Waterview High

Chapter 12 - After Hours

The door shut, lowering the volume of the 'Good Well Soon' song and leaving the two males alone. Bonnie sat on his bed, looking at the ground with a guilty face. Freddy sighed and sat beside the bunny.

“I'm sorry for getting mad,” Freddy bit his lip, “It just...surprised me.”

“It was a normal reaction...” Bonnie's ears lowered, “I should be the one saying sorry..”

“Why are you...cutting?” Freddy asked, turning to face his friend, “I didn't think you were depressed..”

“Don't judge a book by it's cover.” Bonnie simply said.

“You just seem so happy…!” Freddy exclaimed, “I still can't believe it..”

“And when did this start happening!?” Freddy rubbed his forehead, “There weren't any cuts when you came out shirtless the other day…!”

“They're recent...” Bonnie's ears lowered. Freddy bit his lip.

“Thanks for uhm...getting that guy to leave me alone...” Bonnie changed the subject. He looked up at Freddy and cracked a small smile.

“I get the feeling you knew him.” Freddy said.

“I don't...really, but I did see him before,” Bonnie responded, “In the males restrooms..”

“Oh, alright.” Freddy nodded.

“It wasn't like...good though. He came in while I was...checking myself out in the mirror,” Freddy snickered at this, but let Bonnie keep talking, “He commented on my appearance...then he pushed me against the wall...”

“You don't need to say anymore...” Freddy sighed, “Did he...do anything?”

“No, thank christ.” Bonnie responded, “If he did, I would've cut him.”

Freddy folded his arms and stood up, “I still owe you a drink...” He grinned and turned towards the bunny.

Bonnie smiled and got up off his bed, “The party ain't over yet.”

“It won't be, for a while.” Freddy opened the door and walked out the room. Bonnie followed him outside and shut the door behind him. They looked up to see a few groups of students staring at them.

Bonnie lowered his head and avoided their eyes, Freddy sighed and led Bonnie towards the staircase. The two anthros walked down to the ground floor, pushing past a few humans running towards the roof.

“This is a pretty crazy party, for a Monday.” Bonnie commented as they reached the ground floor.

“Yeah, it's insane...” Freddy folded his arms.

“So how 'bout that drink?” Bonnie grinned.

“Yes, yes, I won't forget...” Freddy grabbed Bonnie's paw and walked out of the dorm. Bonnie blushed and looked down at the ground.

Freddy noticed this and grinned, “Come on.” He brought the bunny over to the drinks table and spoke to a student behind the table.

“How much?” Freddy asked.

“A dollar a cup,” The student replied, “How many cups?”

“Two.” Freddy responded.

Bonnie pulled the money he got from Red out of his pocket and slammed it on the table, “I'll pay.”

“It's only two bucks, Bonnie.” Freddy scoffed, “It's fine, really.”

The student filled two cups with alcohol and put the cups on the table, “There.”

Bonnie handed over the cash and grinned as he picked up the cups, “Before you say anything, you don't owe me.” He handed a cup to Freddy and gently hit his cup against Freddy's.

“A toast to…?” Bonnie asked.

“Our friendship.” Freddy grinned. Bonnie's smile faded, he drank out of the cup along with Freddy. Bonnie coughed.

“Damn, that's good shit...” Bonnie commented.

“Yea...” Freddy shook his head, “Thanks for this.”

“No problem, Fred.” Bonnie smiled.

Freddy crushed the cup in his paw and threw it in a nearby trash-can, “The trash can is pretty empty, lots of littering fines'll be handed out tonight.” Freddy joked.

Bonnie shrugged, “Guess so.” He crushed his cup and threw it in the bin.

“What's the time?” Freddy asked, unfolding his arms.

“I'm so wasted…!” A human stumbled past them, almost falling over.

Bonnie rolled his eyes and checked his watch, “About ten.”

Freddy nodded, “Feels like it's morning...”

“Wonder why the cops haven't showed up yet...” Bonnie muttered.

“Maybe they were paid off.” Freddy shrugged.

“They haven't had a party like this in ages...I wonder what they're celebrating.” Bonnie bit his lip.

“Maybe they aced their exams or something?” Freddy suggested, “How long have you been going to this school, again?”

“For about a year,” Bonnie answered, “That's too long, if ya ask me.”

“I just did.” Freddy chuckled.

“It's a joke.” Bonnie grinned and rolled his eyes.

“When was the last big party, then?” Freddy looked around. Bonnie smiled at Freddy and shrugged.

“Back in July, not during school hours of course.” Bonnie responded.

“What were they celebratin'?” Freddy asked.

“I didn't go, but I know they were celebratin' somethin'...might've been a wedding, or a couple getting together, I don't remember.” Bonnie shrugged.

“Fuck her right in the pussy!” An anthro cat sprinted passed, with a few humans following her.

“That joke is so over-used.” Freddy commented.

“It's been, what, a decade?” Bonnie grinned.

“I can't believe they still have parties like this in the 2020's,” Freddy commented, “You'd think people would've gotten tired of these cliché high-school parties.”

“Guess people don't see it that way.” Bonnie shrugged.

Freddy tilted his head and shrugged, he looked over at the gate leading towards the main building, he noticed somebody standing there.

It was a white fox, with some bruises on her cheeks that looked like blush, “Whose that?” Freddy asked.

Bonnie followed Freddy's gaze, “That's...Chloe, I think. But everyone calls her Mangle...”

“Why do they call her that?” Freddy asked, glancing at Bonnie.

“Because of all the bruises and cuts she gets...” Bonnie responded, “Nobody knows where the bruises or cuts come from, nobody really physically hurts her...”

“Should we go talk to her?” Freddy asked.

“Why the hell not?” Bonnie shrugged and walked towards the stairs. As the two approached the staircase, they noticed Chi and a few other girls speaking with Chloe.

“What're you doing here, slut?” Chi asked, growling at Chloe.

“I-I wanted to come join the party...” Chloe replied, in a calm – and very quiet – tone.

“You weren't invited.” One of Chi's friends replied.

“This party isn't invite only...” Chloe replied, in a timid tone.

“Doesn't mean we can't stop you from entering, get out of here, whore.” Chi growled.

“What's going on here…?” Freddy asked, catching their attention.

“Oh, hey Fred~!” Chi greeted with a grin.

“Why're you bein' so mean to this girl?” Freddy questioned, folding his arms.

“We aren't, we just don't want her here.” Chi responded.

“Just leave 'er, alone, she ain't hurtin' noone.” Bonnie said.

Chi sighed, “Fine...come on girls, let's go.” Chi and her friends walked back down the stairs.

“Thanks...for that.” Chloe smiled at them.

“It's fine,” Bonnie responded, “You came to the party late.”

“I wasn't gonna come at all...” Chloe replied, “But a friend convinced me..”

“The party's almost over.” Freddy folded his arms.

“I know...” Chloe sighed, “Least I'll be able to hang with Eli for a bit...”

“Eli's a nice guy, he's probably hanging with Shane somewhere.” Bonnie said.

“I feel sorry for that bunny, poor kid, to lose your father like that...” Chloe frowned.

“Yeah, it's pretty terrible.” Freddy shook his head.

“Well...it was nice meeting you two, see ya...” Chloe walked past them and down the stairs.

“Nice girl.” Freddy commented.

“She's really quiet, but I always thought she was cool...” Bonnie smiled.

“So what now? Do we head back down there?” Freddy asked.

“I'd like to go for a walk, if you don't mind joining me...” Bonnie smiled at the bear. Freddy nodded and proceeded to walk through the open gate.

“Sure.” He responded. Bonnie followed the bear down a path and folded his arms.

“It's really quiet out here, especially at night...” Bonnie commented.

“The scenery is just...beautiful,” Freddy looked around in awe, “It's really atmospheric.”

“You said it.” Bonnie chuckled. The bunny paused and looked at the main building, he noticed that the front door was open. He grinned and glanced at his friend.

“What are you thinking?” Freddy asked, as he just noticed the open door.

“Follow me.” Bonnie said. He crouched down and moved towards the main building.

“What're we doing…?” Freddy asked. Bonnie moved into the main building, with Freddy following close behind.

“We're looking around...” Bonnie grinned.

“Why?” Freddy asked.

“Because we can, and besides, I have something to do in my English class...” Bonnie glance down a nearby hallway.

“We should get out of here...” Freddy whispered.

“Don't worry, after I'm finished in my English class, I got something else to show you.” Bonnie responded.

“Great...” Freddy said, in a sarcastic tone. Bonnie walked down a hallway and approached the door leading to his English class. He rested his paw on the knob and turned it.

The door remained shut, “Locked...” Bonnie whispered, he cursed under his breath.

“Oh well, we can just go now...” Freddy said, looking down the hallway.

Bonnie pulled out a bobby pin from his pocket and grinned at Freddy, “You're not serious.” Freddy said.

Bonnie pulled out a screwdriver and inserted the two objects into the lock of the door, “I may be a hipster, but this hipster knows how to break and enter...”

“When did you get this sudden burst of confidence? I remember the bunny that wanted to stay out of sight and away from any trouble...” Freddy raised an eyebrow.

“I have you to thank for that..” Bonnie smiled. Something inside the lock clicked and Bonnie grinned, “Open sesame..” He pushed the door open slowly.

“You and your stupid one-liners.” Freddy rolled his eyes, “I'll stay out here.”

Bonnie nodded and walked into the English room. The bunny pulled out his phone and used the light to find his way to Mr Schmidt's desk. He walked behind it and opened the top drawer.

“All I gotta do is raise my mark...” Bonnie muttered. He pulled out a sheet of paper and saw his name on the top, with a giant 'B-' written in a red marker beside it.

He grinned and pulled out the same marker from the drawer, he changed the minus, to a plus, “There we go.” He put the paper back in the desk and shut the drawer.

A slip of paper slipped out of the drawer when it was shut. Bonnie raised an eyebrow and picked it up, “What's this…?”

Bonnie studied the slip of paper, it was beige and it had writing on the front, “'Mike Schmidt, Fazbear Entertainment...'” Bonnie read.

“This is a cheque,” Bonnie noted, “So Mike and Jeremy worked there...”

“November the 12th...” Bonnie added, “A day before Jeremy...”

The year was covered with two black 'x's, which irritated Bonnie a little. He sighed and pocket the cheque.

“Bonnie, come on!” Freddy exclaimed. Bonnie ran out of the English room and shut the door behind him.

“I found this in there...” He handed the cheque to Freddy, “This belongs to my English teacher...”

“So he and Jeremy both worked there.” Freddy said.

“Seems like it.” Bonnie replied.

Freddy's ears twitched, he looked down the hallway and saw a light, “Who left the door open?” He heard somebody say.

“Oh crap…!” Bonnie exclaimed, “Follow me..!” He whispered. Bonnie ran down the corridor, with Freddy following him close behind. They reached a staircase and climbed up a few flights until they reached a door.

“What's this lead to?” Freddy whispered.

“The roof.” Bonnie replied. He opened the door and ran outside. Freddy cursed under his breath and followed him out. He closed the door behind them and shivered.

“It's damn cold out here...” Freddy muttered.

“But relaxing, at the same time.” Bonnie grinned.

“What if they come up here?” Freddy asked, glancing at the door.

“They won't.” Bonnie replied. He laid on the roof. Freddy laid beside the bunny and stared up at the sky.

“You're such an odd person, Bonnie.” Freddy grinned.

“And proud of it.” Bonnie exhaled.

“Though I must say, coming up here was a thrill and a half.” Freddy chuckled.

“To tell you the truth, I was scared.” Bonnie coughed.

“You seemed rather confident.” Freddy responded.

“I get a boost of confidence when I have an adrenaline rush, to be honest, I was scared to even come in here. But it was awesome…!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“I gotta say, it was.” Freddy grinned, “But I'm curious about this...” He pulled out Mike's cheque.

“It's from the nineties.” Bonnie said, “At least...I think so.”

“How do you know?” Freddy asked.

“Math,” Bonnie responded, “This guy earned 120 bucks a week. Working from 12AM, to 6AM.”

“Go on...” Freddy folded his arms, “If he was working six hours a day, for five days, and it would come to a total of 120 bucks, that means he'd be earning around four bucks an hour.”

“Damn.” Freddy nodded, “You're smarter than you make yourself out to be.”

Bonnie grinned, “All you gotta do is divide it by five.”

Freddy stood up, “We should probably head back to our dorm.”

“Sounds good.” Bonnie nodded and followed Freddy back into the main building.

A few minutes later, they walked out of the main building and were walking back towards the boy's dorm. They smiled at each other and they began talking about what they thought about the party.

Freddy noticed somebody approaching them in the darkness, he smiled at Bonnie, than waved at the stranger as he continued to approach.

Meanwhile, back at the party, Foxy and Clyde came out of Foxy's room. The fox grinned at Clyde. The bunny licked his lips and pushed Foxy against the wall.

“That was fun.” Clyde said, kissing his mate on the muzzle.

“Yeah it was...” Foxy whispered. Clyde let Foxy go and looked down the hallway.

“What time is it?” Clyde asked.

“About midnight.” Foxy replied.

“The party ain't over yet,” Clyde nodded, “Let's go drink some more.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Foxy said. They walked down the corridor and towards the staircase, they walked past Chica, who had pinned Goldie against the wall.

“Aah...let's take this to my room~?” Goldie whispered.

“Oh yeah…!” Chica grabbed Goldie's paw and dragged him to his room.

“Damn...seems like everyone's enjoying themselves too much tonight.” Clyde commented.

“We're a pretty good example...” Foxy commented with a grin.

“That was my first time...” Clyde blushed. Foxy blushed and nodded.

“Aye, same here mate.” Foxy responded.

“I enjoyed it though...thanks.” Clyde smiled.

“No problem...” Foxy smiled. The couple walked downstairs, with Foxy wrapping an arm around Clyde's shoulder.

“You think this school will ever get back to normal?” Clyde asked, as they descended the staircase.

“It better go back to normal soon...there's been too much excitement so far.” Foxy grinned.

They walked out of the dorm and back outside, there were less people than when the party started, but that didn't change Foxy and Clyde's mood.

“Less people.” Clyde commented.

“More drinks for us.” Foxy grinned and walked over to the drinks table.

“I'm guessing that dragon ran out of cash?” Clyde asked the student behind the table.

“He ran out in the first few minutes. What can I get you?” The student folded his arms.

“Ten cups.” Foxy grinned, “I want us t' get fucked up.”

Clyde's eyes widened, “That's a lot of alcohol...”

“Doesn't matter! I want us t' get drunk off our asses.” Foxy's grin widened.

“Ten cups equates to one bottle, so here.” The student handed Foxy a full bottle of alcohol, “Ten bucks.”

“There.” Foxy handed over a ten buck note and grinned at Clyde.

“Dude, you got ripped off...” Clyde whispered, with a grin.

“Let's take this back to your room...” Foxy whispered. Clyde laughed a bit and nodded.

But before they could go anywhere, a gunshot rang through the air.

The music stopped and the entire area was filled with silence.

“What the fuck…?” Foxy's eyes widened. Almost all of the students were lying on the ground, except for Foxy and Clyde.

“Where'd that come from?” Clyde asked.

“It came from the gate...” Foxy glanced at the gate. Clyde glanced over at Chloe, who was lying down nearby.

“Your friends are up there...” She said, in a timid tone. Clyde's eyes widened, he turned to Foxy;

“Dude, we need to get up there, right now!”

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