Waterview High

Chapter 21 - Epilogue


Freddy sat on the chair and rubbed his paws together. He rubbed his eyes, wiping the tears away. A hand came out from behind the camera and placed a full glass of water onto the table.

“Thanks...” Freddy picked up the glass and drank some of the water. He exhaled and put the glass back onto the table.

“Now...” The interviewer began, “Can you tell me what happened EXACTLY?”

“We went camping up there,” Freddy began, “We thought we'd be there for a few days but...it didn't last long.”

“My friend was going through some things...so we went looking for him after he went for a walk. I eventually noticed Aiden standing in the middle of the forest, with a gun pointed at Bonnie...so naturally, I intervened...”

“And?” The interviewer led the conversation further.

“There isn't much else to it ..he aimed it at me, the gun was out of ammo. I took the first opportunity I could to get him away from me, so I hit him with the handle of a knife...”

“You don't think you might've killed him with the impact?” The interviewer questioned.

“Wha-..” Freddy growled a little, “Of course not! I might have flaws, but I'm not a damn murderer!”


“I'm sorry to see you back here after the incident with your father...” The interviewer said, “Are you sure that you're up to this?”

“Of course I do. I've gotten past it, and I'm going to help in any way I can.” Bonnie smiled.

“Give us your side of the story, then.” The interviewer cleared his throat.

“I went for a walk up the trail, I was confronted by Aiden. We talked for a while about all the things he blamed me and Clyde for. He raised a gun to my head. I eventually backed towards a branch, but I ended up impaling my paw instead of pulling it out...”

“Sounds painful.” The interviewer muttered.

“Yeah, it fucking hurt.” Bonnie glanced at his paw, that had a massive bandage surrounding it.


Clyde opened the door and sat down in the chair. He was breathing weakly and his eyes would twitch on occasion, “I'm here...”

“Are you alright…?” The interviewer asked, with genuine concern.

“I'm...” Clyde sighed, “I'm...I'm okay...this is more important anyway...”

“Ready to get started...then?” The interviewer asked.

“Yeah...” Clyde coughed, “F-Fire away...”

The interviewer picked up a case-file and scanned through the pages.

“According to your friends, and the phone's messages, you're in pretty deep when it comes to debt.” The interviewer stated.

“Yeah, I made some bad choices. I did...buy drugs for a while. It was to help with my depression, but I ended up getting addicted...” Clyde frowned.

“I bought way too many and I ended up getting far into debt with a very important drug boss...” Clyde explained, his tone getting weaker and weaker with every word he spoke.

“Can you identify him?” The interviewer asked.

“I've never met him in person,” Clyde responded, “I'm not even sure what his name is.”

“You'd be happy to know that we've figured it out.” The interviewer relaxed in his chair.

“Who is it?” Clyde asked.


A bear sat in the chair and had an irritated expression on his face, “'The fuck you got on me, huh?”

“Don't curse,” The interviewer growled, “We linked you to the messages sent to Aiden, the teenage bear that had fallen off the cliff.”

“How does it prove that I sent the messages? It just proves that it was sent from my phone.” The bear growled.

The interviewer smashed his fist on the table, “Don't be a smartass,” The bear rolled his eyes, “We found the body of Shane Shadow, the kid who you murdered.”

“Proof?” The bear raised an eyebrow.

“Three people saw it,” The interviewer replied, “All from the upstairs window of the dorm that was literally right beside where you killed him.”

“Witness accounts aren't necessarily proper proof.” The bear folded his arms. The interviewer handed him a phone in a clear-coloured bag.

“What's this supposed to insinuate?” The bear growled.

“One of them got video footage.” The interviewer kicked his legs back, “Now, ready to talk?”

“Fuck you.” The bear threw the phone.

“Also...” The interviewer grinned, “We have someone who said that you were out at exactly the same time-frame as when Shane was murdered.”

“And?” The bear raised an eyebrow, “Who outed me?”

“Your son, Freddy.”


“Are ye gonna strap any charges to him…?” Foxy asked.

“To who?” The interviewer asked.

“To Clyde...” Foxy responded.

“No. He's been through enough...the court was planning to strap charges...but I told them that it wasn't necessary...” The interviewer responed.

“What do ye mean?” Foxy raised an eyebrow.

“Never you mind that,” The interviewer said, “There's one thing I'm confused about.”

“And what's that?' Foxy folded his arms.

“Why didn't you come to the police in the first place?” The interviewer interrogated.

“For obvious reasons,” The fox began, “I didn't want him to get in trouble for anything...he's already a little screwed up now as it is..”

“Well, you don't need to worry about that...” The interview said, “The only thing we're worried about now, is the drug boss.”

“Then why am I still here?” Foxy asked.

“Cause I have a few more questions.” The interviewer added.


“You're assuming that my dad has a part in this…?” Freddy asked, “For the love of god, please tell me that you're joking..”

“We've connected him to the crime scene...” The interviewer said, “He definitely did it...”

“Why would he do it, though?” Freddy asked.

“He wanted to keep his precious empire stable, and the only way to do that, is to erase all of his debts and loose ends,” The interviewer explained, “Your friend was one of those loose ends...”

“I'm so happy that he's okay...” Freddy said, “After what happened on the mountain, I was sure that Clyde was gonna kick the bucket...”

“He'll be under police protection for quite some time,” The interviewer said, “And you will be, too.”

“Okay...” Freddy frowned, “Will Clyde be getting any more medical care…?”

“But of course...he's helped out out a lot, and I owe him a few favours...” The interviewer gave Freddy a warm smile.


“Why am I here?” Chi raised an eyebrow, “I don't know anything about all of this crap...”

“You were there. We just wanted confirmation that you saw what everyone else described.” The interviewer replied.

“I wasn't there,” Chi responded, “You're wasting your time.”


“Do I seriously need to be here?” Goldie asked.

“We were just wondering if you knew about Aiden's plan before your girlfriend invited him on the trip with you.” The interviewer said.

“I never wanted either of them to come with us on the trip,” Goldie explained, “They're both assholes.”


“What happened to my dad?” Bonnie asked, “I didn't see him in the cells when I came in...”

“He's been taken to court,” The interviewer responded, “He's facing some pretty hefty charges...”

Bonnie held his head and nodded, “He'll get what he deserves...” His voice cracked a little.

“Are you alright?' The interviewer asked, with genuine concern in his tone.

“I'm fine...” Bonnie answered, his tone escalating.

“Sometimes...after a traumatic event...” The interviewer argued.

“I said I'm fine.” Bonnie sternly said.


“You couldn't even stop your drug ring for your son. It almost got him killed!” The interviewer exclaimed.

“Shane was a jackass,” Hugo growled, “He tried to kill Bonnie thinking that he was Clyde, and it exposed the operation and fucked us all over!”

“Heh, if I had code-names for these little operations, I'd name this one 'Bonnie and motherfuckin' Clyde'.” Hugo grinned.

“Shut the fuck up.” The interviewer said, in a serious tone.

Hugo rolled his eyes and folded his arms, “Go to hell, copper...”

“So, you confess?” The interviewer said.

“I do...” Hugo muttered.

“Care to snitch anyone else out?” The interviewer questioned.

“The principal. Scott. He's one of my assistants...” Hugo said, “Stupid prick...”


“What happens now?” Clyde asked.

“You're the final interview...we've gotten everything. We've got the drug boss, and we've come to an understanding with everything else,” The interviewer responded, “But we've figured something else out.”

“What?” Clyde folded his arms.

“Well, two things, actually,” The interviewer said, “The way Hugo murdered Shane matches the MO of the other killings.”

“Does that mean…?” Clyde's eyes widened.

“Due to all the answers we've gotten today, we've come to the conclusion that Hugo had purposely forced you into a debt, causing you to become a target.” The interviewer began.

“He's done it before….four times. We've got files here that involve three or four other murders that were done in the same way, all of them being bunnies, like yourself.” The interviewer sighed.

“If your friends hadn't protected you, you would've become the next victim.” The interviewer finished.

“I'm so glad that I have good friends...” Clyde said, weakly.

“Also, with the help of Freddy and his father, we've also found out who was murdering the kids at the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza establishment.” The interviewer finished.

“What can be done?” Clyde asked.

“We're going to arrest him.” The interviewer replied.

“Who was it?” Clyde raised an eyebrow.


“Welcome back to News at Nine, with Jill Cranley, and Carl Johnson.” The narrator spoke over the intro to the news.

“It seems like things have been getting pretty tense in Waterview lately.” The newsman said.

“That's right Carl,” Jill responded, “The principal of Waterview High was been connected to the drug-boss named Hugo Fazbear. You may also know him as the CEO of Fazbear Entertainment. The company that was plagued by the murders of children back in the late eighties.”

“What happens to him now?” Carl turned to his colleague.

“He's been thrown in jail. He was also connected to the murder of Shane Shadow, the son of Trevor Shadow, who was murdered over a week ago.” Jill explained.

“The police aren't confirming anything, but they have a strong suspicion that Hugo Fazbear is the person who has been killing rabbits for the last few years.” Jill finished.

“Scary...” Carl commented.

“Yeah, those poor people...” Jill frowned.


“Another Fazbear story,” Jill began, “An addition to the previous story we've mentioned, Aiden Bowen, 18, and Red Fazbear, 19, went missing the other day at the top of Blue Mountain.”

“Witness accounts say that the two got into a fight, though nobody can give an exact reason why,” Jill continued, “This caused the two bears to topple over the side of the cliff and possibly, to their deaths.”

“The police have found the body of Aiden Bowen, with multiple bruises and knife wounds, the largest one of them being a large wound below the jaw.” Carl explained.

“From what the police have mentioned, Aiden had died before the fall. But nobody is sure where the second victim is.” Carl continued.

“The police aren't sure where the knife is, but they've opened an investigation to figure out what happened to Red Fazbear, who is still missing at this time.” Carl finished.

“I feel awful for Red's brother. He's lost his father and brother in the same week.” Jill said.

“My personal condolences for his brother...” Jill frowned.

“Let's hope that there's a slimmer of hope for Red Fazbear, who knows? Maybe he'll come back alive...” Carl said.

“I'm doubtful, Carl.” Jill responded.


Jeremy slammed the door shut of the horror attraction. It was going to be open in about a week and he needed to prepare for the week. He'd hired somebody to take over the night-shift, but he had something to sort out first.

One by one, he took the old animatronics apart. There was one thing that he was thankful for to Fazbear Entertainment. They taught him how to operate the suits. He was so surprised when he found out that they could be worn, he had to take the opportunity!

Those kids...with their juicy smiles. Jeremy would grin as the child's smiles faded shortly after he'd pierced their chests with a sharp blade.

After the four animatronics were dealt with, he saw a golden bear floating in front of him. He backed away and raised the crank above his head.

“Back the fuck off!” Jeremy shouted.

The bear vanished and was replaced with a ghostly vision of the child. The male ran away from the child and into the back room, where he was confronted with four other spirits of children. He backed away from the fifth kid as he approached.

Jeremy noticed an empty suit on the other side of the room. He ran over to it with a grin on his face. He stepped into the suit, dropping the crank beside him.

“Ha ha! Assholes!” He exclaimed with a grin. His happiness was short-lived as the suit began to close on his body. The suit crushed his body and blood spilled out of the suit. He collapsed onto the ground and rested against the wall as the suit began to vibrate.

The clock struck twelve and the lights went off. The door shut automatically, leaving the room closed forever.


Freddy and Bonnie sat in Bonnie's room. Freddy rested against Bonnie's shoulder, “I hated that...”

“Hated what?” Bonnie asked.

“Being interviewed like that...” Freddy responded.

“Ditto...” Bonnie sighed.

“Think things will ever get back to normal?” Freddy questioned.

“I doubt it,” Bonnie replied honestly, “We'll be grieving for a while, but at least we'll be here to help each other, right?”

“You know what I was saying earlier?” Freddy asked.

“Which part?” Bonnie grinned.

“The part when I said that when our eyes met, something was formed,” Freddy smiled, “It wasn't friendship, it was a relationship, right?”

“Fuck yeah it was!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“I love ya, you know that, right?” Freddy smiled.

“Of course.” Bonnie responded.

“I can't wait till we graduate...” Freddy smiled, “No more drama...maybe we could actually go further with this...”

“We don't have to wait 'till then...” Bonnie grinned.

“I can deal with that...” Freddy kissed Bonnie on the cheek. Bonnie pulled Freddy close and pulled him atop of the bunny.

Clyde and Foxy sat together on the couch, “I hate being interrogated...” Foxy commented.

“I can't believe they didn't charge me...” Clyde smiled weakly, “That guy was so nice...”

“I wouldn't have let them, anyway...” Foxy said, “But I give props to that guy, he might've saved our asses, there.”

“Yeah...” Clyde rubbed his head, “God...I feel so bad for Red...”

“I hate this damn town.” Foxy growled, “It's a fucking hell-hole. I mean, before we came here, nothing ever happened to any of us...”

“Ditto.” Clyde sighed, “I'm so tired...” He muttered.

“After graduation, did ye wanna bail?” Foxy asked.

“Of course I do…!” Clyde shouted weakly, “As soon as possible...”

“Wanna get kicked out before graduation?” Foxy asked, a grin gracing his face.

“No thanks...” Clyde rolled his eyes.

“How about we watch a movie?” Clyde questioned.

“A horror movie?” Foxy's grin widened.

“As long as it involves the gropage of the assage!” Clyde exclaimed.

“Oh, shut up...” Foxy switched on the television.

Bonnie held Freddy close and kissed him on the cheek, “I'm so glad that I met you...” Bonnie muttered.

“It was an amazing and lucky twist of fate that I managed to meet such an amazing little bunny like yourself...” Freddy replied, with a warm smile gracing his face.

“I know this might sound a little strange but...after we finish school here, I was wonderin'...” Bonnie rubbed his shoulder.

Freddy grinned and nipped Bonnie's neck, “Hm?”

“I really feel like I can...spend the rest of my life with you...” Bonnie explained, “Do you feel the same?”

“I don't ever wanna be apart from you, Bonnie...” Freddy smiled.

Bonnie breathed a sigh of relief and kissed Freddy on the cheek, “Come on, we should hurry up. Otherwise, there'll be no sex for either of us.”

Freddy growled, “I ain't lettin' that happen.”

It wasn't long before their room was filled with giggles and moans. Clyde and Foxy covered their ears, “Goddamn their loud...”

Clyde shrugged, “Turn up the volume...” Foxy picked up the remote and aimed it at the television. The sound began to drain out the sound of the manly moans, and Clyde and Foxy were content with that, that's the last thing they wanted to hear.



A battered and broken bear limped down a set of rails. He held a lit torch above his head, so that he could actually see a few feet in front of him.

He held a knife in his other paw. He whimpered and closed his eyes for a second, “I'm not gonna make it out of here...” He muttered.

He turned around and looked back the way he came. Shivers were sent down his spine when he heard moans echo throughout the mine shift.

He looked ahead of him and noticed a sign which read 'Service Elevator'. Had he just found his way out?

“Oh hell yea Red, you did it!” He exclaimed. He limped towards the sign and followed the path until he reached a battered elevator. He pulled a lever once he got inside and the elevator slowly began going towards the surface.

Red's eyes made contact with the light from the sun as he came closer to the surface, “I can finally go home...” Red whimpered.

The elevator suddenly stopped, not that far from the surface, “NO!” Red screamed, weakly.

He heard the sound of footsteps in front of him, along with growling. He brought his torch closer to the sound and noticed multiple sets of eyes staring at him.

“Wolves..please...no...” He whimpered, as tears began to form, “G-GET BACK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!"

"I'VE SPENT TOO LONG IN THIS SHITHOLE TO DIE NOW!” The wolves gnashed their teeth at him.

He gripped his knife tightly and stepped back as the wolves continued to approach. He closed his eyes and inhaled some air.

He wasn't gonna die today.

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