Waterview High

Chapter 6 - The Fight

“...I could paint you into a corner, right now. The desperation that you would show would reflect well, as your blood would splatter onto the canvas. Blood representing red paint of course, so don't get any ideas..” A multicoloured dragon stood in front of his class, holding a large pen in his hand.

The door creaked open and a brown bear stood in the door-way, “Uh...Mr Miller…?”

“Ah, you must be Frederick,” The dragon flashed the bear a warm smile, “Welcome to art.”

“Yeah, thanks sir.” Freddy walked in. Bonnie slipped in behind him, he looked around the art-class in awe. The walls had giant rainbows painted on them, and there were hundreds of picture frames hanging from the roof.

There were only about six students in the classroom, so it was relatively quiet.

“Kinda disappointed that you are late to your first class in creative behaviour, son,” The teacher commented, he approached one of the desks in front of him and tapped the table with his pen, “Please take a seat, and pay attention. We're half-way through the syllabus, so you'll just have to follow along, you'll get what we're talking about eventually.”

The dragon turned towards the bunny, “And who is this?”

“This is my friend, he's just having a bit of a look around.” Freddy responded, calmly.

“Well, welcome to my art class, Mr…?” Mr Miller raised an eyebrow.

“It's uh, Bonnie, sir.” Bonnie responded, sheepishly waving at the teacher. The teacher nodded and directed the two males to the table at the front of the class, “You taught my history class the other week...”

“Ah, of course!” The dragon exclaimed. He nodded and glanced at the board.

Bonnie and Freddy sat across from each other and watched the teacher as he continued his lecture, “Now, where was I…?”

“Ah, of course,” The teacher coughed, “Emotion represents itself in colours, for artists such as myself. Blue representing loyalty, trust, wisdom or confidence. Orange combines yellow – happiness – and red – energy – and eventually represents enthusiasm, creativity, fascination and determination. It happens to be my favourite colour.”

“The first person to tell me what red, green, and black stand for, will get all the money I have in my pocket.” The teacher sat on his desk and grinned at the class.

Freddy raised his paw, the dragon pointed at him with his pen, “Yes, Frederick?”

“Call me Freddy sir,” Freddy coughed, “Red represents lust, sexuality, sensitivity and anger of course.”

“You'd know about that, wouldn't you?” Bonnie whispered, chuckling a little to himself. Freddy shook his head with a grin and glanced at the teacher.

“That's good, kid, what about the other two?” The dragon's grin faded into a smile.

“Green doesn't represent jealousy like many would believe,” Freddy began, “Surprisingly, it symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and...fertility, I think.”

“You're not using Anthropedia to find these answers, are you?” The teacher questioned.

“Not at all sir,” Freddy replied, “I don't even have my phone on me.”

“Alright then, continue. What does black represent?” The teacher rattled the change in his pocket.

Freddy shrugged, “That's easy. It's associated with power, death and evil. With fear being involved in some way.”

The teacher reached into his pocket and pulled out four silver coins and a ten buck note, “Here.”

“Keep your money.” Freddy responded, “It's cool.”

“I like this kid.” The teacher chuckled.

Freddy could feel the class's eyes digging into the back of his skull once the teacher said that, he covered his head and sighed. Bonnie shook his head and rubbed his friend's shoulder.

“Good work, man.” He smiled. Freddy nodded and took out his art book.

“Take out your art books and turn to page nine, I'm sure the principal has given you your copy of 'Art Anonymous', Fred?” The teacher asked.

“Yes, sir.” Freddy responded, taking out a textbook with 'Art Anonymous' plastered on the front cover.

“As I said,” The teacher began to write 'Page 9' on the board, “Turn to page nine and complete questions one, to six.”

Half an hour later, the bell rang, signalling that lunch had begun.

“Be sure to study during the rest of the weekend, and a reminder to students who didn't know,” The teacher stood back up, “School is off on Monday, so don't worry about bringing in your art assignments. Hand them to me on Wednesday.”

The six students began filing out of the classroom, leaving Freddy, Bonnie and Mr Miller alone in the classroom, “This was a very informative class, Mr Miller.”

“Thanks, kid. I try my best.” The teacher laughed. He pulled out his inhaler and pressed it against his mouth, he pressed a button at the top of the inhaler and coughed.

Bonnie shrugged, “Maybe I should switch to art.”

“What would ya be missin' out on?” Freddy turned to Bonnie.

“Uh...” Bonnie scratched his head, “I think I have algebra during this period.”

“I'm sure you wouldn't miss that.” Freddy laughed.

“Of course not.” Bonnie grinned.

“I've only got eight students in my class, so I'd happily welcome a ninth one.” The teacher put his inhaler back in his pocket.

“I don't understand why there are so many humans in classes these days,” Bonnie commented, “I mean, I don't hate them, but I only saw one other anthro in our class besides ourselves.”

“That's Shane.” Mr Miller responded, “He's Mr Shadow's son.”

“Damn, that must suck.” Bonnie sighed.

“That's an understatement,” The teacher frowned, “Anyway, I have a lunch to go eat. So can you please vacate my classroom?”

Bonnie and Freddy nodded and grabbed their gear. They walked over to the door and out into the corridor. Freddy shut the door behind them and he sighed.

“That was the most complicated art class I've ever seen.” Bonnie shook his head, “I'd probably fail that class.”

“Not with me helping you out,” Freddy rubbed his friend's shoulder, “Music is a type of art, so maybe we'll be touching on that subject in the coming weeks.”

“If I'm lucky.” Bonnie began walking down the corridor, with his bag strapped to his lower torso.

Freddy threw his backpack over his shoulder, “Is that a handbag?” He asked, a grin making itself welcome on his face.

“No, it's a man-bag.” Bonnie growled.

Freddy caught up to the bunny and exploded into laughter, “A man-bag? That's even worse than a hand-bag.”

“What are you two laughing at?” Clyde came up from behind them and stood in-between the two friends.

Bonnie and Freddy both growled at this, but smiles continued to make themselves present on their faces, “Well, Freddy's the only one laughing. He's making fun of my man-bag.”

“Once you make fun of a man-bag, you never stop.” Clyde chuckled, “Still a pretty petty squabble though.”

“I guess so.” Bonnie shrugged.

“Oh don't pout.” Clyde punched the bunny playfully on the shoulder.

Freddy folded his arms, “Where's Foxy at?” He asked.

“He's hanging with those two chickens.” Clyde growled. An anthro bear student pushed past the three males and ran down the hallway, followed by two taller – and well built – human males.

“You don't sound very happy about that.” Bonnie commented.

“Of course I don't sound happy about that! That's time he could be spending with ME!” He exclaimed.

“Be careful Freddy,” Bonnie grinned, “We're in the presence of the green-eyed monster.” Bonnie and Freddy chuckled.

“God, you two are assholes sometimes.” Clyde sighed.

“Don't worry about it Clyde, it's not like he has the hots for them.” Freddy commented.

“I mean, if he was straight, he would've made a move on both of them, they're both pretty hot.” Bonnie shrugged.

“Are you calling him gay?” Clyde asked, his eye-brows furrowing.

“I know for a fact that he is,” Bonnie replied, “I don't know him that much, but everyone in this school knows he is. He's a stereotypical emo homosexual, in scientific terms.”

Clyde rubbed his shoulder, “Okay...”

Freddy sighed, “We're gonna go sit outside, want to join us?”

“Yeah, sure.” Clyde responded. He didn't seem very focused though, he seemed to be staring into space.

“Out of the way!” A girl pushed passed the three males, knocking Clyde over.

“What the hell…?” Bonnie helped Clyde to his feet.

Freddy looked down the hall and his ears twitched, “People are chanting down there.”

“A fight, maybe?” Bonnie shrugged.

“I want to see...” Clyde began walking faster. Freddy and Bonnie followed suit and eventually made it to a small group of students, that was getting bigger every second.

“Get your hands off me!” A familiar voice shouted, within the circle of students.

“Come on! Let's show him what we can do, eh?” Another male shouted.

Bonnie could hear the sounds of somebody getting hit, he winced and looked away, “Damn...”

“I'm sorry! I'm sorry…!” The first voice shouted again, his voice cracking.

The students began to disperse as a staff member was walking down the corridor. Bonnie, Freddy and Clyde approached the group of students that were slowly dispersing.

Freddy gasped when he saw his brother lying on the ground, his face bruised extremely badly, and blood was seeping out a wound on one of his legs.

“You're lucky, Red!” A human was standing above the bear, a large grin on his face. The human ran off when the three men approached the unconscious body of Freddy's brother.

“Red?” Freddy knelt beside the body, “You alright, man?”

“He said I d-didn't owe...” Red couldn't even finish his sentence without spitting out a tooth. Freddy watched the tooth hit the ground and float in a small pool of blood.

“What on earth happened here?” A familiar voice asked. Bonnie looked up to see the janitor standing there, with his mop in hand.

“My brother just got beaten up...” Freddy responded, as he caressed his brother's cheek.

The janitor ran down the hallway and came back with the nurse, “There.”

The nurse walked over and grabbed Red's torso, “Help me lift him to his feet?”

Freddy helped the nurse get the bear onto his feet. Red's eyes slowly opened once again, he groaned and the nurse held him still.

Freddy let his brother go and the nurse walked away with him.

Bonnie chuckled a bit, earning a glare from Freddy, “Sorry, but that's karma for what he did yesterday.”

Clyde shrugged, “Doesn't matter.”

“Let's just go outside, before we're thrown out of the corridors.” Freddy adjusted his backpack and walked out of the main building.

“You guys go,” Bonnie said, “I'm gonna run to the bathroom real quick.”

Clyde nodded and ran after Freddy. Bonnie sighed and walked further into the main building, eventually reaching the male's restroom. He opened the door and slipped in.

Bonnie walked into the first stall he saw and unzipped his pants. He stared at the ceiling, thinking about his art-class. Why am I thinking about art while I urinate? He thought to himself.

After he finished, he pressed a button above the toilet. The toilet flushed. The bunny opened the door to his stall and walked back out.

Bonnie walked over to the mirrors in front of the stalls and stretched.

He looked at himself and grinned, “For a nerd, you don't look half bad...” He said to himself, grinning.

“I can agree.” Bonnie heard somebody say. The bunny turned around suddenly and was startled to see a shirtless bear walked into the bathrooms.

The door shut behind him, and the bear seemed to be staring lustfully into the bunny's eyes, “I-I...”

“How are you…?” The bear said, lowly, as he approached the bunny.

“I'm w-well…! How are you?” Bonnie asked, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

“I'm good...” The bear came closer.

“Where's your shirt?” Bonnie's face was completely red, but he was trying to act serious.

“I took it off when I came in,” The bear held his t-shirt in his paw and grinned at the bunny, “I saw you and I just thought to myself; 'that's the most handsome rabbit I've ever seen'...”

“Well thank you but...” Bonnie's lips were covered the bear's paw.

“Uh, can I leave, please?” Bonnie asked, starting to get a little worried about where the situation was possibly going.

“Aww, you want to leave already~?” The bear frowned. He ran his paw down the bunny's body and rubbed Bonnie's crotch.

“Get your paws off me…!” Bonnie pushed the bear back. He stepped back from him, with his fists raised.

“Nobody tells Aiden what to do...” The bear growled.

“Only cavemen refer to themselves in the third person.” Bonnie coughed.

The bear stood back up and ran over to Bonnie, he pinned the bunny against the wall. Bonnie could see the bear's crotch tighten as he pushed against the bunny.

“Let me go, asshole!” Bonnie screamed.

“What? You don't like this~?” The bear grinned and sunk his teeth into Bonnie's neck, “I thought faggots like you liked this stuff~?!”

“Motherfucker!” Bonnie kicked the bear back. Aiden landed on the ground with a thud. He looked up to see Bonnie holding a sharp tool in one of his paws.

“Come closer, and I'll cut you.” The bunny growled.

“You aren't gonna hurt me...you don't want to affect your spotless Waterview High record, isn't that right~?” Aiden laughed and jumped to his feet.

“HEY!” A new voice shouted, startling both Bonnie and Aiden.

Bonnie visibly de-stressed, once he saw that Foxy was standing at the door, “Leave 'im alone, mate!” He shouted.

“What're you gonna do, hit me with your board?” Aiden laughed.

“That's exactly what I'm gonna do!” Foxy grabbed his board and smashed Aiden across the back with it.

Aiden grunted and hit the floor once again.

Foxy grabbed Bonnie's hand and led him out of the bathroom, “Let's go...”

“Shit man, this really hurts...” Aiden whimpered. Foxy closed the door after they walked out of the bathroom.

“Are ye okay?” Foxy asked.

“Yeah...” Bonnie nodded.

“Did he do anythin' to ye…?” Foxy asked, his face showed that he was extremely worried.

“He tried to but...you got there before anything happened.” Bonnie sheathed the sharp object he had in his hand. Foxy noticed some dry blood on the blade.

“Was that a pen?” Foxy asked. Bonnie shook his head.

“It was just a pocket knife.” He glanced at the front doors, “Let's go. Clyde and Freddy are waiting for us outside.”

“Aye, mate.” Foxy nodded and walked towards the exit, with Bonnie following him close behind.

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