Waterview High

Chapter 7 - Movie Night

Bonnie folded his arms as he left the main building. He looked up to see Foxy staring at him with a worried look, “Are ye okay…?”

“No...” Bonnie frowned, “I almost got...y'know.”

“I know, mate,” Foxy sighed, “I'm just glad I got there in time...”

“Me too,” Bonnie sighed, “I really owe you one.”

“Where are the others?” Foxy asked, looking around.

“If they're not in the area, they're probably near the boy's dorm.” Bonnie suggested.

“They might be preparing for tonight,” Foxy shrugged. He glanced at his skateboard and looked up at Bonnie, “Can I tell you something, Bonnie…?”

“Of course you can.” Bonnie smiled at him. Foxy took off his eye-patch and rubbed his hook and paw together nervously.

“This be really important...” Foxy bit his lip, he looked around to see if there was anyone around, “Come with me.”

Bonnie followed Foxy away from the main building, towards one of the corners of a large area of grass. Foxy rubbed his shoulder and looked up at the bunny, “If I tell ye this, ye promise not t' tell anyone?”

“I swear.” Bonnie nodded.

“I believe that I have a crush of Clyde.” Foxy said, his face lighting up with a rent tint.

Bonnie chuckled, “Of course you do, it's extremely obvious.”

“It really be that obvious?” Foxy frowned. Bonnie smiled and rubbed his shoulder.

“Yeah.” The bunny responded.

“You aren't disgusted or anything?” Foxy rubbed his shoulder.

“Of course not!” Bonnie exclaimed, “We all knew you were gay, and I had a feelin' you were into Clyde.”

Foxy grinned and hugged the bunny, “Thanks so much Bonnie!”

“It's no problem Foxy,” Bonnie smiled, “I'm just glad that you finally told me.”

“You think Clyde likes me back?” Foxy pulled away.

“I'm ninty nine percent sure that he likes you back.” Bonnie responded.

Foxy jumped up in the air with an excited grin, “Awesome! All we need to do now is get ye and Fred t'gether.”

“What….?” Bonnie's face went completely red. Foxy covered his mouth and looked away.

“Ah, shit.” He muttered.

“You really think that…?” Bonnie coughed.

“Look, I didn't mean that, alright?” Foxy noticed Bonnie's nervous expression.

“You're right...” Bonnie muttered.

“What do ye mean?” Foxy asked.

“Look, ever since that damn bear came to this place, I haven't stopped thinkin' about him...” Bonnie chuckled, “I wasn't sure whether it was a crush, but I...feel like it is...”

Foxy rubbed his forehead, “Clyde and I, you and Freddy...quite an interesting foursome.”

“Whaaaat…?” Bonnie's eyes widened.

“I don't mean it like that…!” Foxy chuckled.

“I guess we've both got our crushes, eh?” Bonnie added.

“And we've both got alone time with them,” Foxy blushed, “To do aaaanyything we want with them.”

“Are you being serious?” Bonnie chuckled. He began walking back towards the dormitories, with Foxy walking beside him.

“Of course I am!” Foxy exclaimed, “It isn't just the physical side I'm hoping for...it's the emotional side aswell.”

“Are ya gonna tell Clyde how you feel?” Bonnie asked.

“I plan to,” Foxy grinned, “But I don't know when.”

“Tonight?” Bonnie questioned.

“No...too soon.” Foxy replied.

“There they are.” Bonnie pointed to the boy's dorm. Foxy followed the bunny down the stairs and approached Freddy and Clyde on the stairs.

“Why are you guys over here?” Foxy asked.

“We were driven away from the main area,” Freddy replied, looking up at the two approaching anthros, “That guy who was beating up my brother recognised me.”

“You knew him?” Clyde asked. Bonnie sat on the stairs beside Freddy, while Foxy sat beside Clyde. Foxy rubbed his cheek and looked away from the lighter coloured bunny.

Clyde looked over at Foxy and raised an eyebrow, “No.”

“Are ya alright?” Clyde asked.

Foxy nodded, “Yeah, fine.”

“What do we have next?” Freddy asked.

“I've got English.” Bonnie replied.

“I've got a free period to study.” Freddy said.

“I have geography,” Clyde grinned, “With you.” He looked over at Foxy.

Bonnie chuckled under his breath when he heard him, “Lucky you.”

A few moments later, the bell went, signalling the beginning of one of the final periods.

“Well...I'll see you guys later, I guess.” Freddy stood up. Bonnie watched the bear walk away and looked over to see Foxy looking at him with a grin.

“He's totally crushing on him.” Clyde chuckled, as he stood up and walked away.

“Did you…?” Bonnie's eyes widened.

Foxy shook his head, “I didn't say anything...”

Bonnie and Foxy both stood up, and followed the other two anthros towards the main building. Neither of them exchanged words or even looked at each other until they were inside. They said their goodbyes and they separated.

Clyde sat in the back of the classroom. A few more students walked into the room, most of them being humans, with the exception being one completely black-furred bunny. Clyde noticed some of the students giving looks of what seemed to be guilt and worry towards the bunny.

Foxy was the last kid to walk in the classroom, he grinned at Clyde as he entered and sat beside him in the back, “Ye see that kid over there?” Foxy pointed over to the black bunny, who had sat himself down at the front of the room.

“Yeah,” Clyde responded, “That's Mr Shadow's kid.”

“I heard,” Foxy bit his lip, “I feel bad for 'im.”

“Ya think they'll go for him next?” Clyde asked, his eyes widening a little.

“Maybe...” Foxy frowned, “I hope not, though.”

“I've never talked to him before,” Clyde said, glancing at the black bunny, “Have you?”

“All I know about him, is his name.” Foxy responded. He watched a brown bear that was sitting on the side of the room move over towards Shane.

“Eli's always been the kind type.” Foxy commented.

“I never liked him,” Clyde shrugged, “Too nice for me.”

“Ye like a specific type of man?” Foxy laughed.

“Oh, shut up.” Clyde chuckled.

“Alright, everyone remain seated,” A large human walked into the room. He was wearing a plaid jacket, and a pair of black jeans, “We've got a lot of work to do today.”

The students made themselves comfortable and took out their textbooks and pens.

“Glad to see all of you know when I'm in a good mood,” The teacher grinned, he placed a pile of papers on his desk and stood in front of the classroom, “I'll be doing the role at the end, for now. I've got two things to talk about.”

The class remained silent, “First things first, we're holding a function in memory of Mr Shadow next Thursday.”

The teacher could see Shane visibly sadden once he saw this. The teacher sighed and folded his arms, “The second one isn't as depressing as the first. As some of you know, the school is closing down for the day on Monday.”

The classroom was still silent, “Hmph, was expecting a few 'woohoos'.” He shook his head.

“It doesn't matter. Turn your textbooks to page five and begin taking notes. Copy down the first nine paragraphs, then we can take notes in the documentary we've been watching for the past week.”

“It seems like all we do these days is take notes...” Clyde muttered under his breath.

Bonnie opened the door to his English classroom, he sighed and entered the room. He didn't look away from the ground. He walked towards the front of the room and sat at one of the front desks.

Bonnie looked up to see Mr Schmidt walking into the class, “Welcome back to English class.”

Bonnie bit his lip and looked down at the table, “Today I'm giving you a sheet of paper. It's pretty simple, all you need to do is write down what you think about the school and how it's run.”

“This wouldn't happen to be related to that teacher's death, right?” A random student asked.

“Of course not,” Mr Schmidt growled, “He was a good teacher, and a good friend.”

Bonnie looked up at the teacher, “Get to work, hurry up.” Mr Schmidt said, walking back over to his desk.

Freddy sat down in the centre of the library. He made sure to stay quiet as he sat down, so he wouldn't be kicked out. He threw his bag on top of the table and pulled out his mathematics textbook.

“Fred...” A weak voice said. Freddy looked up to see Red standing in front of the table. Freddy frowned.

“Red...” Freddy responded, “Are you okay?”

“I'm a strong bear...I can deal with this...” Red chuckled. He coughed and rubbed his stomach.

“Come sit with me.” Freddy said.

“I usually wouldn't want to sit with you, but I need some company...” Red sighed and sat opposite his brother.

“What happened to you, anyway?” Freddy asked.

“You saw me...” Fred sighed, “On the ground there...like a damn weakling.”

“You seem to have gotten yourself into trouble again.” Freddy bit his lip.

“I've bitten off more than I can chew, brother,” Red sighed, “I'm too deep in this damn drug mishap...”

“Can't you just finish this?” Freddy asled.

“I'm over ten thousand dollars in debt, man,” Red folded his arms, “And the only way to get it back is to beat the money out of people.”

“Clyde being one of them?” Freddy said.

“Yeah...” Red shrugged.

There were a few moments of silence before Freddy decided to break it, “Why don't we get along?”

Red shrugged, “I guess we were born to hate each other.”

“I don't hate you,” Freddy said, “I just feel bad for you.”

“I don't need people feeling bad for me...” Red muttered, “I pay people for that.”

“And that's why you're in debt.” Freddy shook his head, “I wonder what mom and dad'd think.”

“They'd be disappointed in me, like usual.” Red stood up.

“Red-...” Red stopped Freddy from continuing.

“I gotta go.” Red walked away.

Freddy sighed as he watched his brother escape from his view, “Goddamn it Red.”

“Would Bonnible Bunny please come to the principal's office, thank you.” A voice spoke over the intercom.

Foxy and Clyde looked up at the PA as this was said, “Argh, that don't sound good.” The fox commented.

Bonnie looked up from his work, “I wonder what he wants...”

Mr Schmidt walked over to Bonnie, “Good luck.”

Bonnie nodded and grabbed his bag, he threw it around his waist and walked out of the English classroom. He rested his paws in his pockets and walked towards the principal's office.

He rested his paw on the doorknob of the principal's office and opened it. He walked inside and bit his lip. He looked up and his eyes widened.

His mother and father were sitting in front of the principal's desk, with Mr Cawthon sitting behind it.

“Mom? Dad?” Bonnie said.

“Hey, kid.” His dad smiled at him. Bonnie rolled his eyes and sat on a chair in-between his parents.

“Hi Bonnie.” His mother greeted.

“Mr Bunny, welcome.” Mr Cawthon greeted. Mr Cawthon was an eagle, with a large white stripe down the back of his body.

“We're still waiting on somebody else.” His mother said. The door opened behind them and Mr Schmidt walked inside.

“Mr Schmidt?” Bonnie raised an eyebrow.

“Let's make this quick, I have other things to attend to.” The eagle said, folding his arms.

“Now, what seems to be the issue?” Mr Cawthon turned to Mr Schmidt, as he grabbed a chair. Mr Schmidt sat behind the parents and folded his arms.

“Bonnie has been very distracted in class,” Mr Schmidt said, “I just wanted to know whether or not his parents would have any idea what was going on.”

Bonnie looked at Mr Schmidt with a frightened look, he mouthed; 'Please don't.'

Mr Schmidt mouthed back; 'I won't.'

“Well, Bonnie's been really tired of late. His mother and I have been having fights lately, so he rarely sleeps when he visits us. And according to Henry, Bonnie rarely sleeps well in his dorm room, due to him over-thinking things.”

“What exactly would this, 'Henry', think that Bonnie's is overthinking?” Mr Cawthon began writing everything down.

“I think Bonnie believes that there's domestic violence occuring in our house.” Bonnie's mother said.

“Really?” Mr Cawthon raised an eyebrow.

“Well, is something going on in the household?” Mr Schmidt asked.

“Not at all,” Bonnie's father chuckled, “I will admit that we have been fighting, but I'd never lay a hand on my beautiful wife.”

“Look, Mr Schmidt,” Mr Cawthon said, “This is a pretty useless meeting. If you really think that Bonnie needs assistance, get him to see the school counsellor, or help him yourself. We can't really do anything else after Mr Shadow's...unfortunate passing.”

“Trevor Shadow?” Bonnie's mother gasped, “He's...dead?”

“His body was found this morning.” Mr Cawthon said, “The police say he was murdered.”

“Holy crap…” Bonnie's father frowned.

“I'm sure they'll catch the killer, Kevin.” Bonnie's mother commented.

“They better.” Bonnie's father – Kevin – growled.

Mr Schmidt sighed, “Well, if this meeting is really that useless, then I guess I'll take Bonnie back to class.”

“Who was teaching your class while we were gone?” Mr Cawthon asked.

“I got Carol to teach them,” Mr Schmidt stood up, “I'm sorry for this meeting.”

“It's fine, it was good to meet you, anyway.” Kevin said.

Bonnie's mother nodded and watched her son and Mr Schmidt leave the office.

“Is there anything else we need to do?” Kevin asked. Mr Cawthon shook his head and tore up a sheet of paper.

“No,” Mr Cawthon said, “Make sure this doesn't happen again.”

Kevin nodded. He dragged his wife out of the office, leaving the principal alone.

Mr Schmidt sighed as he walked with Bonnie back to his class, “Look Bonnie, I'm sorry. I had to do something...”

“Thank you for trying to help me...” Bonnie frowned, “I can't believe my mother let my dad manipulate her...”

“Bonnie, I didn't see any bruises on her, at all...” Mr Schmidt commented.

Bonnie growled, “It wasn't your place to interfere anyway.”

“I was just trying to help...” Mr Schmidt frowned.

“Just stay out of my life, alright? I've already got enough problems,” Bonnie sighed, “Now my dad's gonna be angry with me...” Mr Schmidt watched Bonnie walk back to his classroom.

The tiger sighed and followed his student back to his class. Red watched from around a nearby corner and glanced over at the principal's office.

“Hmm...” He bit his lip.

A few hours later

“Have you packed everything?” Bonnie asked. Freddy nodded and smiled at the bunny. He failed to notice Bonnie's little tail wagging. Freddy walked out of Clyde's room and into the hallway.

Foxy watched Bonnie walk out of the room and noticed Clyde resting on the couch. He sat beside him and switched on his television.

Clyde looked over at Foxy and bit his lip. He looked at the television, but he wasn't really focused.

Foxy failed to notice Clyde scooch closer to him. Clyde looked down at the ground and rubbed his paws together, “So...what're we watching…?”

“We could watch a few movies, or play some video games.” Foxy grinned.

“I'd like to watch a movie with you,” Clyde said, “Got any horror movies?”

“Argh, ye're into horror, are ye?” Foxy chuckled, “I've got a few classics.”

I fucking hate horror…Clyde thought to himself. He coughed, “I don't really know any good movies...why don't you pick?”

“There's this new movie, I think it's called 'Night of the Living Human' or somethin'.” Foxy pulled out a DVD and walked over to the television. Clyde watched him come back over and the fox sat beside him once again. Clyde yawned and outstretched his arm.

Foxy grinned as Clyde pulled him against the bunny, Bonnie may be on to something…

Some time passed, Clyde wasn't too scared of the film so far, nothing too scary had happened, “What's this movie supposed to be about?”

“It's about these humans, who've had enough of anthros living in their town. So they decide to slaughter all of them.” Foxy responded.

“That's scary...think that'll happen in real life…?” Clyde asked.

“Of course not...” Foxy replied.

A sudden jumpscare flashed on-screen, causing Clyde to shriek and grab Foxy. He held the fox close and panted.

“It's okay…! Calm down!” Foxy ruffled the bunny's hair.

Clyde looked up at Foxy with a small smile. He grabbed Foxy's shoulder and his smile grew a little wider. He pulled Foxy close to him and their lips met.

Foxy gasped, but a smile soon appeared on his face. He wrapped his arms around the bunny and held his body against his own. Foxy pulled away a few seconds later. They both stared into each other's eyes. Foxy pulled Clyde's head down a little bit and kissed on the fore-head.

“I love you...” Foxy said, his grin widening, his face lighting up with a blush. Clyde blushed and closed his eyes,

“I love you too.”

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