Waterview High

Chapter 16 - All Gone

All Henry could do is stand there, while he witnessed his father beating his mother. He couldn't do anything. It's not like he could defend his mother. His father had her pinned against the counter and was beating her senseless.

“S-Stop...” She begged.

“You don't tell ME who I CAN and CAN'T hang out with!” Kevin slammed his fist into his wife's chest, knocking the wind out of her.

She coughed and slipped down the counter until she hit the ground. She panted and looked up at her angry husband, “I won't d-do it again...”

“For your sake you better not!” Kevin growled at her. His wife cautiously pushed herself onto her feet using the counter. Kevin turned around and rolled his eyes once he heard her wife crying.

“Snap out of it!” Kevin shouted, “Don't cry!”

She just stood there, crying, without her having control of her own emotions. Kevin sighed and grabbed a mug from the counter. He turned around and threw the mug at his wife as he walked away.

“Coffee, make it black.” He ordered. He got no response.

“Answer me when I talk to…!” He turned back around and saw his wife limp on the ground, with shards of glass littering her face.

Henry covered his mouth and whimpered, “Mom…!” He screamed.

“I didn't...” Kevin's eyes widened, he ran over to his wife and grabbed her shoulders. He began shaking her, “I'm sorry! Wake up...come on!”

Bonnie sighed as he walked out of the showers. He stretched and yawned. The bunny slipped on a shirt as he walked into the hallway. It became a routine now.

Go to the showers, have a shower, come back out, and be ridiculed by the students. Ranging from rumours involving himself and Aiden, and just the fact that he cuts made people want to tease him and bully him immensely.

Bonnie couldn't take it anymore, every morning he'd have to drag himself to the showers, just to come out and hear all these people say these awful things.

He hung his head low and let all of the anthros and humans around him say what they liked. He opened the door to his room and threw himself on his bed.

Foxy and Clyde had brought Freddy outside, they were teaching him how to play football, without the bear playing of course.

Bonnie sat in his room alone. He covered his face with his paws and felt himself begin to cry again. He reached under his bed and pulled out his knife. The bunny rested his arm against his knee and proceeded to plunge the knife into his arm.

He whimpered softly and groaned as he dragged the knife across his arm. He shuddered and pulled the knife out, throwing it away shortly after. He covered his blood-stained arm and whimpered.

He had no idea why he cut. He needed an outlet for all of his problems and stress, and to him, cutting was the best way. The bunny jumped off his bed and looked down at his blood-stained bed-covers.

The bunny didn't care what people saw anymore. He grabbed a bandage and walked outside of his room, with blood still dripping between his fingers.

“Hah! He did it again!” Aiden laughed at him as the bunny approached the showers, “Emo freak!” His friends joined in on his laughter.

Bonnie stumbled into the showers and closed the door after him. He locked it and approached the sinks. It was only him in the showers. He breathed a sigh of relief and began sobbing quietly over the sink.

He lowered his arm below the faucet and switched on the tap. Bonnie felt the familiar searing pain that he was used to when he doused his wound with water.

He watched as the blood slowly went down his arm and onto the sink below him. Bonnie switched off the tap and saw the red-coloured water flow through the drain.

Bonnie grabbed his bandage and wrapped it around his arm, he panted and lowered his shirt's sleeve over the bandage, “There...it's over...”

He walked over to the door and unlocked it. The bunny opened the door and passed through. He felt his tears dry beneath his eyes. He wiped them away and exhaled.

I'll go outside...He thought to himself. He approached a nearby window and looked through. He noticed Clyde and Foxy throwing a football to each other, while Freddy watched from a nearby bench.

“You alright…?” Bonnie heard someone ask. He turned around and saw none-other than Shane standing there, with a worried look on his face.

Bonnie was startled, but he kept his cool, “Uh...yeah, I'm fine...”

Shane bit his lip, “Are you sure? Your shirt is covered in blood and tears...”

Bonnie mentally slapped himself. He was lucky that Shane reminded him, otherwise he would've gone out in blood-soaked clothing and alerted his friends.

The last thing he needed was to be lectured by his friends over his cutting habit.

Shane folded his arms, “Look, I barely know you, but I wanted to tell you something.”

“What is it…?” Bonnie looked at Shane, with a frightened look.

Shane noticed this and furrowed an eyebrow, “Look...” His voice dramatically lowered.

“I'm sorry I put your friend in the hospital. It wasn't supposed to be you, or him.” He added.

Bonnie nodded and bit his lip, “Why're you hunting after Clyde…?” He whispered back.

“I'd prefer to keep that a secret but...” Shane sighed, “I need to get it out in the open.”

“I'm pretty deep in debt aswell...my boss wanted me to take out the bunny because he owed us money and he needed to be paid back by the end of September...but he never got paid.” Shane explained, in a soft voice.

“He's trying his best to erase his debt,” Bonnie responded, “With the help of Red, I believe.”

“Let's hope so.” Shane tapped his hip, “I don't really wanna kill anyone but...I don't wanna get killed off either, y'know what I mean?”

“Yeah...” Bonnie muttered.

“We'll talk later, Bonnie.” Shane walked off. Bonnie bit his lip and breathed a sigh of relief. He peeked around the hallway corner and saw Shane walk into his room.

Bonnie walked back to his room and walked inside. He came back out a few minutes later in a purple hoodie, black jeans and blue Nikes.

The hallway appeared to be empty. Bonnie took advantage of this and ran down the hallway, towards the door. The bunny ran down the stairs and out the front door in a matter of seconds.

Freddy nearly fell off the chair at the sound of the door being slammed open, “Holy crap...” He muttered. He opened his eyes again and turned around, to see Bonnie walking over to him.

“Hey Bonnie,” Freddy smiled at him, “Glad to see you awake so early.” He said, in a sarcastic tone.

“Well I needed to sleep in, after yesterday...” Bonnie replied, sitting down beside the bear.

“Pretty busy day, I guess...” Freddy scooched along a bit, and smiled at the bunny.

“Come on Foxy, throw as hard as you can!” Clyde grinned and rubbed his paws together.

Foxy grinned a wider grin and bit his lip. He raised the football above his shoulder and threw it towards Clyde. Clyde's eyes widened when the ball smashed into his stomach, knocking him a few feet back and onto the ground.

“Ah, shit...” Foxy ran over to his companion and knelt beside him.

“Ye alright?” Foxy asked.

Clyde grinned and kicked Foxy in the balls. Foxy held his paws over his genitals and fell over beside him, “That's...what you...get.” Clyde panted and stood back up. He grabbed the football and helped Foxy up off the ground.

“Damaged...merchandise...doesn't mean anything good, especially for you...” Foxy grinned a little. Clyde rolled his eyes.

“Quit bein' a perv, and go long!” Clyde exclaimed.

“Seems those two are enjoyin' getting hurt.” Bonnie said, watching them.

“Football's a dangerous sport,” Freddy noted, “Remind me never to ever play it.”

“I will.” Bonnie grinned. Bonnie felt his phone vibrate. He pulled his phone out of his hoodie and stood up, “Back in a sec.” He said.

Freddy nodded and watched Bonnie walk a few feet away. Bonnie walked back over a few seconds later and looked down at Freddy, “I uh...need to go to the police station.”

“What for?” Freddy asked, “Is it about what happened on Monday?”

“I asked them that...” Bonnie replied, “They said it was something else.”

“Did they tell you what it is?” Freddy stood up.

“No.” Bonnie grabbed Freddy and made him sit down again, “No...they didn't. Stay here, I'll get Foxy to come with me.”

“Aww...can't Clyde and I come too?” Freddy asked.

“I want you to stay here and keep safe. Clyde'll take care of you.” Bonnie walked over to Foxy and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Yes, mate?” Foxy glanced at his friend.

“I've been called to the police station, mind joinin' me?” He asked.

“Sure, I suppose you want him to stay behind?” Foxy pointed at Clyde.

Bonnie nodded, “Yeah.”

“Hey Clyde, I'm gonna head out with Bonnie, I'll be back later, alright?” Foxy looked over at Clyde.

“Alright. I'll stay here and take care of Fred.” Clyde's ears lowered.

Foxy walked over and kissed the bunny on the cheek, “I'll be back soon.” Clyde smiled and nodded. Freddy and Bonnie waved at each other.

“Let's go, then...” Foxy and Bonnie walked up the stairs. Clyde grinned and sat beside Freddy.

“That guy is so fuckin' in love with you.” Clyde joked.

“I know...” Freddy facepalmed.

Bonnie slowed down the car and turned into the parking lot of the local police station. He parked in a spot and switched the car off, “You comin' in?”

“Why the hell not, right?” Foxy got out of the car, “I don't really wanna melt in here either.”

Bonnie and Foxy walked through the front doors of the police station and approached the front desk. A female jaguar sat in the chair behind the desk and smiled warmly at the two anthros as they approached.

“Good mornin' guys, what can I do for you?” She asked.

“I got a phone call, tellin' me to come here.” Bonnie responded. The jaguar's smile faded, she bit her lip and nodded.

“Uh...interrogation room three,” The jaguar pointed down a hallway directly in front of them, “It's four doors down, the second one on the right.”

“Thanks...” Bonnie walked past the desk and walked down the hallway, with Foxy following close behind.

“Dude, is that your dad?” Foxy pointed. Bonnie followed Foxy's finger and saw two cops restraining his father and bringing him down the hallway.

“Oh no...” Bonnie froze. He saw the room and walked inside.

Foxy peeked inside and nodded, “I'll stay out here...”

“Yep.” Bonnie sat down in the chair and looked up. He saw somebody dressed in a police uniform. He had a badge below his neck which read 'Officer Smith'.

Bonnie eyed the human and folded his arms, “What did you guys call me for…?” He asked, in a polite tone.

The officer frowned and sighed, “I don't know how to say this...”

“What happened?” Bonnie asked, “I saw them bringing my dad towards the cells...”

“Bonnie...” The officer looked back up at the bunny, “We found your mother...dead, in your house...”

“Oh my...god...” Bonnie covered his face, “I fucking KNEW this was gonna happen…!” He felt some tears run down his face.

“You-...” The office reached over. Bonnie slapped the officer's hand away and stood up.

“I could've DONE something! I was in the power to do something...but I let my own stupid fucking father get in the way of me defending my own mother!” Bonnie ranted, he froze and looked over at the officer, “Oh god. Where's Henry? My brother?”

“He's...” The office began, “...he's outside..”

“What do you mean 'outside'? Be more specific!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“Calm down...” The officer stood up, “He's down the hall. Colouring at the reception desk.”

“He's with the jaguar?” Bonnie asked.

“Yes...” The officer grabbed Bonnie's shoulder, “Calm down, okay? He's been through a lot...he saw it happen. I need you to be...soft with him.”

“Oh, get off me.” Bonnie stared at the officer, with a look of disgust on his face, “He's my brother, for christ sakes.” Bonnie opened the door and walked out.

Bonnie rested against the wall. He was feeling so tough and confident a few seconds ago, but now he felt like that he could just break down and cry.

And that's exactly what he did. Foxy glanced over at the door to see Bonnie on his knees, sobbing into his paws. Foxy ran over and knelt beside his friend, “What happened!?” He exclaimed.

“She's dead...she's dead...” Bonnie whimpered, “I could've done something…!”

Foxy looked down the hallway and saw directly into one of the cells, he recognised Kevin standing behind the cell bars, with his paws wrapped around them.

Foxy immediately knew who died, “Yer...mom...” He frowned, “I'm so sorry...”

A few minutes passed before Bonnie was able to stand up again. Foxy wrapped an arm around his shoulder and led him over to the reception. The woman behind the counter came out and hugged the two men.

She pulled away, “I'm sorry about your mother...”

Bonnie nodded and pushed Foxy away softly, “Where's my brother…?” He asked.

“Right here...” The woman led Bonnie behind the desk, only to see his brother sitting there, colouring in a picture of a dolphin. Henry turned around and saw his brother standing there.

Bonnie got down onto his knees and Henry jumped off his chair. They embraced in a hug and Bonnie frowned once he felt his brother's tears on his shoulder.

“Mommy's sleeping...” Henry whimpered, “The police man told me she's not coming back...”

“It's okay...it's okay...” Bonnie pulled away and grabbed his brother's hands, “She's here...”

“Where is she…?” Henry looked around.

“You remember when I used to come to church with you?” Bonnie asked, with a small smile.

“Yeah...you used to bring me to Sunday school...” Henry responded, “Why did you stop coming…?”

“Don't worry about that...” Bonnie sighed, “Do you remember that time when mom was sick?”

“Yeah...I do...” Henry whimpered.

“We thought she wasn't going to get better...but she did. Remember what daddy told you?” Bonnie asked.

Henry frowned at the mention of his father, but he nodded anyway.

“'Even if she doesn't get better, she's still around. Watching all what we're doing...crying, when we're crying, having fun while we are...'” Bonnie smiled a bit, “She's here right now...hugging you. Even though you might not be able to feel her...she's there...”

Henry nodded and hugged his brother again, “Daddy's not coming home...is he?”

“I don't think so, kid...” Bonnie frowned.

The jaguar cleared her throat, Bonnie looked up at her, “What's gonna happen to him, now?”

“We're...arranging for him to be put in an orphanage...maybe in foster care.” The woman responded.

“But...there isn't an orphanage in town…!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“That's...the bad news,” The jaguar sighed, “They're gonna bring your brother out of town...probably Chicago.”

“Chicago!?” Bonnie exclaimed, “That's like, two hundred miles away!”

“I know...but it's the best we can do right now...” The jaguar frowned.

“Say your goodbyes...they'll be here soon.” The woman added.

Henry and Bonnie hugged each other, “I don't want to go...”

“I don't want you to go either, but...” Bonnie's ears lowered, “You might have to...”

“Why can't you take care of me?” Henry asked. Bonnie felt his heart shatter at this, he bit his lip and looked down.

“I'm in school...and I'm too young, anyway...” He frowned, “Look...I love you, okay? Don't forget that.”

“I managed to pull a few strings earlier,” The woman said, catching Bonnie's attention, “They were gonna bring him out of the country for some reason...but I managed to keep him in Illinois.”

“Thanks...” Bonnie smiled a bit. Bonnie peered over the counter and noticed two people walk in.

They approached the counter, “Hello Miss Trey.” The jaguar greeted.

“Hi there.” The woman responded. A second woman folded her arms, “This is my friend, Ms Jackson. We're here for...Henry.”

Henry walked around the counter, with Bonnie holding his hand. The two woman frowned as he came into view, “How are you two related?” Miss Trey asked, glancing at Bonnie.

“We're brothers...” Bonnie said. He got on his knees again and hugged his brother. Henry picked up his backpack and threw it over his shoulder. He grabbed the picture that he was colouring in and handed it to the larger bunny.

“Keep it...” Henry smiled and kissed his brother on the cheek.

“Stay safe,” Bonnie felt himself beginning to cry again, “And stay cool, little brother.”

“I'll try. Are ya gonna come to visit?” Henry approached the two women. Bonnie looked up at the two women and smiled at them.

“Of course...” He said.

“Let's go...” Ms Jackson said. Bonnie and Foxy watched as Henry walked out of the police station. Henry was put into the back-seat of a car, with the two women sitting in the front. Bonnie walked outside with Foxy and they waved at Henry as the car pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road.

Bonnie broke down into tears as they car went out of view, “He's gone...everybody's gone...”

“It's okay...you still have us...” Foxy assured him, “It's okay...”

“Can you drive…?” Bonnie asked.

“That's a great idea...” Foxy brought Bonnie to the car and the bunny sat in the back seat. Foxy sat in the driver's seat and glanced at the bunny.

Foxy noticed Bonnie's knife hang out of his pocket. Foxy grabbed the knife and put it in his own pocket. Bonnie didn't seem to care, he just sat there, staring at the floor. Foxy sighed and started the car.

He didn't have a license, but he didn't need one. He knew how to drive. Foxy pulled out of the parking lot and began driving back to the school.

Once they got back, Foxy brought Bonnie upstairs. Aiden was waiting for them as they made it to the third floor.

“What's up, faggot?” Aiden laughed. Bonnie growled and pushed Foxy away.

Foxy hit the wall and landed on the ground. He started to think that taking Bonnie's knife was a good idea.

Bonnie rolled hiss sleeves up and cracked his knuckles, he stared at Aiden and growled at him. Aiden had no time to react, before Bonnie ran up to him and slammed him against the wall, “I AM SICK OF YOUR BULLSHIT!” He exclaimed. He slammed his fist across the bear's face, knocking him to the ground.

Aiden coughed and struggled to get back up. Bonnie pulled the bear up and proceeded and punch him again, in the chest. Aiden wheezed and coughed again.

“HOW'S IT FEEL!? HUH!?” Bonnie exclaimed. Aiden gripped his chest and looked back up at Bonnie. His eyes widened when he saw Bonnie's foot slam into his stomach. A group of students were standing behind Bonnie as this happened. Aiden tumbled back and fell down a few steps, before coming to rest at the bottom.

“FUCK YOU AIDEN!” Bonnie screamed at him, Aiden flinched and sat there. He looked up the stairs and cowered at the sight of the bunny, “YOU'RE SO DAMN LUCKY THAT I'M TOO TIRED TO THROW YOU OFF THE ROOF!”

Foxy stood up and dusted himself off, he looked at Bonnie with a worried look, “If you call me one more name, I will break your neck. You hear me?” He growled at the bear.

Aiden nodded and coughed. He covered his face in shame and just sat there.

“Holy crap...” One of Aiden's friends said. Everyone stood there, in disbelief. Bonnie turned around and looked at the group. The students quickly went all directions, trying to avoid the angered rabbit.

“Come on...” Foxy brought Bonnie back to his room. Clyde approached Bonnie's room and followed them in.

Clyde closed the door behind him. Foxy and Bonnie sat on the bed, while Freddy was resting on the couch. He opened his eyes and looked around, “Bonnie…? You're back? What's going on…?”

“Bonnie just gave Aiden a beatdown...” Clyde said. Freddy glanced at Bonnie to see his friend sobbing on the bed.

Freddy saw both of Bonnie's arms, as they weren't covered by the sleeves anymore.

He winced when he saw the large bandage covering Bonnie's arm. He could see the indentations of a large cut on the bunny's arm.

“What happened…?” Freddy stood up. Foxy scooched along and let Freddy sit beside the bunny.

“His dad killed his mom…” Foxy said, “They sent his brother off to...an orphanage, or foster care or somethin'...”

Freddy frowned and held Bonnie close, “Oh...”

“Everybody's gone...” Bonnie sobbed.

“It's okay...” Freddy whispered.

“We'll leave you two alone...” Clyde said. Foxy nodded and followed Clyde out, the door shutting behind them as they left.

“What am I gonna do now…?” Bonnie whimpered, “I thought I could've helped her...but I let him bully me into letting it go...”

“Don't worry. You still have us...” Freddy bit his lip.

“Thanks...but you gotta understand, this is family man...my dad's in prison, my moms dead, and my fucking brother is hundreds of miles away!” He shouted, “I HAVE NOBODY EXCEPT FOR YOU GUYS!”

“Calm down...” Freddy whispered, “It's okay...it's okay...remember, you still need to take care of me...” He smiled a bit.

Bonnie chuckled and smiled at Freddy, “That's my mission...I guess.”

“I managed to get something for us, too.” Freddy smiled.

“What's that?” Bonnie asked.

Freddy pointed over to the desk, it had a black console with a small television, “Guess we're playing video games all night!”

“Yeah...yeah! That sounds awesome!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“Plus, I've been using that Anthrone you gave me...” Freddy smiled, “Guess what's my new ring-tone?”

He pulled out his Anthrone and tapped it. The phone began to play the song that Bonnie and Freddy were singing earlier, with their voices singing along to it in the background.

“You recorded it?” Bonnie scoffed, “Seriously?”

“Of course I did!” Freddy exclaimed, “You sang beautifully.”

“You're so weird, dude.” Bonnie smiled. Freddy laid down on the bed and grunted as he felt a small bit of pain in his shoulder.

“You alright?” Bonnie asked. He laid down beside the bear and glanced at him.

“I'm getting better...” Freddy paused, “I see you've been...cutting again.”

“I'm sorry...” Bonnie's ears lowered.

“We'll talk more tomorrow, okay?” Freddy turned over, “Goodnight, bro.”

“Goodnight man...” Bonnie sighed.

He closed his eyes and paused. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve. He wanted to be alone for the day, so he'd have to tell the others that.

However, he was pretty excited for Christmas Day. He had an idea of something he could give Freddy for being so supportive. He opened his eyes and glanced at the other side of the room.

He grinned as his eyes made contact with a small box. He wasn't sure whether Freddy would like it, but he hoped that he would. It meant a lot to the bunny, and he hoped that it'd make Freddy happy.

The bunny yawned and closed his eyes, eventually passing off into sleep. Clyde and Foxy were still standing at the door.

“What time is it?” Clyde asked.

“About...2PM.” Foxy replied, “Can we head back to your room…?”

“Okay...” Clyde grabbed Foxy's paw and they walked back to the fox's room.

“I saw something on Freddy's phone earlier,” Foxy said, “Bonnie told me about it and I had to go see for myself.”

“What was it…?” Clyde sat on the couch.

“Shane's the gunman,” Foxy said, “And I also happened to see something else...”

“W-What was that…?” Clyde nervously frowned.

“Ye're still taking those drugs...aren't ye?” Foxy asked.

Clyde's lip quivered, “I'm trying my best to get over it but...it's just so hard!”

“Don't worry, bunny. We'll fix this...it's okay...” Foxy held the bunny close.

He needed a way to get Clyde off of the drugs and back to normal. But how? An addiction is hard to shake off. Maybe he could water it down with something else? He wouldn't be able to get professional help. They'd lead it back to Red and get him in trouble, then eventually get Clyde arrested for drug possession.

Foxy sighed, he wasn't going to think about any further. He closed his eyes and felt Clyde fall asleep on his shoulders. He was content with how things were going between them, but he needed to ensure that his little bunny was okay.

I'll talk to Red...maybe he can sort something out. Foxy said, I'll talk to him after Christmas...we need a normal day where we can just chill out and have nothing go wrong. That's all Foxy desired, just a day or two where things could be perfect, or at least normal.

Hopefully, he'd get his wish.

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