was holding onto. It was the same power that let her appear wherever she wanted, like going from a Begnion church to Felix's room in Daein Keep.

Appearing atop a hill far away from Nevassa Yune let go of the hands she was holding onto. Mia looked like she was going to be ill while Felix just let out a sigh. For a split second Yune was amazed that he took teleporting so well. Then she remembered that Namax's children had the ability to teleport with the aid of a stone he had created. No doubt Felix and his friends had found it and used it during their quest thirty years ago. When she could find the time Yune was going to have to have a talk with her older brother about giving his children such dangerous toys.

"Yune what'd you do?" Felix questioned figuring that she was the culprit behind the teleporting.

"You were so close!" Yune shouted. "Just do what you were going to do before the people screamed and I'll take you back in the blink of an eye."

"We don't have time for that Yune. There are people in trouble back there and they need our help!" Felix yelled at her.

The anger in his eyes made Yune truly feel like a little girl rather than a powerful being. She wasn't going to back down not when Felix had been so close to doing what she wanted him to do. If she was going to have to force his hand then so be it. The people back at the museum were going to be safe. Yune had been awake and unsealed for three years now and her powers had returned to her in full. Turning a building full of people into stone wasn't that hard for her. Ashera had done a whole continent, save for a few, only three years ago after waking up from a really long nap.

"Felix they're fine. Don't worry about them just do what you were going to do and now!" Yune commanded as best she could.

"You promise me that they are safe?" Felix's voice was thick with worry.

"Yes. They're all stone until you can get back and be the hero! Just do it!" Yune really couldn't wait any longer for Felix to get it over with. It was driving her crazy now that he'd been so close.

Felix gulped and walked over to Mia who was still a little woozy from the sudden teleport. Helping her stand upright he waited until she was able to stand on her own and for her face to go from green back to a normal color. Yune tapped her foot impatiently a few feet over far enough away to give them some privacy but close enough to drive home the fact that Felix wasn't going anywhere until he did what he already had planned to do.

"What's Yune talking about?" Mia asked once she felt able to talk without a threat of breakfast coming back up.

"Uh. Well." Felix stumbled. "I kind of was going to tell you something before the guards got blasted."

"And Yune thinks that it's more important than the people back at the museum?"

"She said she turned everyone to stone until we get back." Felix said not sounding so sure that it was a better predicament. "But listen Mia. Yune is right in thinking that what I have to say is important. Not as important as she's making it out to be mind you."

"Just get on with it Felix. If I didn't know better I'd think you're confessing your love for me and you're stalling." Mia laughed.

Felix gave her a serious stare that told that's exactly what he was doing. "Well that took the wind out of my sails. How'd you know?"

Mia's face paled as she processed Felix's words. "You're kidding me right? Are you trying to say that you were going to tell me you love me back there?!"

"Well I was going to attempt. Not sure I would have gotten through it. You're a little intimidating and I haven't exactly had practice with telling girls." Felix admitted.

"I'm intimidating?! Felix you've save Weyard, numerous people on Tellius in a matter of months, and who knows what else when you traveled with Ike. You're the intimidating one. Hell are you sure your heads on right?" Mia was babbling.

"Despite this not going how I would have liked it to go. Yes Mia I love you. I know I do, I've felt it for some time. I just haven't had the courage to say it yet. Not going to lie the age difference was a little scary at first." Felix was sweating buckets inside as he waited for Mia's response. So much could go wrong depending on how she reacted to the news.

"Have you met Sothe and Micaiah?" Mia joked. "I think that relationship through my hang ups about age out the window. Let's not discuss Jill and Haar. Damn though Felix. That's a lot to take in right now."

"Tell me about it. I probably would have chickened out if it wasn't for a certain red headed Goddess."

"Well you confessed. Let's go kick some butt and then discuss this alright." Mia suggested.

"Fine by me" Yune squealed as she came rushing up to meet the two. "I'll send you back and turn all everyone back to normal."

Before they could blink Mia and Felix were back in the room they had been transported out of. Another blast of Fire Magic could be heard in the room outside. Mia took one of the fallen guard's swords and smiled at Felix. He took Alondite off of his back and they both charged out to deal with whoever was threatening the citizens of Daein.


Ivan was talking with Soren trying to figure out whom to put into the teams they had decided to create in order to tackle the upcoming problems. So far they needed a group to go to Imil to bring Mia up to speed. That same group would also have to take the time to find Piers. Without Kraden around and his slew of messenger pigeons finding the wandering Mercury Adept was going to be hard. Another team would have to go and check all the monsters that could be a threat if revived by the Tuaparang. If more were restored like the Serpent at Gaia Rock it could cause trouble for Weyard. Already a few had been brought back like the Star Magician and the Dullahan. Ivan had a theory that they were revived by the powers they guarded rather than the Tuaparang and that they would probably stay close to the summoning tablets. The last group they needed was one to investigate Mt. Aleph like they had originally planned to do once the soarwing was repaired. Now instead of Isaac going alone a team of seven would be heading to the fallen mountain.

Already they had picked the team that would be heading to Mt. Aleph. Isaac was still going to be one of the seven only now Ivan, Soren, Janaff, Ike, Lethe, and Nasir would accompany him. The two laguz had agreed to make trips back and forth to carry people while Isaac and Ivan would use the soarwing to get to the base of the mountain. Nasir or Janaff would carry it back and hand it to the other Adept. After the Warriors of Vale had explained their reasoning for wanting to go to Mt. Aleph the Tellians agreed. Learning about Psynergy could in turn help out the battle against the Tuaparang. While Ivan knew that Isaac wouldn't say anything the Venus Adept was hoping that the Wise One, the floating one eyed rock, was still alive somewhere around the mountain. He thought that the god like thing would be able to help explain what was going on with Weyard. Ivan felt that they had a better understanding already. Originally one of the reasons they were going to Mt. Aleph was to find out about the Psynergy Vortexes. Now they knew that they were caused by the Tuaparang. Yes, Mt. Aleph would still hold the answers to other secrets but the big one was already revealed.

"Ivan. I think that Lucia and Reyson should accompany the others to find Mia." Soren said in his dry tone.

"Are you sure? I don't mean to doubt Reyson's ability but Imil has been experiencing snowstorms recently, more so than normal. It's part of the reason why we need to send a team rather than just a messenger bird." Ivan stated. He wasn't comfortable sending someone out just if they were going to get hurt.

"Reyson is stronger than he looks. He may be a Heron Laguz but he's resilient." Soren assured Ivan.

"Alright. You know your people's ability better than I. Though wouldn't it be better to send him with the team looking for revived monsters? From your description of his Galdr it would make more sense to send him with that team." Ivan reasoned. There seemed to be something that Soren wasn't telling him and Ivan wanted to figure out what it was. Something was going on that prevented him from sending Reyson with the other team.

"Ike, Janaff, and Tibarn have all requested that I take into account Reyson's safety when planning out his missions. The remaining Heron members of the Bird Tribe are in the single digits." Soren informed his companion.

"I see. He'll still be of use but in less danger than the other team. Very well." Ivan agreed. Protecting members of a dying race was a good enough reason for the Jupiter Adept. "I believe that takes care of everyone then."

Soren nodded his head. Both men stood up and stretched from having sat hunched over the table for so long weighing the pros and cons of sending who where. The sun had long since set when they began their debate. Ivan figured that it was somewhere around midnight and he needed to be heading to his room. A definite perk from having his aging slowed down was that Ivan still had the energy of a teenager even at forty-four. It fueled many a late nights that would have caused most men his age to fall asleep at their desks. Giving Soren directions to his own accommodations for the night Ivan headed to his own room. He was going to have to be quiet when he entered. No doubt his wife was sleeping and he didn't want to wake her. Gathering up his belongings Ivan headed out of the room.

A quick pace brought Ivan to his room within the castle in a few minutes. Even with a younger body he was still getting tired from the late nights he had been pulling all week. Slowing pushing the door open Ivan flinched when the hinges squeaked. He was going to have to remember to fix that come morning. Entering his quarters Ivan instantly knew that something was wrong, a candle was burning. Following the flickering light to the source Ivan gulped. Sitting on their bed holding a candle was his wife, Artemis. The spitting image of an older Karis with blue eyes Artemis did not look pleased with him. Quickly Ivan ran through his mental records trying to figure out what was the cause of Artemis' look of annoyance.

"Ivan Fulgur how dare you. I just heard from the guards that you plan on heading out to Mt. Aleph." Artemis set the candle down on the bedside table and folded her arms across her chest. "You assured me that you wouldn't be taking the trip. That you were making the soarwing for Isaac and Garet to use."

"Artemis dear, things have changed. The Tellians alone prove that." Ivan argued. "We need more people to cover ground when we get to Mt. Aleph. With Nasir and Janaff we'll be able to take more people than we originally planned."

Artemis got up off the bed and walked over to her husband. Placing her hand on his shoulder she looked down at her husband. Ivan got annoyed sometimes when this happened. It was his fault for marrying a girl taller than him but it always felt weird in an argument when Artemis looked down on him. Her blue eyes pierced into Ivan as she stared at him. It was uncomfortable under her gaze he could feel the disappointment within.

"Please understand dear that this is something that I need to do." Ivan reasoned. "I promise that I will be safe Artemis. You don't need to worry about me. Isaac is coming and the Tellians are strong. We will be fine."

Ivan wrapped his arms around Artemis pulling her closer to him in assurance. He rested his head on her shoulders as he rubbed her back trying to convey the fact that things would work out. Water dripped onto Ivan's shoulder. Looking at his wife's face he could see the fire's light causing her tears to shimmer. He felt for bad for her, he really did. Karis was off on a whole other continent and now Ivan was going to be leaving her to. Artemis cared for her family with all her heart , more than Ivan felt he deserved sometimes.

"I know Ivan. I know that you feel that you'll be safe but something tells me that you shouldn't be going there. But, I don't think that I'll be able to talk you out of this one. Please just come home safely." Artemis said with tears in her voice as she pulled Ivan closer to her.

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