Waterview High

Chapter 10 - Sixth Night

“...Waterview is bringing in a welcome addition to the community next month! Fazbear's Fright, the horror attraction, will be opening sometime during January! If some of you aren't familiar with the Fazbear chain, it is a chain of pizzerias from the 80's and 90's, that has experienced some odd occurances.” A newswoman spoke on a television. She turned to her colleague.

“That's right Jill,” Her colleague nodded and proceeded to continue where she'd left off, “Fazbear entertainment is a company that is – as Jill has said – a pizzeria chain. They originally purchased the rights to a diner back in the early 80's, with them opening their first pizzeria in 1983.” The male continued.

He coughed, “A lot of things went on after the first place opened. A group of children were murdered by a man dressed in purple. It is believed that the bodies of the children were stuffed into the animatronic suits, as the suits began to stink of, as many people have commented – corpses. We'll be talking more about this after Christmas, before the opening, so everybody can enjoy the new horror attraction.” The male grinned at the camera.

Freddy frowned and switched off the television. He wasn't too sure about what'd happened all those years ago, but he knew that his dad had been holding the truth from him. Groups of children being murdered for no reason at all, why would someone do such a thing?

Freddy bit his lip and folded his arms, “I'm gonna head out for a while.” Clyde said, walking behind the couch, towards the door.

“Be sure to be back before twelve, We still have that 'thing' to do~..!” Foxy exclaimed.

Clyde nodded, “I will, mate!” He walked out of the room and slammed the door shut.

“Thanks for letting me use your television,” Freddy looked up at Foxy. The fox came over and sat beside the bear, “Bonnie was sleeping and I didn't want to wake him up.”

“It's okay, mate.” Foxy replied, “Anytime.”

Freddy sighed and looked down at the ground. Foxy noticed this and rubbed his friend's shoulder, “I heard what they said.”

“Hm?” Freddy's ears twitched.

“About your father's pizzeria chain,” Foxy responded, “It's awful...”

“I know.” Freddy's ears lowered. Foxy bit his lip and rubbed his shoulder awkwardly.

“Must be cool to have an entire chain named after ye, eh?” Foxy grinned.

Freddy shook his head, “It's named after my dad...”

Foxy remained silent, “I'm ashamed to call myself a Fazbear...I mean, all those kids. Murdered. And nobody knows what really happened to them...”

“Ye can't change the past,” Foxy shrugged, “We just have t' move forward.”

“I guess so.” Freddy nodded and raised his head back up.

“That's me boy,” Foxy pet his friend on the shoulder and stood up, “I'm gonna head out too, I got some errands to run.”

Foxy walked out of the room, leaving Freddy alone. The bear sighed and approached the door, he pushed it open and wandered outside.

He almost tripped over something. He looked down at the ground and noticed a slip of paper lying there.

He picked up the slip of paper and scratched his head, “What's this doin' here…?” He studied the paper, it was pink, and blank. He turned over the slip of paper and saw the other side had some writing on it.

“'Jeremy Fitzgerald'...” Freddy read, “Twenty dollars and ten cents...” His eyes widened.

“Fazbear Entertainment...” He muttered, “This is a cheque for Freddy Fazbear's pizza...”

He looked down the hallway, then back down at the cheque, he studied the date and he gasped, “1987...dad told me about this...”

“Mr Fitzgerald is the janitor here,” Freddy looked up to see Bonnie walk over, “We both know that. Now what's got you so interested?”

“This.” Freddy handed Bonnie the cheque.

“It's a cheque from thirty years ago,” Bonnie flipped the cheque over, “Might be worth a few bucks, now.”

“It's a cheque from my dad's company.” Freddy said.

“Freddy Fazbear's?” Bonnie's ear twitched.

“Yea.” Freddy responded, “It seems our janitor worked there.”

“Well, I don't really know much about the place, but maybe you could go talk to him about it.” Bonnie shrugged and handed the cheque over to the bear.

“Sounds good.” Freddy muttered.

“Where's the love-birds?” Bonnie asked, grinning a little.

“I believe they're both outside.” Freddy said.

“I might go after them.” Bonnie shrugged.

“Go ahead,” Freddy looked back down at the cheque, “I might go talk to Jeremy.”

“Maybe you should call your parents,” Bonnie suggested, “Maybe they can help you out.”

“Maybe...” Freddy furrowed an eyebrow. Bonnie waved and walked away from the bear, leaving him alone in the hallway.

Freddy walked downstairs soon after him, while searching for Jeremy. He eventually found the human mopping the hallway.

“Uh, Mr Fitzgerald, sir?” Freddy said. The human looked over at the bear and rolled his eyes.

“What is it, bear?” He asked, walking over, “I'm really busy.”

“I wanted to ask you about this,” Freddy showed the human the cheque, “This was outside my dorm room this morning.”

“I was wonderin' where that was.” Jeremy snatched the cheque back and put it in his shirt pocket.

“You worked for my dad's company?” Freddy folded his arms.

“Yeah,” Jeremy chuckled, leaning on his mop, “I thought it was a pretty damn good gig, until I found out about what happened at that damn place.”

“I heard about it,” Freddy sighed, “The murders...”

“It wasn't just murders that happened there, kid,” Jeremy argued, “Corruption, betrayal, even an innocent kid being crushed between the teeth of an animatronic.”

“Holy crap, seriously?” Freddy's eyes widened.

“I should know,” Jeremy said, “I was there.”

Freddy remained silent, “I finished my fifth night at Freddy Fazbear's, back in '87. I had a night-guard gig.”

“And when the fifth night ended, they gave me a cheque,” Jeremy said, “I wasn't satisfied with the amount of money I got.”

“But wasn't that minimum wage, at least back then?” Freddy asked.

“Yeah, but I needed more,” Jeremy responded, “I expected thousands of dollars after spending a week at that retched place, having fended off crazed animatronic...things, for five damn nights. They installed facial recognition software in the newer ones, while the older ones...I can't even explain.”

“Go on.” Freddy folded his arms. Jeremy looked down the hallway and dragged Freddy into the storeroom, “What the..?”

“We shouldn't talk while we're out there, wouldn't want Mr Schmidt to hear us.” Jeremy said.

“Got a problem with him?” Freddy raised an eyebrow.

“Not really,” Jeremy coughed, “Now let me continue.”

“Oh yeah, sir.” Freddy nodded.

“So, yeah. I wasn't satisfied, so I came for one final night...” Jeremy said.

13th of November, 1987

Jeremy grinned to himself as he lifted the keys from one of the day-guards. He stared at the pizzeria and folded his arms, “Overtime, here I come.” He cracked his knuckles and approached the pizzeria.

The front doors of the pizzeria opened, and Jeremy wandered inside. The doors closed behind him, and the clock struck twelve. Bells echoed throughout the establishment, warning Jeremy that it was midnight.

The young man ran to his office and threw himself on his chair, he cleared his throat and picked up his Freddy Fazbear mask, and his tablet. He was ready for one final night, just to earn a little more cash.

“Another hundred,” Jeremy grinned, “Now that's what I need.”

But what Jeremy didn't expect, is for the phone to ring. After a few rings, Jeremy pressed a button on the answering machine. He sat there, wide-eyed, as he heard a familiar voice speak to him.

Hello hello?” A voice over the phone greeted, in a worried tone.

“Hello again...” Jeremy whispered, suspicious about the unexpected phone call. Had the guy on the phone known that Jeremy would be coming in for an extra night? He hadn't told anybody..

Uh, what on earth are you doing there?!” The voice suddenly exclaimed, startling the young male, “Didn't you get the memo?”

Jeremy reached into his pocket and pulled out a small yellow slip of paper, he held it in his hands. He'd read it earlier, it had let Jeremy know that the place was being closed down.

The place is closed down,” The voice over the phone said, “At least for a while...”

Jeremy nodded, “Yep.”

Someone used one of the suits.” The voice over the phone suddenly said. Jeremy jumped up and stared at the phone wide-eyed. He picked up his tablet and proceeded to wind up the music box.

The young man sat back in his chair and continued to listen to the message.

We had a spare in the back,” The voice began to sound distressed, “A yellow one.” A bead of sweat trickled down the male's face.

Someone used it,” The voice paused, “Now none of them are acting right!”

Jeremy started to think that coming in for a final night wasn't a good idea. He was about to stand up, but a distressed voice over the phone said;

Listen, just finish your shift,” He said, “It's safer than trying to leave in the middle of the night.”

Jeremy sat back down on his chair and continued to wind up the music box. He picked up his flashlight and began flashing it down the hallway. Foxy covered his eyes and ran back into the Parts and Service room.

Uh...we have one more event scheduled for tomorrow,” The voice informed, “A birthday...you'll be on day-shift.”

Jeremy raised an eyebrow, “I am…?”

Wear your uniform...” The voice paused, “Stay close to the animatronics, make sure they don't hurt anyone, okay?”

For now just, make it through the night...” The voice continued.

Uh...when the place eventually opens again, I'll probably take the night-shift myself.” The voice said. Jeremy frowned and looked down the empty hallway.

Okay, goodnight, and good luck.” The message ended, leaving a very distressed night-guard.

Present Time

“I finished my night, though I almost got slaughtered a few times,” Jeremy coughed, “The next morning, I went home and went to bed. A few hours later, I was called back in, by the same damn son of a bitch who had hired me.”

Freddy stared intently at the janitor, “Your father.” He pointed to Freddy. Freddy frowned, but stayed silent and let the male talk.

“When we got there, they were taking away all the old animatronics, the new ones too. Even that Balloon kid that the guy on the phone forgot to mention,” Jeremy scoffed, “They were going to remodel the place, into a diner of sorts.” He continued.

“I stood there, waiting for orders, that's when my boss – your father – came up to me.” Jeremy trailed off.

13th of November, 1987

“Jeremy!” Freddy's father exclaimed, he walked over and hugged his employee, “I swear you're suicidal, Fritz.”

“Don't call me that.” Jeremy growled.

Freddy's father frowned, “Uh, sorry..”

“I needed the extra cash,” Jeremy changed the subject, he looked around, “What's going on?”

“We're closing down.” Freddy's father replied, “We've decided to bring some old favourites out for our final birthday party. We're hoping to open another place in the future, but we feel we should pay our respects to Fredbear's Family Diner.”

Jeremy looked around again, he could see a whole different table set, with some posters that he'd seen back at Fredbear's family diner.

“But of course,” Jeremy folded his arms, “I went there all the time as a kid. Spring Bonnie and Fredbear were my icons.”

“Well why don't you stay and help us set up? We can't find the keys to the safe room, so we're gon' need some assistance getting the door open.” Freddy's father added.

“Uh, Mr Fazbear?” Jeremy said, reaching into his pocket.

“Call me Hugo.” The large bear replied.

Jeremy cleared his throat, “Hugo. I have the keys.” He pulled a set of keys out of his pocket and handed them to his boss.

“Ah, of course! That's how you got in here after-hours.” Hugo responded.

“Can I still help out?” Jeremy asked.

“Of course!” Hugo exclaimed, “We need all the help we can get.” The large bear led the human to the kid's cove and pointed to a red door.

“There's a room behind here,” Hugo said, knocking on the door, “We've got two animatronics in there.”

“Are they still functional?” Jeremy asked.

“Of course.” Hugo responded.

A few minutes later, the door was knocked down. Hugo thanked his other employees and led Jeremy inside the room. Hugo switched on a light and the small room lit up.

There was a large table in the centre of the room, with a few old animatronic skulls and suits lying on some of the shelves above the table.

Please let me out.. Jeremy heard a voice, it sounded like a child's voice.

“Did you hear that?” Jeremy glanced at Hugo.

“Heard what?” Hugo raised an eyebrow.

Jeremy sighed, “Nevermind...” He looked around the room.

“Why is there a room behind here?” Jeremy asked, eye-brows raised.

“I can't really answer that,” Hugo responded, “All I can say, is that at every location so far, there's been a room that isn't on the camera feed, or on the animatronic's digital map.”

“How is that possible…?” Jeremy exclaimed.

Hugo chuckled, “It's the wonders of technology!”

Jeremy looked over to the corner of the room to see two suits lying there, “Sir, are these the animatronics?”

“Yea.” Hugo responded, “We've got two Spring-lock suits. But we're not going to be 'using' them.”

“Sir?” Jeremy folded his arms.

“We'll be just putting them on the stage on their own, while I'll be giving you the job, to put these two empty suits,” Hugo pointed to the two empty suits on the table, “On our employees. As they'll need assistance to get them on.”

“Okay...” Jeremy nodded.

A few hours passed, the clock struck three and kids began filing into the pizzeria. Jeremy grabbed the two empty suits and pulled two day-guards aside.

“Here ya go...” Jeremy slipped on the Fredbear suit on the first employee. The employee smiled and thanked Jeremy.

The employee dressed as the golden bear walked outside and noticed a kid lying under a table, the employee frowned and reached down to help the kid. The kid jumped back and ran away from the bear. The employee sighed and proceeded to walk away.

Jeremy walked back into the safe room and the second employee followed him in, “Now I'll just slip that on you like so...” Jeremy slipped on the Spring Bonnie suit onto the employee.

“Thanks, Jere.” The employee ruffled the guard's hair and walked away. The second employee pushed past four well-built teenagers as they entered the establishment.

Jeremy grinned to himself and walked out of the safe-room, shutting the newly-crafted door behind him. Hugo walked over to Jeremy and smiled at him, “It's a shame that we're closin'.” Hugo commented.

“It is, I guess.” Jeremy shrugged.

“You don't sound so sure.” Hugo raised an eyebrow.

“Well, being hunted down by eleven animatronics every night is a deal-breaker.” Jeremy growled.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me. Your cheque is in the office.” The bear said. The human nodded and walked away from the crowd.

He walked to the office and picked up his cheque, he grinned and looked down at it.

Meanwhile, in the main room, a group of teenagers were carrying a kid towards the stage. The teenagers were laughing and saying things to the kid as they brought him closer and closer.

“What's going on up there…?” Hugo asked himself. He began to approach the group, but it was too late.

“One...two...three!” One of the teenagers – wearing a grey shirt – exclaimed. Jeremy walked back into the room and looked over at Hugo, then over to the stage.

Both of the adults watched in horror at the kid was placed in Fredbear's mouth. Neither of them could do anything. The animatronic's mouth collapsed and crushed the kid's skull, leaving him limp.

All was silent. It was surprisingly silent.

It didn't last long. Chaos began to spread. Jeremy ran over to the animatronic and tried to pry the kid out of it's mouth, “Goddamn it…!” Jeremy exclaimed.

“What have I done…?” The teenager wearing the grey shirt looked down at his hands. He began to sob, as his friends ran off, leaving him there.

Present Day

Freddy sat there, extremely surprised, “What happened next…?”

Jeremy wiped a few tears away and sighed, “They took him to the emergency room. They found out that one of the bullies was actually his brother. A few days after he was bitten, he passed away in a hospital bed...”

“What happened to the teens?” Freddy folded his arms.

“They took in three of them for questioning. All of them got about...twenty years in prison. But they never caught the kid's brother...” Jeremy responded.

“Where did all of this happen…?” Freddy asked, “There's hundreds of Freddy Fazbear pizzerias...”

“No there isn't.” Jeremy simply replied, “There's one of each establishment. It's not like FurDonalds, it's not everywhere.”

“Then where was it?” Freddy asked.

Jeremy tapped his foot on the ground and looked up at Freddy, “Right here.”

“Right here?” Freddy raised an eyebrow.

“It's buried under this dorm.” Jeremy responded.

Freddy scoffed, “You're kidding, right?”

“Do I look like I'm kidding?” Jeremy stared at Freddy, with a serious glare.

“No...” Freddy stood up, “No...you don't..”

“They tore the place down soon after the party, a few years later, this school was built. Right on top of it.” Jeremy said.

“So the place is completely destroyed?” Freddy raised an eyebrow.

“Yep. But maybe Fazbear's Fright'll have some info for ya, or your father.” Jeremy shrugged.

“This is...so much to take in,” Freddy exclaimed, “I'm gonna go..”

Jeremy nodded, “It's been an hour, your friends are probably looking for you, but here, take it.” He handed the cheque back to him, “I don't need to remember bad memories...”

“Yeah...thanks.” Freddy walked out. Jeremy looked around the storeroom. He pulled out a small cardboard box and peered inside.

Inside was another pink cheque with the name 'Fritz Smith' written on it, a phone, a golden badge, and a purple uniform. He sighed and closed the cardboard box shut, “Poor kid...” He muttered. He grabbed his mop and walked out of the store-room, locking the door behind him.

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