Waterview High

Chapter 14 - The Library

Bonnie awoke early the next morning. He yawned and stretched. The bunny looked over to his left and saw Freddy asleep on the couch, with one of his paws resting on the bandages wrapped around his shoulder.

Hope he's alright…Bonnie frowned. He sat up and stretched again. The bunny got up off the bed and walked over to his closet as quietly as possible, so he didn't wake his friend up. He assumed that Freddy would be sleeping for a while, so he decided to go out of his room and take a shower.

The bunny picked up some of his shampoo and conditioner and walked out of his room. Bonnie failed to notice that he'd forgotten to put a shirt on – once again – as he left his room.

He shrugged and proceeded to walk down the hallway. He folded his arms and approached a group of students who seemed to be staring at him. Bonnie's ears lowered, he pushed past the group and walked into the showers.

The bunny sighed and looked at himself in the mirror. He didn't want anything else to happen, so he just walked straight into the shower. He shut the curtains behind him and rested against the back of the shower.

The bunny pulled off his pajama pants and boxers and threw them aside. He switched on the shower and stood there under the water, letting it soak into his fur.

His ears twitched when he heard someone walk into the showers. He shrugged it off and continued washing himself.

“You alright, Aiden?” Bonnie heard Red's voice.

“I've...been better,” Aiden answered, “I've just been thinking about what happened the other day.”

“With Bonnie?” Red raised an eyebrow. The bunny froze when he heard his name.

“He just...” Aiden sighed, “I walked in there and he just...tried to do, things to me...”

Bonnie resisted the temptation to tear Aiden apart when he said that, they both knew that he was lying. Red folded his arms.

“I really don't see him doing that...” Red said.

“It's what faggots do,” Aiden shrugged, “They tread onto our territory.”

“Hey, don't use that word.” Red growled.

“What, got a problem with me saying it?” Aiden raised an eyebrow.

“I may be an asshole, but I stand up for my brother.” Red replied.

“You're sayin' that that new kid is a fag?” Aiden laughed, “Oh damn, this is hilarious!”

“He's my brother!” Red exclaimed.

“Yeah, lucky you.” Aiden walked out of the showers. Red growled and stared into the mirror.

“Asshole...” He muttered. Bonnie stepped back from the curtains and stood back under the shower-head. He had a lot to take in from that short conversation between those two bears.

First, what Aiden had accused Bonnie of doing. Bonnie was so angry when he heard the lies coming out of that bear's mouth. The next time he'd see Aiden, he would've torn him a new one.

Secondly, he contemplated what Red had said, about Freddy. Bonnie wasn't really sure about his sexuality, and he never really questioned it, as he never thought it really mattered.

But being in high-school changed that fact rather dramatically. Bonnie sighed and closed his eyes, he knew that he had a crush on Freddy, he'd told Foxy already, so he knew.

If Freddy really is into guys...does this mean I have a chance…? Bonnie thought to himself. He sighed and opened his eyes again, Don't be crazy...Red was probably just being an asshole…

“Bastard...” Red walked out of the showers. Bonnie stayed in the shower for another ten minutes before he shut the shower off.

He dried himself with a nearby towel and slipped on his pajama pants again, Back to my den...He opened the curtain and passed through.

“Hey look, it's the faggot.” Bonnie looked up to see three anthros staring at him, with what appeared to be disgusted expressions on their faces.

“I...” Bonnie had no words.

“Fuck man, he's gonna talk to us. Think he'll try to kiss us?” One of the anthros – a shark – turned to his two wolf friends.

“Hope not.” One of the wolves responded. Bonnie frowned and walked out of the bathroom.

“Hey Bonnie! We know about you and Aiden~!” The dragon from earlier walked past him. He laughed at the bunny and kept walking.

Bonnie held his head low and folded his arms. He saw Aiden and looked back down, “Why don't you cut us a picture into your arm? You emo, freak.” Aiden growled, then laughed.

Bonnie whimpered and jogged to his room.

The bunny slammed the door behind him and sat on his bed, with his head held low, “Uh, you alright?” Bonnie heard Freddy speak.

“Yeah, fine.” Bonnie replied, “Just needed a shower, that's all.”

“Are you...alright?” Freddy raised an eyebrow. Bonnie lifted his head, “You look like you've been crying...”

“I'm fine, alright!?” Bonnie exclaimed. Freddy frowned and his ears lowered a little, startled by the sudden outburst.

“Look, I'm sorry...” Bonnie sighed, “I'm just having a bad morning...” He laid on his bed.

“Not gonna bother wearing a shirt, I see.” Freddy commented, staring at the bunny. Bonnie shrugged.

“I don't really wanna wear a shirt right now, and besides, I don't look half bad. Except for these...” He examined the cuts on his arm. Freddy snickered a little when he noticed Bonnie's pajama pants.

They had tiny little smiling kittens along them, “Aww! That's so cute...” Freddy commented, with a grin.

“Oh, shut up.” Bonnie replied, playfully.

“Well...” Freddy stood up and walked over to Bonnie's desk. Bonnie sat up and watched the bear sit down on his chair, “Now that I've got some time to think...maybe we can try to solve this mystery.”

Bonnie grabbed a nearby chair and dragged it over to Freddy, he sat down beside the bear and looked at him as he pulled out the two cheques.

“The mystery of the kids, right?” Bonnie looked up at Freddy.

“We'll need more...evidence and stuff. But maybe we could do something about these kids...avenge them, or put them to rest maybe...” Freddy shrugged.

“Maybe...” Bonnie looked at the cheques as Freddy placed them on the desk.

“So, any theories about these cheques?” Freddy asked. Bonnie picked up the cheques and looked at them.

“Well, the pink one was printed in '87. While this one...” Bonnie glanced at Mike's cheque, “Is from...what did I say before?”

“The nineties...” Freddy replied, “You weren't really specific.”

“Damn Bonnie, you idiot…” Bonnie whispered, he coughed and studied the slip of paper, “I'm too tired to think.” He grabbed his laptop and placed it on the desk.

He switched the laptop on and went onto the laptop's built-in search engine, “Minimum wage...” He said as he typed.

He clicked on a link that led him to Anthropedia, “Alright...” He looked down the page, “Thank god for Anthropedia...”

“Without it, we wouldn't be able to completely rip off their words and use them as our own for assignments.” Freddy shrugged.

“So...1993,” Bonnie said, “That's the year I think this cheque was printed.”

“We could always ask Mr Schmidt.” Freddy said.

“Bad idea,” Bonnie argued, “You told me before that Jeremy seemed to have something against him, and besides, he'll be wondering how we got it. We broke into his room, remember?”

“Alright, alright...it was just a suggestion.” Freddy sighed.

“We could check out the library..” Freddy added.

“'We'?” Bonnie raised an eyebrow, “Don't you remember what the doctor said?”

“I won't do any heavy lifting or anything, we can just go down there. You can do all the hard work and I'll just tag along.” Freddy responded.

“What would we be looking for, anyway?” Bonnie folded his arms.

“Maybe...maybe they've got some old newspapers! We could look through them to see when the murders occurred, and maybe we'll get some more information about what went down.” Freddy answered.

“Seems like you've got this all figured out, Sherlock.” Bonnie grinned.

“I spent all night thinkin' about it.” Freddy shrugged, “Needless to say, I was awake for a while.”

“Don't forget that your dad is comin' this afternoon.” Bonnie reminded the bear.

“I won't.” Freddy stood up.

“Let's go.” Bonnie stood up and walked out of his room, with Freddy following close behind.

Bonnie and Freddy approached the library building, “I bet this place'll be more dusty than an un-used car.”

“That's rather specific...” Bonnie rolled his eyes. The bunny jogged ahead of his friend and opened the door for him.

“Ooh, such a gentleman.” Freddy commented, with a grin. Bonnie rolled his eyes again and followed his friend into the building.

“Alright, so where would the newspapers be?” Freddy asked.

“Well, we could ask the librarian.” Bonnie pointed to a desk at the back of the library. Freddy nodded and proceeded to walk to the desk with the bunny.

“Uh, excuse me?” He looked down at the librarian. Freddy read the librarian's name-tag, “Miss Griffin?”

“Oh, hi there.” The old woman greeted with a warm smile, “How can I help you two young men?”

“We're looking for some old newspapers,” Freddy answered, “Preferably spanning between 1987 and 1995.” He nodded.

“That'll be in the archival section.” The woman directed them towards one of the back sections.

“Thanks.” Bonnie smiled.

“No problem, dear.” The woman went back to work. Bonnie and Freddy shared smiles and walked towards the 'Archival' section of the library.

“Damn, dude!” Bonnie exclaimed, “Music sheets from the 40's...there's even newspapers from the 1800's. Goddamn!”

Bonnie looked above them and saw a television above them, he gasped when he saw Freddy's picture on the television, “Fred, you're on TV.” Bonnie pointed to the screen.

Freddy followed Bonnie's gaze and folded his arms.

“...more about that later. Now onto the story of a potential killer on the streets of Waterview. We all know about Trevor Shadow, the teacher that was murdered last week. The police are assuming that the murder is connected to a few other murders that occurred earlier this year. Including the disappearance and murder of two twins back in June.” Jill explained.

“That's right Jill,” Her male colleague responded, “The police are putting two-and-two together and have come to a conclusion that there may be a serial killer in our own town,” The male explained, “It's a pretty scary thought, isn't it?”

“It sure is..” Jill replied, “Now I bet all of you are wondering why there a picture of this bear on-screen now. It's because this might've been the next victim. The police are a little confused as to why this almost-murder wasn't against a bunny, but a bear. They're considering that the killer doesn't have a modus operandi and kills at random. But then again, there isn't really anything connected between this brutal attack and the previous murders, Tom.”

Tom shrugged, “Now, onto sport.”

Bonnie and Freddy shared looks, “I'm getting a little scared Bonnie...if there's a serial killer in town...they're probably gonna come after you...”

“Because I'm a bunny…?” Bonnie sighed, “I have to say, I can't argue. What with that gun incident back on Monday...but that confused me a bit.”

“How so?” Freddy paused.

“He seemed like he had gotten the wrong person...so-to-speak.” Bonnie replied, “I heard him mutter a curse, then something about it being wrong, then the stranger ran off.”

“Think your brother might've ordered a hit on Clyde…?” Bonnie asked.

“Red isn't a cold-blooded killer,” Freddy responded, “He would never even think about killing anyone.”

“He said to me that there's a good chance he'll end up dead if he doesn't clear his debt,” Bonnie said, “If that was happening to me, and I was him, I'd kill people to keep myself alive.”

“That's kinda weird, coming from you.” Freddy frowned.

“It's just an example,” Bonnie sighed, “Let's look for the newspaper...” A few minutes passed before Bonnie found a few torn newspaper clippings in a newspaper from the early 2000's.

“Jackpot!” Bonnie exclaimed. Freddy glanced at the bunny.

“Found something?” The bear walked over and peered over Bonnie's shoulder.

“Two children missing from local pizzeria, bodies not found'...” Bonnie read, “That's pretty fucking depressing.”

“So the murders did happen...” Freddy folded his arms.

“Had doubts?” Bonnie asked.

“I didn't think dad'd hold back the truth completely...” Freddy glanced at the clipping.

“'Two local children were reportedly lured into a back room during the late hours of operation at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza on the night of June 26th…'” Bonnie continued reading, “'While video surveillance identified the man responsible and led to his capture the following morning, the children themselves were never found and are presumed...dead.'”

“So...they caught the killer?” Freddy raised an eyebrow.

“'Police think that the suspect dressed as a company mascot to earn the children's...trust...'” Bonnie frowned, “I just got shivers down my spine...”

“Holy shit, that's awful...” Freddy sighed.

“All of this is!” Bonnie exclaimed, “There's a few more clippings...”

“'Five children now reported missing. Suspect convicted.'” Bonnie read, “Seems like they did catch him.”

“Maybe...or the newspaper could be lying to ease the minds of the parents...” Freddy shrugged.

“'Five children are now linked to the incident at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where a man dressed as a company mascot lured them into a back room. While the suspect has been charged, the bodies themselves were never found.'” Bonnie continued, “'Freddy Fazbear's Pizza had been fighting an uphill battle ever since to convince families to return to the pizzeria.'”

“'It's a tragedy...'” Bonnie read, “Damn right it is.”

“Shit...I can't believe it...so that's what, seven kids murdered?” Freddy asked.

“I do know of...one more kid.” Bonnie looked up.

“You do?” Freddy folded his arms.

“I don't know his name, but I know he died at Fredbear's Family Diner. My dad told me about it...some guy in a purple car came out of nowhere and chopped the kid up outside the diner.” Bonnie explained.

“Fucking hell...” Freddy cursed.

“Yeah...” Bonnie exhaled.

“There's one more,” Bonnie cleared his throat, “'Local pizzeria said to close by years end.'”

“'After a long struggle to stay in business after the tragedy that took place there many years ago, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has announced that it will close by year's end. Despite a year-long search for a buyer, most unwilling to be associated with the company.'” Bonnie continued.

“'These characters will live in the hearts of kids...'” Bonnie sighed, “'These characters will live on...from the CEO.'” Bonnie shook his head.

“Wait...what's the date of that last clipping?” Freddy asked.

“Uh...” Bonnie looked for the date, “27th November 1993...this was really soon, maybe a week or two after Mike got his final cheque.”

“What about the other clippings?” Freddy asked.

“The second one is from...the 13th of November, 1987...” Bonnie said.

“Holy shit...” Freddy covered his face, “Jeremy mentioned that the guard on the phone said that someone had taken a suit...and had used it.”

“'Guard on the phone'?” Bonnie raised an eyebrow.

“I'll tell you about it later..” Freddy said, “This means that the five murders took place literally the same day as Jeremy's resignation. The 13th of November, 1987.”

“The first one was before that, right?” Freddy unfolded his arms.

“July the 18th, 1987. There were two murders before the next five...seven in total.” Bonnie said.

“Seven murders within a few months...” Freddy growled, “Sick fucker...”

“Eight, if you count the one at Fredbear's...” Bonnie sighed.

“Crazy question; but do you think the killer of these kids is killing all of these bunnies in town?” Freddy asked.

Bonnie shook his head, “If I were to guess who it was...it'd be someone else. Maybe even that kid's brother, whatever his name was.”

“He's nameless, nobody knew his name.” Freddy responded, “I was thinking that maybe the serial killer was Jeremy but...he's too genuine.”

“So...just want to straighten things out,” Bonnie held the clippings in his paws, “There was a kid who got murdered outside of Fredbear's, I'm gonna assume that was the first.”

Freddy nodded, “Continue...”

“The murderer got...angry, maybe, because of the accidental death of that kid. Maybe he found solace in seeing children dying or something...I'm not sure. But he went to kill two more children four years later.”

“He hid the bodies and nobody ever found them. He got confident and proceeded to murder five more children. But he got caught...and I don't see any more clippings describing any more murders...” Bonnie bit his lip.

“So he's in jail, now?” Freddy folded his arms.

“I'd guess so...we still don't know who it is.” Bonnie said.

“This might sound crazy, but what if it's Jeremy, or Mike?” Freddy shrugged.

“Maybe...but we can't be sure. We can't jump to any conclusions yet...” Bonnie nodded.

“Thanks...for helping me with this.” Freddy smiled at Bonnie. Bonnie blushed and looked down. He put the clippings in his pockets and smiled back at Freddy.

“It's no problem, Freddybear.” Bonnie responded. Freddy wasn't quite sure how to reply to that, so he just kept silent. The bear followed Bonnie out of the library and back to their dorm. Bonnie opened the door to their room and they passed through.

Bonnie slammed the door behind them and sat at the desk beside Freddy, “Okay, we've got three clippings and two cheques. Jeremy was there the same year of the seven murders. So maybe he knows more than he's lettin' on.” Freddy suggested.

“Talk to him again, maybe.” Bonnie said.

“I'm planning to...but maybe after Christmas. I think we both need a break...” Freddy stood up and laid on the couch. Bonnie grinned and walked over to him.

“You get the bed for the next few days, no arguing.” Bonnie said, helping Freddy back up.

“Arguing with you is a death sentence.” Freddy grinned and laid on Bonnie's bed, “Hmph, this bed is remarkably comfortable. I think I'll enjoy sleeping on this.”

“The couch never hurt me anyway.” Bonnie smiled and laid on the couch. They laid there in silence, both of them staring at the ceiling.

“We're not putting our 'investigation' on hold, right?” Bonnie asked.

“Of course not. We're just...taking a small break. I think we both deserve one.” Freddy responded, “Though...I think once Fazbear's Fright opens, we'll be working on this again.” Freddy glanced at the clippings.

Bonnie nodded and closed his eyes.

“I'm so glad that you're alright...” Bonnie muttered.

“Thanks, for being there for me. It's nice to know that I can trust you...” Freddy paused, “Hey...Bonnie?”

“What is it?” Bonnie looked over at his friend. Freddy grunted in pain as he pushed himself up against the wall behind the bed.

“Can...can I tell you something?” He asked.

“Of course you can.” Bonnie frowned.

“I'm...” Freddy sighed, “...I'm gay.”

“Seriously?” Bonnie didn't feel all that surprised.

“I uh...” Freddy rubbed his shoulder, “This isn't just uh…a publicity stunt either. And it isn't because Clyde and Foxy have such an...intimate relationship either.”

“Of course not.” Bonnie grinned.

“I just...I've known it for years, but I haven't really...told anyone. My dad included...” He glanced at Bonnie, “Do me a favor and don't tell anyone? I don't wanna become a target...”

“I'll keep it to myself...” Bonnie smiled.

“Thanks, bunny...” Freddy smiled and laid back down. He turned away and stared at the wall, “I owe you...”

“Hell yeah you do...” Bonnie joked and stared at the ceiling. He grinned and closed his eyes.

Maybe he did have a chance after-all.

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