Waterview High

Chapter 8 - Mr and Mrs Bunny

Bonnie walked outside of the dorm, with Freddy following him close behind, “You got a car?” Freddy asked.

“Not yet,” Bonnie chuckled, “My dad's pickin' us up.”

Freddy nodded and walked away from the dorm, with Bonnie walking beside him.

“Thanks again, for coming.” Bonnie smiled.

Freddy shrugged, “It isn't a problem man. Anything to get me away from this school for a day is good for me.”

Bonnie saw a pair of headlights drive past as they passed through a small gate, “I think that's him.” Bonnie and Freddy walked down a footpath towards the front of the main building.

Freddy followed Bonnie to the side of the road and stopped when a green car pulled out in front of them, “Bonnie!” His dad exclaimed.

“There he is...” Bonnie bit his lip. The car stopped and the driver reached over to the passenger's side door and opened it.

“Let's go..” Bonnie sat in the front seat, while Freddy threw himself in the back seat.

Kevin peeked over the back of his seat and glanced at Freddy, “Whose this?”

“A friend.” Bonnie simply responded.

“Why didn't you tell me you were gon' bring someone along?” His father asked. Bonnie rolled his eyes and looked out of his window.

“Cause you never asked.” His father sighed.

“I'm seventeen dad, don't forget that.” Bonnie muttered.

“Eighteen, next week.” Kevin started the car.

“You're turning eighteen next week?” Freddy asked. Bonnie nodded and a grin made itself welcome on his face.

“Yeah,” Bonnie chuckled, “I'm thinkin' of throwing a bitchin' party.”

“Parties don't seem to be your thing,” Freddy commented, as he slipped on his seat-belt, “Why the sudden change of mind?”

“I'm actually excited for the party on Monday,” Bonnie explained, “Foxy and Clyde'll be there. And you, of course.”

“Company is the reason parties rock,” Freddy said. Kevin pulled away from the school and onto the road, “Though, I've never been to one of them myself.”

“I guess it's gonna be a first time for both of us, then.” Bonnie turned back towards the front.

“Make sure to use protection.” Kevin grinned.

“Shut up!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“I'm just kiddin', no need to be a spoil-sport.” Kevin rolled his eyes.

The rest of the trip to Bonnie's place was pretty much silent after that. Kevin pulled into his drive-way and turned off the car.

“Home shit home.” Bonnie said, getting out of the car. Kevin shook his head and got out of his car. Freddy grabbed his gear and opened the door, he slipped out of the car and shut the door behind him.

He looked up to see Bonnie smiling at him. They both look over at Bonnie's house. His house was a small home, painted in a complete shade of light blue.

“Nice house..” Freddy said, in awe.

“It's crap, compared to the mansions your family sticks out of their asses.” Kevin said, walking towards the front door of the house.

“Ouch. Below the belt...” Freddy's ears lowered. Bonnie shook his head.

“Pay no mind to that asshole, let's just head inside.” Bonnie grabbed Freddy's paw and led him into the house.

“Whose this?” Bonnie's mom watched them walk in.

“He's a friend, I'm gonna go upstairs and get some rest, catch you guys tomorrow!” Bonnie exclaimed, saying that entire sentence within a few seconds.

Kevin looked up the stairs, “Bonnie's friends are weird.” He glanced over at his wife.

“At least he's making friends.” His wife responded.

“This one better not be like the others, Linda.” Kevin folded his arms.

“He had great friends before,” 'Linda' responded, “You just didn't like the fact that they were all...into guys.”

“We both know that only a male and female can be a couple,” Kevin said, “It's in the bible.”

Linda rolled her eyes and proceeded to walk to the kitchen, with Kevin lagging behind her.

Bonnie opened the door to his room and walked inside. Freddy followed him inside the shut the door behind him.

“Welcome to my room,” Bonnie said, throwing himself on his bed, “Feel free to sit anywhere you want.”

Freddy shrugged and sat down beside the bunny on the bed, he put his gear down on the ground and looked around the room. The room was painted beige, with a few family portraits on the walls, a few musical posters, and a large cork-board beside the door.

“It's actually a pretty good room. Shows a lot of your personality, especially your musical interests.” Freddy commented.

Bonnie smiled and nodded, “I had a few more posters on the walls. But dad didn't like them. I think they're torn up somewhere on the ground.”

“Your dad seems nice,” Freddy's smile faded, “You seem to have something against him?”

“He abuses my mother,” Bonnie bluntly responded, “Don't judge a book by it's cover.”

“Oh, that reminds me!” Freddy exclaimed.

“Hm?” Bonnie's ear twitched. He stood up and began rummaging through his desk.

“What did the principal want with you today?” Freddy opened his backpack and pulled out a brush.

“Mr Schmidt decided to bring my parents in for a meeting,” Bonnie growled, “He's such a nosey bastard.”

Freddy began grooming his fur with the brush, “Maybe he was just trying to help.”

“Maybe.” Bonnie sighed. He pulled out a small box and handed it to Freddy.

“What's this?” The bear asked.

“Are ya into music?” Bonnie asked.

“Depends,” Freddy responded, looking down at the small box, “As surprising as it might seem, I like pop. Though country and punk rock strike my fancy, aswell.”

“Open it.” Bonnie folded his arms, a grin making itself welcome on his face.

Freddy opened the box and gasped. He picked up what looked like a phone and held it in his paw, “When did you time to get this?”

“I bought this a week ago for my birthday, but I think you need it more than I do.” Bonnie said.

“A musical fanatic like yourself wouldn't need an Anthrone?” Freddy raised an eyebrow.

“Quit questioning things and just keep it already.” Bonnie shook his head.

“Thanks,” Freddy put it back in the box and put it in his bag, “I can't wait to start using it.”

“We're like a bunch of hipsters.” Bonnie laughed.

“That's an understatement.” Freddy coughed.

“I got no problem with it.” Bonnie shrugged.

Kevin pushed open the door and peered inside, “It's time for bed, you two.”

“It's eight thirty.” Bonnie responded.

“So?” Kevin raised an eyebrow.

“We go to bed when we feel like it,” Bonnie responded, with a growl, “Leave us alone, dad.”

“Fine, but one of you has to sleep on the floor. I don't want anything going on.” He slammed the door, leaving a very confused bear, and a very irritated rabbit.

“Your dad is kinda strict.” Freddy commented.

“He's such an asshole.” Bonnie sighed.

Bonnie walked back over to the bed and sat beside the bear, “Who takes the floor?” Freddy asked.

“Neither of us will be sleeping on the floor,” Bonnie said, “I don't think either of us want to be bitten by insects or something.”

“So we're both taking the bed?” Freddy asked.

“I dunno, probably not. My dad'd kill me. He hates anything that looks like two males in the same bed.” Bonnie responded.

“He seems like the perfect type of ignorant father.” Freddy folded his arms.

“Ignorant or not, he's still a douchebag.” Bonnie stood back up.

“You wouldn't be offended if I agreed with you?” Freddy looked up at him.

Bonnie scoffed, “Of course not.”

“Let's stop talking about him, then.” Freddy laid back on the bed. He stared at the ceiling, “You think Clyde and Foxy are alright?”

“I bet they're fine.” Bonnie replied. He turned back towards and bed and stared at the bear.

“What do we do now?” Freddy asked, sitting back up.

“We sleep, I guess. I can always do more with you tomorrow. But we gotta complete a few chores for my masters.” Bonnie said, with a sarcastic tone.

“If you don't mind helping out, of course.” Bonnie rubbed his shoulder.

“I got no problem with helping out.” Freddy smiled at the bunny.

“Well, we should probably get some sleep.” Bonnie watched the bear get off his bed.

“Where should I sleep?” Freddy asked.

Bonnie grabbed a blanket, “You take the bed, I'll take the floor...it'll protect both of us from getting a lecture from anybody tonight.”

“You sure?” Freddy sat back on the bed.

“I'm sure.” Bonnie nodded. The bunny watched Freddy lie back down on the bed. He took off his shirt and pulled the covers over his body, up to his neck.

“Quit starin'.” Freddy chuckled.

Bonnie looked away, his face painted with a blush, “Yeah..” He threw the blanket on the ground. He spread it out and laid atop of it.

He grabbed another blanket and wrapped himself with it, “Goodnight, Fred.”

“Goodnight Bonnie...” Freddy yawned and turned away from the bunny. Bonnie looked up at the bed and grinned. He closed his eyes and sucummed to slumber.

Both of them failed to notice a small little bunny peeking through Bonnie's bedroom door.

The next morning

Freddy slipped on a shirt and left Bonnie in his room. He stretched and looked down the stairs. He walked down the stairs and folded his arms.

He saw a little bunny standing near the door. The bunny was staring at him and giving him an odd look, “Hi.” The bunny greeted.

“Hey.” Freddy smiled at the kid, “You're Henry?”

“Yeah, Bonnie's brother.” Henry responded.

Freddy knelt down to the small bunny's height, “I'm Bonnie's friend.” Freddy said.

“He said you were cool,” Henry commented, “You look cool!”

“Thanks for that, that makes me happy.” Freddy simply responded.

“Come on Henry, go put on your clothes. We gotta go to church.” Kevin approached to the two anthros.

“Have you got anything fancy to wear?” Henry looked over at Freddy.

Freddy rubbed his shoulder, “I don't uh, go to church.”

“You don't?” Linda walked over, dressed in a completely red dress.

“No, I don't really believe in the whole, god thing.” Freddy responded, trying to be as polite as possible.

“Like the other ones...” Kevin muttered, so only Linda could hear.

Linda shook her head at her husband, then glanced at Freddy, “Well, neither does Bonnie. So I guess you two can chill here for the few hours that we're gone.”

“Do you want me to do anything while you guys are gone?” Freddy asked.

“Yeah, take a shower. Preferably on your own.” Kevin said.

“I was planning to.” Freddy growled.

“No need to be hostile,” Linda scolded, “Take this.” She handed a list to the bear.

“Get these chores done before we get back, and I'll make you some epic lunch.” Linda grinned.

“Nobody says 'epic' anymore.” Henry looked up at his mother.

“Let's go.” Kevin rolled his eyes and walked outside. Linda smiled at Freddy and walked out of the house, with Henry following close behind.

Bonnie walked down the stairs a few seconds after they left and glanced at Freddy, “They gone?” He asked.

“They're heading to church,” Freddy replied, looking up at Bonnie as he descended the stairs, “Your mom left me a list of chores that we're gonna have to get done before they get back.”

“So she can make us an 'epic lunch'?” Bonnie raised an eyebrow.

“I'm guessing she says that each Sunday?” Freddy handed the list to Bonnie.

“You guessed right.” Bonnie looked at the list.

“Well, these are pretty easy. It just says that we need to feed the cat, clean up the garage and work on the garden out the front of the house.” Bonnie looked up from the list.

“I'll take the garden.” Freddy said.

“Well, that was quick,” Bonnie scoffed, “I didn't take you to be the gardening type.”

“Well, let's just say I don't have a green thumb,” Freddy responded, “But I'm useful.”

“I'm sure.” Bonnie nodded, “Well, I'll feed the cat. I guess we can clean the garage together.”

“Sounds good.” Freddy nodded.

“The watering can and shears are inside the garage. On the top shelf.” Bonnie said, walking off. The bunny turned back around to see Freddy walking out the front door.

Bonnie walked into the kitchen and opened a cupboard below the sink. He pulled out an empty container and filled it with cat-food.

“Come here, Rigby.” Bonnie grinned. A black cat ran towards the kitchen, meowing a few times. Bonnie got down on his knees and pet the cat. The bunny filled his pet's bowl with food and watched the cat begin to devour it.

“Check.” Bonnie ticked something off the list.

He walked over to one of the front windows and saw Freddy watering some of the flowers in front of the house. He smiled and stared at the bear. The bunny walked through the front door and approached him.

“'I don't have a green thumb.'” Bonnie mocked him.

“Gardening doesn't require a diploma.” Freddy chuckled. He put down the watering can and proceeded to cut some of the weeds with the shears.

“Yet people study it during school.” Bonnie commented.

“For good reason.” Freddy responded.

Bonnie looked at the garden and nodded, he checked the second thing off the list, “We ought to hire you as our gardener.”

“Any excuse to keep me here, right?” Freddy grinned. Bonnie blushed a little, but nodded.

“We just got the garage left, come on.” Bonnie walked towards the garage door and pulled it open. Freddy followed him over with the watering can and shears. He reached up to the top shelf of a nearby empty bookshelf and left the watering can and shears up there.

The garage wasn't the definition of 'messy', but it wasn't clean enough for a car to go in. There was a bookshelf that had fallen over in the centre of the garage, and a few buckets of paint that had tipped over behind it.

“I'll clean up the paint, if you can handle the bookcase.” Bonnie said, picking up the three empty paint containers.

Freddy noticed and picked up half of the bookcase. He grunted and pushed the bookcase up against the wall. Bonnie's eyes widened when he saw the bear straighten up the bookcase against the wall.

Freddy grinned and slammed his paws together, “Where'd you get the sudden burst of strength? Goddamn!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“I dunno.” Freddy laughed. He grabbed a nearby bucket and cloth and handed them to the bunny, “I'll be inside when you're done with the paint.”

Bonnie nodded and watched Freddy walk back into the house. Bonnie began humming a song, while he was cleaning the paint off the floor of the garage.

Bonnie's phone vibrated, diverting his attention to a nearby bookshelf, where he'd left his phone. He walked over and grabbed his phone, accepting the phone call and resting the phone against his ear.

“Bonnie, here.” Bonnie said.

“Hi Bonnie!” A familiar voice exclaimed through the line.

“The only person I know who shouts in my ear is you, Chica. How can I help you?” Bonnie grinned.

“I'm just callin' to remind you about the party.” Chica responded.

“I know, it's taking place outside the boy's dorm.” Bonnie replied.

“Well, actually, it's taking place both inside, and outside of the dorm! So if you don't come, good luck getting any sleep!” Chica exclaimed, “Though we can't be near the side of the dorm...”

“Why?” Bonnie responded.

“The police didn't want the students to interfere with the 'crime scene'.” Chica said.

“Makes sense,” Bonnie sighed, “Poor teacher.”

“Yeah, sucks that he's dead. He was pretty cool.” Chica coughed.

“Hey Chica!” Foxy was heard in the background.

Bonnie could hear Chica cover the phone, but he could still hear, “What is it, Foxy? I'm talkin' to Bonnie.”

“Ye are?” Foxy asked, “Can I talk t' 'im?”

“Fine, I was just about to say goodbye anyway.” Chica uncovered the phone, “Foxy wants to talk to ya.”

“Okay.” Bonnie replied.

A few seconds later, a new voice was heard, “Bonnie! Hi!”

“You seem real happy, what's got you all excited?” Bonnie asked, a grin appearing on his face.

“Ye won't believe what happened last night!” Foxy exclaimed.

“What, you and Clyde banged?” Bonnie chuckled.

“Not quite,” Foxy said, “He kissed me!”

“Really?” Bonnie's eyes widened, “Good for you guys, man.”

“I told ya that he liked you.” Bonnie added.

“I didn't believe it for a while,” Foxy said, “But we were watching this horror movie, perfect for us. He kept getting' shit-scared and clingin' t' me. I don't quite remember all the details, but he kissed me!”

“Where's Clyde now?” Bonnie asked.

“Still sleepin'.” Foxy replied.

“Really?” Bonnie checked the time on his phone, “It's ten in the morning.”

“Last night was a long night.” Foxy replied.

“I don't even want to ask what's got him so tired,” Bonnie smirked, “I gotta go though, Freddy's over here.”

“I know,” Foxy replied, “Done anything together yet?”

“Not really,” Bonnie coughed, “We've just been doing chores for my parents.”

“Sounds like a lot of fun.” Foxy said, with a sarcastic tone.

“It's more fun than class.” Bonnie said.

“I can agree.” Foxy chuckled.

“Well, I'm gonna go. I got shit to do with Fred.” Bonnie responded.

“With your shirts off?” Foxy laughed.

“Not yet.” Bonnie bit his lip, “I mean...”

“No need to explain. Keep your fantasies to yourself. Catch ye later, Bon.” Foxy scoffed.

“See ya.” Bonnie hang up. He sighed and walked out of the garage. The bunny jumped up and grabbed the handle for the garage door. He grasped the handle and slammed the garage door down.

Bonnie looked over at the front door. He rubbed his shoulder and closed his eyes for a split second, “I can't believe they actually kissed...” He said to himself, as he approached the front door.

He grasped the door knob and walked inside. The bunny grunted and shut the door behind him as he entered. He folded his arms and looked around, “Fred?”

“Where'd you go?”

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