Waterview High

Chapter 15 - Answers

“He's here...” Freddy looked down at his phone and sighed, “I'm...kinda scared to see him right now. We haven't talked one-on-one in...forever.”

Bonnie smiled and hugged Freddy, “You'll do fine, alright? Everything'll be fine.”

“Are you staying…?” Freddy asked.

“Only if you need me to...” Bonnie replied. He adjusted his position on the couch.

“I'd like you to...so you can, meet him.” Freddy smiled. His ears twitched, “He's on our floor...” He stood up and walked over to the door. He opened the door and peeked outside.

His father nodded and walked over to him, he passed into Bonnie's room and folded his arms, “Hmph, nice room, Frederick.” His father studied the room.

“Uh, this isn't...mine,” Freddy shut the door, “This is Bonnie's room...I've just been crashing in here for the last week...”

“Well,” Hugo shrugged, “It's a nice room none-the-less.” He looked down at Bonnie.

“Hello, Bonnible.” He extended his paw and shook the bunny's paw.

“Hey, Mr Fazbear.” Bonnie replied, with an awkward smile.

“Please, call me Hugo.” Hugo sat down on Freddy's office chair, “Now...” He glanced at Freddy.

“How're you feelin'?” Hugo asked, studying his son's bandage.

“Sore...and a little dizzy. But I'm okay...” Freddy responded, with a small smile.

“I don't mean to sound like an ass-...” He paused and corrected himself, “A jerk...but why didn't you visit him while he was in the hospital?”

“Too much work,” He simply said, “Working as a teacher, and the CEO of everything with the Fazbear label on it can be tiring. I would've come earlier if I had a day off.”

Freddy shook his head and looked down, “At least we're talking now...”

“You're quite the hero, boy,” Hugo said, with an expressionless face, “For savin' your friend like that. It takes courage and strength to take a bullet for someone you admire.”

Freddy's face lit up, “I uh...thanks, dad!”

Bonnie smiled a little and looked down. Hugo turned around the studied the desk, “What's this…?” He picked up the clippings and the cheques.

“Oh...” Freddy stood up, “We're doing a little...investigation.” Freddy explained.

“Into what?” Hugo handed his son the papers.

“Into your company's sordid history,” Bonnie responded, “Eight kids, dead.”

“From what I remember, the suspect was convicted.” Hugo folded his arms.

“And it's written on the newspaper, as proof.” Hugo added.

“I know, but I feel like that the newspaper was...lying to everyone, just to put the families' minds to rest.” Freddy responded.

“Maybe...” Hugo bit his lip, “We never saw anyone get taken into prison for it all...”

“You'd think purple would stand out.” Bonnie commented.

“So,” Hugo shook his head, “How'd you get all this?”

“Jeremy gave it to me, voluntarily,” Freddy began, “We lifted the newspaper articles from the archival section of the library...and Bonnie...” He glanced at Bonnie, “Bonnie 'found' this cheque in Mr Schmidt's room.”

“What exactly is your personal stake in all of this?” Hugo asked, “I got nothing against you guys doing this...I mean, go right ahead but, I'm just wondering what's at stake here...for you.”

“I'm doing this because I want to put the kid's souls to rest,” Freddy said, “And to bring proper justice to the families. Only god knows how much they deserve it.”

“That's real noble of you, son.” Hugo commented.

Bonnie smiled at Freddy and gave him a thumbs up.

“Dad...” Freddy looked down, “Why didn't mom come today?”

“She just...wasn't able to.” Hugo said.

“Please don't lie to me...I've had a fucked up week, and I don't need more secrets.” He looked up at his father.

Hugo sighed and bit his lip, “She...passed away, before we left Chicago.” Freddy's lip quivered and he covered his face with his paws.

“God...damn it.” Freddy removed his paws and sighed.

“You alright?” Bonnie asked, his eye-brows furrowing.

“I'll...be fine.” Freddy cleared his throat, “I wasn't really that close to her anyway...” Hugo frowned and rubbed his paws together.

“How's your brother?” Hugo changed the subject.

“Terrible, but that's normal for him.” Freddy responded.

“He's still doing drugs?” Hugo raised an eyebrow.

“That's the deal-breaking, he's not doing drugs,” Freddy began, “He's dealing them.”

“For christ sakes...” Hugo growled, “Can't he ever just...listen to me?!”

“In his defense, sir...” Bonnie avoided Hugo's gaze, “He's deep in debt...”

“How much?” Hugo asked.

“A few thousand...” Freddy responded.

“Bah...he can sort himself out, he's an adult now.” Hugo rolled his eyes.

“We'll probably find his body at the bottom of the river.” Freddy muttered.

Hugo bit his lip and glanced at the door, “Why can't he be more like you?” Hugo glanced at Freddy.

“Families have their problems...” Freddy said, “Red's one of them...but we can fix him, right?”

“Maybe...” Bonnie shrugged. Hugo shook his head.

“It's too late for Red, I reckon. He's done drugs, and he's been dealing them...I can't bail him out again. I can't let people think that he's my son...we came here for a new start,” He glanced at Freddy, “I'm proud of you for taking up your studies and making friends. You're doing everything that I hoped you'd do, while Red is going down a dark path.” His father stood up.

“It was nice to meet you, Bonnible.” He smiled at Bonnie and walked to the door.

Freddy smiled and watched his father leave, “See ya dad...”

“Bye!” His father exclaimed and walked down the stairs. Freddy closed the door and threw himself on his bed.

“That...went better than I expected...” Freddy laughed a little, still not believing that that went so well.

Bonnie smiled at him, “See? I told ya not to worry!”

Freddy closed his eyes and panted, “I'm so content with everything..”

“What do ya mean…?” Bonnie asked, glancing at him.

“I have you...an awesome friend. And I've got Clyde and Foxy to help me out with anything I need...my dad is a teacher, and my brother is a drug dealer. And I don't think things could get...any worse. I'm completely fine with this life...” Freddy sighed, “Thanks...again.”

“What for?” Bonnie asked, already having an idea of what it was.

“For just...existing,” Freddy turned around and faced the wall, he felt himself blush a little, “And for being you...”

Bonnie's face heated up, the bunny coughed and looked down, “Hey, thanks Fred.”

“No problem...” Freddy muttered. Bonnie glanced at his guitar and bit his lip.

“Hey, want me to play ya a song?” Bonnie asked, with a small smile.

“I'd love to hear one...” Freddy turned around to face him. Bonnie grabbed his guitar and rested it on his leg. He strummed his guitar a couple times and tuned it.

“Haven't used it in a few days...gimme a sec, just gotta tune it...” Bonnie explained.

“It's cool.” Freddy shrugged. He watched the bunny prepare and smiled a bit when he finished.

“Okay...” Bonnie bit his lip, “Here we go...” The bunny began plucking a few strings, eventually finding his way into the tune of 'Obstacles', by Syd Matters. The bunny sighed and looked up at the bear as he did it.

Let's say sunshine for everyone

But as far as I

Can remember

Freddy closed his eyes and listened to Bonnie's soothing voice, he smiled to himself and exhaled.

We've been, migratory animals

Living under changing weather

Freddy grinned to himself, He's such a hippie…

Someday we will foresee obstacles

Through the blizzard, through the blizzard

Today we will sell our uniform

Leave together, leave together

Bonnie sighed and continued strumming the tune through the song, while his friend just laid there, enjoying his soothing and calming voice.

We played hide and seek in waterfalls

We were younger, we were younger

We played hide and seek in waterfalls

We were younger, we were younger

Bonnie began getting into it, he increased the volume of his guitar and sang a little louder.

We played hide and seek in waterfalls

We were younger, we were younger

We played hide and seek in waterfalls

We were younger, we were younger

Freddy opened his eyes and stayed silent, he looked over at Bonnie and they shared smiles.


We will foresee obstacles

Through the blizzard, through the blizzard

Freddy began singing along with his friend.

Through the blizzard

We played hide and seek in waterfalls

We were younger, we were younger

Bonnie cleared his throat and sighed.

We played hide and seek in waterfalls

We were younger, we were younger

We played hide and seek in waterfalls

We were younger, we were younger

He lessened the volume of the song and began singing a little quieter, with Freddy following soon after.

We played hide and seek in waterfalls

We were younger, we were younger

Someday, we'll foresee obstacles

Through the blizzard, through the blizzard

Freddy and Bonnie stopped. They stared at each other and they both looked away, “That was fun...”

“Yeah...yeah it was.” Bonnie cleared his throat and put his guitar down.

“You play really well…” Freddy commented.

“Thanks...” Bonnie blushed and smiled at the bear, “I hope we can do it again...”

“We'll be here for a few days, so I don't see why not...” Bonnie shrugged. Foxy opened the door and grinned at the two males.

“I could hear ye singin' from across the hall,” Foxy rested against the door-frame, “Kinda cute, if ye ask me.”

“We didn't.” Bonnie rolled his eyes.

“Hey, Foxy.” Freddy greeted.

“How're ye feelin'?” Foxy asked, glancing at the bear.

“Better,” Freddy responded, “My shoulder's still sore, but it could be worse.”

“How's Clyde?” Bonnie asked.

“Not sure,” Foxy frowned, “He went off to a meeting. He should be back though...”

“Let's hope so.” Bonnie nodded.

Clyde bit his lip and approached the parking lot as the sun set. He didn't like the feeling of being out that late without a weapon. He pet his pocket and felt the gun resting in there.

“You'll be fine...you'll be fine...” Clyde whispered to himself. He walked into the parking lot and saw Red standing against a car with his arms folded.

“There you are.” Red grinned. Clyde rolled his eyes.

“What did you need Red?” Clyde asked, arms folded.

“I made a deal with my...boss.” Red responded.

“Your drug boss?” Clyde raised an eyebrow, “What'd you end up doing?”

“I tried to discuss our debts...fortunately, he said he could erase them.” Red answered. Clyde grinned.

“Good...” He unfolded his arms, “I'm going off the stuff, anyway.”

“Good to hear,” Red smiled, “I'm hoping to study more after I get over this. I wanna become a teacher or something.”

“I doubt they'd let you be a teacher if they heard you were dealing drugs.” Clyde responded.

“Hopefully it'll remain off the record.” Red shrugged.

“Is this all?” Clyde folded his arms again, “Just to let me know the stuff that I already know?”

“Well...” Red trailed off.

“What is it?” Clyde asked, his paw resting above his pocket.

“I just wanted to warn you...” Red said, noticing the indentation of a gun in Clyde's pocket.

“About what?” Clyde asked.

“What happened the other day...” Red bit his lip, “That guy with the gun was looking for you.”

“What…?” Clyde's eyes widened.

“He thought that Bonnie was you and he fired the gun...” Red rubbed his shoulder, “That's when Freddy saved him...”

“So...is he still after me?” Clyde asked, a little distressed.

“I know who he is, so it should make it easier for you to tell someone...” Red said.

“Nobody would believe me! Fuck man! I-...wait. You know who he is?” Clyde pulled the gun out of his pocket and aimed it at Red's head.

“Tell me..!” Clyde exclaimed.

“Put the damn gun down!” Red shouted, “I was going to!”

“Then tell me, before I kill you instead!” Clyde growled.

Red sighed and held his hands above his head, “O-Okay! It was Shane…! It was Shane…!” He whimpered.

Clyde lowered the gun, he growled and raised it back to Red's head, “Now I know you're fuckin' with me. He wouldn't pull a gun on anyone...”

“Do you really know him that well?” Red asked, “Well? Do you?” Clyde paused.

He barely knew him. All he knew was his name, and that his dad died, “Shit...you got a point,” He lowered the gun, “Swear that you aren't lying...”

“I swear on my life...” Red swore, “I swear...” Clyde nodded and pocketed his gun.

“Okay...I'm sorry about...t-that...” He bit his lip.

“It's alright...I guess...” Red rubbed his shoulder.

“Do ya know where Shane is now…?” Clyde asked.

“I'm not sure...his dorm maybe..?” Red shrugged.

“I'm gonna...go..” Clyde began backing away, “I'm sorry...for this.”

“It's fine...it's fine...” Red watched Clyde run off. The bear panted and dusted himself off.

“He's got balls...” He muttered.

Foxy stood outside of his dorm room, anxiously waiting for his companion to return. He looked down the hallway and saw Clyde approaching him. Foxy grabbed him and hugged him tightly, “Thank god ye're alright…”

“Uhm...I take it that you were worried?” Clyde joked.

“Of course I was...” Foxy kissed Clyde on the cheek, “Are ye alright…?”

“I'm fine, captain.” Clyde smiled, “Let's head into your room, I got somethin' to tell ya.”

Foxy nodded and brought Clyde into his room. He shut the door behind them and they sat on the couch. Foxy kissed Clyde on the cheek and embraced his companion.

“What did ye wanna tell me?” Foxy asked.

“I know who the gunman is.” Clyde replied. Foxy's eyes widened, and he moved back a bit.

“Well? Who was it?” He asked, a little distressed.

“It's that bunny...” Clyde sighed, “Shane.”

“The kid who lost his dad? It can't be...” Foxy furrowed an eyebrow.

“According to Red, it's true.” Clyde replied.

“'According to Red'?” Foxy scoffed, “Hmm..”

Clyde hugged Foxy and he sighed, “The gunman was looking for me...”

Foxy growled and held his companion tightly, “Nobody is gonna hurt ye...”

“I know,” Clyde chuckled, “You're my protection.” Foxy grinned and Clyde rested his head on the fox's shoulder.

“Get some rest...” Foxy whispered. Clyde nodded and closed his eyes. Foxy closed his eyes and sighed, “Nobody's hurtin' 'im...” He whispered to himself.

Bonnie opened his eyes a few hours later to see Freddy hunched over the desk, with the desk-lamp turned on. He furrowed an eyebrow and sat up.

“Calm down Fred...you're fine...just keep it to yourself...” Bonnie heard him whisper.

“Fred?” Bonnie yawned.

“Oh, hey...” Freddy turned around and smiled at him.

“You alright? You seem...stressed.” Bonnie said.

“I am a little stressed...” Freddy answered.

“So...'keep it to yourself'?” Bonnie grinned a bit.

Freddy was silent, he shrugged, “Don't worry, it ain't important.” Bonnie nodded and stretched.

“Can't share it with me…?” Bonnie grinned.

He shook his head, “No.” Freddy responded. Bonnie's ears lowered and he nodded.

“Oh...” He frowned, “Sorry for...bothering you.” He laid back down on the couch.

“I might tell you someday...” Freddy muttered. He switched off the desk-lamp and laid back on the bed, he bit his lip and groaned when he laid down.

“You alright?” Bonnie asked.

“Yeah...I keep forgetting not to sleep on my sore shoulder...” He turned over and faced the wall, “Goodnight Bonnie...”

Bonnie stared at Freddy, then glanced over at the desk. He crawled off the couch and approached the desk silently. He saw Freddy's phone and picked it up, it was still switched on.

He saw that for the last ten minutes, Freddy had been texting Red.

'Are you alright? You've been gone all night.' - Freddy

'I just spoke with Clyde about the debts, I told him who the gunman was.' - Red

'Who was it?' - Freddy

'That black bunny, Shane.' - Red

'Damn, really?' - Freddy

'Yeah, really.' - Red

'Why'd he do it?' - Freddy

'Not sure, but he was after Clyde, not your boyfriend.' - Red

':-P. Don't be an ass dude. I gotta head to bed, Bonnie's up.' - Freddy

'Yep.' - Red

Bonnie bit his lip and put Freddy's phone back down. He walked over back to the couch and laid down on it. He looked up at the ceiling and furrowed an eyebrow.

Shane hunting after Clyde...Bonnie thought. He was confused, he couldn't think of any reason why he would be going after Clyde. Maybe it has something to do with their debts… He shook his head and closed his eyes.

He needed sleep before he could make any assumptions.

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