Waterview High

Chapter 17 - Early Morning Trip

Bonnie leant against the wall of the hallway. He was staring down at his phone, playing a game, “Take this! And that…!” Bonnie bit his tongue and pressed his fingers against the phone intensely.

A phone-call interrupted his fun. Bonnie reluctantly closed his game and answered the call, “Bonnie, here.”

“What's up Bonnie!?” Chica's loud voice made Bonnie smile a bit.

“The ceiling,” Bonnie looked above him, then back to his phone, “Other than that, nothin' much. Yourself?”

“Don't be such a smartass!” Chica laughed, “Ah, Goldie, stop that for a second!”

Bonnie stood there awkwardly, waiting for Chica to continue. Chica cleared her throat, “Sorry about that, Goldie's just getting excited.”

“Excited for what?” Bonnie asked, dreading the answer.

“Well, I called a few friends together for a camping trip, and I was wonderin' if you guys wanted to join us!” Chica replied.

“Hm, camping trip?” Bonnie glanced at his door, “Where to?”

“Maybe up near Blue Mountain. Goldie's drivin' us, so I'm not quite sure,” Chica replied, “Come on Bonnie! It'll be fun!”

“I didn't say no,” Bonnie smiled, “I'll come. Want me to convince Fred, Clyde and Foxy aswell?”

“Bring all three!” Chica exclaimed, “Might have a few games of truth or dare while we're at it~!”

Bonnie's face flushed pure red at the thought of playing that with Freddy, “I uh...maybe...”

“Gotta go!” Chica exclaimed, “We're leavin' tomorrow mornin', about 8AM, at the front of the school, we'll be waitin'!”

Bonnie said goodbye and hang up, “Damn...I swear Goldie hangs out at the girls' dorm more often than the boy's...” He walked over to his door. He reached for the door-knob, then paused.

It was early, so his friend was probably sleeping right now. He looked down the hallway, at Foxy's door and decided to walk down there instead.

Bonnie knocked on their door and Clyde opened it, with a large smile on his face, “Hey Bonnie.”

“Hi Clyde.” Bonnie smiled back.

“What's up, man?” Clyde rested against the door-frame.

“Nothin' much...” Bonnie shrugged, “Chica invited us to a camping trip, I just wondered if you guys wanted to join.”

“Hell yeah we do!” Clyde pulled Bonnie in.

“What have ye agreed us to now?” Foxy grinned as Clyde pulled Bonnie in and closed the door.

“Bonnie invited us on a camping trip,” Clyde replied, “So I said we're going.”

“Seems like Clyde's made your mind up for you.” Bonnie grinned.

“Well...I dunno...I never like the outdoors...” Foxy rubbed his shoulder.

“Come on…! It'll be awesome!” Clyde grinned.

“Well, if ye want us to come so badly, then I guess we'll join ye.” Foxy responded.

“Cool!” Bonnie nodded.

“I should go pack...Freddy's still sleeping though...” Bonnie bit his lip.

“Is he alright?” Foxy asked.

Bonnie frowned, “No...no he's not.” His ears lowered and he rubbed his shoulder.

“Still shaken up about everything?” Clyde questioned.

“Yeah...” Bonnie responded, “I feel bad for making him feel...down. I didn't think I mattered to him that much...”

“Don't kid yerself,” Foxy grinned, “He cares, more than you think.”

“If ya say so.” Bonnie smiled a little.

“Cheer up,” Foxy pet Bonnie on the shoulder, “You'll be spendin' some good quality time with your future boyfriend.”

“Oh, shut up.” Bonnie grinned and shut the door. He glanced over at his room and proceeded to walk over.

Bonnie opened the door and peered inside. He saw Freddy sitting on the side of the couch, with a sad look on his face. Bonnie walked in and closed the door.

“You alright?” Bonnie asked.

“I uh, yeah,” Freddy cleared his throat, “I'm fine.”

“Don't lie to me,” Bonnie frowned, “Tell me what's goin' on.”

“I should be comforting you.” Freddy scooched away from the bunny. Bonnie's ears lowered.

“I've been through a lot but...we can always share the pain, right?” Bonnie smiled a little. Freddy glanced over at the desk and saw Bonnie's bloodied knife sitting beside his phone.

Bonnie noticed the knife and his eyes widened, “You haven't…?!”

“Of course not,” Freddy snapped, “That was yours.”

“I thought you were...” Bonnie sat back down.

“No...” Freddy shook his head, “I don't...do that.”

Bonnie and Freddy sat in awkward silence for a short period of time, “Ah, screw it.” Bonnie muttered. Freddy watched Bonnie stand up and walk over to the desk.

Bonnie came back over with a small box, he handed it to Freddy and his tail began flapping back and forth gently, “I uh, I know it ain't Christmas yet, but I really wanted to give ya somethin'.”

“Damn man,” Freddy grinned, “You're spoiling me...” He opened the box and his eyes widened.

“What the hell…?” Freddy said, breathlessly. He pulled out a pair of gold-studded earphones, “How did you get enough money for this!?”

“My dad gave it to me a few years back,” Bonnie said, “When he wasn't an asshole. I thought you'd like to have it...”

“Dude...” Freddy grinned, “Just...wow...” Freddy grabbed Bonnie and hugged him tightly.

Bonnie pulled away a short time later and smiled at his friend, “Like it?”

“I fucking love it!” Freddy shouted. His ears lowered and his smile faded, “How am I ever going to find a gift to outdo this one…?”

“You don't need to.” Bonnie smiled.

“Bonnie, you asshole.” Freddy grinned.

“Speaking of me bein' an asshole,” Bonnie's smile widened, “I'm dragging you on a camping trip.”

“Camping trip?” Freddy's eyes widened, “I haven't been on one of those for years!”

“You can start packing your stuff after I thrash your ass at a game of Super Smash Bros.” Bonnie picked up a controller.

“I'm not too skilled when it comes to games,” Freddy picked up a nearby controller, “But I'd love to try this.”

Bonnie nodded and switched on the console. They shared grins and prepared to play some real competitive rounds.

As night-time fell, Shane walked out of the dorm and into a nearby alleyway. The same alleyway where they found Mr Shadow's body. He bit his lip and folded his arms.

“Where is this guy…?” He whispered to himself. He glanced at his paws, they were shaking. He stared at the gun in his paws and looked up at the sky.

“Ah, there you are.” An unfamiliar voice spoke. A shadow came out from the darkness to greet the bunny.

“Ah, boss, s-sir!” Shane hid the gun and smiled at the figure.

“Greetings, Shane,” The figure came closer, with a grin on his face, “How're you holding up? Good?”

“I uh, I'm okay...” Shane responded. The figure began pacing back and forth in front of the bunny.

“You see,” The figure muttered, “You fucked up, last Monday.”

“I know I did…!” Shane frowned, “I nearly killed an innocent guy…!”

“Then you proceeded to tell somebody about what you were going to do?” The figure added.

“How did you…?” Shane's eyes widened. The figure grinned and pulled out a knife. He pushed Shane against the wall and knocked the gun out of Shane's paws.

The figure laughed, “Didn't you know? It's impolite to bring a gun to a knife fight...”

“I don't think that's how the saying goes...” Shane joked, with a nervous grin.

“You've put us on the map, and our target is onto us,” The figure pushed the knife against the bunny's neck further, a small trickle of blood seeped from his neck, “I didn't order you to fucking assassinate ANYBODY!”

“I was sure that you told me to!” Shane whimpered.

“I NEVER GAVE THE ORDER!” The figure growled.

Shane screamed and the figure covered his mouth, “Clyde knows that you were the gunman. They're going to investigate you and eventually lead back to me.”

“I was just trying to help…!” The bunny coughed.

“And look where your 'help' has gotten us,” The figure sighed, “In my line of work. You follow orders, you don't go and do whatever the hell you want...”

“I know that, s-sir...” Shane whimpered. The figure grinned again and slid the knife gently across the bunny's neck.

“We've got a business to protect,” The figure sighed, “And you're just a liability.”

“Sir! I swear...I-I can do...” The figure pushed the knife deeper into the bunny's neck, “I can do more! I'll do anything!”

The figure didn't say anything. He looked away for a second and looked back at the bunny. His grin widened and he sliced the bunny's neck open. Shane coughed and fell to the ground.

A few seconds passed before Shane's body went limp. A few other figures approached the area and the main figure turned around to face them.

“You two,” The figure said, holstering the knife, “Clear the crime scene, dump the body.”

“Yes sir…!” The third figure ran over to the body and picked it up. One of the figures snapped a picture of the body and pocketed his phone.

The figure grinned and walked off, with blood leaking from his hands.

Freddy waited outside of the boy's dorm the next morning, waiting for his friend to come outside. It wasn't too much longer before the purple bunny came out of the dorm, dressed in a purple jacket.

“That's your signature outfit, it seems.” Freddy grinned. Bonnie's face went red.

He grinned at Freddy and pushed him aside, “Seems so, now come on, they're probably waiting.”

Freddy followed him, “They'll be waiting a while for Clyde and Foxy.” He adjusted his bow-tie and glanced at Bonnie.

“Talkin' 'bout us?” Clyde walked over with an arm wrapped around Foxy's shoulder.

“Of course we were,” Bonnie grinned, “What kept you guys?”

“Clyde couldn't find enough clothes to pack...” Foxy pointed at Clyde's backpack, which seemed to be much larger than usual, “I'd say there's about a month's worth of clothing in there.”

Freddy grinned and folded his arms. They walked up the stairs and through the open gate. The four anthros walked down a small path which lead to the front of the main building.

A multi-coloured van waited at the front of the school, “Holy shit.” Bonnie commented.

“Hippie central...” Clyde whispered, causing Foxy to chuckle under his breath.

Bonnie saw Chica and Goldie standing in front of the van, having a conversation with each other. Chica turned around and smiled at them as they approached.

“Glad to see you all made it,” Chica grinned, “I'm especially glad to see that all four of you made it. I know how Foxy operates.”

“Those days are over.” Foxy grinned at his friend.

“Where's Chi and Spring?” Goldie asked.

“They're on their way,” Chica turned around and kissed her boyfriend on the cheek, “Chi's doin' her makeup, and Spring's in the shower.”

“Guess we'll be waitin' for a while.” Foxy folded his arms.

“Nice van.” Freddy commented.

Goldie smiled at Freddy, “Nice of you to take notice,” His smile widened a bit, “The van is supposed to attract as much attention as it can. It saves the environment.”

“How does it-…?” Bonnie raised an eyebrow.

“Don't start,” Chica chuckled, “Once he starts, he doesn't stop.”

“Let's just say it costs more to run this car than it is for my scholarship.” Goldie replied.

“Yikes...” Clyde whispered.

“It's not just Spring and Chi coming along with us, too.” Goldie added.

“Who else?” Clyde raised an eyebrow.

“You might not like this, but Chica had a plan for this camping trip...” Goldie bit his lip, “Aiden and Red are joining us...”

“Are you fucking kidding?” Freddy cursed.

“We're trying to fix things...” Chica frowned, “After what happened yesterday...”

“You gave him quite the beat-down...” Spring walked over, with Chi beside him.

“Yeah...he did.” Goldie glanced at his friend.

“I don't know if I can...” Bonnie rubbed his shoulder.

“Don't worry, it'll be fine...” Freddy smiled and pet his friend on the shoulder. Bonnie's breathing calmed and he shut his eyes for a second.

“That's one way to calm somebody down,” Chi commented, “Weird, but it works.”

It wasn't too long before Aiden and Red joined the group of anthros. Bonnie hid behind Freddy, while Clyde wouldn't stop glaring at Red.

Red and Aiden kept their distance from the two bunnies.

“Let's go, then?” Chica opened the back door to the van, “There's enough room for everyone. But I'm in the front seat!”

Goldie climbed into the driver's seat, “Come on in.”

The anthros climbed into the van, with Chi and Spring sitting the closest to the front, with Aiden and Red sitting behind them, followed by Foxy, Clyde, Bonnie and Freddy sitting in a circle at the very back of the van.

“I want to make one thing clear,” Freddy said, loud enough for only Foxy, Bonnie and Clyde to hear, “We all try to stay together, understand?”

“Of course,” Foxy replied, “We can't let anything happen to Bonnie.”

“Or Clyde, either,” Freddy glanced at the bunny, “It may be a long-shot, but I'm thinkin' someone is hunting for you...”

“It's true...” Bonnie muttered, “Shane told me that he was hunting for you...” He glanced at Clyde.

“I had a feeling...” Clyde muttered.

“Where is he now?” Foxy asked.

“Haven't seen him since yesterday,” Bonnie responded, “So I don't know...”

“Let's just put all this behind us for these next couple of days, alright?” Freddy smiled.

“Yeah, we all need to relax after the last week or two we've had, eh?” Foxy grinned.

“Hell yeah, we do...” Clyde muttered.

“Spring...stop it…!” Chi said, in a playful tone. Spring was poking her shoulder and nibbling her neck without stopping, “It tickles! Stop…!”

“Make me~...” Spring whispered.

“I can't though…!” Chi growled a little.

“How far to Blue Mountain?” Chica asked, glancing at Goldie. Goldie looked through the front windscreen of the van. He saw drops of rain splash against it. He switched on the windscreen wipers and glanced at Chica.

“About...fifty, or sixty miles.” Goldie responded.

“Ugh...” Chica sighed and rested in her seat, “I hate long car trips...”

Aiden and Red seemed to be restless. Red wouldn't stop looking at his phone and Aiden wouldn't stop twitching. Nobody else except each other seemed to take notice though.

Red and Aiden looked at each other, then looked away. He wasn't in the mood to talk with him. He scooched away from him, towards the side of the van. He rested his body against the side of the van and closed his eyes.

He'd just sleep for a little while, maybe ten minutes, nothing more.

He opened his eyes to see himself standing outside of the dorm, with Aiden and a large eagle. They all looked at each other, and approached an alley-way beside the dorm.

“We've got a business to protect,” The figure said, “And you're just a liability...”

Red stood there and glanced at Aiden, then back to the figure. He saw Shane whimper at the figure pushed the knife deeper against the bunny's neck, piercing it further.

“Sir! I swear...I-I can do...” He paused, then coughed, “I can do more! I'll do anything!”

The figure remained silent. Red's lip quivered and he closed his eyes. How could he watch this?

“Pay attention,” The large eagle growled, “You need to watch this, so you know what happens to people who fuck us over.”

Red watched the figure look over at them, then back to the bunny. He saw his grin widen. Red watched the figure slash the bunny's neck open.

Red gasped as Shane coughed and fell to the ground, “Holy crap...” He whispered.

A few seconds passed, and Shane's body fell limp. The figure rested his fingers on Shane's arm, searching for a pulse. He grinned when he couldn't find one.

“You two,” The figure holstered the knife, “Clear the crime scene, dump the body.”

“Yes sir…!” Aiden ran over to the body and picked it up, while Red pulled out his phone and snapped a picture, before pocketing it.

He watched the figure walk over to the eagle with a grin. He heard him whisper;

“Make sure this is taken care of, Scott.”

“I will, sir.” The eagle responded, with a grin.

Red watched the figure walk off, with blood leaking from his hands.

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