Fire Emblem: Path to the Dawn

Chapter 5

"What did you have to do that for Karis?!" Tyrell yelled.

"Yelling at her won't make her answer come any faster" Amiti told the Mars Adepts.

"Still why did she have to ask Felix all those questions?! He didn't leave her behind." Tyrell argued.

"Matthew is still my friend Tyrell. Felix hurt him by hurting Jenna. Matthew wasn't going to ask him so someone had to." Karis said. She did regret asking Felix though. She never meant to have Matthew run away. Thankfully though Sveta had followed him into the woods.

"It doesn't matter right now anyway you two" Felix told them in a calm voice.

"Shut up" Karis and Tyrell told him. No one could interrupt the two once they started. An argument between them would continue until one of them caved. You either sat back and watched the show or helped them out.

Eoleo, Himi, Amiti, Mia, Ike, and Volug felt very uncomfortable. They had no reason to be here and listen to the three argue about what Karis should or should not have done. It was at this point that Rief came back to the group. With a shake of his head at the sight of Karis and Tyrell fighting he approached the other members of his group.

"What did Tyrell do now?" he asked

"For once it was Karis' fault." Amiti told his fellow Mercury Adept. This new shattered the mind of the young scholar. How could the sensible Karis have been the one to do something wrong? It was ninety percent of the time Tyrell's doing. The other ten percent was random interference from the world and their enemies. All the facts that Rief held dear was thrown into question. Was the sky actually blue? Did plants really need water to grow? What was the world coming to?!

"She was a little to forward in asking Felix questions about his past. Matthew didn't take it well." Himi informed Rief. "He ran off into the woods and Sveta followed him."

That last bit of information registered in Rief's mind.

"We have to go get them out of there. The commander told me that they have laguz patrolling the woods for anyone not who isn't part of the military. We just joined their cause there hasn't been enough time to let them know we're on their side." Rief told the others his voice slightly panicked.

"Volug can you track them?" Ike asked the wolf laguz.

As the wolf laguz shifted to better track the scent of the two every Adept felt the unique feel of someone using Psynergy.

"No need for that. I'll find my nephew" Felix said dashing into the woods. The others followed the running white figure into the trees. That was definitely one of the benefits to Felix wearing white, he was easy to spot. Volug who was still in wolf form had the easiest time keeping up with the Venus Adept. Following behind Volug was everyone else who hadn't gotten a head start or ran on four legs.


Matthew had gotten up once the green collared cat had changed into a girl. "Who are you?" she had hissed at him and Sveta. The young man wondered the same thing about the three in front of him. If it wasn't for Udaya telling him about the laguz he would have been more shocked when they had approached him. Sveta was standing next to him and he could feel her gathering her power ready to strike against either of the felines that stared at them. From what Matthew had gathered from the four hour long story about laguz they couldn't stay in their beastform indefinitely and could shift back and forth repeatedly.

"We're with the army." Matthew told the cat girl. "My name is Matthew and this is Sveta." At the mention of her name Sveta moved forward closer to the humanoid laguz.

"You do not wear the beorcs armor, you lie. Lyre Mordecai attack."

At her command the tiger and cat launched forward. Before they got close Matthew unleashed Chasm weakening the attacks against him and Sveta. Even still the claws of the cat drew blood on Matthew's shoulder. The girl had shifted back into her cat form adding another foe for him and Sveta to face. They couldn't hurt them to bad. Clearly they were working for the Begnion army which would make them allies.

As the tiger leapt into the air a few bolts of lightning struck it in the chest as Sveta let lose a Ray. The tiger dropped to the ground on all fours. Shaking off the pain of the electricity flowing through it charged again. Sveta was already prepared and cast Whirlwind sending the tiger into one of the cats that had tried to sneak around. Matthew had let lose a small Quake catching the remaining cat off guard. Psynergy was their best bet against the laguz. If the felines got close enough Matthew wouldn't be near fast enough to hold off one of the smaller cats and tiger would be able to shake off any hit Matthew landed.

"Sveta I think Fleet would be helpful right about now."

The beastwoman let another Ray fly into Lyre or Mordecai whichever one the cat was. After that she unleashed her Djinn. With the powers of the elemental coursing through his body Matthew felt a little safer about having to deal with his fast opponents. It was a good thing that Sveta had used her Djinn at that time because the unnamed cat had gotten past one of Matthew's Spires. With his enhanced speed he dodged the claws having them only rip cloth.

"Matthew where are you?!" came his uncle's voice.

Much as he still didn't feel like seeing Felix at the moment he would help even the odds. With a shout he answered his uncle. "Over here. You might want to hurry."

The cat that had almost gotten him hissed as she lunged forward. Even with Jupiter boosted speed Matthew was too close to be able to dodge the oncoming attack. Expecting the feeling of claws tearing into Matthew braced himself only to never have the attack hit. While his enemy was still in the air the ground underneath erupted with earthen energy sending the feline off her path.

"Didn't Isaac teach you how to perform a Gaia?" Felix asked him as he came out of the trees.

"Yes dad taught me the basics of it. It's too powerful to use on an ally though. They don't believe that Sveta and I are on their side. We can't hurt them to badly." Matthew growled the last sentence at Felix.

"Alright." was all the older Adept said before drawing his Gaia Blade.

Angry that even after telling him that the laguz were just confused allies his uncle drew his sword Matthew launched a Stone Spire at Felix. All his rage was poured into the attack. His anger about how Felix left his mom behind, all the questions Matthew had, and seeing him draw the Gaia Blade against allies. These emotions fueled the Stone Spire as it came into contact with Felix. The force of the unsuspected attack sent him off his feet and into a nearby tree.

"I TOLD YOU THEY'RE OUR ALLIES!" Matthew shouted at him.

Everyone who had followed Felix into the forest witnessed the young Adept's rage. The anger in his voice had even stopped the attacking laguz. Rief being the kind healer that he is immediately ran over to Felix to check him over. Matthew stood watching his friend look over the man he had attacked. Still fueled by anger all he could do was stand there as what he had done came into light.

Ike approached the laguz that had been fighting recognizing who they were. As they caught sight of the man approaching them they all shifted into their human forms. The one that had talked to Matthew and Sveta walked up to Ike first. When she got close enough she punched him in the face.

"Good to see you Lethe" he said to the girl as he rubbed his cheek.

"Humph" was her only reply before she turned around and walked into the woods.

The shifted tiger came up to Ike. He was a bear of a man. He was just as tall as Ike but more built. He had light blue hair and beard and dark blue ears that were on the side of his head like Volug's. A light blue shirt and white pants were his clothing of choice. From behind you could see the flicker of a dark blue tail.

"Lethe was angry when you left. She drilled recruits harder after you were gone."

The other cat who resembled Lethe walked up next to Ike. She had on a dark pink top with white on the chest. She also wore pink gloves and white shorts. Black leggings led down to black boots. Her hair was looked a mess and like her tail and fur was orange. Like Lethe she had violet eyes.

"How dare you abandon my sister?" she hissed at Ike.

Ike was still confused exactly on why Lethe was mad at him. He didn't abandon her. Ike had told everyone at the tower that he was leaving Tellius. Soren and Ranulf had offered to accompany him but Ike told them he wanted to travel on his own. Many people including Lethe had wished him well on his travels.

"We will see you again Ike" Lyre told the beorc. "Lethe gives her report tomorrow." The two remaining felines headed off into the woods that their commander had disappeared into.

Back in the present away from Ike's memories the Adepts were still looking at their leader. Never had Matthew displayed such fury. Even Sveta was weary when she approached Matthew. He didn't seem to notice her presence until she place a hand on his shoulder. His head turned quickly to see who had touched him. His face visibly softened when saw the worry in Sveta's eyes.

"He was going to use his sword against them." He whispered. "Dad taught me never to use a weapon against an ally no matter what. 'Always use the weakest Psynergy you can. That way you can always soften the blow. Once you swing you sword there's no taking it back.' That's what he told me."

"That sounds like Isaac alright" Felix said getting up. "But I think casting Stone Spire against a friend is just as bad. Listen Matthew it's alright to be feeling the way you do. Hell if I was in you place I can't say I would have acted differently. Just next time try reasoning with me. Not sure I can take another surprise like that."

He was trying to make his nephew feel better about his actions. It didn't seem to be working to well though as Matthew winced at the mention of his attack.

"Look there was no harm done." Felix lifted his shirt to show the spot where the rock had hit him. There was nothing to show that Felix had even taken a hit. A few Cures before Rief got to him had seen to that.

"Yeah yeah just put you shirt back down" Mia told Felix as she walked out of the group of Adepts. She turned to Matthew hands on her hips and a smile on her face. "Listen to me kid. The laguz are made of tough stuff. Even someone like me would have a hard time doing too much damage to them with only a sword. That's not even counting who you were facing. Those three are really strong."

"Since when did you start calling people kid?" Ike asked Mia as he came out of his thoughts and back to the scene.

"When they started acting like one." she replied. "Nothing makes me feel old like new recruits."

"Mia you're pushing what 23?" Ike asked innocently. Sadly no one ever taught Ike to never bring up a lady's age. For the second time in less than ten minutes Ike was punched in the face.

Mia turned back to face Matthew. "So you done with this pity party?"

Matthew was still chuckling a little at Ike. "Yeah."

Karis was the next to walk up to Matthew. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked Felix all those questions. He's you uncle you should have been the one to ask them not me."

Matthew gave Karis a brief hug. "It's alright. You just asked him the questions I was afraid to."

"NOOOOO!" Tyrell exclaimed ending the nice moment. "Matthew! Karis apologized you should be lording this over her. She's never apologized to me!"

Amiti spoke up. "Karis does apologize. You never hear it because you're always spouting nonsense and charging in head first."

The Mars Adept just hung his head in defeat as the others laughed at him. Matthew enjoyed the good feeling as his anger left him. He could always count on Tyrell to get him out of a bad mood. Whether he did it on purpose or not only he knew.

"Oh right." Rief said remembering his conversation in the commander's tent. "We've officially been accepted into the army. We are to report to the front lines tomorrow with Ike and his group."

"It's going to be hard on you guys." Ike said. "I'm not going to sugarcoat it. There is going to be a lot of these Tuaparang and it's going to be messy. If I heard your story right you haven't ever really killed anyone before."

"That's not true we killed Chalis and Blados." Eoleo told Ike.

"But we did that while they were part of the Chaos Chimera and technically they were ejected and only passed out afterwards." Himi told the pirate. "True we don't know what happened to them I doubt they are really dead."

"Why can't you be like a normal kid and just go with what the adult say?" Eoleo questioned the little girl.

Karis scoffed. "Did you forget what being a teenager is like Eoleo?"

"She's not a teenager just yet." Eoleo pointed out.

"Close enough" Rief countered. "She's what you call a pre-teen or tween. She's close enough in age that it wouldn't be odd for her to act a bit like your standard teenager."

"Alright already. I get it she's a teenager alright!"

"Apparently you've never met anyone like my sister either." Ike said continuing despite the Mars Adept's wishes. "She gets very angry when she doesn't get her way. I remember when Rolf didn't give in to her pleas one day."

"Oh I remember that!" Mia said. "Didn't she want his chocolate or something?"

"Yeah and you never get between Mist and sweets. She actually took his bow hostage until he gave it to her."

The people of Weyard had no idea who Ike and Mia were talking about but it was funny thinking of a girl holding someone's bow hostage in exchange for chocolate.

"Well we should go set up out tents back in the camp." Mia said. The sun was setting and already the woods were dark.

"But we don't have any" Felix said in confusion

"That's what a supply tent is for. Haven't you ever seen an army?"

"Seen, yes. Been in, no. "

The twelve people walked back towards the camp where they asked a guard for directions to the supply tent. After weaving through the maze of red tents they came upon their destination and Ike's worst nightmare.


She was moving around the tent with a clipboard in her hand. She seemed to be checking off items as she went around.

"Felix go ask for some tents." Ike told the brown haired man. "I am not going over there. Not even if Ashnard was holding a sword to my throat and the only way to live was go to that tent."

The residents of Weyard looked at Ike as if they were seeing him for the first time. While most of them had only met Ike only a few hours earlier he didn't seem like the kind of man that would back down from anything. They continued to stare at him in hopes of some explanation when another girl walked into the tent. She was a wisp of a girl with lavender hair that fell over both shoulders. She had on a tan colored cloak over a grey-green shirt and very short purple skirt. She also had on a pair of knee high white boots.

The two talked and the girl that had walked in seemed to be asking the other woman for something she didn't have. Once the thin woman was turned away she spotted the group of twelve.

"Oh that looks like Mr. Ike. I wonder if he has any food." She said in a soft voice as she approached them.

"Ilyana Ikey-poo had left he's not here to feed you." Aimee said as she went after the girl to spare the poor soul she was going to beg from. Aimee then saw that Ike was indeed there. A ear to ear smile came onto her face as Ike paled.

"Felix just get us our tents." Ike said as he fled the area.

"Darn he got away again" Aimee said. "So what are you here for?" she asked the remaining stunned people.

"Tents" Mia told the shopkeeper.

Aimee went in and grabbed three sets and tossed them into the arms of Felix, Mia and Matthew.

"Normally I'd charge you for these but because you brought me back my Ike I'll let you have them" Aimee said with a wink. "Maybe I might move on to this man though" she said quietly looking at Felix. It was quite obvious what she was thinking about as she stared over the Venus Adept. Felix shifted uncomfortably under her gaze.

"Well thank you" Felix said taking off after Ike.

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