Waterview High

Chapter 4 - New Teacher

Foxy and Clyde entered Foxy's dorm room after Freddy and Bonnie had walked outside. They sat beside each other on a couch and sat there in silence. Eventually, Foxy broke the silence and cleared his throat.

“Well uh, I have me laptop,” He said, picking up a nearby bag, “If ye wanted to play something.”

Clyde smiled and nodded, “I'd love to.”

Clyde scooched over to Foxy, so that they were just touching a little. Foxy coughed, as he felt flustered. He pulled out a small laptop from his bag and placed it on their laps.

He pressed the power button and waited for a few seconds.

“Did you actually charge it?” Clyde looked up at the fox. Foxy adjusted his eye-patch and shrugged.

“I uh, I don't think so, mate.” Foxy frowned and shut the laptop. Clyde shrugged.

“Doesn't matter, we can just talk I guess. I'd like to get to know ya.” Clyde made himself comfortable, he folded his arms and glanced at the fox.

Foxy nodded and put the laptop on the ground. He crossed one of his legs over the other and grinned, “So...”

“I heard about your parents,” Clyde said, causing Foxy to frown, “I'm real sorry about that.”

“It's fine, they didn't die on vain.” Foxy cracked a small smile. Clyde nodded and his gaze continued to wander around the surprisingly dark room.

“Okay, ye clearly don't want to talk about each other,” Foxy began, “It's cool, I'm not really interesting anyway..”

Clyde frowned, “It's not that..”

“I'm more interested in talking about Bonnie and Freddy.” Foxy commented.

“Oh?” Clyde raised an eyebrow.

“Are ye into either of them?” Foxy asked, a serious look dawning his face. Clyde paused, and thought for a minute.

“If I were to be honest,” He sighed, “Not really.”

“I had a feeling,” Foxy shrugged, “It seemed like you did though for a minute there..”

“I'm gonna be completely honest,” Clyde cleared his throat, “I think Bonnie and Freddy'd make a cute couple.”

“I agree, mate.” Foxy smiled. Clyde coughed and scooched a little closer to Foxy.

“Why haven't we talked before?” Foxy asked, looking down at the bunny. Clyde shrugged.

“If I were to be brutally honest, I thought you were a bit of a freak.” Clyde's ears lowered.

“Surely, ye don't think that now...right?” Foxy asked. Clyde shook his head.

“No, actually, I think you're pretty cool!” Clyde exclaimed. Foxy smiled.

They stared at each other for a few seconds, before they turned away from each other, both of their cheeks completely red.

“Look,” Clyde turned back, he rubbed his shoulder, “Are we...friends?” They both visibly saddened, but Clyde cracked a small smile when Foxy nodded. Foxy scooched over and pulled the bunny close, he smiled and ruffled the bunny's hair.

Clyde blushed and pulled away, “Thanks.” He smiled. Foxy nodded and flashed him a grin.

The lights suddenly came back on, catching both of the male's attentions, “Finally!” Clyde exclaimed, standing up.

“Now we just gotta wait for Freddy and Bonnie to come back.” Foxy shrugged, “If ya want to of course..”

“Of course! I'm not heading to bed anytime soon.” Clyde sat back down beside the fox, just as the door to Foxy's room opened. Freddy and Bonnie walked in, Bonnie closed the door behind him and they stood in silence.

“So, I guess the power's back on.” Freddy commented.

“Seems so.” Foxy nodded.

“Did you guys want to play some poker or something?” Bonnie suggested.

“Are you serious?” Clyde scoffed playfully, “The power has come back on! We could play video games, or watch television, but ya wanna play poker?” Clyde picked up a controller and handed a second one to Foxy.

“No thanks.” Clyde added.

Foxy nodded, “I'll join Clyde. There's a table 'round the corner if ye wanna play poker.”

Freddy and Bonnie glanced at each other, Bonnie shrugged and walked around the corner. Freddy glanced down at Clyde, who flashed him a small grin. Freddy raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes.

Freddy walked around the corner and sat at the table. Bonnie grinned at him and Freddy returned a smile. Bonnie picked up a deck of cards and made himself comfortable.

A few hours later

Bonnie was walking alone towards the main school building, he had a few minutes before his next class, and Freddy had already gone ahead of him. Bonnie had left his guitar back at the dorm, he didn't really need it anyway. Bonnie walked into the main building and saw a small group of students in the centre of the room.

“I can't believe this...” Bonnie heard somebody say. Bonnie walked over to the group to see Chica and Chi standing on the outside.

Chica walked over to Bonnie, “Hey Bonnie!”

“Uh, hey?” Bonnie raised an eyebrow, “Why's everyone out here?”

“Oh! Our class got cancelled.” Chica explained, “Our teacher never showed up!”

“Mr Shadow didn't show?” Bonnie asked.

“Yeah! We have no clue where that damn bunny is.” Chica replied.

“I needed to hand in a paper for him this afternoon so, I hope he'll be back later.” Bonnie shrugged. The bell rung, catching everyone's attention.

“I gotta get off to class, catch ya later!” Bonnie exclaimed. He ran off to his next class, while Chica walked back over to the group.

Bonnie approached the math room and opened the door, he peered inside to see only a few students inside, with the teacher absent. He walked inside and sat at one of the front desks, he took off his bag and glanced over at the door. Freddy walked in soon after, putting a smile on both of their faces once their eyes met.

Bonnie didn't even need to ask Freddy to sit next to him. Within a few seconds of the bear entering, he'd already sat himself right beside the bunny. After a few minutes, the class began to fill up until there were roughly fifteen students.

Freddy and Bonnie were the only anthros in the class.

The teacher slipped in after the final student and approached his desk at the front of the room, he was a purple-coloured bear that had a large black top-hat atop of his head, and a bow-tie on his chest.

“Dad…?” Freddy whispered. Bonnie glanced over at the bear.

“That's your dad?” The bunny asked.

“Yeah!” Freddy exclaimed.

“This is only the second time I've ever had him.” Bonnie said. Freddy rubbed his forehead and sighed.

“Don't worry about it.” Bonnie assured him.

“Good morning everyone,” The large bear spoke, in a loud deep voice, similar to Freddy's, “My name is Mr Fazbear.” A few snickers filled the room when he said his name, causing Freddy to cover his head in shame.

“Welcome to Math,” The teacher set down his gear and turned towards the class, “Mr Shadow didn't show up this morning, he was supposed to teach this class, and another class, but whatever, you've got me now.”

“No bullshit,” The teacher cursed, “We're getting straight to work, you hear me?”

The class remained silent, the teacher grinned, “Good. Now take out your textbooks and turn to page fifty four, we'll be going onto a new topic for this semester.”

“If any of you really cared to ask, it's trigonometry.” Mr Fazbear added, “You don't need assistance, so get to work. I want pages fifty four, to fifty seven done this period.”

Bonnie and Freddy glanced at each other, then took out their textbooks, “He's purple.” Bonnie simply said.

“Don't ask.” Freddy chuckled a little.

“Now, for the role,” The teacher sighed and adjusted his glasses, “A class that's got less than twenty with it, we'll get along real well.”

“Harold Beaur.” He called out.

“Here.” A small kid – dressed in a green shirt and blue jeans – exclaimed, holding his hand up.

“Shaun Cawthon.”


“Greg France.”


A few minutes passed and the class was filled with silence. Bonnie scooched closer to Freddy and peeked at his paper, “Got the answer to question four?”

Freddy nodded, “Yeah, it's ten.”

“Thanks.” Bonnie wrote it down. Bonnie grunted when he felt something smash him in the back of the head.

The turned around and glanced at the floor to see a large textbook lying on the ground, he picked up the textbook and glared at a kid at the back of the class. The kid snickered and whispered to his friends.

“Dude,” Freddy commented, “You're bleeding.”

Bonnie felt the back of his head and brought his paw back around to see it completely drenched in blood, “Uh, sir. Can I go to the nurses' office?”

The teacher walked over and folded his arms, “What's your problem?” He asked, with actual compassion in his tone.

Freddy glanced behind him, “That kid at the back there threw a textbook into Bonnie's head.”

His father nodded and walked over to the desk. He came back over with a written note and handed it to Bonnie.

“Take your boyfriend with you.” The teacher said. Freddy and Bonnie blushed and kept their heads down, while the entire class filled with laughter. Bonnie picked up his bag and stormed outside. Freddy growled and walked out of the room.

As he left the room, he shut the door behind him and threw his backpack over his shoulder, “I still can't believe we have class on Saturday's.”

“Let's hope it doesn't stay that way...” Bonnie groaned. Freddy glanced at Bonnie's blood-drenched paw.

“Does it hurt?” Freddy asked.

“Surprisingly, not much.” Bonnie chuckled a little, “I have no clue why they'd throw a fucking textbook at me, man..”

“They're assholes, just don't worry about it.” Freddy assured him. Bonnie smiled and walked into the nurse's office.

Freddy stood at the door as Bonnie walked inside. He folded his arms and stared down at the floor. He hadn't really had time to think to himself for a little while.

He thought about what happened earlier that morning. He enjoyed that little walk he'd taken with Bonnie, and he was happy to have told a bit more of his life-story to his new-found friend. He knew he could trust the bunny, he knew he could.

But what he was really thinking about, is what he heard earlier. He'd heard Foxy and Clyde speaking about them just before Freddy and Bonnie entered.

Don't take too long,” Freddy said, one foot inside the dormitory, and his other foot on the concrete steps. Bonnie nodded and proceeded and walk away. Freddy walked into the dorm and climbed up the stairs, eventually making it to the third floor. He panted and approached Foxy's room. He saw the door slightly ajar and was about to walk inside, but paused when he heard his voice from inside.

Are ye into either of them?” He heard Foxy ask.

If I were to be honest, not really.” The bear heard Clyde respond. Freddy peeked through a crack in the door to see Foxy and Clyde sitting beside each other.

I had a feeling,” Foxy shrugged, “It seemed like you did though for a minute there..”

I'm gonna be completely honest,” Clyde cleared his throat, “I think Bonnie and Freddy'd make a cute couple.”

I agree, mate.” Foxy smiled. Clyde coughed and scooched a little closer to Foxy.

Freddy stepped back from the door, his cheeks completely red, “Would we…?” He whispered to himself.

A few minutes passed before Bonnie had walked upstairs, he smiled at the bear and opened the door to Foxy's room.

Freddy sighed to himself, a smile gracing his face. He checked his watch and gasped when he noticed that he'd been standing outside the nurses office for just under an hour.

Bonnie came outside, with a small bandage wrapped around his head. He frowned at Freddy and rubbed his neck.

“Sore now?” Freddy asked.

Bonnie nodded, “I'm not heading back to class. Are you?”

“I'd rather stay with you.” Freddy smiled. Bonnie smiled back and walked away from the nurse's office. Freddy followed the bunny and put his paws in his pockets. After a few seconds, they were both outside.

Bonnie walked away from the main building, with Freddy following him close behind. Freddy glanced at the fountain and saw Clyde sitting there. He tapped Bonnie's shoulder and pointed at the bunny.

Bonnie nodded and approached the fountain. Clyde looked up and smiled at them as the walked over.

“Hi Clyde.” Bonnie greeted.

“Hey!” Clyde exclaimed, with a grin.

“Where's Foxy at?” Freddy asked.

“He stayed at the dorm-...” At that moment, Foxy was approaching on his skate-board, “Oh, nevermind.”

Foxy grinned as he approached, he jumped up and ground his skateboard along the outside of the fountain, eventually running into Clyde.

“CRAP!” Foxy cursed as his body collided with the ground.

“Wannabe skate-boarder.” Clyde joked.

Foxy got up off the ground and snatched his skateboard back with a sly grin, “Still better at it than you.”

“Who ever said I wanted to be a skate-boarder in the first place?” Clyde asked, with a small grin.

“Maybe I'll teach ya.” Foxy suggested, “After I take ye to lunch.”

Clyde coughed, and blushed a little, “That actually sounds like fun.”

Bonnie and Freddy grinned at each other, “Why don't you bring us along?”

“Like, right now?” Foxy rubbed his shoulder.

Clyde shrugged, “I'd probably enjoy that.”

“Then let's go then!” Foxy exclaimed. He stepped onto his skateboard and proceeded to skate towards the road.

Clyde sighed and ran after the fox. Bonnie and Freddy shared a look, “Either Clyde's ass-kissing, or they're in love.” Bonnie chuckled.

“I think it's both.” Freddy commented. The two males walked past the fountain and approached the road, where they saw Foxy and Clyde talking up a storm.

“You really think you can teach me?” Clyde asked. Freddy glanced behind Clyde – for no specific reason – and saw his small tail wagging. This put a grin on the bear's face.

Bonnie saw this and shook his head with a small grin.

“Where are we going?” Freddy asked, folding his arms.

“There's this place in the centre of town. I know some of the workers, they make some of the best bacon I've ever tasted in me life!” Foxy exclaimed.

“Do you ever stop with the pirate stuff?” Bonnie asked.

“Nope.” Foxy simply responded.

“Well that place sounds like heaven.” Freddy licked his lips.

“I bet anywhere where you can get food is heaven to you.” Clyde grinned. Freddy punched the smaller bunny playfully and they all fell silent shortly after.

“So how're we getting' there?” Foxy glanced at Clyde.

“I don't have a car,” Clyde shrugged, “It isn't that far, we could just walk.”

“Do you see me walking any further than a mile?” Freddy chuckled. Bonnie shrugged.

“Walking is for hippies.” The bunny commented.

“Coming from the hippie.” Clyde grinned. Bonnie shook his head.

He looked down the street and saw a bus-stop near the end of it, “Bus-stop.” He simply said.

Freddy pushed past the three males and began making his way towards it.

“Is there any point of exercising? Why don't we take the bus with them?” Clyde asked.

“Because I wanna spend some time with ya~!” Foxy grinned and ruffled Clyde's hair. Bonnie noticed Clyde's face melt as the fox's hand made contact with the bunny's soft fur.

“O-Okay...” Clyde whispered. Bonnie shook his head with a smile and proceeded to follow Freddy to the bus-stop, leaving Clyde and Foxy alone.

“If I didn't know you, I wouldn't punched you for doing that.” Clyde said.

“What, this?” Foxy stroked the bunny's fur with his plastic hook.

“I didn't say stop.” Clyde muttered.

Foxy looked down at Clyde and smiled, “You're real cute, you know that?”

Clyde coughed and covered his face, “Y-You were gonna teach me how to uh, skate. Right?”

Foxy nodded and took a step back from the bunny, “We'll do it while we head towards the place.”

The fox did a kick-flip with his board, earning a 'wow' from the smaller bunny, “Now, the first thing you have to do is make sure you feel the board beneath your feet, as if it's part of you.”

Clyde nodded and listened in silence.

Bonnie and Freddy stood at the bus-stop, neither of them taking their eyes off the fox and the bunny.

“I can't believe how docile Clyde's being...” Bonnie commented.

“This is abnormal?” Freddy turned to Bonnie.

“For Clyde, yes.” Bonnie added, “After the whole, drug dealing miss-hap with your brother, he was really skittish and rarely spoke to anybody.”

Freddy sighed, “Is Clyde, y'know...clean?”

Bonnie frowned, “I'm not sure. I think he's addicted to something...but I can't be too sure, man.”

Freddy shook his head. He lifted up his head when he saw the bus approaching. Bonnie smiled at the bus-driver and walked into the bus, stepping up the small – albeit large – stairs into the bus.

Freddy glanced over at Foxy and Clyde, who were in the midst of a conversation and shook his head with a grin. He entered the bus and sat in one of the front seats, beside Bonnie. As the bus began to pull away, many students in the bus were staring at the school.

Bonnie and Freddy followed their stares to see an ambulance stop in front of the school, with two police cars either side of it. Clyde and Foxy saw the paramedics bring a body, covered with a grey sheet and witnessed the body being placed inside the ambulance.

“Let's go...” Clyde tugged on Foxy's arm. Foxy nodded and handed Clyde the board.

“See what you can do.” He said, with a small grin. Clyde nodded and threw the skateboard on the cement. He stepped onto it and almost fell over.

“Phew, close one..” He muttered, chuckling a little. Foxy grabbed the bunny's paw and led him down the path.

“I'm actually doin' it!” Clyde exclaimed, “WOOO!”

“Calm down, mate. You've only gone a few metres.”

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