Waterview High

Chapter 11 - The Party

Bonnie, Freddy, Foxy and Clyde were sitting together in front of the main building. Foxy and Clyde were lying on the grass, with Bonnie sitting beside them, while Freddy was sitting in front of them. He'd spent the last half hour repeating the story that Jeremy had told him earlier.

“Seems like your dad had some problems with that place.” Clyde commented.

“Yeah, no shit.” Freddy sighed.

“Don't worry 'bout it, mate. It's all in the past now, y'hear?” Foxy smiled.

“I know...but I really wanna know what happened,” Freddy shook his head, “It's unsolved.”

“What is?” Bonnie asked, his ears twitching a bit.

“The murders. They've never been solved.” Freddy responded.

“They were all murdered in the eighties,” Foxy said, “Ye'll probably never know what happened t' 'em...”

“Maybe not, but we can try, right?” Freddy asked.

“Maybe so...” Clyde shrugged.

“What time is it?” Foxy asked.

Bonnie checked his watch, “It's almost five.” He glanced over at his dorm.

“The sun'll set soon. Should we head to the party now?” Clyde asked, looking over at Foxy.

“Ye guys can if ya want, I want some alone time with my little bunny~...” Foxy grinned and kissed Clyde on the forehead.

“I don't wanna go yet,” Bonnie said, standing up, “But I wanted to talk to ya...” He glanced at Freddy.

“Wanna go for a walk?” Freddy asked.

“Yeah, ye two go ahead.” Foxy said, kissing Clyde. Clyde kissed back and pushed himself on top of the fox, the two males laughed and shared a few more kisses, while Freddy and Bonnie walked away.

“I just wanted to apologize for the weekend,” Bonnie rested his paws in his pockets, “Dad can be an asshole.”

“Don't worry about it!” Freddy exclaimed, “It's cool. At least I got t' know you and your family a bit better.”

“I guess so.” Bonnie shrugged. He rubbed his shoulder, “That's not all though...”

“What is it?” Freddy stopped. Bonnie stopped and sighed.

“I don't wanna go to the party alone so...would ya mind being my...date, or somethin'?” Bonnie coughed, “I mean, it's just a stupid party...”

Freddy laughed, “Of course I don't mind.”

“Really?” Bonnie's ears twitched.

“Of course!” Freddy shook his head, “But you're buying me a drink.”

“Sounds fair.” Bonnie grinned.

The two males continued walking and came back around an hour later. They approached the main building, to see Foxy and Clyde lying beside each other, both of them fast asleep.

“Aww...” Freddy grinned.

“Ain't that cute~?” Bonnie took out his phone and took a picture of the sleeping males.

“BOOTY!” Foxy exclaimed, sitting up.

“The hell?” Bonnie snickered, before he burst into laughter.

“Who wakes up like that…?” Freddy chuckled.

Clyde sat up and grinned at the three males, “What's so funny?”

Bonnie walked over and showed Clyde a short video that he'd taken, “BOOTY!” Foxy exclaimed on the video. Clyde snickered and hugged Foxy's chest.

“You're silly...” Clyde muttered.

Freddy glanced over at the boys dormitories, he began to hear music playing, “Well, I guess the party's on.”

“Let's head over, then.” Foxy grinned and stood up.

“And search for the booty~?” Clyde laughed.

“Maybe~...” Foxy poked his tongue out at Clyde.

Bonnie and Freddy shared looks of disgust, “I'm gonna head towards the dorms...catch ya guys there.” Bonnie walked away. Freddy ran after him and followed him to the boy's dorm.

Foxy and Clyde followed, but they were pretty far behind them.

In front of the dorm, were a large amount of students, both human and anthro, dancing and enjoying themselves. Freddy could recognise the music that was playing anywhere, Got Well Soon, by Breton was playing.

Bonnie and Freddy shared looks, “I hate parties...” Bonnie muttered.

“You'll be fine...” Freddy grinned, “Come on.”

“I love this song…!” One of the students shouted nearby.

Bonnie followed Freddy down the stairs, “This is awesome!” Freddy saw Chica dancing alongside Goldie. He actually could see Goldie smiling, which put a smile on his own face.

It's nice to see Goldie happy for once, he needs to be happy more often. He thought to himself.

“Slow down, asshole!” Two students ran past, in their bathing suits, splashing water on each other.

He watched Freddy approach the dorm. Bonnie put his paws in the pockets of his hoodie and began pushing through the crowd. Clyde and Foxy walked through the gate and down the stairs.

“There's Bonnie,” Clyde said, pointing to the bunny pushing the through the crowd of half-drunk students, “And there's Freddy.” He pointed to the dorm.

Foxy wrapped an arm around Clyde and pulled the bunny against him, “I swear the music people like these days is just...terrible!”

“Yea.” Clyde scoffed, “But whatever.”

“This better be a bitchin' party.” Foxy and Clyde walked down the final step and they pushed past a small group of students.

“Fuck the principal, let's have parties like this every damn week!” Goldie exclaimed. Clyde shook his head and folded his arms.

Clyde looked to his right and saw Spring making out with Chi. He and Foxy shared looks and shrugged, “It's obvious that they were gon' hook up.” Foxy commented.

Clyde nodded, “So, what now?”

“We enjoy ourselves!” Foxy exclaimed.

“Where's that Mangle girl?” Foxy heard a student ask nearby.

“I dunno, probably fuckin' some guy in the restrooms again.” A female chicken replied.

“She's such a slut.” The first student laughed. Foxy growled and looked away from them.

“Drink as much as you need! Who gives a crap about school anyway!?” A dragon nearby shouted, standing beside a drink table, “I'm buying everyone here a drink!” Everybody nearby 'woohoo'ed and some ran over to get their free drinks.

Clyde glanced over at the dorm and saw Shane sitting by himself beside the dorm entrance, he was going to head over there, before he saw the same bear from his Geography class walk over.

Eli and Shane seem to get on well, Clyde thought to himself, They're a couple in the makin'.

Eli sat beside Shane and they both exchanged smiles, “Hey...” Eli greeted.

“Hey...I was wonderin' if ya were comin',” Shane replied, “I could use a few drinks.”

“They're on the house.” Eli grinned and stood up, he grabbed Shane and dragged him to the drinks table.

Foxy grabbed Clyde's paws. Clyde stared into the fox's eyes with a large grin. Clyde kissed Foxy on the cheek and started to dance, pretty damn badly.

Foxy snickered and covered his mouth, “You dance like a crab without legs.”

“I know, why don't you dance badly with me?” Clyde grinned. Foxy rolled his eyes and began dancing along with his companion.

“You dance like a ship without a mast.” Clyde commented.

“Leave the jokes to me.” Foxy laughed. Clyde shook his head with a grin and ran his paws down Foxy's torso.

Foxy grinned and looked up at the top of the main building, he saw a student jump off the top and fall three stories down.

“WOOO!” The human screamed as his friends caught him at the bottom.

“Damn Jake, you're fucking crazy!” One of the human's friends exclaimed.

“Crazy and proud, WOO!” Jake laughed.

Bonnie opened the door to the dorm and entered, the music got louder as he entered. He looked around, but couldn't find Freddy anywhere. A dragon pushed past the bunny and almost knocked him over.

“Out of the way, asshole! Got games to steal!” The dragon exclaimed.

Bonnie growled and brushed himself off, “Such poor manners.”

“You're starting to sound like Freddy.” Bonnie looked up to see Red standing in front of him.

“Red? What're you doing here?” Bonnie asked, startled by the sudden interruption.

“Parties aren't really my thing, but where else do I go, y'know?” Red coughed.

Bonnie rubbed his shoulder and looked down at the floor, “Look...” Red began.

Bonnie looked up at the bear, “I'm sorry for before...” Red apologized, “I'm just an asshole who thinks he's better than everyone else.”

“Yes, yes you are.” Bonnie agreed, a smirk appearing on his face.

“Did you see Clyde anywhere tonight?” Red asked, “I'm looking for him.”

“So you can put him into further debt with his drug use?” Bonnie folded his arms.

“Look,” Red sighed, “I don't have anything against him, alright? He's a good guy, but I have to do this so I can repay my debt.”

“And I don't really want my body to be thrown into an empty pit in the middle of a desert.” Red added. Bonnie's eyes widened.

“Uh...” He was speechless.

“Yeah, I'm in pretty deep when it comes to debt.” Red coughed, the bear folded his arms and noticed Bonnie's odd expression, “You look like you're on a mission. You looking for Freddy or something?”

“It's obvious,” Bonnie chuckled, “He's my 'date'.” He said, while putting in physical quotes.

“Seriously?” Red raised an eyebrow.

“It's a joke.” Bonnie sighed.

“Seems like that fact disappoints you.” Red bit his lip.

“That's cause it does.” Bonnie glared at him.

“Another high school crush story, it seems?” Red chuckled, “Too much angst for me.”

“It isn't angst, I think.” Bonnie scratched his head.

“It's angst, Bonnie.” Red argued.

“Let's just forget I said anything,” Bonnie rolled his eyes, “Have ya got any money to buy me a drink? Cause Freddy seems to have bailed on me.”

“Yeah,” Red handed Bonnie a few dollars, “Go ahead and buy yourself a drink.”

“Thanks.” Bonnie half-smiled and walked away from Red. Bonnie wandered back outside and glanced over at the drinks table, he grinned and pocketed the money.

It's so easy to get money out of that asshole. The bunny thought to himself. He grabbed a drink off the table and drank the contents.

“Aaah, sweet, glorious alcohol...” He said to himself.

“You're bankrupting me…!” The dragon from earlier shouted, with a nervous laugh. Bonnie shook his head and walked back to the dorm, the bunny pushed past a few humans and towards the staircase.

Bonnie approached the staircase and proceeded to walk up the stairs. A large amount of newly-drawn graffiti littered the walls surrounding him.

Bonnie shook his head and walked onto the third floor. There were only a few groups on the third floor, and the music was lighter than it was downstairs.

“Dude, you gotta share the stuff, bro!” A purple bunny exclaimed.

“Of course, man. It's all green in the woods.” Bonnie saw one of the students hand the purple bunny what seemed to be a small bag of weed.

“Helllooooo~…!” Bonnie froze, he recognised that voice. He turned around and he was face to face with Aiden, the bear who he'd had an encounter with in the male's restrooms.

“Stay away from me...” Bonnie warned. Aiden approached Bonnie, stumbling a little. It was obvious that he was drunk in some way. Bonnie kept a paw on his pocket in case he needed to grab his knife.

“Come on honey~…!” Aiden exclaimed.

“I don't know who you are...but you need to back off, come on. You're drunk…!” Bonnie exclaimed.

Freddy approached Bonnie and smiled at him, “Hey there!”

“Freddy...hey!” Bonnie exclaimed, “Can you get this guy away from me…?”

Freddy glanced at Aiden, he had a look of disgust on his face, “Uh, sir. Can ya leave my friend alone?” Freddy asked, in an irritated – yet calm – tone.

“You keep away...” Aiden stumbled over his own words.

Aiden stumbled towards them and fell forward, almost knocking Bonnie against the wall. Bonnie grabbed his knife and held it beside his hip.

“Back off...” Bonnie warned.

“Go on, man. You're drunk.” Freddy repeated, “Head to your dorm room, leave us alone.”

Aiden got up off the ground and reached for Bonnie's chest. Bonnie raised his knife, Freddy grabbed Bonnie's arm and held it.

“Bonnie...” Freddy muttered, “It's fine...” He was holding Bonnie's arm tightly.

Aiden grabbed Bonnie's right sleeve and tore it off. He grinned and stumbled, his eyes rolled back into his head and he fell onto the ground.

“Aaaaand he's unconscious..” Freddy grinned. He looked back at Bonnie, who was covering his arm.

“You alright?” Freddy asked.

“Yeah, I'm fine.” Bonnie responded.

“Why're you covering your arm?” The bear asked, a suspicious look appearing on his face.

“...” Bonnie didn't reply. Freddy grabbed Bonnie's paw and lifted it off his arm. He stood there, in shock, when he saw a set of cuts lining Bonnie's right arm.

“What the hell…?” Freddy's eyes widened. Bonnie looked at Freddy with a guilty frown.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Red walked back outside. He pushed through a crowd of anthros and towards the centre of the small area in front of the dorm.

He saw Clyde and Foxy dancing not too far away, he folded his arms and watched them dance. He seems like just another normal guy to them…

I wonder how Foxy'd feel when he finds out that Clyde still takes them…Red looked down at his pockets.

“Out of the way, drug-dealer!” A human ran up to Red and pushed him over, knocking the bear onto the ground. A handful of capsules fell out of his pockets.

Red gasped and collected as many of them as he could, he heard somebody clear their throat. It caught his attention rather quickly.

He sighed and looked back up, and was surprised to see Clyde and Foxy approaching him.

“Uh...” Red watched them walk over.

“Hey.” Clyde greeted, a small grin on his face.

“Hi, mate.” Foxy nodded.

“Uh, yeah. Hey.” Red responded, rubbing his shoulder awkwardly.

“Are ya...alright?” Clyde asked, folding his arms.

“I'm better,” Red smiled, “My arm's still sore.”

“I'll bet. That human seemed to be hell-bent on beating ye up.” Foxy shrugged.

“On a happier note, what are ya plans for the week?” Clyde asked.

“Why're you asking me? We never talk...except when we exchange things.” Red coughed.

“Well, I thought that maybe we could talk. You are Freddy's brother. So I guess we could make a friend instead of an enemy.” Clyde responded.

“That's cool, I guess...” Red shrugged.

“Freddy was tellin' us somethin' earlier, wanna hear?” Foxy asked.

“What was it 'bout?” Red questioned.

“He told us about yer father's pizzeria chain,” Foxy said, “He wants to try and solve the mystery over what happened to those kids.”

“Kids?” Red raised an eyebrow, “What kids?”

“Don't play dumb, your dad would've told you about the kids that were murdered back in the eighties.” Clyde shook his head.

“I ain't playin' dumb...” Red folded his arms, “Kids...murdered? Holy crap...”

“Ya really didn't know?” Clyde frowned, “That sucks.”

“He told Freddy, but not me?” Red growled.

“Your dad seems to value him over you,” Clyde said, “I hate families that do that.”

“I'm not useless, goddamn it.” Red said, to himself.

“Look-...” Foxy frowned.

“Just...I'm gonna go party a bit more, maybe dance a little. See ya later, I guess...” Foxy and Clyde watched Red walk off. They shared looks of confusion.

“Let's go check on the love-birds.” Clyde grinned and walked towards the dorm, with Foxy following him close behind.

The two males made it to the third floor. Clyde panted, “Ye need to lose weight, bunny.” Foxy laughed.

“I know.” Clyde rolled his eyes.

“Freddy…?” Foxy and Bonnie could hear Bonnie's voice. They walked down the hallway and turned to the right, they saw Bonnie standing outside his bedroom door.

“Did Freddy lock himself in Bonnie's room?” Clyde asked.

“Seems like it,” Foxy said, “Wonder what went down...”

They walked over to Bonnie. Clyde folded his arms, “Bonnie?”

“Yeah, hey.” Bonnie banged on the door again, “Open the door, come on!”

“What happened?” Foxy asked, studying the bunny.

“He just...got a little mad, he locked himself in there.” Bonnie sighed. He continued banging on the door.

“What did he get mad about?” Clyde asked.

“I'll tell ya later...” Bonnie muttered, “Can ya help me get this door open?”

“I can pick the lock...” Clyde said.

Before any of them could do anything, the door opened and Freddy stood on the other side. He seemed to have tear stains below his eyes.

“Ye alright, mate?” Foxy said. Freddy nodded.

Bonnie grabbed Freddy and hugged him, “I'm sorry, okay?”

Freddy nodded and brought his lips to Bonnie's ears, “We need to talk.”

Bonnie nodded wearily and walked into his room, “I'll catch you two later..” Freddy said.

Clyde and Foxy nodded as Bonnie's door shut, “See the cuts on Bonnie's arm?”

“Yea.” Foxy responded.

“Did they seem new to you?” Clyde questioned.

“Yeah...and I remember Bonnie having a knife earlier,” Foxy sighed, “I wish I could've said something that would've stopped him from cuttin'.”

“He didn't have cuts when he came out...shirtless, the other day.” Clyde said.

“They're probably from yesterday...” Foxy shook his head.

Clyde and Foxy sighed in unison, “Let's head back to your room.”

“We won't be able t' sleep.” Foxy walked back to his room, with Clyde following close behind.

“Who said we were sleepin'?” Clyde grinned. Foxy opened the door to his room and slipped inside. Clyde followed him in and closed the door behind them.

Foxy felt Clyde grab him, he grunted as he was thrown onto the couch. He licked his lips as Clyde began to undress, right in front of him. Foxy's eyes widened, he blushed and stared at the bunny, with a lustful look in his eye.

Clyde turned around and showed off a bit, by shaking his body a little. Foxy wolf-whistled and his grin widened.

“Come on over 'ere...” Foxy licked his lips. Clyde stepped back and sat on Foxy's lap, grinding against his crotch a little.

“We really doin' this?” Foxy asked.

“Only if you want to...~” Clyde continued to grind against him. Foxy pulled Clyde's back against his chest and nipped his neck;

“Let's do it~...”

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