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Waterview High


Frederick Fazbear begins to attend Waterview High, this begins a chain of events, both inside his social circle and outside of the school itself. This wasn't what he expected, but he didn't care.

Drama / Adventure
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Bonnie, did you have anything to say? Or are you ignoring me for a reason?” A lavender coloured bunny was awoken from his slumber, to see multiple pairs of eyes staring at him. He looked up and saw the teacher – a large anthro tiger - standing front of him, with a frustrated look on his face.

“Sleeping in class,” The teacher rested his paws on Bonnie's desk, “something on your mind?” The teacher flashed the student a grin. Bonnie avoided eye-contact with the teacher, ultimately causing the teacher to slam his paw on the desk.

“Detention.” The teacher grumbled. He trudged to the front of the class room, approaching a large white-board. He ran his paw across the large white-board, erasing all of the work that was there for the students to take notes on.

Bonnie sighed and rubbed his eyes, he shifted in his chair and stared up at the white-board, as the teacher began to spill crap out of his mouth. He rested his head into his paws and bit his lip. He looked through the cracks between his fingers to see the teacher begin to approach.

But a smile appeared on Bonnie's face once the bell went. The teacher growled and walked back towards the board, “We'll continue this tomorrow.” He said, as the rest of the students – both anthro and human – filed out of the classroom.

Bonnie stood up and picked up his bag. He threw it over his shoulder and walked towards the door, “Where do you think you're goin'?”

A loud voice caught the bunny's attention, his ears lowered the he turned around, facing the clearly angry tiger. The teacher approached Bonnie and stood in front of him, as if he was trying to intimidate the student.

“Outside, sir.” Bonnie rubbed his shoulder.

The teacher shook his head and reached alongside Bonnie. He shut the door and folded his arms, “Not until we have a little chat.” He pointed over to where Bonnie had been sitting before.

“Now sit down.” Bonnie bit his lip and followed the teacher's orders. He trudged over to his desk and sat on a chair.

“Look, Mike-...”

“Call me Mr Schmidt, kid.” The tiger growled, “Don't you know it's impolite and out of line to address a teacher by their first name?”

Bonnie nodded, “Y-Yes sir, sorry...sir.”

“That's a good bunny.” The tiger nodded, “Now. We both don't want to be here.”

“Where, sir?” Bonnie raised an eyebrow.

“In this room. I have a class to teach next period, so this is a free period for me, I don't want to waste it talking to you,” The teacher rested against the white-board, his emerald-coloured eyes staring deep into Bonnie's lavender ones, “And I'm not sure you want to be here either, am I correct?”

“Yea...” Bonnie nodded.

“Let's just get this over with, kid,” The tiger approached Bonnie, he rested his paws on the bunny's desk and stared at the kid, “What's on your mind?”

Bonnie didn't respond, he bit his lip and looked away from Mike, “I may be an asshole, but I DO care for my students, even the ones that come late to class almost every time...” His eyes narrowed.

Bonnie frowned, “Sorry sir...”

“Sorry ain't gonna cut it, I need an explanation. This can't go on,” Mike sighed, “You've been late for the last eight classes.”

Bonnie's ears dropped. He rubbed his forehead and didn't speak a single word.

“What's wrong?” Mike asked, “You can tell me...”

The bunny remained silent, “Stress at school?”

“Social troubles?” The tiger raised an eyebrow.

“Problems at home…?” Mike felt a pang of guilt when he saw Bonnie nod at that.

Bonnie shook his head, “Mom and dad...they never stop fighting. They keep me up at night with their constant SCREAMING. And I can't sleep...I'm worried that if I sleep, one of them will hurt the other, I have a little brother to protect...”

“Henry's only five.” Bonnie looked up at the tiger, he saw the guilt-stricken expression on Mike's face.

“I shouldn't have pried,” The tiger sighed, “I'm real sorry. Okay?”

“I just wanted to have a stress-free week. And sometimes I'm late to classes, but can you get off my back?” Bonnie asked, “I don't go off and leave school. I just hide somewhere and chill before coming to class.”

“I'm afraid to come to your classes. You shout! I get enough of abuse at home and I don't need this from you too.” Bonnie glared at Mike. Mike frowned and he looked down at the floor.

“I'm real sorry...” Mike shook his head.

“Sorry ain't gonna cut it.” Bonnie picked up his bag again and threw it over his shoulder, “Goodbye Mike.” He walked towards the door.

Mike watched Bonnie open the door and leave, leaving the classroom in darkness. Mike rubbed his shoulder and glanced at his desk. He approached his desk and threw himself on his office chair.

The tiger glanced at the phone lying at the end of the desk, he reached for it and dialed a number.

“Principal Cawthon?” The tiger spoke into the phone.

“Ah! Mike! How can I help?” A cheerful voice exclaimed.

“Can I schedule a meeting?” Mike asked.

The principal's cheerful attitude diminished and his tone turned into a more serious one, “With who?”

Mike bit his lip, “I'll tell you in person.”

Bonnie closed the door behind him as he left, he felt guilty for what he said, but now that the teacher knew, maybe something could be done about it? He stumbled into the corridor and reached into his pockets.

He glanced back at the door, and shook his head, I never was good at English anyway…

He pulled his earphones out of his pocket and inserted them into his ears, he switched on his phone and scrolled through a large playlist of songs until he found a specific song. He grinned and attached the earphones to the phone.

A few moments later and all of the voices that echoed through the hallway slowly drowned out as Bonnie's personal songs began to play. He put his paws back in his pocket and slowly walked down the corridor.

He glanced to his left to see a large chicken with an even larger smile on her face, speaking to a smaller chicken wearing exercise gear, “You sure you can't come over for ONE pizza?” The big chicken asked.

“Nope, got running to do.” The thinner chicken replied.

I swear, if Chica eats one more pizza, she'll explode. Bonnie smiled to himself and kept on walking. He looked to his right, to see a set of lockers, with two anthro bears towering over a sky-blue coloured bunny.

The bunny was cowering in fear, “Please, I don't have your money! Give me more time!”

One of the large bears kicked the bunny in the nuts, knocking him to the ground, “Too late.”

Bonnie frowned, Clyde should avoid drugs, he wouldn't be in this position. He walked through the open doors at the end of the hallway. He pulled his paws out of his pocket and approached a door near the exit.

He stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

He came out a few minutes later with a large purple guitar strapped to his back. He walked away from the door and out of the exit. He inhaled the fresh air once he stepped outside of the doors and walked down a small set of concrete stairs.

He looked around and folded his arms. In front of the school was a pretty large park, with a fountain in the centre. Bonnie smiled to himself and took in his surroundings. He'd been going to this school for a year and he still hadn't gotten over the beautiful surroundings.

He was happy he'd moved out of Chicago. To him, the entire city was a dump. I guess that's part of the reason why he left.

He walked towards the fountain and checked his watch. I got a few hours. He walked past the fountain and towards the boys dormitories. He glanced over towards the road and saw a small group of foxes talking with each other.

One of the foxes was wearing a pirate's hat. Bonnie shook his head with a grin. I wish I had the balls to cosplay as something as childish as a pirate.

Bonnie's thoughts were interrupted when he felt a hand on his shoulder, “Uh, excuse me?”

Bonnie turned around, “Excuse me but I'm...” A large bear wearing a black bow-tie was staring at him, Bonnie stared back at the bear wide-eyed, “busy…?”

“Uh, excuse me,” The bear cleared his throat, “I'm new and I have no idea where to go...can I have some help?”

Bonnie felt his face heat up, was he blushing?

“Am I bothering you…?” The bear asked, “Cause if I am, I'll just go...”

“N-No…!” Bonnie exclaimed, “You aren't bothering me!”

“Well uh, I'm Frederick..” The bear extended a paw. Bonnie didn't waste a second, he quickly shook the bear's paw, “But please call me Freddy..”

“I'm Bonnie...” The bunny responded. Freddy nodded and flashed the bunny a smile.

“Could I possibly ask for some directions to the boys dormitories?” The bear asked, glancing down at two suitcases that he was carrying.

Bonnie nodded excitedly, “Sure!”

“Lead the way.” Freddy said. Bonnie nodded and began walking along the path, with Freddy walking beside him.

“You play the guitar?” Freddy asked, eyeing the large purple guitar strapped to the bunny's back. Bonnie nodded and smiled at the bear.

“Unfortunately there's no music classes here,” Bonnie sighed, “So I only really get to practice in my dorm.”

“Speaking of; do we have our own dorm rooms? Or do we have room-mates?” Freddy questioned, adjusting his bow-tie.

“Some rooms – including mine – are luckily, just one person,” Bonnie began, “But half of the rooms do have more than one person living inside.”

Bonnie laughed a little, “There's only four rooms in the girls' dormitories.”

Freddy shuddered, “I wouldn't be able to live with more than one person in my room.”

“So, you're a loner yourself then?” Bonnie asked, glancing up at the sky above them. The sun was setting and night-time was around the corner.

Freddy nodded, “Being related to some of the most important people in Chicago never really made me popular in schools.”

“Chicago?” Bonnie stopped in his tracks and glanced at Freddy, “I was born in Chicago.”

“I guess we both came here for a new start.” Freddy rested his paws in his pockets.

“You can say that...” Bonnie's ears lowered a little. Freddy frowned and shook his head.

“Were you born in Chicago?” Bonnie asked. Freddy sighed.

“Unfortunately, yes.” Freddy frowned.

“Might I ask what your last name is?” Bonnie smirked.

“It's Fazbear...” Freddy sighed.

“Oh, I understand why you wanted to leave. I hear your family was driven out of Chicago.” Bonnie bit his lip.

“We weren't...driven out. We left. But Chicago won't last long without my family there, we owned half of the city.” Freddy shrugged.

“Holy shit, seriously?” Bonnie's eyes widened.

“That's what my dad believes, but it isn't true.” Freddy shook his head.

“Isn't there such thing as a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?” Bonnie asked.

“Don't remind me.” Freddy growled.

Bonnie shook his head, “Sorry...” He looked up and pointed ahead, “We're almost there.”

Freddy nodded and followed Bonnie as they left the park. They walked down a small pathway and Bonnie led them to a large building, almost bigger than the school itself.

Freddy looked up at the large building, “They really outdid themselves with the dormitories, didn't they?”

Bonnie scoffed, “Wait until you see the girls' dormitories.”

Freddy grinned, “I'll pass.” Freddy diverted his attention to the front of the dormitory, where multiple students were in their own groups and chatting with each other.

A pair of humans were throwing a football back and forth to each other, while a pair of anthros – one of them being a golden bunny, and the other being a golden bear – were sitting alone in a nearby corner.

“This is a pretty divided school...” Freddy commented.

Bonnie frowned, “Humans and anthros tend to keep away from each other,” Bonnie sighed, “I don't think anyone has an exact idea why though...”

Freddy glanced at the dormitory, “Thanks for the directions, it was nice to meet you.” He looked at Bonnie and extended his paw. Bonnie grinned and shook the bear's paw.

“No problem.” The bunny nodded. Freddy smiled at Bonnie and walked into the dorm. Bonnie watched him walk away and smiled to himself.

“Look's like you've got a crush.” Bonnie saw the golden bunny and the golden bear approach him.

“Shut up.” Bonnie scoffed.

The two golden anthros shared a grin, the golden bunny glaced at Bonnie, “Crushes aside, who was that guy?”

“His names Freddy,” Bonnie responded, “He's new here, Spring.” He folded his arms.

“I can tell, if he wasn't new I wouldn't have asked you.” Spring shook his head.

“Goldie, have you and Spring studied for the English exam yet?” He glanced at the bear.

“We're still working on it, don't bet on us helping you on this one,” Goldie smirked, “We aren't giving you the answers.”

“Goddamn it.” Bonnie muttered, “I have to study?”

“Aww...you have to study?” Spring mocked, then turned to Goldie, “I mean, what is this, a school?”

“Very fucking funny,” Bonnie growled, “My future relies on this school.”

“Well you better get to work then.” Goldie grinned and walked away. Spring avoided Bonnie's glare and followed him.

Those two are assholes. Bonnie shook his head and entered the boys' dormitory. He walked up two sets of stairs until he reached the third floor. He folded his arms and trudged to the end of the hallway.

The boys' dormitory was exactly the same for each floor, there was a small corridor, then two longer corridors either side of it, so the corridors were shaped like a T.

He glanced at the left hallway, only to see his newly-made friend being pushed against a wall. His suitcases were knocked to the ground. Two anthro bears – that towered over both Freddy AND Bonnie – were trying to intimidate the smaller bear.

One of the bears tore off Freddy's bow-tie and grinned at him, “Well, well, well, if it isn't Frederick Fazbear?”

“H-Hey Red...” Freddy cowered.

“I can't believe this fat asshole is your brother.” The second bear commented.

“Neither can I.” Red growled, “He thinks he's so cool that he's rich.” He pinned Freddy against the wall.

“Dad might like you more, but I'm the better son.” Red growled. Freddy nodded.

“Y-Yes Red…! Can you let me go…?” Freddy asked, as he felt Red tightening his grip on his shoulders.

“Hey, leave him alone!” Bonnie shouted, walking over.

Red and the other bear glanced over at the bunny as he came over, “This ain't any of your business, Bonnible.”

“Don't call me that.” The rabbit growled, “Leave him alone.”

“He's MY brother.” Red exclaimed.

“Doesn't matter, brothers shouldn't treat each other like crap.” Bonnie scolded.

“It's human nature.” The second bear shrugged.

“WE AREN'T HUMANS!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“Oh this is pointless...” Red shook his head and let his brother go. He laughed and pushed Bonnie onto the ground as he walked past. The second bear followed him.

As Red continued walking, he turned back to Freddy, “Welcome to Waterview, brother...”

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