Waterview High

Chapter 13 - The Shooting

Freddy smiled as a stranger approached. He couldn't quite make out who it was, but he waved anyway. His smile faded when he saw the stranger raise something up and aimed it towards Bonnie. It took a few seconds for Freddy to realise that what he was holding up, was actually a gun.

“Bonnie!” Freddy pushed Bonnie out of the way, almost tripping over. The bear screamed in pain as the bullet went into his shoulder. The bear collapsed on the ground and held his shoulder.

“O-Ow...” Freddy whimpered. Bonnie's eyes widened.

“FRED!” Bonnie exclaimed.

The gunman lowered his gun and glanced at the bunny, “Bonnie…?” Bonnie heard the stranger whisper, “Shit...wrong guy...” The stranger ran off, leaving the two males alone.

Bonnie sat up and crawled over to his injured friend, “Oh god...oh god...” He began to panic. He rested his paw atop of the wound, he could feel his friend's blood spurt out of the bullet-hole.

“What the hell is going on out here!?” Bonnie heard Foxy's voice. He looked behind him and saw Foxy and Clyde run over to them.

“What the fuck happened to him!?” Clyde got on his knees and inspected the bear.

“Some guy just came out nowhere…! He just pulled up a gun and shot him in the shoulder...” Bonnie explained, “I think he was aiming for me...”

“Call a damn ambulance.” Foxy growled at Clyde. Clyde stood up and pulled out his phone.

“Cover the wound, lad.” Foxy said, kneeling beside the rabbit.

“We're gonna need an ambulance out the front of Waterview High,” Clyde spoke into the phone, “He's got a bullet in his shoulder.”

Clyde thanked the operator and pocketed his phone. Freddy winced and stared up at the sky, “My arm hurts so much...”

As the first minutes ticked by, a crowd of students from the party began to crowd around them. Spring pushed through the crowd and looked down at Freddy.

“We all heard the gunshot,” Spring knelt beside Foxy and Bonnie, “Is he alright?”

“I dunno…!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“Calm down,” Foxy pet his friend on the shoulder, “He should be fine...”

“Good...” Spring nodded, “Where'd the gunman go?”

“He just ran off.” Bonnie simply responded. He looked down at Freddy and frowned as he saw the painful look on the bear's face.

“You'll be fine...” Bonnie whispered, “Understand me?”

“I understand...” Freddy whispered painfully, “Thanks...”

Bonnie smiled at the bear, but he couldn't help but sob a little. His friend could die, and he didn't think he could live without him.

“Where are the damn teachers…!?” Clyde looked over at Foxy.

“Probably at their homes, Clyde. None of the staff stay behind after school.” Foxy responded.

“What about the janitor?” Bonnie stared down at his blood-covered hands, “Doesn't he stay here after-hours?”

“I guess so, but it's not like he'd really be able to help us out...” Foxy replied. The sound of a siren and the familiar blue and red lights eased everyone's conscious.

“Go back to your dorms...or the party, go on.” Spring began to disperse the crowd. The crowd slowly separated, with most of the students heading back to their designated dorms.

Spring and Mangle were the only students that were still there, except for Foxy, Clyde and Bonnie. Bonnie's eyes widened when he noticed Freddy's blue orbs suddenly begin to close.

“No, no, no…!” Bonnie exclaimed, “Freddy, don't close those eyes, you asshole!” Freddy 'disobeyed' Bonnie and his eyes shut shortly after that.

Foxy ran his paw across the bear's arm, “He's unconscious...”

Bonnie watched the paramedics run over with a stretcher. Foxy pulled Bonnie and Clyde away from Freddy, while the paramedics lifted him onto the stretcher.

“Will he be okay?” Bonnie asked. One of the paramedics paused and looked over at Bonnie.

“We can't be sure, come to the hospital later and the doctors should have a more definite answer.” They proceeded to bring Freddy's unconscious body towards the ambulance.

Clyde and Foxy frowned as Bonnie started to cry again, they comforted him and led him back to the boy's dorm, “He'll be fine...” Clyde whispered.

“I know...I know.” Bonnie nodded.

Freddy's eyes opened. He covered his eyes as a white light almost blinded him. How long had he been out for?

He tried to sit up, but a pair of strong paws held him down, “It's okay...calm down mate.” Freddy instantly calmed down when he heard Foxy's gruff voice.

“H-Hey...” Freddy said, in a timid tone.

“Hey, big bear...” Foxy smiled a little, “Ye feelin' alright?”

“A little sore,” Freddy grinned a little, “But I'll be alright...”

“Seems he's awake...” Freddy heard an unfamiliar voice.

“Don't worry, Frederick,” The same voice said, “I'm just your doctor, Doctor Shen.”

Freddy saw the doctor walk over, it was an asian human. The human nodded and smiled at the patient, “Are you feeling alright?”

“I'm...feeling okay.” Freddy responded, “How long was I out for…?”

“Two days.” The doctor replied. Freddy's eyes widened.

“T-Two days!?” Freddy sat up suddenly. Foxy and the doctor held him down, “Where's Bonnie?”

“He's...downstairs.” Foxy sighed, “Calm down...”

“Looking for me…?” Freddy glanced at the door and saw Bonnie walk in.

“Hey...” Freddy smiled the bunny.

“I missed you too.” Bonnie grinned and hugged the bear.

“What's the date…?” Freddy asked.

“It is Wednesday, the 21st of December,” The doctor answered, “But I do believe we have more important matters to discuss.”

“I believe so...” Freddy sighed. The doctor pressed a button under the bed and the back of the bed raised up, so that Freddy was sitting more vertically.

Bonnie stepped back and stood beside Foxy while the doctor spoke to Freddy.

“Now, your injury wasn't too bad,” The doctor said, “In doctor terms of course. A bullet in the shoulder if a very painful and traumatic experience. But there hasn't been any major tissue damage.”

“The bullet missed any important arteries, and it didn't even get close to any of the bones,” The doctor explained, “We managed to get any shards of the bullet out of your shoulder, and you should be as fit as a fiddle by the end of this week.”

“Well...” Freddy grinned, “I guess I'm lucky.”

“You're real damn lucky,” The doctor replied, “I was expecting a more intense report on this, but it was pretty simple. I'll speak to a few of my colleagues, and we'll see if we can get you out of here by the end of the day, how's that sound?”

“That'd be good, thanks.” Freddy nodded.

“Yer phone's been ringing all morning.” Foxy said, “It's probably yer parents. Ye might wanna call them when ye get out.”

“Where's Clyde?” Freddy asked.

“Red wanted to see him.” Bonnie answered.

“Good intentions?” Freddy questioned.

“I spoke to Red earlier,” Foxy said, “He told me that he wants to erase all of Clyde's – and his own – debts.”

“That's really...” Freddy sighed, “Noble, of him.”

“I guess so...” Bonnie sat down on a nearby chair.

“Well...thanks for, y'know, caring, and stuff...” Freddy smiled and looked over at the two males.

“We're your friends,” Bonnie smiled, “We care about you like you're our brother.”

“Nice to have people that care about you...” Freddy coughed, “It's a good feeling.”

“One of the best.” Bonnie nodded.

Foxy and Bonnie led Freddy out of the emergency room, “Don't forget to rest that arm! I don't want to hear that you've been working until Friday!”

“Okay, Doctor...” Freddy responded. Bonnie and Foxy led the bear out of the building and into the parking lot.

“How're we gonna get home…?” Freddy asked. Bonnie grinned and pulled a set of car-keys from his pocket. A nearby Nissan Skyline's lights flashed and it's doors unlocked.

“When did you get that…?” Freddy asked.

Bonnie laughed, “I got it this morning! It was an awesome birthday present!”

“Birthday...present?” Freddy raised an eyebrow.

“It's Bonnie's birthday.” Foxy said.

“Oh...” Freddy lowered his ears, “Guess I kinda ruined your birthday...huh?”

“No, not at all,” Bonnie scoffed. Foxy and Bonnie led Freddy over to the car, “In fact, you made it three times more interesting.”

“Only three times?” Freddy grinned.

“Okay, maybe four times.” Bonnie rolled his eyes. The two males placed Freddy in the front seat and Foxy closed the door after Freddy was safely inside.

“Ye alright? Ye seem distracted...” Foxy whispered.

“Don't tease me,” Bonnie grinned, “It's getting really hard to keep all of...this, to myself.”

“I bet it would be...” Foxy smirked at Freddy, then he turned back to Bonnie, with a more serious look on his face, “Tell him when you think you're ready.”

“I will..” Bonnie nodded. The bunny walked around to the driver's seat and sat in the car. Foxy opened the back door and slipped into the back-seat.

“All buckled up?” Bonnie asked. Freddy and Foxy nodded.

Bonnie grinned and started up his car, “I think this car and I are going to be getting really well acquainted...”

“Uh, gross?” Foxy snickered. Bonnie pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road.

“Oh shut up.” Bonnie said, in a playful tone.

Freddy looked at the middle of the car, he saw his phone lying there, he heard it ring, “That's probably my parents...”

Foxy handed the bear the phone, “Thanks...” Freddy smiled at him.

Freddy answered the phone and rested it against his ear, “Mom..? Dad?”

“Fred! You're still kickin'!” Freddy heard his father, “We thought you were a goner! Are you alright, son?”

“I'm...still alive.” Freddy responded.

“That's good!” Hugo exclaimed, “When I have you in one of your classes this week, we'll talk then. Your mother's...not really in the mood to talk though.”

“Fair enough,” Freddy sighed, “I won't be at school for a few days...I'll be stuck in my dorm 'till Friday.”

“Well, stay alive till then, I might come and check on ya this afternoon, or tomorrow afternoon.” Hugo replied.

“Okay,” Freddy looked down, “See ya...” He hang up and pocketed his phone.

“How's yer shoulder feelin'?” Foxy asked.

“A little sore, but much better than when I felt when that bullet pierced my skin...” Freddy grinned.

“That was scary...” Bonnie muttered.

“I know...” Freddy sighed, “I'm here though. And I'm gonna head straight for your dorm room!”

“I ain't headin' to class till you get better, either.” Bonnie grinned.

Foxy snickered. Bonnie rolled his eyes, “Uh, yes you are.” Freddy said, “You need an education, don't let my injury get in your way.”

“No excuses, discussion's over. I'm staying with you, that's what's happening.” Bonnie's grin widened.

“Ye can't argue with 'im, Fred. So it looks like ye got yerself a room-mate for the next couple days.” Foxy grinned.

“It'll be fun! Well, at least I hope so.” Bonnie pulled into the Waterview High parking lot. The bunny switched off the car and got out. Foxy crawled out of the back-seat and helped Freddy out of the car.

Bonnie pressed a button on his keys and the car locked. He pocketed the keys and glanced at Foxy, “Are ya heading to class?” Bonnie asked.

“But of course, don't want to interrupt yer 'private time'.” Foxy made physical quotes. Bonnie rolled his eyes and waved at Foxy as the pirate walked off.

Foxy walked up the steps and approached the main building. He saw Mangle sitting outside. He sighed and walked over to her, “How're ye, sis?” Mangle looked up at Foxy as he sat down beside her.

“I've been better, Foxy.” Mangle said, “How's your friend?”

“He's gonna be fine...” Foxy watched Bonnie and Freddy walk past.

“They're both pretty cute together...” Mangle commented.

“As ye might've guessed, they aren't really a couple yet.” Foxy said.

“Couples take time,” Mangle said, “In your case, not really.”

“Pretty much,” Foxy shrugged, “Speaking of taking time. Clyde's really been takin' his time with Red. Do ye know where they are?”

“Lookin' for me?” Clyde approached them. He smiled at Foxy and sat beside him. They shared a kiss and Foxy rested his head against Clyde's head.

“What'd ye end up doing…?” Foxy asked.

“Well, as you know, Red said he might be able to erase both of our debts,” Clyde said, “He's really busting his ass for me. I wonder what his deal is.”

“Maybe 'e feels bad.” Foxy shrugged.

“Maybe...” Clyde shrugged.

“I think he's okay...” Mangle smiled, “He's just got...problems. Being addicted to drugs never helps, either.”

“I can agree,” Foxy agreed with her, “I think if 'e wasn't addicted to drugs, he'd be a great guy.” He turned to Clyde.

“Ye ain't still takin' them drugs, right?” Foxy asked.

“Not lately, I've really been cracking down.” Clyde responded. Foxy smiled and hugged the bunny.

“Thanks, bunny.” He said.

“No problem, captain.” He muttered.

“Shouldn't you three be in class?” Principal Cawthon approached the group.

“We were just about to-...” The principal raised his wing.

“No excuses, get to class. Go on.” Principal Cawthon folded his wings. Foxy sighed and dragged his boyfriend into the main building, while Mangle walked away from the main building.

“Where are you going?” Principal Cawthon asked.

“Agricultural studies, the farm is across the street.” Mangle replied, not turning back. The principal rolled his eyes and walked into the main building.

“We've both got geography, come on.” Foxy kissed Clyde on the cheek and led him towards the geography classroom.

Foxy opened the door and walked inside with the bunny, “Ah, Mr Donovan and...” A human wearing a plaid shirt glanced at them as they entered, “Foxy. I'll just call you Foxy.”

“Does he even have a last name…?” Foxy heard a student mutter. Foxy sighed.

“Come on...” Clyde sat down at the front with Foxy. Clyde smiled as they held hands under the desk.

Foxy and Clyde took out their textbooks, “Page 26, guys.” The teacher informed.

They turned to the right page and began to take notes in their books, “Now, first things first, why don't we have a refresher?”

The teacher pointed to the back of the class, where Shane and Eli were sitting, “Eli. Why don't you tell us what we've been working on?”

“We've simply just been working on climatic graphs, and their significance when it comes to geography,” Eli replied, with a grin, “It's pretty simple stuff, so you guys should catch on pretty easy.”

Bonnie opened the door to his dorm-room. He helped Freddy inside and sat him down on his couch, “So what're we gonna do?” Freddy asked, “Maybe study a bit?” Bonnie shut the door.

“Study?” Bonnie scoffed, “You serious?”

“Of course! We've got assignments to work on! And quite possibly, exams to prepare for!” Freddy exclaimed.

“Fred,” Bonnie stifled a laugh, “My birthday's today, and Christmas is in four days. Chill.”

Freddy growled, “I need to be able to do some sort of work...” His ears lowered. Bonnie sighed and he lied on his bed.

“Would it make you feel better if I read you a story?” Bonnie reached into his backpack and sat back up.

“A story?” Freddy scoffed, “What are we, twelve?” Bonnie pulled out a book called; 'English: Grammatical and Spelling Errors: Resolved'.

Freddy grinned and stared at the book, “Read it to me.” Bonnie grinned and opened the book.

“Never grow up...” Bonnie whispered to himself.

“I might be a little distracted and tired,” Freddy laid on the couch, “But my ears are hyper sensitive.” He pointed to his ears and grinned.

“Oh, I bet they are...” Bonnie whispered, snickering a little. Freddy rolled his eyes;

“I heard that!"

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