Waterview High

Chapter 9 - After That Night

“Freddy?” Bonnie looked around. He started getting a little worried when the bear didn't show himself after a few minutes.

“This isn't funny,” Bonnie approached the staircase, “Where are you…?”

“BOO!” Freddy suddenly grabbed the bunny's shoulders.

“AH!” Bonnie jumped back, “You scared the fuck outta me!”

“I had to take advantage of this,” Freddy chuckled, “I just love scaring people.”

“Well...” Bonnie coughed, “I got a phone call.”

“From who?” Freddy questioned.

“Foxy,” Bonnie said, “He told me some good news.”

“What was it?” Freddy folded his arms.

“Apparently, Foxy and Clyde got pretty close last night.” Bonnie grinned.

“They had sex?” Freddy raised an eyebrow.

“Not yet,” Bonnie replied, “But, they kissed.”

“Good for them!” Freddy exclaimed, a smile gracing his face.

“Yeah...” Bonnie trailed off.

“Mind if I take a shower? I don't wanna smell like crap when your parents come back.” Freddy asked.

“You smell fine...quite nice actually.” Bonnie commented, earning an odd look from the bear.

“Excuse me?” Freddy chuckled nervously.

“Uh...nevermind,” Bonnie cleared his throat, “Go ahead and take a shower. Don't use all the hot water, I wanna be able to use it later.”

Freddy nodded and walked upstairs, leaving Bonnie alone. Bonnie rubbed his shoulder and sat down on one of the bottom stairs.

“'You smell nice.'” Bonnie mocked himself, “I'm such a jackass.”

Freddy walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. The bear took off his shirt, his jeans, and his boxers. He placed his clothes on a nearby counter and glanced at the shower.

“Wow, pretty expensive shower...” Freddy commented. He opened the shower door and stepped inside. The bear shut the shower door behind him and rested against the tiled wall behind him.

He reached over to one of the knobs and turned it. Water began dripping out of the shower head, before the water increased its volume. The bear stretched and let the water sink into his fur.

He loved having showers, it was like the best part of his day. He loved the relaxation that he felt when water washed through his fur. Freddy ran his paws through his hair and looked up at the shower head, with his eyes closed.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Bonnie was lying on the couch. He stared at the ceiling and yawned, “I guess I could get a few minutes of shut-eye...” Bonnie closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Some time passed before Freddy came down the stairs, with a towel wrapped around his waist, “Bonnie, do you know where my suitcase is?” He glanced at the bunny.

Bonnie opened his eyes and peered over the couch, he saw Freddy and quickly ducked behind the couch again, “You could uh, put some clothes on.”

Freddy rolled his eyes, “I've got a towel. I'm not completely naked,” Freddy folded his arms, “Besides, my fur covers up everything.”

Bonnie completely disregarded what Freddy had said, he sat up on the couch and avoided eye-contact with the bear, “If you're looking for your clothes, check the kitchen.”

“Why're they in there?” Freddy asked.

“Henry went through your things,” Bonnie replied, “Sorry 'bout that.”

“It's fine,” Freddy shrugged, “Did he take anything?”

“He tried to take your Anthrone, but I made sure he gave it back.” Bonnie grinned.

Freddy walked into the kitchen and saw his bag lying against the fridge, he picked it up and placed it on the counter. Bonnie peered over the couch and stared at the bear as he took his towel off.

Bonnie's eyes widened, but he didn't look away. Freddy reached into his bag and pulled out a green shirt, and a pair of blue jeans, followed by purple boxers.

The bear slipped on his boxers, then his jeans. He put on his shirt shortly after, but that didn't deter Bonnie. He hadn't taken his eyes off of Freddy since he entered the kitchen.

Freddy looked over at Bonnie, just as the bunny looked away, “So, do we just wait for your parents to come back?” The bear walked over and sat beside Bonnie on the couch.

“We could watch some television,” Bonnie said, “If ya want.”

“'Television'?” Freddy scoffed, “Just call it TV.”

Bonnie shrugged, “Whatever.” He picked up a remote control and switched on the television.

“What did you want to watch?” Freddy asked.

Bonnie was about to answer, but his eyes slowly drifted down to the bear's chest, “It's kinda weird when you aren't wearing a bowtie.”

“I could always put one on to make you happy.” Freddy grinned.

“Nah, it's fine.” Bonnie responded.

“Wait, turn up the volume.” Freddy pointed at the television, “The news is on.”

Bonnie pointed the remote at the television and turned up the volume, “Breaking news!” The same woman from the previous news broadcast exclaimed.

“I wonder what it is this time...” Bonnie muttered.

“An update on the murder of Trevor Shadow, a 36 year old teacher at Waterview High. The police have found what seems to be strangulation marks around the neck of the victim. It also appears that there is multiple bruises on the teacher's forehead, indicating that the murder was committed by someone holding a blunt object.”

“The police have been calling in multiple students and staff for questioning. They haven't learned anything so far, except that the teacher had no enemies. He was liked by a surprising amount of students, and he has no family, except for a son.”

Freddy and Bonnie shared looks of guilt, “The police are planning to bring in his son for questioning in the coming days, but the kid has been rather distant from his father, according to many of his classmates, so it may be hard to track him down.”

Bonnie turned down the volume, “I still can't believe he's dead.”

“I know,” Freddy sighed, “I haven't been here for long but, to have somebody that close to you die like that...”

“It's awful.” Bonnie bit his lip.

“What's the time?” Freddy asked.

Bonnie checked his watch, “It's just after ten,” He stood up, “I'm gonna go take a shower. I'll be back.” The bunny approached the staircase and proceeded to climb up the stairs.

Freddy looked back at the television, “Maybe we should talk to Shane, maybe he'll know how his dad died...”

An hour later

Bonnie came down the stairs in a pair of black jeans, and a blue jacket. Freddy wolf-whistled when the bunny came downstairs, “Not bad!”

“Oh, shut up.” Bonnie coughed, “How long was I in the shower for?”

“Something tells me that you were enjoying yourself in there a little too much.” Freddy joked.

Bonnie blushed and looked at the ground, but didn't answer.

“You were in there for about an hour,” Freddy responded, “So it's almost twelve.”

Bonnie walked over to the kitchen and read the time on the microwave; 11:31AM.

“We got about thirty minutes before my parents get back.” Bonnie said, walking over to the couch.

“TV?” Freddy suggested.

“Of course.” Bonnie laughed.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Clyde opened his eyes. He looked up at the ceiling and yawned. He took off a blanket that was covering him and noticed that he was only wearing his boxers.

He immediately remembered what happened the night before when he recognised the room he was in to be Foxy's.

He smiled to himself and closed his eyes, “Oh man...I feel so happy...”

“Ye better feel happy,” Foxy walked into the room, he closed the door behind him and sat beside Clyde on the couch, “Last night made me happier than I've ever been.”

Clyde grinned as Foxy sat down, “That makes two of us.”

Foxy rolled Clyde onto his side and laid behind him, so that he was pushing against him. Clyde closed his eyes and began to feel warm inside as the fox embraced him. He'd never knew what it felt like to be spooned, but he had an extremely happy feeling, like everything was perfect.

But he knew that that wasn't true at all. He still owed a lot of money to Red, and he was still getting over his drug habit.

“Where did ya go?” Clyde questioned. He felt Foxy's breath against his shoulder, causing the bunny to shudder.

“I went for a little bit of a walk, ye slept in all mornin',” Foxy whispered, “I also went ahead and let Bonnie know about last night.”

“Ya didn't tell him every detail, right?” Clyde asked.

“Of course not,” Foxy muttered, “That's our business, not his.”

“Still feels kinda rushed though...” Clyde said.

“What do ye mean?” Foxy asked, looking down at his companion.

“I mean, we only met a few days ago...” Clyde shrugged.

“Doesn't matter,” Foxy muttered, “I can assure ye...if ye give it some time, ye won't regret it...I love ye, so much mate.”

Clyde smiled and closed his eyes again, “I love you more...”

“Love ye most...” Foxy muttered.

A few hours later

After a few hours of completing chores for Bonnie's parents after they arrive home, Freddy was starting to pack up his stuff. He stood in Bonnie's bedroom, with his bag in hand. He stuffed his clothes in his bag and closed it up.

The bear approached the door, but before he could open it, the door was pushed open, and Henry walked inside, “You're leaving?” Henry asked.

“Yeah, I've gotta go back to school.” Freddy replied, throwing his bag over his shoulder.

“What school do you go to?” Henry folded his arms.

“I go to Waterview High,” Freddy replied, “It's a private school.”

“I know, my brother goes there too.” Henry said.

Freddy nodded and the room filled with silence, “Listen,” Henry began, Freddy looked down at the kid once again, “I need help.” Henry said.

“What with?” Freddy knelt down to the child's level.

“Mom and dad have been fighting a lot lately,” Henry said, “He's been hitting her.”

“What?” Freddy's eyes widened.

“Bonnie's scared,” Henry whispered, “He thinks he's gonna kill her...”

“Why doesn't he do anything about it?” Freddy asked, a look of worry making itself welcome on his face.

“Because he can't.” Henry replied.

“Why can't he…?” Freddy questioned.

“Because dad'll hurt her more.” Henry frowned. Freddy bit his lip and looked at the door.

“I'm gonna go...” Freddy said, he ruffled the kids hair and walked out of the room, “It was nice to meet you, Henry.”

“You too, Fred.” Henry waved as Freddy walked down the stairs.

“Ready to 'head?” Bonnie asked, as Freddy walked down the final step.

“Yep, ready to go.” Freddy replied.

“Good, let's get the hell out of here before I die of boredom.” Bonnie chuckled.

“Is your dad driving us back?” Freddy asked.

Bonnie shook his head, “We're fighting right now, so it looks like we're taking a bus.”

“As long as I'm sittin' next to you.” Bonnie muttered.

“Of course you'll be.” Freddy grinned and walked out the door.

Kevin watched Freddy and his son walk out of the house, he growled to himself, “I don't like that kid one bit.”

His wife approached him and rubbed his shoulder, “Just stay out of his way, Kev. He's grown up now...”

“He ain't eighteen yet,” Kevin replied, “He's still got a week.”

His wife rolled her eyes and walked away, leaving Kevin alone in the living room, “Whatever...”

A short time later, the bus arrived in front of the school. Bonnie and Freddy jumped off the bus and thanked the driver. Freddy walked up the concrete steps leading to the small park in front of the main building, with Bonnie following him close behind.

Freddy looked over to his right and saw Red talking with the principal, “That can't be good.” He commented.

Bonnie followed his gaze and glanced at the bear, “Maybe he's finally getting expelled for all the drugs he's been peddlin'.”

“Maybe.” Freddy shrugged. The bear looked up to see Chica and Chi jogging in front of them. They approached quickly and stopped the two from proceeding.

“Hey Chica,” Bonnie greeted, “Hi Chi.”

“Hey Bon.” The girls both greeted.

“Whose this?” Chi asked, glancing at Freddy.

“Oh, he's a new kid. This is Fred.” Bonnie introduced the bear.

“Hiya.” Chi greeted. Fred extended his paw but got a hug from the chicken instead.

Chi pulled away and grinned at the two, “How can I help you?” Freddy asked.

“Well, we were just lookin' fer you guys.” Chica said.

“Oh? What'd ya need from us?” Bonnie asked.

“Well...” Chi chuckled cutely, “We've been lookin' for Goldie an Spring. They're supposed to be our dates for the party~!”

“Dates?” Freddy raised an eyebrow, “It's a party. People are gonna get wasted. I doubt that it'll be a great date for you guys.”

“I don't think it will either.” Chica responded, “But, a date's a date.”

“You just wanna get in bed with a hunk 'a male.” Chi grinned at Chica.

“What? Goldie's pretty cute.” Chica responded.

Bonnie cleared his throat, “We're right here.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” Chica blushed.

“So yeah, have you guys seen them at all?” Chi asked.

“Not since Friday.” The bunny replied.

“Crap...” Chica muttered.

“Try the main building.” Freddy said.

“It's worth a shot, thanks fatso~!” Chi laughed along with Chica and jogged towards the main building.

“Don't worry 'bout them.” Bonnie frowned, “They're just girls.”

Freddy looked up and was about to say something, but something else caught his attention, he saw Red talking with a black bunny, he immediately recognised it to be Shane, the bunny from his other class.

“Looks like Shane's getting dealt too.” Freddy said.

“His future doesn't look too good.” Bonnie frowned. He thought about intervening, but decided against it when he saw Red look over at him, with a glare. If looks could kill, Bonnie would've been in the ground.

Freddy and Bonnie hastily left the area, and approached the boys dormitory.

Meanwhile, Foxy and Clyde were resting in the fox's room. Foxy yawned and stretched, “This be a very nice position, Clyde.” He chimed.

“Aye,” Clyde grinned, “It be the most pleasureful of all positions.”

“Pleasureful?” Foxy raised an eyebrow, “Is that even a word, lad?”

“I don't care if it is, or isn't.” Clyde chuckled. Foxy rolled his eyes and rested his head atop of Clyde's.

Clyde bit his lip and rolled over to his other side, so that he was face to face with the fox, “Why'd I wake up in only a pair of boxers?” He asked.

Foxy chuckled, “We didn't go that far, lad,” He shook his head, “You took them off in the heat of the moment.”

“Hmm...” Clyde looked down at himself. He noticed his boxer briefs getting a little tighter, which caught Foxy's attention.

“Is that a mast in yer pants, or are ye just glad to see me~?” Foxy grinned.

“That joke might've just killed my boner.” Clyde laughed. Foxy felt Clyde pull himself against him.

“Got time for a little fun?” Clyde asked.

“Of course, lad~...” Foxy murred.

But before anything could happen, there was a knock at the door. Foxy quickly jumped up, he pulled on a pair of pants and adjusted his pants, so his bulge wasn't visible. Clyde pulled a blanket over him and sat on the couch.

“Goddamn it.” Clyde sighed.

“We'll continue later,” Foxy grinned, “After they're gone.”

He opened the door to see Freddy and Bonnie standing there, “Ye're back.” Foxy said.

“Yeah, we just wanted to check on ya'll.” Bonnie commented. He looked over at Clyde and saw the sweat trickling down his face, “Did I interrupt something?”

“No/Yes.” Foxy and Clyde said at the same time.

“I mean, no.” Clyde coughed.

Freddy rolled his eyes, “You're lucky the door was locked. We could've just walked right in if it wasn't.”

“Let's just change the subject.” Foxy coughed.

“Well, we were also wondering if you guys were gonna come to the party.” Bonnie said.

“We ain't got no choice,” Foxy shrugged, “It's practically on our doorstep.”

Bonnie shrugged and walked away from the door, “See ya guys later!”

“Be sure to use a condom,” Freddy said, “I dunno if it's possible for a guy to get pregnant, but you can never be sure.”

Foxy coughed, “Ye better ask Bonnie if ye can sleep in 'is room.”

“That's a good idea,” Clyde said, “It'll give us some alone time.”

Freddy nodded, he said his goodbyes and ran down the hall. He knocked on Bonnie's door. Bonnie opened the door and smiled at him, “Let me guess, you need somewhere to stay?”

“Yep.” Freddy simply responded, “Got a couch?”

“Of course.” Bonnie let the bear in and closed the door behind him.

“I should study for my art class,” Freddy said, throwing his bag on the couch, “Mind if I borrow your desk?”

“Go ahead,” Bonnie shrugged, “I ain't usin' it.”

Freddy pulled out a few sheets of paper and sat at Bonnie's desk. Bonnie watched the bear study. He exhaled lied on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

“I'm glad you came to this school.” Bonnie said.

Freddy paused and looked over at Bonnie, “Why's that?”

“Cause I'm sick of being just another stereotypical teenager,” Bonnie added, “And besides, if it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't have really met Foxy, and become friends with Clyde again.”

“I'm glad I could be of service.” Freddy smiled, “I'm real glad I could meet such an interesting group of people.” The bear paused.

“However, I'd like to know more about Clyde...what's this trouble he's gotten into with my brother?” Freddy asked.

“As you might've known, unlike you, your brother has been going to this school for about a year, right?” Bonnie's ears twitched.

“Yeah.” Freddy responded.

“Clyde made a few deals with him at the beginning of the year. Back in Jan.” He answered, “He somehow got himself into a massive debt. A few thousand bucks, I think.”

“What for?” Freddy raised an eyebrow.

“What do you think?” Bonnie sighed, “Buying drugs that he didn't have the money for.”

“He seems like such a normal bunny,” Freddy commented, “I don't see why he needs the drugs.”

“He didn't, and still doesn't,” Bonnie responded, “He's just addicted.”

“Still?” Freddy questioned.

“Unfortunately, yeah,” Bonnie sighed, “He's addicted to Xanax.”

“What is that, an alien?” Freddy asked.

“No, it's a medicine that's supposed to treat panic disorders. It helps with Clydes' anxiety.” Bonnie answered.

“He's got anxiety?” Freddy raised an eyebrow.

“Nevermind...” Bonnie sighed.

Freddy shook his head, “I'll see if I can talk to Red about this. Maybe he can erase his debt.”

Bonnie scoffed, “Ha! Good luck with that,” Bonnie relaxed on his bed, “He may be your brother, but he's extremely unstable.”

Freddy turned back around and looked down at his study papers, he bit his lip and folded his arms. Bonnie had a point, Red wasn't stable, and Freddy knew that quite well.

“I can fix him...” Freddy muttered, “I can...”

An hour passed. Freddy yawned and placed his papers at the back of the desk. He switched off his lamp and approached the couch. He looked over at Bonnie and smiled.

“G'Night, bunny...” He muttered. He crawled onto the couch, then covered himself with a blanket. He closed his eyes and grinned, falling asleep shortly after.

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