What to Expect out of Life

Chapter 3: Guts II

Rosalyn gazed down to the street that crowded with walkers before following Rick and Morales walking towards Andrea and the other woman who was staring down at the street.

"How's the signal?" Morales ask

"Like Dixon's brain, weak" T-Dog said while leaning to the wall behind him and turning the station's dial around. Merle glared at him while giving him his middle finger.

Morales sighed "Keep trying" he encourage

"Why? There's nothing we can do" Andrea said looking at Rick and Rosalyn mockingly "Not a damn thing" she added before walking away

"We've got some people outside the city is all," Morales sighed again "There's no refugee center. That's a pipe dream

"Then she is right, we're on our own. It's up to us to find the way out" Rick said

"Good luck with that" Merle mocked "These street ain't safe in this part of town from what I hear" Merle turned to Andrea who was rummaging one of the backpacks "Ain't that right, sugar tits?"

"Is he always like that?" Rosalyn questioned

"Sometimes even worse than that" Morales rolled his eyes "Try to get use to it"

Rosalyn shakes her head as she watched Merle trying to talk with Andrea again

"Hey honeybunch" He called out as Andrea turned to him "What'd you say you get me outta this cuffs, we go off somewhere, bump some uglies? We gonna die anyway"

"I'd rather" Andrea shrugged before standing up and walks away from the backpack

"Rug muncher… figured as much" Merle muttered

"The street ain't safe" Rick noted

"Not that there's another statement" Morales shrugged

"What about under the street?" Rick ask "The sewers?"

"Oh man…" Morales realizes before turning around to Glenn "Hey Glenn, check the alley. You see any metal covers?"

Glenn quickly run towards the other side of the roof and looked down before running back to the group "No. It must be all out on the street where the geeks are"

"Maybe not" The black woman said as the other turned to her "Old building like this, built-in the twenties, big structures often had big drainage's tunnels into the sewers, in case of flooding, down in the sub-basement" she explained

"How did you know that?" Glenn ask

"It's my job… was" She said before turning to Rick "I worked in the city's zoning office"

"Let's go then" Rick said as the other except T-dog and Merle walks towards the door

"Hey, hey! Sweetie!" Merle called out as Rosalyn turned around "Sweetheart, let me out from these, okay? And then we'll leave this shitty place and have some fun, what do you think?" he ask as T-Dog scoffed

"I'd love to" She smiles as Merle's eyes lit up "But, no can't do, darlin'. It's Rick's cuffs and I don't have the key after all." she shrugged before following the others leaving a pissed Merle

Glenn, Rick, Rosalyn, Andrea, Morales and the black woman stand at the top of a ladder that descends below them, fading into darkness. Rosalyn pointed down her flashlight while looking down at the dark sewers

"This is it?" Morales ask "You sure?"

"I really scoop this place out the other time I was here" Glenn explains "It's the only thing in this building that goes down. But I've never gone down there. Who'd want to, right?" Glenn ask

The other looked up at Glenn as he sighed "Oh..." he muttered as he swallowed "Great"

Andrea glanced at Morales before looking back at Glenn "We'll be right behind you" she said

"No, you won't. Not you" Glenn shakes his head

"Why not me? You think I can't?" Andrea ask as she glared at Glenn

"I wasn't..." he muttered, but stopped

"Speak your mind" Rick said as Glenn looked at him for a moment

"Look… until now, I always came here by myself, in and out. Grab a few things? No problem. First time I bring a group, everything goes to hell" He said "No offense" he added quickly "If you want me to down to this gnarly hole, fine. But only if we do it my way"

"It's tight down there. If I run into something and have to get out quick, I don't want you jammed up behind me, get me killed. I'll take one person" Glenn said as Rick stepped to him "Not! You either" He stopped him quickly

"No. You've got Merle's gun and I've seen you shoot. I'd feel better if you out in that store watching those doors, covering our ass" Glenn turned to Rosalyn "And you have guns, right?" he ask as Rosalyn glanced down at her bag "Yep" she nodded

"You go with Rick"

Rosalyn nodded as Glenn turned to Andrea "You've got the other gun, you should go with him" he looked at Morales "You'd be my wing man" he pointed at the black woman "Jacqui stays here. Something happens, yell down to us, get us back up here in a hurry"

"Okay" The woman named Jacqui nodded

"Okay, everybody knows their jobs" Rick said as he petted Glenn's shoulder. He nodded before putting the end of his flashlight into his mouth before climbing down with Morales following him "Be careful" Rosalyn said as Morales looked up and nodded

Rosalyn looked at Rick who's nodding to her, they quickly run back to the store.

Rosalyn watched the windowed door and sighed in relief when she see it hadn't shattered yet. She took the last glance at the door before looking around the store with Rick and Andrea. They walk in silence until Andrea spoke up

"I'm sorry for the gun in your face" she muttered as Rick looked back at her in a moment

"People do things when they're afraid" Rick said

"Not that it was entirely unjustified. You two did get us into this"

Rosalyn smiled at her honest explanation "If we get us out, would that make up it?" Rick ask

"No" Andrea replied quickly "But it'd be a start"

"Next time though, you might want to take the safety off" Rick gives her an advice "It won't shoot otherwise"

"Oh.." Andrea looked down at her handgun

"Is that your gun?" Rosalyn asked

"It was a gift, why?" Andrea asked as Rick walked towards her and extended his hand as Andrea give him the gun. Rick pushed the safety button "Little red dot means it's ready to fire. We may have occasion to use it" Rick explained as he handed her the gun

Andrea swallowed "Good to know" she nodded hesitantly

Rosalyn turned to the door while continue to watch the walkers. Rick and Andrea fell silent as they strolled around the store. Rick walked towards her as they watched the walkers banging on the door while groaning. Rosalyn smiled at Rick before walking towards Andrea who was looking at some necklace

"That's beautiful... do you like it?" Rosalyn ask

"Not me, but I know someone who would" Andrea smiled at herself as she gazed down at the necklace. Rick slowly walks towards them "My sister, she's still such a kid in some ways. Unicorns, dragons… she's into all that stuff. But mermaids, they rule. She love mermaids"

"Why not take it?" Rick ask

"There's a cop staring at me" she glanced up at Rick who's quickly snorted and smiles

"Would it be considered looting?" Andrea ask

"I don't think those rules apply anymore, do you?" he asked back

Andrea smiles up to him before taking the necklace and put it into her pocket. Rick looked back at Rosalyn who was gazing at a set of pendant and bracelet "You want it?" Rick smirked as Rosalyn turned to him shyly and grinned at him

"Just take something you like" he said

"Can I?" she ask hopefully

"Yes" he nodded as Rosalyn grinned at him "Thank you" she said as she take a blue diamond bracelet and love shaped pendant with purple diamonds before stuffing it into her pocket. She opened her mouth to say something, but the shattering sound beat her to it. She, Andrea and Rick quickly run towards the door as Jacqui, Glenn and Morales appeared

"Okay, that's one glass down and one to go" Rosalyn muttered "It's just a matter of time until it shatters too"

"What did you find down there?" Rick ask Morales

"Not a way out" he muttered

"We need to find a way" Andrea said "Soon"

"To the rooftop!" Rosalyn exclaimed as the other nodded and ran towards the stairs

On the roof, Rick use binocular to look at the town below them. Rosalyn stayed beside him as she looked down and sighed. They were looking for a way out, since the sewer was opted out by Morales and Glenn. She looked up to Rick as he took off the binocular and turned to Morales

"That construction site. Those trucks, they always kept the keys on handle"

Morales took the binocular and looked towards the construction site before glancing down at the herd of walkers

"You'll never make it pass the walkers" Morales noted

"You've got us out of the tank" Rick said while looking at Glenn

"Yeah, but they were feeding" he defend himself "They were distracted"

"Can we distract them again?"

"Right, listen to him. He's on somethin'. A diversion, like on Hogan Heroes" Merle joked

"God, give it a rest" Jacqui sighed

"They drawn by sound, right?" Rick ask

"Right, like dogs. They hear sound, they come" Glenn nodded

"What else?" Rick ask

"Aside from they hear you?" Morales said "They see you, smell you, and if they catch you, they eat you"

"They can tell us by smell?" Rick ask in confusion

"Can't you" Glenn ask

"They smell dead," Andrea said "We don't. It's pretty distinct"

After a while, Rick finally found a plan and it takes minutes to convince the others about it. Finally after they agreed, Rick took some rain jackets and rubber gloves. Wearing rubber gloves and rain jackets, Rick and Morales collect a dead corpse belonging to a zombie that had been dispatched earlier in the alley where Rick and Glenn had entered. Inside, Rick is about to butcher the corpse with a fire axe, but pauses and decides to search the body.

They acknowledge the man's lost humanity—his name was Wayne Dunlap, he had a picture of a pretty girl in his wallet, and Glenn indirectly states that since they are away to use his organs to help their escape, Glenn describes him as an organ donor. He used to have a life, like everyone else. After the group shares a solemn moment of reflection, Rick begins hacking the dead body to pieces with the axe. Sounds of crunching bone, quishing and gurgling prompts gasps and retches from the group.

Rosalyn stared calmly as Rick smashed the guts, she used to the smell and about all of those guts, though she never smash it. Rick stopped before handing the mask shield and axe to Morales "Keep chopping" Rick instructed as Morales started to smash the guts

"Ugh... I'm so gonna hurl" Glenn muttered as Rosalyn rubbed his back

"Later" Rick said as he watched the walker getting smashed

"How come you're not disgusted by this?" Glenn looked up to Rosalyn

"I'm used to it" she smiles

"You're used to chop people?" Andrea ask from behind as Rosalyn giggled lightly

"Of course not" she said

"Everybody got gloves?" Rick asked as Morales stepped back and put the axe down before taking off the mask shield "Don't get any on your skin or on your eyes"

Rosalyn bent down with the other and dipped her hands into the corpse's abdomen. While everybody closes their eyes, Rosalyn stay calm and started to rummage the guts, it was like doing a surgery for her, she used to do a surgery in the abdomen so it wasn't a problem for her.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Andrea asked as she started to smear the guts to Rosalyn's rain jacket. She had already tied her hair into a messy bun, so the guts won't get to her hair

"If Rick going, I'm with him" She grinned while continue to rub the guts around her jacket

"Oh god!" Glenn exclaimed as Rosalyn turned to him "Oh bad, this is really bad" he closes his eyes

"Think about something else" Rick suggested "Puppies and kitten"

"Dead puppies and kitten" T-Dog corrected as Glenn turned around and start to vomit

"That is just evil" Andrea spat at Rick "What is wrong with you?"

"Next time, let the cracker bit his ass" Jacqui said at Rick's face

"I'm sorry, yo" Morales said as he put the walker's gut around Glenn's neck as he groan in protest

"Do we smell like them?" Rick ask

"Oh yeah" Andrea nodded in disgust before pulled out her gun "Glenn" she called out while holding the gun out in front of him "Just in case" she added as she put the gun in front of Glenn's pants as Morales turned to Rosalyn

"Got your guns already?" he ask

"Yep" she nodded as Morales nodded and glance at her bag on the ground "Please take care of my bag" she grinned

"Leave it to me" he nodded as he smiled lightly at her

"If we make it back, be ready" Rick said

"What about Merle Dixon?" T-Dog ask

Rick sighed and removes one of his gloves and reach down to his pocket before tossing the keys to T-Dog

"Rosalyn" Rick called out as the girl turned to him

"Give me the axe" he said as Rosalyn nodded and handed him the axe

"I need more guts" he said before swinging the axe down to the walkers as everybody flinched

After few times rubbing the guts, they finally get out of the door, guts hanging around their shoulder, the walkers blood wrapped around their jacket. They exchange worried looks before stumbling up the alley towards the bus. Rick was holding a fire axe, Glenn had the tire iron while Rosalyn stick with her knife. She wondered, is there any walker that carried a knife? Of course there's none, she mentally laughed at herself.

Her guns steadily tucked on each side of her waist. Rosalyn watches as one of the walkers started to sniffed at her, and she was worried about her scent, because before the apocalypse, everybody said that she smelled like bubblegum even if she didn't wear any perfumes or anything at all. She mentally sighed in relief when the walkers continue walk, not interested in her scent.

When they reached the bus, they slowly get down to the bus and crawled down to the other side. She bit her lip before they crawled out, she can fell her heart beat a little bit faster as they walk passes some walkers. She may used to see guts and all of that stuff, but she can't help it when she see walkers her courage fading from her.

"It's gonna work" Glenn muttered "I can't believe it"

"Don't draw any attention" Rosalyn whispered as she watched one of the walkers looking at Glenn while following him. She almost laughed when she hears him groan trying to convince the walker.

A loud thunder noises erupted from the sky above as Rosalyn prayed inside her mind, hopping that it won't rain. Her heart drop when she felt raindrops falls to her head and cheek. Rosalyn tightened her grip on her knife as she glanced at the walkers that passed them, all of the walkers was looking at them and started to sniff at them

"The smell is washing off, isn't it?" Glenn ask

"I'm afraid, yes" Rosalyn answered as she looked around worriedly

"No it's not" Rick said as he watched a walker passed him while looking at him in curiosity "Well, maybe"

As soon as he said that, one of the walkers run hungrily towards them while groaning. Rosalyn quickly stabbed it in the head "Run!" She screamed as she pulled out the knife. They started to run towards the construction site while killing every walkers that come running towards them from the other side. When they almost reach the fences, Rosalyn put her knife inside of her knife pocket.

She launched herself up to the top of the fence while thanking her gym teacher in highschool. She settled down to the ground as they took of the jacket. They run towards the lock box as Rick and Rosalyn stopped midway and turned around to the walkers while Glenn continue running to get the key. Rosalyn and Rick pulled out their guns as they started to shoot the walkers that's trying to climb up the fences

"Rick!" Glenn yelled as Rick turned around and Glenn threw him the key. He ran towards the truck as Rosalyn shoot one more walker before running to the truck. Glenn and Rick was already in the truck, she quickly take a seat in the passenger seat while Glenn is in the back . Rick quickly started the engine

"Go, go, go!" Glenn yelled as Rick quickly threw the truck into reverse before forcefully slammed the gas pedal and get out from the back of the construction site exit.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" Glenn chanted "They are all over that place!"

"Glenn, take a deep breath" Rosalyn looked back at him as he took a breath and let it out at once.

"You need to draw them away. We need the area in front of the roll up doors at the front of the store cleared. Raise your friends, tell them to get ready" Rick said

"And I'm driving the geeks away how?" Glenn ask "I-I missed that part"


Rick stopped when he spotted a red sport car. They got off as Rick break the window as the alarm started to blare loudly. Rosalyn and Glenn covered their ears as Rick opened the door and turned on the engine. Glenn quickly get into the car as Rick turned to Rosalyn

"You'll go with him" He said as she nodded and Glenn opened the passenger's door from the inside as she got in.

"Let's go!" Rosalyn exclaimed as Glenn started to drive. He handed her a radio as she talked into it "There's a roll up doors at the front of the store facing the street. Meet us there and be ready" she said before putting down the radio

"Where are we supposed to go?" Glenn glanced at the blonde

"There!" Rosalyn exclaimed as Glenn nodded as they passed the place "Glenn go back! Turn to that right" Rosalyn said as Glenn slammed the reverse pedal as the car turn to the right. Glenn stopped the car as the walkers started to come towards the hood of the car

"Can I shoot them?" Rosalyn ask

"Make yourself comfortable" Glenn said as Rosalyn grinned and pulled out her guns and started to shoot the walkers. Glenn looked back as he slowly make the car to go back "Hold on to something, Rosalyn!" Glenn yelled as she gripped on the door while Glenn reverse the car before turning it and slammed the gas pedal

Glenn started to laugh as they get out of Atlanta while Rosalyn smiling at him "Yeah! Bitches!" Glenn yelled as Rosalyn laughed with him

"Come on Glenn, let's find Rick" She grinned as Glenn happily speed up the car to the high way "Wooho!"

Love, Reinnacchi~


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