Fire Emblem: Path to the Dawn

Chapter 38

Yune rocked back and forth while she waited outside of the Tower of Guidance for the army of soldiers she would be transporting. After talking with Sanaki the Empress had ordered her army to mobilize and march towards Gallia to aid in the defense against the Tuaparang. Knowing that it'd take too long for the forces to reach the country in time, made only longer by the reluctance of the soldiers, Yune had offered to teleport a group of one six hundred men. Having already paid a visit to Cremia and Daein Yune had managed to move a large number of soldiers to Gallia already, she had even managed a few hundred members of the Bird Tribe.

Elincia and Micaiah had already prepared for war and had their senators backing the up rather quickly. If only the same could be said for Begnion. The nobles didn't want to get tossed into another war so quickly, especially one that they didn't start, to defend some laguz. Yune could tell that it physically hurt some of them to use the term laguz. About five minutes away from threatening divine wrath, Yune had jumped for joy when the majority of the senators sided with Sanaki.

Just as she was getting worried and was going to go and check on the Empress the group of soldiers appeared around the corner. A large portion of the troops were mounted on pegasi, the Holy Guard that protected Sanaki. Empress Sanaki had made it quite clear that she would be the ones to lead the troops to battle against the foreign threat. Truthfully Yune wouldn't have been shocked if some of the senators hoped that she'd die in Gallia. Sigrun and Tanith flanked the young woman as they led the soldiers to Yune.

"Yune," Sanaki greeted the Goddess casually.

"Hiya Sanaki," the Goddess of Chaos responded showing the Empress what it meant to be casual. "Is this everyone then? It's time to get the show on the road."

"We have a couple of… stragglers," Sigrun informed the small child in front of her. Yune didn't get the chance to ask who before the stragglers made themselves known.

"Damnit Tyrell! We're late because of you!" Karis' yelled as soldiers shuffled out of the Adepts way.

"What'd I do?!" Tyrell shouted as he ducked between two Marshalls and came tumbling out to land in front of Sigrun. Quickly getting up the Mars Adept moved to hide behind the pegasus. His hair stuck out over the back of the horse giving him away for when Karis managed to get to the front of the group.

"If you hadn't goofed off and put those books back when I asked we would have been here on time." Karis looked around trying to find the source of her anger. Spotting the red coming off a white mount the Jupiter Adept had found her prey. Tiptoeing over to Sigrun's pegasus Karis reached over the winged steed and grabbed Tyrell by his hair. With a click of her tongue Sigrun called her pegasus away from the danger.

"I told you Karis, I didn't know where they went." Tyrell was on his knees in full on begging mode as he looked up at Karis. A human could only be shocked so many times before they started to display side effects. In the case of Tyrell those side effects happened to be the removal of his manhood when it came to dealing with Karis, metaphorically of course.

"That's why there's librarians you idiot." Kairs tightened her grip on Tyrell's hair and lightning crackled in the air around her hand. Anticipating the shock to come Tyrell tensed up to prepare himself. When no such attack came he opened his eyes and looked up at Karis as she let go of him. "Now's not the time," she said folding her arms across her chest. "Doesn't mean you're off the hook."

"Now we have everyone," Tanith turned to Yune as she spoke.

"Listen up," Yune's projected her voice with magic so that everyone could hear her. "I'll be teleporting you all to Gallia so you can fight against the Tuaparang invasion. Tellius is your homeland and as your Goddess it's great to see so many people willing to defend it."

"Goddess Yune, will you be able to bless their armor like Ashera did when we fought her?" Sigrun asked thinking of the powerful enemies they had faced when they headed for the very tower they were standing in front of. Many of the troops had been new recruits but thanks to Ashera's blessing had been able to hold their own against veterans.

"Not to the same degree as that but I can grant them some protection. Once I move you all to Gallia I'll be heading back to Weyard where my powers will be weaker. Even if I put a strong blessing on them it'd weaken when I left Tellius." Looking like a lost child Yune glanced in the direction that she knew Weyard to be in. Something was going on over there and she would be needed. While she had only been on Weyard for a few minutes Yune had sensed that her powers hadn't diminished as much as they should have. Gods and Goddesses were tied to their lands and when they traveled to another god's land they were weakened. However, Yune had experienced that to the degree that she should have in Weyard. She was still weaker than on her home turf but the strength she had on Weyard caused her to wonder what happened with the god of the land there.

"That is more than we can ask for," Sanaki assured Yune. Nodding the young looking Goddess raised her hands to the sky. In response orbs of light came out of the ground surrounding the troops before absorbing them. When all the soldiers had been absorbed the lights vanished back into the ground.

Only a few moments later the lights appeared in a large clearing near the capital city of Gallia. A little disoriented the teleported soldiers looked around at the unfamiliar land. The clearing was large enough that it was easily able to hold the six hundred people that had appeared. Tents could be seen in the forest around the clearing as the people Yune had already teleported made camp. No one knew just how long they'd be waiting till they were called so they were going to make themselves comfortable for the time being.

"I'll be off then, got some things to attend to elsewhere," Yune told the group around her before she started to fade away.

"We wish you the best of luck Goddess Yune," Sigrun told the vanishing figure.

"Do not get caught," Sanaki warned the girl. In the blink of an eye the remaining wisp that was Yune vanished leaving the Begnion Empress standing with her Holy Guard and the two Adepts that had been stationed in her country. "While I'm not exactly looking forward to it, we should go pay Skrimir a visit." Turning on her heel Sanaki headed in the direction of the castle which could be spotted on a hill in the distance. Sigrun and Tanith followed after their Empress without a word, ready to protect her should anything threaten her.


Returning to a physical form, the first thing Sveta saw was two large white dragons each sporting two heads. Both dragons walked on four, very muscled, legs and each paw had three yellow claws that were digging into the stone. While the body was white each of the heads were colored slightly. The left head on both dragons had their bottom jaws dyed a light blue while the tops of the right heads were more purple. Large leathery wings beat strong gusts of wind at its attackers trying to drive them back. Compared to Nasir, who was in the sky firing off white lasers at one of the dragons, these Fusion Dragons were giant.

"Sveta," Matthew said as he drew the Sol Blade, "same split we did for the Chaos Chimera." Seven gold orbs appeared on Matthew as his Djinn stood ready to transfer over. Nodding Sveta called up her own Djinn and seven of her own Jupiter Djinn shot over to Matthew as his elementals were absorbed into her own body. Feeling old Psynergy close off but access to another set of familiar Psynergy Sveta readied herself for battle. With such a strong Venus influence Sveta had lost most of her Jupiter Psynergy, she still retained her Boons, but most importantly she had gained the Psynergy of her beastform without transforming. While not as strong she wasn't draining Djinn to keep her strength up, not to mention she now had a large amount of Venus Power to strengthen her Umbra Knuckles.

With reinforcements having arrived the look of relief on the faces of the four fighters was enough to show how long they had been fighting. Now a strong team of fifteen they were ready to take down the looming Fusion Dragons. First thing first, Mia and Rief rushed over to Isaac and Ike who had been on the front lines and taken the most damage. Mother and son lifted their staves and used Pure Ply to patch up the warriors. Without a dedicated healer like Mia or Rhys the group hadn't been able to keep themselves in the best shape.

"Thank you," Ike nodded his head in Rief's direction. The young Mercury Adept nodded back in appreciation, it was time for battle and not exactly the place for pleasantries. Having all of his surface cuts healed and many of the larger wounds patched up Ike was ready to get back to fighting the Fusion Dragon that had been dealing him such attacks. With Ragnell in his hand Ike rejoined the battle.

"Everyone listen up!" Isaac called out to the group as he stood up looking much better thanks to Mia's healing. "We can't kill them, weaken them to the point where they can't fight but do… not… kill. For those of you that don't know, a Fusion Dragon is made up of two humans. I don't want to kill them simply for being unwilling pawns of the Tuaparang." Standing at the ready both Isaac and Ike were soon flanked by the new arrivals along with Janaff and Nasir.

There was no signal, no verbal command, or anything of the sort but effortlessly the fifteen broke into two groups to take down the monsters standing in front of them. Quickly Sveta looked to see who she was fighting with. Spotting both Matthew and Isaac with her she charged forth after Isaac launched the first attack. Slamming her fist into the dragon's side Sveta felt her arm quiver as it absorbed the impact, the dragon's scales were much harder than she had thought. Back flipping away she gathered Psynergy around her entire body. Purple lines trailed off her fist as Sveta used her Speed Punch Psynergy. Even with her increased power she didn't seem to do much damage to the dragon's hard scales. Isaac's and Matthew's swords weren't faring much better as the left only scratches on the white surface.

Taking a quick glance at the other group they didn't seem to be having much luck either. Talons, claws, axe, and sword, none left lasting damage on the Fusion Dragon. A white laser like attack ran down the back of the dragon Sveta was facing, Nasir was still in the air trying to use his White Breath to injure the beast. Even a Shine Plasma from Ivan or a dual Glacier from Rief and Mia barely seemed to faze their opponents.

"You honestly didn't think I'd leave them as normal dragons did you?" Dia asked the group from his spot in the cave. A clap of his hands was all it took to show the true forms of the dragons they were facing. Their build remained the same but their white scales turned pitch black and they got larger in size, growing about half as tall as they had been and now able to pin Ike under one paw with ease. "Those Proxians had the right idea but there's always room for improvement wouldn't you say?"

"What did you do to them Dia?!" Ike shouted at the armored form of a man.

"Do you really have to ask? Gods above the reports said you were dense but I don't think they do you justice o' Hero of the Blue Flames." Dia let out a chuckle as he looked at his Chaos Dragons. "Dark Psynergy can warp minds and give tremendous power to those under its influence. So Tellian, have an idea of what I did now?"

"You did to them what you did to the Star Magician didn't you?" The dragons weren't just letting everyone converse freely, Ike had to use Ragnell to stop a lumbering claw from crashing down on him as he spoke. Lethe was right there to jump on the dragon's leg and scratched at the blackened scales with her Goddess blessed claws. Still unable to do much her claws were able to penetrate the scales and cause the dragon to pull back enough for Ike to get out from underneath.

Sveta couldn't help but feel pity for the dragon that was currently trying to bite Isaac in two. Not only was it a fusion of two people, they had been corrupted by Dark Psynergy. These people were suffering much like her brother had been atop the Apollo Lens. It was too hectic on the battlefield for her to use her Spirit Sense and listen to what the people trapped inside were thinking, but there was little doubt they were in pain at having to fight like this. If helping them out meant knocking them down than that's what she was going to do.

"Impact now!" Isaac command as he leapt into the air. Purple light coated the blade as Ivan's Impact Psynergy coated it. What Isaac wasn't counting on was another coating from his son, with the Jupiter Djinn that Matthew had gotten from Sveta he too was able to cast the Psynergy. The combined strength of the two spells gave Isaac enough strength to do some lasting damage to the Chaos Dragon. A shallow cut appeared on the scales, most importantly it didn't heal over in a split second. That wasn't to say you couldn't see the scales trying to grow back.

"That's how you do it!" Garet cheered as he hefted his axe into the air. Matthew ran over to Ivan and the two of them coated everyone's weapons with the power boosting High Impact Psynergy. Looking down at her own Umbra Knuckles Sveta saw them pulse with the power of Jupiter ready to add strength to her attacks.

Ike was the next one to test out the power he had gained, with a swing of Ragnell the gold and purple blade sliced the leg of the Chaos Dragon and was able to draw blood. Inhuman strength plus a twice blessed weapon and the power of Impact meant Ike was more than able to inflict a little pain on the Chaos Dragons. Seizing the opportunity Soren used his Tornado Tome to strike at the gash that Ike had just created. While unaffected by the effects of Impact, Soren's magic was able to injure the dragon by hitting where he was already hurt. The Arch Sage having tested let the others, like Ivan and Nasir, know that they were able inflict damage with their magic.

Having actually felt the cut of a blade the Chaos Dragons weren't in the most cheerful of moods. All four heads pulled back as their large mouths opened up. Black energy gathered in their mouths as the Chaos Dragons geared up for an attack. With a loud roar the four heads let loose their collective energy at its foes. Highly concentrated beams of Dark Psynergy cut through the ground as it attempted to hit one of the heroes. One of the beams was heading directly for Ivan and as he nimbly dodged it, he found himself right in the path of another. If it wasn't for Nasir, Ivan would have been hit with the full force of the attack. The White Dragon had body checked the small Adept out of the path and taken the attack full force instead. Having taken so much damage, from his previous fight and this, Nasir reverted back to his human form unable to keep his dragon form going any longer. Saving Ivan was necessary from a tactical viewpoint, they needed his Impact Psynergy to be able to actually hurt the Chaos Dragons.

Mia appeared next to Nasir in an instant, with her Pure Ply she was able keep him from passing out. Even she wasn't able to get him healed enough to get back into the fight at the moment though, not without using a lot of her Psynergy. Artemis appeared next to the two holding onto the Teleport Lapis, grabbing Nasir by the collar she nodded at Mia before using the Lapis to move the laguz to a safer location.

"We need to regroup!" Soren shouted as he let loose another Tornado on the closer Chaos Dragon. Fighting the dragons as they were they wouldn't be able to do much to them. What they needed to do, and what Soren had realized about them, was that they weren't doing enough lasting damage. Even with the power of Impact aiding them they couldn't hurt both dragons enough to cause any real harm. If they could take one on as a group they might stand a chance by trying to fight both was beyond their current ability.

Following Soren's command everyone did their best to get away from the dragon they were fighting. For some it took a bit more effort as they had to block claws as they moved away but the Chaos Dragons weren't fast enough to stop them from getting out of range. The more magical units blasted the dragons as best they could to help the physical fighters retreat. When everyone had made it to Soren each looked expectantly at him waiting to hear why he had called them back. Explaining what he thought they should be doing instead Soren got around of agreements from the group.

"Ike we'll need you and Isaac to lead the charge," Soren informed the group. No one questioned why those two were going to be in front. Of the entire group they were the two that were the strongest. "Ivan, Janaff, and I will keep the other dragon busy while the rest of you support Ike and Isaac as best you can. Once the first dragon falls we'll switch to Garet and Felix as the leaders to give Ike and Isaac some rest."

The thing about dragons was that they have more range than just what their claws could reach. In the time that the group had been talking the four dragon heads had taken the effort to gather enough energy to attempt wasting the group. Veterans like these weren't stupid and had been ready to move at a moment's notice. Chasm and Flash were unleashed to create a shield big enough for the group to hide behind as the four heads let loose a stream of black fire on them. When the flames died down not a single hero stood behind the glowing barrier.

Together Ike and Isaac charge the dragon on the left, the one they had first been able to hurt. Two different tornados, one made of Psynergy and the other of magic, assaulted the dragon on the right causing it to take a step back. Hawk talons lashed out at the dragon's eyes driving it back even farther from its twin. Separating from the main group the three specified did their best to distract the second dragon. When it tried to bite Janaff out of the air they felt that it was pretty occupied with the trio that was currently attacking it.

Ragnell and Isaac's great sword slashed at the legs of the Chaos Dragon causing it to roar in pain. Umrba Knuckles and the Sol Blade soon followed as the youngest couple there added their own attacks to the dragon, Alondite and Garet's axe weren't far behind. A barrage of ice rained down on the dragon as mother and son cast Ice Missile on the Chaos Dragon. As soon as the ice stopped falling Lethe and Artemis moved in, the feline's claws tearing open scales as Artemis shot electric laced arrows into the open wounds.

One of the dragon's mouths opened up and let out a myriad of ghosts from its mouth. Those in the front of took the brunt of the attack, which wasn't very much, so that the healers in the back were safe from the spirits. A few of the restless spirits stayed becoming a nuisance even after the dragon had closed its maw. Unable to attack the ghosts, those troubled had to wait for Rief to unleash Tonic to drive them away for no Psynergy was able to deal with the spirits.

"Rief stay here," Mia instructed her son as she ran over to the other group. The Angel did a few quick Pure Wishes to keep the secondary group going as they had been fighting without a healer. A short conversation happened between Mia and Ivan that resulted in the Jupiter Adept handing over three purple crystals.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Rief asked when she came back to stand next to him.

"I have a feeling these dragons are just the first set of creatures we'll have to face today, we need to save our Psynergy." Mia held in one hand the three Jupiter Djinn crystals Ivan had given her and in the other hand were three Mercury crystals.

"I see." Rief's eyes widened as he realized what his mother was going to do with the six Djinn she had at her disposal.

"Goddess of Life, hear my call. I offer you the power of Wind and Water to ask that you douse our allies with your water. Coatlicue come forth!" As Mia finished the chant to summon the Goddess the Djinn crystals shot into the air opening up a portal to the realm of the gods. Standing in full view of everyone was a lone woman with long dark blue hair wearing a light blue dress. She stood on a stone platform, a large vase filled with water rested on her shoulder. Pouring the contents of her jar onto the platform the water spilled over and through the portal the Djinn had opened. By the time the water had reached the heroes it had turned into a fine mist that started to patch up their wounds. Even after they were healed the mist hung in the air to keep the group for a little while longer.

Jumping up Ike brought Ragnell down upon the side of the Chaos Dragon creating a large gash in the monsters hide. An orb of lightning came rocketing past Ike as he fell to the ground. Matthew's Thunder Mine exploded right on the cut that Ike had created further injuring the Chaos Dragon. With a screeching roar one of the heads lashed out at the Tellian that had caused it pain. While the Vanguard was fast enough to avoid the jaws of the first head he wasn't fortunate enough to avoid the dark breath that the second head unleashed. Simultaneously the healing mist from Coatlicue healed Ike as he was hit by the breath, still he retained some injuries.

The ground underneath the Chaos Dragon opened up unleashing the fury of the earth upon the creature. Golden energy of Grand Gaia, courtesy of Felix, distracted the beast long enough for Ike to be able to move out of the way before he was attacked again. Bounding in Lethe attached herself to the dragon's leg, her claws digging into the dragon. Lifting its leg to shake the at off the dragon created a small platform of scales, just big enough for the laguz to use. Lethe's hind legs bent as she mustered her strength to propel herself up onto the back of the Chaos Dragon. The large black spines of the dragon did nothing to hinder the Cat as she made her way to the right head. Reaching the top of the head Lethe reached down to strike at the dragon's eyes attempting to blind it. Bucking its head the Chaos Dragon tried to dislodge the feline which could only hold on by digging her claws into the scales.

"Felix, a little help!" Ike called out to his former traveling partner. Jumping out of the way of an attack by the dragon's tail the Venus Adept nodded knowing what Ike wanted. A small rumbling could be heard as the ground around Ike's feet started to shake, in a few seconds a chunk of rock flew out of the ground propelling Ike into the sky. Tossing Ragnell into the air above him Ike jumped up after the sword. Using his unique skill Aether the Vanguard triggered the Sol portion as the slammed the blade down onto the dragon's left head, energy poured out of the dragon's head and into Ike healing him of minor wounds. With a flip Ike jumped over to the head the Lethe was on and brought down Ragnell with the Luna half of Aether.

Without warning Ike grabbed Lethe around her middle and hefted her onto his shoulder. Jumping down Ike braced himself for the landing but felt a strong wind slow his descent. Landing softly on the ground Ike noticed that Artemis had a look of deep concentration that vanished along with the wind. A soft growl could be heard coming from the Cat still on Ike's shoulder. Even though he couldn't understand the growl Ike could register the emotion that accompanied it, it was hard to miss anger when it's directed at you. Reyson, who had been sitting back fueling Rief and Mia with energy, came forth, with a Galdr he replenished Lethe's own energy allowing her to stay in her Cat form. A nod of thanks from Lethe and the Heron was gone with a beat of his white wings.

Angered at having been struck so hard by the Aether skill the Chaos Dragon roared in rage at the Vanguard. Both heads directed a blast his way in retribution. Coatlicue's mist was thin by this point and Ike, along with Lethe and Artemis, knew that it wouldn't be able to heal them enough if they got hit. Matthew and Isaac appeared in front of the three, both unleashing a Djinn. The Jupiter Djinn Breeze was unleashed causing a purple aura to fall over the party boosting their resistance to Psynergy based attacks. Granite was unleashed by Isaac creating a golden barrier between the heroes and the incoming blast. Even with the two Djinn the twin breaths were enough to knock the group down. Ike and Isaac were the first two to get back up, using their swords to prop themselves up.

"Matthew, I need to borrow your sword for a bit." Isaac slowly made his way over to his son who now sitting up. Handing over the So Blade Matthew took his father's great sword in return. Standing next to the Tellius hero Isaac got into a ready stance. "Ike. Do you think you can do that move again?" Ike nodded his head to say that he still could. "We need to finish this and quickly. I'll unleash the Sol Blade's Megiddo, I want you to come in after that with your skill."

Both heads of the Chaos Dragon roared as if they could sense the attack that was about to come their way. There was a reason only Matthew had used the Sol Blade in his travels, the unleash known as Megiddo used the wilder Venus power as fuel. In the hands of Isaac, someone with a much stronger Venus affinity, Megiddo would be a powerful blow. Isaac knew this and was counting on Golden Sun increased strength to help tip the tides of battle. He wasn't foolish enough to think that he alone would be able to finish the fight, he needed Ike's Aether to deal the final blow once he'd weakened the dragon.

Matthew could only stare at his father with wonder as the older Venus Adept started to overflow with Psynergy, Isaac was putting his all into this attack. Shining in response to Isaac's power the Sol Blade answered the call. Running towards the Chaos Dragon at top speed Isaac unleashed the strongest power of the Sol Blade. Red light poured out of the sword and a large ball of plasma started to form in the air above the Venus Adept. Isaac made his way closer to the Dragon, with each step the plasma ball grew in size. When Isaac was within the Chaos Dragon's striking distance he had to avoid a claw but he managed to get right up next to the monster. A ball of plasma large than anything Matthew had been able to summon hovered high in the sky as the Sol Blade continued to glow red.

Leaping up into the air with power granted to him by the long sword Isaac reached the ball of energy. With a single swing of the Sol Blade Isaac caused the plasma ball to shoot towards the Chaos Dragon. Connecting with the dragon the ball exploded in a fiery display of raw power. The blast hadn't even fully cleared when the sounds of Ike yelling could be heard as he used his Aether attack. Again Ike tossed Ragnell into the air jumping up after it. The Chaos Dragon had fallen on its side due to Megiddo leaving its leather stomach exposed. It was there that Ike aimed for with the Sol half of Aether. A vertical slash appeared on the dragons belly as Ike brought Ragnell down on it, the skill drained energy out of the dragon to heal Ike. Spinning around Ike delivered the Luna half of Aether causing a large horizontal slash to go down the length of the dragon.

A defeated roar escaped the mouths of the dragon as both heads crashed into the ground. Ike and Isaac fell to their knees, drained from using so much of their strength. Everyone else watched to see if the Chaos Dragon would get back up or not. When the lumbering beast didn't move or even so much as twitch they felt a wave of joy wash over them, they had managed to beat the creature. Another set of roars echoed through the air as the second Chaos Dragon let everyone know that it was still around. Ivan, Soren, and Janaff had done a good job of distracting it, but they hadn't done any lasting damage to the beast. Steeling themselves the group headed over to help the trio put a stop to the other Chaos Dragon.

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