Waterview High

Chapter 5 - Omelettes and Waffles

Bonnie and Freddy sighed in unison as the bus pulled away from the bus-stop. The bunny looked around the insides of the bus. He saw several groups of students towards the back of the bus, with a few adults sitting on their own towards the front. His attention was drawn to a small television screen located in front of their faces.

Freddy followed Bonnie's gaze and saw the television change to a news station, “Mind turnin' on the volume?” One of the passengers asked. The driver sighed and pressed a button beside the steering wheel.

The volume on the television turned up and the newswoman on the television began to speak, “Breaking news today,” She began, “A teacher at Waterview High, named Trevor Shadow, was found dead this morning.”

“Oh shit...” Bonnie gasped.

“His body was found in a small alleyway beside the boy's dormitories around six o'clock this morning. The police were informed by one of the janitor's – who wouldn't share his name – and they got there within a matter of minutes.”

“The staff of the school have decided to keep any information to themselves until a formal investigation is conducted by the local police department. The police are currently searching for the next of kin for any information. More at eleven.”

Freddy and Bonnie exchanged looks, “You knew him?”

“He teached my math class,” Bonnie began, “That was the teacher we were supposed to have this morning...”

“I swear this town is going to shit,” The bus driver grumbled, “That's the fourth murder in a year's time.”

Bonnie peered around the television and glanced at the bus driver, “There's been more before?”

The bus driver shrugged, “The first one was back in January.”

Bonnie glanced at Freddy and moved a seat closer to the front, so he could listen to the driver. Freddy followed him and sat beside the bunny.

“I think he was...fifteen years old?” The driver scratched his ear, “He owed money to this guy, and just like that, he was cut down in his home.”

“Then there was two in March. Brothers. Come to think 'o it, they both owed somebody aswell,” The driver coughed, “I feel real bad for all the bunnies in this town.”

He turned around and glanced at Bonnie for a second, “You might want to watch your back.” He said, with worry in his voice. Freddy and Bonnie looked at each other, then looked back at the driver.

“I'll take care of him.” The bear said, lightly. The driver nodded and turned his attention back to the road.

Bonnie frowned and looked down at the ground, “I'm worried about Clyde...”

“Hm?” Freddy glanced at him.

“It sounds like a stretch but; you know he owes Red money, right?” The bunny looked up at the bear.

“Red isn't a murderer...” Freddy said, in a low tone.

“I know he ain't but, I was just sayin'...” Bonnie's ears lowered. Freddy sighed and stroked his friend's shoulder.

“Sorry.” He apologized. Bonnie shrugged and smiled at his friend.

The bus slowed down to a stop and Bonnie looked out the window, “Close enough.” He stood up and dragged Freddy out of the bus.

The bus driver nodded at Bonnie as the doors closed. The bus drove away, leaving Bonnie and Freddy alone at the bus stop.

“For the centre of town, it's not really busy.” Freddy commented. They were standing on a narrow cement path that moved along a very long road. Only a few cars passed every few minutes, most of them pulling into gas stations so they could refuel.

There was only one eye-catching thing on that long stretch of road, and that was a small cafe close to the bus-stop. Bonnie adjusted his shirt and began walking down the path. He folded his arms and sighed.

Freddy caught up to him and stared at him, “You okay?”

“I'm just...worried,” Bonnie turned to Freddy, “Clyde...myself, maybe even my little brother may be in danger.”

“Don't worry. Clyde's got Foxy for protection, Henry's got your parents, and you've got me.” Freddy smiled.

“That's all well and good, if my parents actually care about him.” Bonnie commented.

“Are you going to your parent's house at any point this weekend?” Freddy asked.

Bonnie shrugged, “I'll be sleeping there tonight and spending the whole day there tomorrow. Why?”

“I was just wonderin' if I could join ya.” Freddy responded.

“I've only known you for a day, I don't know if my parents will allow it.” Bonnie rubbed his shoulder, “But if you want to...I could use some company while I'm there.”

“Really?” Freddy grinned. Bonnie walked up a few steps leading to a small cafe, with Freddy following him close behind.

“What the hell, right?” Bonnie chuckled a little. He walked through the front door and held it open for the bear.

“Thank you, sir.” Freddy said jokingly, as he entered. Bonnie followed him and closed the door shut behind him.

The cafe was relatively empty, with only a few staff workers and customers. Bonnie watched Freddy sit down at one of the tables at the back of the cafe.

Bonnie followed him over and sat down across from the bear, “God DAMN I'm hungry!” Freddy exclaimed.

“Once you've tasted the food here, you'll never want to leave.” Bonnie grinned.

“Whose paying?” Freddy asked, taking out his wallet.

“Meh, I'll pay,” Bonnie's grin widened, “Then you'll owe me something later.”

“I was hoping you'd say that,” Freddy chuckled and opened his wallet, showing that it was completely empty, “Cause I had no money anyway.”

Bonnie rolled his eyes and shook his head, “I'll remember that for next time.”

Meanwhile, about a mile away from the cafe, Clyde was still skating down the street – albeit very slowly – with Foxy holding his paw.

“I recognised that body,” Foxy commented, his grin fading, “That was Mr Shadow.”

“Really…?” Clyde gasped, “Shit man, I liked him.”

“Don't worry bro, I'm sure they'll get whoever did this.” Foxy responded.

“Haven't you heard about the other bunnies being murdered…?” Clyde looked up at Foxy. Foxy pushed Clyde's face so it was facing ahead of him.

“Keep yer eyes in front of you...” Foxy whispered.

Clyde nodded and bit his lip, “So…?”

“Yeah. I have.” Foxy simply replied, “Try not to worry about it Clyde, I'll keep ye safe..”

Clyde smiled at the fox and looked down at the ground in front of him, “Thanks, man.”

“After this little thing ye've planned, did ye wanna go catch a movie or something?” Foxy asked, taking off his eye-patch. Clyde watched the fox put it back on and looked back in front of him.

“I'd love to.” Clyde chuckled.

“There it is.” Foxy pointed to the cafe as they came over a small dip in the footpath, “Jump off the board for a sec.”

Clyde let go of Foxy's hand and climbed off his skateboard, “Why?”

Foxy stepped onto the board and grabbed Clyde's paw, “I wanted to show ye how pros do it.” He grinned.

In a matter of seconds, Clyde found himself being carried along the footpath by the fox, “Argh, the pirate's got his booty, it seems.” Clyde joked.

Foxy chuckled and shook his head, “I may like pirates, mate. But I don't talk like that.”

Foxy stopped his board in front of the cafe and jumped off. He put Clyde back on the ground and kicked his board up into the air, catching it with his plastic hook.

“Let's get up there, they're probably waiting for us.” The fox said. Clyde nodded and followed Foxy up the steps and into the cafe.

Foxy's eyes met Freddy's and he walked over to the table, with Clyde following close behind. Foxy sat down between Bonnie and Freddy, and Clyde sat opposite of him.

“You guys took your time,” Bonnie said, folding his arms, “Freddy hasn't stopped talking about bacon for the past half-hour.”

“I want my DAMN food!” The bear exclaimed. Bonnie glanced at the front counter and ushered one of the staff members over.

“Hey there, Bonnible.” A male dressed in a blue jacket and blue jeans walked over.

“Hi Fritz.” Bonnie greeted, an irritated expression on his face.

“What can I get you guys?” Fritz held a notebook and pen.

“I'll take the biggest bacon omelette you got.” Freddy said, licking his lips.

Fritz wrote it down, “Anything else?”

“Belgian Waffle for me.” Clyde said.

“I'll just take the cheapest thing ye've got this mornin'.” Foxy nodded.

“So that'll be water and a cookie.” Fritz wrote them down, “What about you, Bonnible?”

“It's Bonnie, and I'll just have with the bear'rs havin'.” Bonnie responded, growling a little.

“So two bacon omelettes, one Belgian waffle, one cookie and a glass of water. Anything else?” Fritz looked away from his notebook.

“Just a Mountain Grew for me.” Clyde said.

“Same for me.” Bonnie added.

“I'll take a milkshake!” Freddy exclaimed.

“Okay, so whose paying?” Fritz ran a hand through his hair.

“I am-...” Bonnie began, before a large tiger walked over.

“I'll pay.” The tiger said.

“Mr Schmidt?” Bonnie looked up at the tiger.

“Hello Bonnie,” He greeted, “And before you say anything, I'm only paying because I owe you for being such an asshole the other day.”

“Aren't you married to Jen?” Clyde asked, adjusting his position on his seat.

“The owner? Yeah.” Mr Schmidt responded.

“Free food...free food...” Freddy quietly chanted.

“Whose this?” Mr Schmidt asked, glancing at Freddy.

“He's one of the new students,” Foxy simply responded, “I don't think he's in yer English class though.”

“I've got four new students on my role since yesterday, he might be one of them, what's his name?” The tiger folded his arms.

“Frederick.” Clyde answered.

“Freddy...” Freddy muttered.

“I'll check on Monday, for now, take this.” Mr Schmidt handed Bonnie a hundred-buck note and walked over to the counter.

“Dude, that's a hundred bucks.” Bonnie exclaimed. Fritz snatched the hundred dollar bill.

“This'll cover everything, including my well-deserved tip.” Fritz grumbled, and walked away.

“I guess I don't owe you anything then.” Freddy grinned.

“Guess not.” Bonnie sighed, “I was gonna blackmail ya into doing some stuff for me once we get to my parent's place.”

“Ye're headin' over to Bonnie's?” Foxy asked, glancing over at the bunny.

Bonnie nodded, “I thought maybe he could meet them, and Henry.”

“That's perfect! I was thinking of dragging Clyde to see a movie but, we could just watch a movie at the dorm.” Foxy replied.

“Sounds like a fun time.” Freddy commented.

“It will be.” Clyde muttered. Foxy glanced at Clyde and shook his head with a grin.

“It'll be different for us.” Bonnie muttered. Clyde and Bonnie were both looking at the ground.

Freddy and Foxy exchanged looks of confusion. The next few minutes were filled with silence until Fritz came back over with their food and drinks.

“Bacon omelette for you...” He handed one of the plates to Bonnie, then handed a second plate to Freddy, “Belgian waffle for you...” He handed the third plate to Clyde.

“And here's your cookie.” He handed the cookie – without a plate – to Foxy.

“Water for you,” He handed a glass of water to Foxy, “And the rest of the drinks...” He handed the milkshake to Freddy, and the sodas to Clyde and Bonnie.

“Now, all this cost roughly seventy dollars, so thanks for the thirty buck tip.” Fritz grinned and walked away.

“Asshole.” Bonnie muttered. Freddy glanced at the counter to see Mr Schmidt talking with a female tiger.

“That's Jen,” Foxy said, catching Freddy's attention, “She's married to him.” He added.

“Oh..!” Freddy nodded and went back to eating.

“See ya, hun.” Mr Schmidt kissed Jen and walked outside, without looking over at the four males. Jen walked back into the kitchen, leaving the cafe almost empty.

“Thanks for breakfast,” One of the customers waved towards the kitchen, “Catch ya later, Jen!”

“No problem, Carl!” Jen shouted back, as the final customer left.

About an hour later, the four males had finished their food and drinks, they were sitting there talking about school and what their plans were for the weekend.

“Be sure to bring some clothing,” Bonnie said, “I don't think my clothes are big enough for you.”

Freddy nodded, but couldn't help but smirk, “I'm not that fat, y'know.”

“You just ate one of the biggest bacon omelettes that I've seen in my entire life.” Clyde commented.

“Doesn't make me fat.” Freddy responded.

“No, it just makes ye a pig.” Foxy laughed.

At that time, Bonnie's phone vibrated. He glanced at his phone to see Chica's caller ID, “Ah, I gotta take this guys, I'll be back.” Bonnie grabbed his phone and walked outside.

He accepted the call and rested the phone against his ear, “Hello?”

“Hi Bonnie! It's Chica!” A happy voice shouted through the phone.

“How are ya?” Bonnie asked, a smile making itself known on his face.

“I'm great~!” She exclaimed.

“What did ya need?” Bonnie sat on the concrete stairs outside the cafe.

“I just wanted to let ya know of the party going on on Monday!” Chica exclaimed, “It was originally planned for Saturday night, but I got them to move it for us!”

“During the day?” Bonnie bit his lip.

“Yeah!” Chica shouted.

“I don't think the teachers will allow that...” Bonnie simply responded.

“We're getting a day off on Monday.” Chica replied.

“What? Why?” Bonnie questioned, his smile shaping itself into a frown.

“The school is being closed down for the day,” Chica answered, “They're investigating the teacher that got killed.”

“That makes sense...” Bonnie sighed, “He was a pretty cool teacher.”

“Cool or not, they're still gonna tear through our dorms for clues.” Chica responded.

“The school is gonna allow that?” Bonnie asked.

“It seems so,” Chica coughed.

“Where's the party taking place?” Bonnie asked.

“Outside the boys dorm.” Chica responded.

Bonnie sighed, “Alright, guess I'll see ya there.”

“Shit, gotta go, Chi needs me. Catch ya later Bon!” Chica exclaimed.

“See ya.” Bonnie hang up and rubbed his forehead. He looked up to see Foxy, Freddy and Clyde standing in front of him.

“Who was that?” Clyde asked.

“Chica,” Bonnie responded. He stood up and stretched, “She was just telling me that the school's closed on Monday.”

“They're probably tearing the school apart for clues or something.” Freddy said, adjusting his top-hat.

“Ya read my mind.” Bonnie added.

“What time is it?” Foxy asked.

“Just after noon,” Clyde checked his phone, “I'm probably gonna head off to class.”

“Me too, mate.” Foxy said.

“Not much point in wasting good classes,” Freddy glanced at Bonnie, “I've got art.”

“Shit, I didn't take art.” Bonnie growled.

“Maybe you could sneak in or somethin'.” Foxy shrugged.

“Why would I do that?” Bonnie asked.

“Ye don't need me to answer that, lad.” Foxy chuckled to himself. Clyde shook his head with a grin and glanced at the bus-stop.

“Well, there's the bus right there.” Clyde noted.

“I can see that, lad.” Foxy began walking over to the bus, with his skateboard in his hand. Clyde, Bonnie and Freddy followed him into the bus and the four of them sat in the front seats.

“Where to?” The bus driver turned to face them.

“Waterview High.” Bonnie responded.

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