Danny Phantom: Team Phantom


The Ghosts are back and so is Team Phantom. Two Years after Phantom Planet, Danny and the gang are back along with new members to fight off and defend Amity Park from the ghost threats once more.

Humor / Action
Taaron Howard
Age Rating:

S1E1: Return of the Phantom

The episode starts out at the end of Phantom Planet where Danny and Sam are seen flying together over the town of Amity Park into the sky.

***Two Weeks later***

At the Fenton Household, Danny and Sam are on the couch watching TV, when out of nowhere Tucker bursts through the door.

"Did you see, what just happened to me?" Tucker asked in a frustrated attitude.

Danny and Sam look at each other.

"No." they both responded.

Tucker grabs the remote and changes the channel on the TV to turn on the news.

"In other news today," The News Anchor Said. "Mayor Foley has been removed from office today after overspending way too much money on technology for Casper High School."

Danny and Sam look at Tucker suspiciously.

"What?" Tucker responds. "So I spent some money to upgrade the schools computers."

"How much did you spend?" Danny asked suspiciously.

"Over one million dollars was spent in the process of upgrading the computers at Casper High School." The news anchor continued. "Leaving Amity Park now in serious debt..."

"You spent a million dollars!" Sam screamed in shock. "No wonder they removed you!"

"Look, what's done is done." Tucker Replied. "Can we just forget about it? It's bad enough I have to go back to school now."

Danny nods.

"Sure, right now we actually have other matters to deal with."

Sam looks at Danny in confusion.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

Danny looks around.

"Danielle?" Danny hollered. "Where ever you are you can come out now."

At that moment, Dani appeared out of nowhere right next to Sam and Tucker. Tucker freaks out by jumping into the arms of Sam and shakes. Sam with a straight face drops Tucker to the floor.

"What's this all about?" asked Sam.

"I don't like how Danielle goes off and lives on her own when she could have potential in life." Said Danny.

"You mean?" Tucker asked in curiosity.

Danny nods.

"That's right, I want Danielle to live with us. And I'm going to help make it happen by first introducing her to the family." Danny looks at Dani. "You nervous?"

"A little," Dani responded. "I hope your parents accept me to your family."

"I don't see any reason why they wouldn't. But hey, that's what we're here to find out. Mom! Dad! Jazz! Can you three come down here please!?"

The three family members rush down the stairs, only to be shocked at the sight of Dani. Danny steps back.

"Mom. Dad. Jazz. I'd like to introduce someone to you."

Dani steps forward.

"He-llo." Dani said nervously. "My name is Danielle, Dani for short, and I'm a female clone of Danny created by Vlad. I've been living on the streets on my own for almost two months now and I realize now I can't live like this. Danny was nice enough to offer me a real life but in order for that to happen I need your help and permission to stay as one of your own. Please, don't make live on the streets."

Jack and Maddie look at each other and then smile while looking back at Dani. Maddie crouches down to get a better look at Dani.

"Oh how can we turn down someone so innocent and adorable like you." She Said. "Of course you can live with us, no one your age should ever be living on the streets alone. Especially if you're technically like family."

A tear of happiness runs down Dani's face and quickly runs up to Jack and Maddie to hug them both.

"Oh, thank you thank you! I promise you will not regret this!"

"Yeah!" Jazz screamed in excitement. "I have somewhat, of a little sister now! I think? Is that right?"

"Eh, I guess you if you want?" Replied Dani.

Everyone laughed at Dani's statement while also everyone continued enjoy themselves. Outside of the Fenton household, the sun shined bright for everyone in Amity Park and it looked like the beginning of something new.

***Two Years Later***

Still looking at the sky and back down to the Fenton House. Inside the kitchen of the household, Maddie screams upstairs.

"Danny! Danielle! Hurry up your going to be late for school!"

At that moment, an older Danielle Fenton (Who is now 14 years old, a little taller like Danny's height when he was 14, wears the same clothes except instead of red shorts it's now red jeans) comes rushing down the stairs. Following from behind Danielle was an older Danny Fenton coming down the stairs (Wearing the same thing as usual but his arms looked a little bigger than before and he grew in height as well).

"Don't worry mom." Danny responded. "We're leaving out the door right now."

Danny and Dani walk out the door. When the two walk out the door, they are met up by Sam (Who is taller now but not taller than Danny or Tucker, has a long hair style similar to Jazz's and her clothes are now purple and black.) and alongside her is Tucker (Who wears a white t-shirt and yellow sleeves and has dreads coming out of his hat now).

"You ready?" Sam asked.

"For another dreadful year of high school?" Tucker sarcastically uttered. "No."

Danny gives a dirty look at Tucker.

"Come on now Tucker." Said Danny. "At least make it sound interesting for Dani. After all, it is her first day of high school."

"Which I'm now having doubts about." Dani uttered.

Sam puts her hand on Dani's head.

"Don't worry Dani, it's going to be fine." Sam stated. "You'll see."

The four then start to walk to school.


The four reach Casper High School and walk through the entrance. The four take a deep breath and start to walk down the hallway normally. Danny turns to Dani.

"See Danielle, nothing to worry about."

However, at that moment Danny ran into someone's chest. Unfortunately, it was Dash. Dash looks down at Danny.

"Hey Fen-turd," Dash said as he grabbed Danny by the shirt and lifted him up. "It's been awhile since I've seen you."

"Over 3 months," Danny replied with a straight face. "and I was really enjoying it too."

"Listen dweeb, I forgot lunch money today and I decided that you would be the perfect person to give it to me."

"Wow, aren't I the lucky one. And if I don't give you the money?"

Dash then makes a fist and punches a locker causing a huge dent.

"Good point."

Danny gives Dash the money.

"Thanks Fenton, but I'm still going to hit you anyways just because I haven't hit you in...Ugh...in."

"Three months…"


Dash then makes a fist and prepares to hit Danny, as Danny prepares for the punch by looking away. Sam, Tucker and Dani are worried for the worst to come to Danny. Dash throws the punch but as soon as the fist was about to hit Danny, someone else catches Dash's arm from behind. Dash and Danny are shocked.

"Who dares interrupt my fun!?" Dash screamed angrily at the person who caught his arm.

The student that caught Dash's arm was about the same size in height and weight as Dash, wore black pants and a teal long sleeve, had a black goatee and a light brown faux hawk.

"The names Johnny Delago," The student responded. "I'm a new student here. And if there's one thing that I hate in the world, it's bullies."

Johnny starts to twist Dash's arm.

"Drop him! Or you may never be able to use that arm again" Dash drops Danny and Johnny then lets go of Dash's arm. Dash gives Johnny a dirty look and starts to walk away.

"Fun ruin-er." Dash muttered to himself.

Johnny coughs on purpose.

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

Dash stops, turns around and gives Danny back his money and walks away in shame.

"This isn't over!" Dash screamed.

"Keep telling yourself that." Johnny responded.

Danny gets up from being dropped and straightens out his shirt. Danny looks up at Johnny.

"Thanks a lot man." Danny said. "I've never seen anyone do that to Dash before and still be breathing."

"Hey no problem," Johnny responded. "I've had a bad history with jerks like him and I've learned to deal with them over time. You all good?"

Danny nods. Sam, Tucker and Dani go up to Danny.

"You okay Danny?" Asked Dani.

"I'm fine Danielle." Danny responded.

Tucker looks up at Johnny.

"Dude! That was awesome what you did just now."

"I just like helping people who are in need." Johnny responded humbly.

"So you're new to this school?" Asked Danny. "Where did you just come in from?"

Johnny began to sweat a little bit and starts to think.

"Where did I come in from?"

Johnny freezes up and starts to have a flash back.

***Bay Area, California. 2 years earlier***

Somewhere in the Bay Area of California, a large house stood there by the bay. Inside the house, a young Johnny Delago (With no goatee and wearing white t-shirt) sat in his room on the couch depressed as he watches his favorite team the San Jose Sharks lose the playoffs and get eliminated.

"The San Jose Sharks have been eliminated by the Chicago Blackhawks!" The Broadcaster announced. "And the Blackhawks will move on to the Stanley Cup Finals!"

Johnny sighs to himself.

"We'll get it next year." He muttered.

Johnny turns off the TV but then hears his mom downstairs.

"Johnny!" She screamed. "Can you come down here please!?"

Johnny quickly runs down stairs to the basement where his parents are working on a ghost portal.

"How's the ghost observing doing right now?" Johnny asked.

"Your father and I just need a few more touches on the portal and it'll be finished." Johnny's mom responded. "But we won't be able to do it unless that Phantom boy and his ghost companions on the TV screen prevent that nasty meteor from destroying the earth!"

"Yeah," Johnny's dad added in. "otherwise what would have been whole the point of all this?"

Up on the TV screen, Danny Phantom and the ghosts are making the earth intangible.

"This is it!" Johnny's dad screamed.

Johnny's entire body, house and parents then go intangible. As Johnny is witnessing all this, he sees the meteor go right pass the entire earth and into space. Johnny reacts amazed.


When the meteor finally completely passes by, the world goes tangible again. Johnny laughs a little.

"Well, that was something."

"I'll say." Johnny's dad agreed.

Johnny's mom pointed at the TV screen in excitement.

"Look!" She screamed. "The Phantom boy is going to reveal himself!"

Johnny and his parents watched anxiously for Danny to change. However, meanwhile in space, the meteor hits all the television satellites causing the television screens in the world to lose signal.

Johnny and his parents react disappointed.

"Awwwwe!" They uttered.

"Oh well." Johnny's mom stated. "Maybe it's best if the world didn't know who he really was."

"Yeah." Johnny and his dad agreed.

"Come on now." Said Johnny's dad. "Let's finish the portal so we can go observe and study ghosts."

The Delago's then started to work on the portal. Meanwhile in space, Vlad Plasmius is sitting on an asteroid when out of nowhere the ghost meteorite hits him, causing Vlad to go flying into space and towards earth. However, the asteroid that Vlad was sitting on wasn't ordinary. In fact, it was glowing and when it got destroyed it revealed a red energy within the core and the pieces of it began to head to earth. Back at the Delago's, Johnny is inside the portal finishing the last touches as his parents were working on something in the back. Johnny comes out and walks toward his parents.

"All set Mom and Dad." He said.

Johnny's dad looks at Johnny.

"Alright son, do the honors and press it."

Johnny nods and right when he was about to press the button, the asteroid from earlier comes straight down onto Johnny's house. The house started to collapse and shake. Johnny's dad looks up to see that the ceiling was about to collapse and quickly shoves Johnny away. Johnny gets up and looks up as he is horrified to witnesses his parents get crushed by the level above.

"No!" he screamed.

The house began to slide down the hill and it causes Johnny to then fall backwards while accidentally pressing the on button to the portal and rolls into it. When Johnny gets up, he notices a red energy from a piece of the asteroid in the portal with him; but before Johnny could react the portal door closes and the portal starts to turn on. Johnny is really terrified and eventually the portal starts to affect him the same way it did with Danny Fenton. However, the red energy core that was in the portal with him fuses with Johnny as well and then the whole room goes dark.

***Hours later***

Johnny wakes up and opens the door of the portal to see his whole house destroyed. He began to walk around the wreckage, only to stop and notice something. A tear runs down Johnny's cheek and collapses to his knees as he began to cry. It was his dad's watch and his mom's glasses. Johnny grabs the two objects off the ground as he began to talk to himself really depressed.

"First my best friend died and now my parents are dead and my house is destroyed. What did I do to deserve this? Why do these things keep happening to me!?"

At that moment Johnny's emotional rage gets to him and causes him to go ghost for the first time. However, the red energy that fused within him also gets triggered and starts to take over Johnny's entire body. Power and small particles began to rise around Johnny as he struggled to gain control of himself. As soon as Johnny's eyes go from normal green to straight red glowing eyes, (Meaning he has lost complete control of himself) Johnny flew straight up into the air real fast and darted to wherever the energy took him.

***Two days later***

Johnny's uncontrollable raged body takes him somewhere and passes a sign. The sign read in bold letters, WELCOME TO WISCONSIN. Johnny's uncontrollable body takes him over the woods of Wisconsin where a familiar fancy nice house stood. Inside the familiar fancy house, a familiar figure stood there in a secret laboratory looking up at Johnny on a screen. The figure grinned and it is revealed to be none other than a washed up Vlad Plasmius. Vlad looks at Johnny in fascination.

"Oh what do we have here?" Said Vlad. "An unfortunate ghost I can take my frustration and anger on."

Vlad flies out of his house and confronts Johnny. Johnny with no control of his body or actions, attacks Vlad. Johnny goes for a charged punch at Vlad but Vlad counters it with a shield block and splits himself into three of him and attacks Johnny brutally. Kicking him, punching him and finally a ghost ray blast to the ground. However, due to Johnny being up for 2 days straight and no experience with his using his powers, Johnny fatigued quickly.

Vlad flies down and stands over Johnny.

"Well, that was easier than I expected." Vlad uttered.

Johnny's glowing red eyes turn normal green again and he utters something right in front of Vlad.

"Help…me..." Said Johnny.

Johnny passes out and Vlad grins evilly but his grin instantly fades away when Johnny automatically changes back into his human form. Vlad is shocked by this discovery.

"What?" Vlad questioned so shockingly. "Another half human half ghost hybrid? Impossible. Yet, this is most interesting and very rare. I'll need to run some tests on him because I think I might have found the person who is going to help get my life back."


Vlad is in his laboratory running some tests on Johnny as he laid on a platform table with wires and an oxygen mask attached to him. Vlad began to analyze Johnny's energy signatures, when the Maddie AI hologram appears in front of Vlad.

"What have you found out?" Asked Vlad.

"The boy is no doubt half ghost and half human," The Maddie AI replied. "very similar to Danny Fenton's DNA and yours; however..."

"However what?" Vlad asked in curiosity.

"The boy contains some sort of rare negative ghost energy that is way off the charts," She stated. "something that's never been recorded before or has been fully discovered until now."

"Is it dangerous?"

"Only if he knows how to use it."

"Interesting," Replied Vlad very intrigued to his new guest. "I'll have to question him a little bit when he wakes up. At the mean time, continue your research on this negative ghost energy you speak of."

The Maddie AI nods and disappears.


Johnny wakes up confused in a bed and looks around.

"Where am I?" Johnny asked himself.

"In my mansion in the woods, my dear boy." Replied Vlad sitting in a chair next to Johnny.

"You…your Vlad Masters, the billionaire. And if I remember correctly… (Gets angry) your also half ghost and half human and almost got this whole world destroyed by that meteorite you psychopath!"

Vlad puts his head down and shakes his head while laughing a bit.

"Indeed I am, but I can assure you I mean you no harm and I would like to help you as one Halfa to another."

"Halfa?" Johnny replied confused. "What are you…wait, are you telling me...?"

"That's right my child, you are also half ghost and half human as well, like me." Vlad sets down the book he was reading on his lap. "Now, care to explain to me how you got those powers."

Johnny puts his hands on his face.

"It's all a blur to me, I don't remember anything except..."

At that moment, Johnny began to remember flashbacks of the event that took place two days ago and as soon as he remembers what had happened to his parent, he busted out crying. This catches Vlad off guard. Johnny wipes his eyes.

"A meteor came down onto my house and killed my parents while we were working on a Ghost Portal." He stated. "I got trapped in the portal while this was going on and the machine turned on, causing me to 'I guess' become a halfa. After that, I don't remember anything."

Vlad acts like he's concerned about Johnny's misfortune.

"I am so sorry for your loss. (Vlad then thought of something to say to Johnny) Listen, what if I told you there was a way to bring your parents back?"

"Really!?" Replied Johnny in desperation. "Including my best friend as well?"

"Yeah, sure why not. Listen, yesterday I discovered from some of my well known resources that there is another reality gauntlet, hidden deep in the ghost zone."

"Umm, good." Replied Johnny confusedly. "But, what is a reality gauntlet? And what do you plan to do with it?"

"A mere object that grants anything to anyone who wields it and I plan on using it to get my life back."

Johnny rises up from his bed sheets.

"What do I have to do?"

Vlad smiles to Johnny's determination.

"Here's the deal, you help me find the reality gauntlet and its hidden gems. And in return, I'll use the gauntlet to help bring your parents and best friend back from the dead. (Vlad's fingers were crossed behind his back when he said this) Deal?"

Johnny smiles, believing he is making the right choice.

"Deal." Johnny stated as he shook Vlad's hand.

For the next two years, Johnny served as Vlad's apprentice and helper by finding and retrieving the gems of the left handed version of the reality gauntlet. As the years went by, Johnny began to grow tall and also grew a goatee. Johnny went through a lot of situations while under Vlad's orders. Johnny traveled to Egypt where he had to battle Egyptian ghosts in order to get one of the gems for the other reality gauntlet and successfully did so. Another time, Johnny had to travel to China to an old monk temple where a huge Chinese ghost dragon protects the gem and Johnny ended up tying that dragon into a knot with his abilities and captured the gem.

***Two Years Later***

Very deep inside the Ghost Zone, Johnny was flying around searching for something. He eventually reaches his destination and stops at a huge Greek like temple. Right before Johnny walks in, three huge Titan like Ghosts appear to guard the temple. Johnny looks at the three Titans and smirks.

"So that's how it's going to be." He uttered. "Never easy."

Inside the temple, the sound of three titans getting beat up is all anyone can hear and then out of nowhere one of the Titan ghosts that confronted Johnny bursts right through the door and falls to the ground unconscious. Johnny walks over the Titan and onto the floor.

"Well, I stand corrected on that one."

Johnny looks up toward the end of the hallway and finds the reality gauntlet. However, Johnny is unsure for some reason and takes out the paper Vlad had gave him to identify it. Johnny stares at the paper closely and then the actual one in front of him and notices something.

"That's odd, the one in the picture has four gems but this one right here only has three." Johnny then shrugs his shoulders.

"Come on now Johnny, maybe the picture is just outdated. I mean, who knows how long this thing has been in here for."

Johnny grabs the reality gauntlet and then leaves.


Johnny returns to Vlad's mansion from the portal looking for Vlad.

"Alright Vlad, I got it." Said Johnny.

Vlad appears from behind Johnny and smiles.

"Very good my apprentice." Vlad replied.

Johnny hands the gauntlet to Vlad and watched him obsess over it. Vlad glares at Johnny.

"Something bothering you my apprentice?" He asked.

Johnny steps up and looks around.

"Well, now that you mention it." Johnny replied. "Vlad, the picture you gave me of the reality gauntlet had more gems than the one you are holding right now. Will that affect are plans in anyway?"

Vlad is shocked and looks at the ghost zone book he ripped the page out of and realizes he ripped out the wrong page and the one he intended to rip out was still intact. Vlad quickly gets in front of the book and shuts it

"Don't worry about it my apprentice." Vlad replied. "It might be just a, 'misinterpretation drawing' of the gauntlet (with a fake unsure smile)."

"Oh okay, that's what I was thinking as well. So have you found out where the last gem is located?"

"Indeed I have." Replied Vlad with a smile.

"Oh good, where at?" Johnny asked in relief.

"Amity Park, Michigan; the home of Danny Phantom. We must be cautious when we go."

Johnny nods.

"Got it, when do we leave?"

"In three hours. Rest for now my apprentice, you will need it where were going."

Johnny nods and leaves the room. Vlad then turns around and opens the ghost zone book again.

"Phew, my my that was a close one. If my apprentice were to find out that 'this' reality gauntlet will never bring his parents or friend back, my plans for getting my life back could have just been jeopardized."

***Hours later***

Vlad and Johnny are flying in the air and reach Amity Park.

"Probably best if you go intangible," Said Vlad "they don't take ghosts lightly here."

The two turn intangible, fly through the city and get inside Vlad's old mansion.

Vlad and Johnny turn tangible again and Vlad sniffs the air.

"Ahh, home sweet home. (Looks at Johnny) Okay my apprentice; I still need to find out where the gem is actually located within the city and it might take some time."

"Okay." Replied Johnny. "What do you want me to do at the moment?"

"I don't know, go to the High School and pose as a student."

Johnny goes un-ghost.


Johnny leaves the mansion and walks to Casper High School.

***Present Time***

At that moment, Johnny's flashback ends and hears from Danny.

"Yeah, where you from?"

Johnny gains conscience.

"Wisconsin," He replied "I'm from Wisconsin."

"Oh nice." Danny responded. "(The bell rings) Well, got to go to class. So, I'll see around, maybe lunch time."

"Oh yeah, for sure."


Danny, Tucker and Sam are in their History Class talking to each other while their History teacher was giving a lecture.

"I've been thinking about something." Said Danny.

"What?" Replied both Sam and Tucker.

"I know it's been two years since a ghost has even thought of or even attacked Amity Park but just for the heck of it. Do you two, and I'll ask Dani as well, want to go on a patrol tonight? Just for old times sake."

Sam and Tucker look at each other and smile.

"I'm down." Tucker replied.

"What time do you want to go?" asked Sam.

Danny smiles as well.

"I was thinking around 7:30." He replied.

Sam and Tucker both nod.

"Sounds good." They stated.


It's lunchtime and Danny, Sam, Tucker and Dani are sitting at a table in the cafeteria. Johnny walks into the cafeteria and looks over to see his new friends at the table and starts to walk over to them. As Johnny walks to the table, Johnny looks to see girls staring at him in a dreamy way. Johnny sits at the table.

"Sup guys, (looks around again to notice the girls still staring at him) uhhh is that normal for girls to be staring at me like that (points backwards to the girls surrounding Johnny)?"

"What makes you think they're looking at you?" Tucker replied.

Tucker pulls out some breath spray and sprays it in his mouth. At that moment Star comes up to their table. Tucker smiles confidently.

"See, Star is already coming up to talk to me right now."

Star responds disgusted.

"Ewe as if Foley, (Shoves Tucker away) I came to talk to your cute friend. (Star puts her hands on Johnny's shoulders) Listen, you should come sit at 'are' table where all the cool popular students sit at. Instead of hanging out with these losers and I guarantee you'll have a better time over there."

"Heeeeeey!" Replied Danny, Sam, Tucker and Dani to Star's statement.

Johnny laughs.

"Thanks but no thanks I think I'd rather be a loser than a snot nose stuck up popular student like you and your little posers over there."

Danny, Sam, Tucker and Dani's jaws dropped. Star reacts by placing her hand on her chest.

"Okay, I'm a little hurt by that." She replied "But like I said, you're always welcome to our table and if you change your mind…I'll be waiting (and winks at Johnny)."

"Well, when you put it that way. I'll kindly say it again. No…Thank…You."

Star became irritated and stormed back to her table group, which was Paulina, Dash and Kwan.

Danny looks at Johnny in awe.

"Wow." He replied. "Johnny you'd rather hang out with us than the popular kids?"

"Well yeah," Said Johnny "for starters I've never really liked their type and second you guys are the kind of people I'd rather hang out with. Sure on the outside I look like them but on the inside I'm more like you guys."

The four smile to Johnny's statement.

"Thanks man." Said Danny.

"Wait, how do you know you're like us?" Asked Sam.

"Believe me," Johnny grinned "I have more in common with you guys than you think."


School ends and Danny, Sam, Tucker and Dani say good-bye to their new friend Johnny and head their own way. Johnny heads back to Vlad's mansion. Johnny reaches Vlad's mansion and walks into it. When Johnny walked in Vlad greeted him.

"So, how was school today?" He asked.

"It was gre..." Johnny replied but was cut off.

"That's very nice but that's not important right now."

Johnny gives Vlad a dirty look.

"While you were gone, I had discovered that the last gem is located hidden within the Amity Park jewelry store. I want you to go retrieve it as soon as the store closes."

Johnny is relieved.

"Finally, when does it close?" He asked.

"8:00. So you have five hours to prepare yourself my child."

Johnny nods.



Danny and Dani are in the living room watching TV when Jack and Maddie walk in.

"So, what do you two have planned tonight?" Maddie asked.

"Were going on a ghost patrol tonight." Replied Danny.

"But Danny," Jack replied confusedly "a ghost hasn't attacked Amity Park since you saved the Earth two years. What do you expect from this?"

"Not really anything to be honest, were just doing it for old times sake. Plus, Danielle's never been on one before."

"It's going to be real fun" Dani replied excitedly "and I hope we do find a ghost so I can kick its butt."

"Okay, you two have fun with that tonight." Maddie replied with a smile.

Jack and Maddie walk away. Danny looks at Dani.

"Where the heck are Sam and Tucker?" He asked, "They should have been here by now?"

The door knocks and Danny gets up to answer it. It was Tucker and Sam. Tucker walks in and Sam kisses Danny.

"Sorry we're late," Said Sam "Tucker and I were just making a few upgrades to the scooters."

Danny and Dani look outside.

"That doesn't look like a scooter." Replied Dani.

"That's because its not," Replied Tucker with a smile "we got rid of those lame scooters and whipped up this baby. Danny and Danielle, I give you…the Ghost Buggy. A five seated vehicle that runs way faster and protects us better than those scooters."

"Plus," Said Sam "we added a ghost blaster to the passenger seat to make it a lethal weapon against ghosts."

"Very interesting," Replied Danny astonished "a little over the top but interesting. You three ready to go?"

"Yep." Replied Danielle, Tucker and Sam.

Danny looks out at the open.

"Let's do this." He uttered.

Danny extends his arms out high in the air and goes ghost for the first time in two years and Dani does the same as well. Danny breathes in slowly and exhales while smiling.

"Just like riding a bike."

Danny and Dani fly up into the air and start to fly down the street with Sam and Tucker following behind in the Ghost Buggy.

Meanwhile, at the Amity Park Jewelry Store, the manager walks out of the store, flips the sign from open to close and walks away. As soon as the manager disappears, Johnny appears from an alleyway.

"Knows my chance." Said Johnny.

Johnny turns intangible and flies into the store. At that same moment, the ghost patrol was passing by the jewelry store when Danny and Danielle's ghost breath signifier comes out. Danny instantly stops and is also shocked.

"Hang on you guys," He said "I think there's actually a ghost in the jewelry store."

Sam stops the Buggy.

"Are you sure?" Sam asked.

"Positive." Danny and Dani both replied.

"Danielle lets go." Said Danny in a serious tone.

Danny and Danielle turn intangible and fly into the jewelry store. In the Jewelry store, Johnny had found the last gem for left handed reality gauntlet and smiles until Danny interrupts his moment.

"You know," Danny interrupted "I don't think you got the memo. But ghosts attacking this town was so two years ago."

Danielle cracks her knuckles.

"So I suggest you put the gem down now," Said Dani "so nobody gets hurt."

"I don't want to hurt you Phantoms" Johnny replied irritated "but you two need to stay out of my way. I won't let you ruin my plans."

Danny cracks his knuckles as well.

"Too bad buddy," Said Danny "Danielle let's get him!"

Danny and Dani go in for the attack on Johnny. Johnny cracks his neck.

"I didn't want to hurt you guys but you have forced me to play that game." Johnny replied.

Johnny places the gem in his belt.

"Bring it!" he screamed.

Johnny quickly rushes toward Danny and Dani, forces the two of them back with his arms and then ghost ray blasts the two out of the store. Sam and Tucker are shocked witnessing Danny and Dani get blasted out the window and roll on to the street. Sam and Tucker rush to Danny and Dani. Sam helps Danny up.

"Are you two okay?" Sam asked in concern.

Danny shakes his head.

"Yeah we're fine," Danny replied "definitely was not expecting to be blasted like that from this guy."

Johnny comes out of the store and flies away. Danny gets angry.

"Oh no you don't!" Danny quickly flies up, grabs Johnny by the leg and throws him at a building roof. "You're not getting away that easily."

Johnny gets up from the ground, only to be blasted from underneath from Dani and flew up into the air.

"Okay," Johnny uttered, "now you two are really starting to bother me."

At that moment, Dani and Danny fly up for an attack on Johnny but Johnny splits himself into four of him. Two of the duplicates grab Danny and Dani and Johnny and the other duplicate super charge their fist and sock the two straight to the ground. At that moment Johnny's ear communicator goes off and Vlad begins to speak.

"Where are you?" Vlad asked "You were supposed to be back here by now!"

"I ran into to some trouble with Danny Phantom and I guess his relative, Vlad." Johnny replied.

Danny overhears what Johnny says.

"Vlad? That's not good. (Gets on his communicator) Sam and Tucker, Vlad's back and I guess this guy is working for him."

"What?" Sam replied, "What's his plan?"

Danny shakes his head.

"I'm not sure but I plan to find out."

"Danny and Dani Phantom, huh?" Vlad says on the communicator, "Do me a favor my apprentice, can you possibly knock them out and bring them to me alive."

"Not going to be easy," Johnny replied "but I'll do it."

Danny flies up to try and punch Johnny but Johnny dodges it and downward kicks Danny straight into Dani and the two collide. Danny and Dani look up frustrated at Johnny who is grinning towards the two.

"Come on Danielle." Said Danny "I know he's strong but I highly doubt he's got anymore tricks up his sleeve. We'll take him together."

Danny and Danielle fly towards Johnny real fast.

"Perfect. Right where I want them." Johnny grinned.

As Danny and Danielle were about to strike Johnny, Johnny sucks in a bunch of air and starts to ghost wail. Danny and Dani are both shocked.

"What?! He can ghost wail?!" They both screamed.

Danny and Dani are struck by the ghost wail close range and are knocked unconscious straight to the roof of a building but are still in ghost mode. Johnny flies down. "Caught them by surprise." Johnny uttered.

Johnny grabs Danny and Danielle and flies off to Vlad's mansion carrying the two in each arm. Sam and Tucker are shocked.

"That's so not good," Said Tucker "what do we do?"

Sam thinks for a second but then thought of something.

"I got an idea." She replied.

Sam and Tucker quickly hop into the buggy and drive it somewhere.

Meanwhile at Vlad's Mansion, Danny and Danielle began to wake up and the two notice that they are strapped in. Danny looks around.

"Where am I?" he asked.

Vlad appears in front of the two.

"In my beloved mansion Danny my dear boy." He replied. "Have you already forgotten what it looks like? But then again, it has been two years since we last faced off."

"Vlad," Replied Danny angry "you have a lot of nerves to show your presence in this town again."

Vlad chuckles a little.

"Indeed I do. (Looks at Danielle) Awww, look who has finally returned to her sweet old Papa's home, my little beloved creation."

Danielle spits in Vlad's face.

"Go roll in your grave Vlad. This little beloved creation has a new family now."

Vlad wipes the spit off his face and backhands Danielle's face.

"Then consider that, disowning you." Replied Vlad.

"What are you up to you crazy fruit loop?" Asked Danny.

"Well Danny, this crazed up fruit loop right here has spent the last two years trying to find a way to get his life back… and ruin yours."

Danny raises his eyebrow.

"And how are you going to do that?"

Johnny appears from the ceiling to the ground.

"With this. It's all set Vlad." Said Johnny.

"Excellent work my apprentice, you will definitely be rewarded when I'm done with this."

"The reality gauntlet?!" Danny said in shock. "But I destroyed that two years ago."

"You did but as you can tell this gauntlet is not the same as the one from before. There are only three gems and it's left-handed. It may not be as powerful as the original but it will definitely get the job done. Now will you excuse me, I'm about to get my life back and ruin yours."

Vlad flies through the ceiling laughing and all the way to the top of his house and begins to use the gauntlet over Amity Park and the world. All over the world, people's memories are being erased from all the events that took place during Phantom Planet and the statues of Danny Phantom are disappearing as well. As Vlad changed the world, Johnny stretches for a bit and yawns.

"I'm tired." Said Johnny. "No need to be a ghost anymore."

Johnny turns back into a human in front of Danny and Danielle and the two are seriously shocked to find out that their new friend from school is the enemy they just fought.

"So dude," Danny asks "what's a halfa like you working with someone like Vlad?"

Johnny turns around.

"Because Vlad took me in when I was at my lowest after my parent's died and I had become a halfa." Johnny replied "He promised me that if I had helped him with this, he would bring my parents and my best friend back as a reward."

Danny and Dani then look at each other and frown.

"Listen, we know Vlad very well and whatever he promised to you, he's not going to do it. For starters, it's in his personality to lie to people and second, the reality gauntlet can't bring the dead back either."

Johnny got angry.

"You're lying!" He replied "He would never go back on his word after all I have done for him. He will bring my parents and best friend back you'll see."

Danny takes a deep breath.

"I'm trying to help you, you're making a big mistake and I've told you before. The Reality Gauntlet cannot bring back the dead and you've been tricked by Vlad this entire time."

Johnny gets in Danny's grill.

"Help me!? Why should I listen to you, Phantom! It's not like you know me or what kind of person I am."

Danny sighs.

"Actually," (Danny turns into a human) "I know you more than you think."

Johnny's anger for Danny Phantom instantly goes away as he his shocked to find out that the famous ghost boy is in fact the friend he had made today and grown fond to. Johnny backs up in disbelief.

"Wh-Wha-What? Danny? You're Danny Phantom?!"

Danielle turns into a human as well.

"Duh," She replied "Danny Phantom, Danny Fenton?"

Johnny thinks about it and face palms.

"Phantom. Fenton. Of course…why didn't I think of that?"

Danny laughs a bit.

"Usually nobody does." He said. "But Johnny listen. I know Vlad, he's not going to bring your parents back, as a matter in fact he'll probably betray you if anything."

Johnny frowns to Danny's statement and then punches a hole in a wall out of frustration.

"Argh!" Johnny screamed. "I can't believe I listened to him and now it's all my fault that everything is being changed!"

"Johnny listen, don't get mad at yourself. I totally understand why you did this, and if it makes you feel any better I still consider you a friend."

Johnny looks at Danny and smiles at him a tiny bit. At that moment Vlad comes down from the ceiling.

"Oh yeah baby!" Vlad celebrated. "My life is back!"

Johnny comes up to Vlad very angry.

"You lied to me, didn't you?" Johnny demanded. "You only used me to get what you wanted and you were never going to fulfill my part of the deal."

Vlad looks over at Danny and Dani to notice they were in human mode. Vlad smiles evilly and looks back at Johnny.

"You know, it's funny that you mention that." Vlad replied as raised the reality gauntlet at Johnny. "Johnny Delago, I do not require your assistance anymore."

At that moment, Johnny begins to tremble as he thinks this is the end for him. Just as Vlad is about to destroy Johnny, the noise of a vehicle is heard and it only seems to get louder.

"Does anyone hear a vehicle?" Vlad asked while looking around.

At that moment, the Fenton Specter Speeder with Sam and Tucker in it, bursts through the wall and causes Vlad to be distracted. Johnny's quickly uses that distraction, to go ghost and ghost ray blasts the gauntlet, destroying it in Vlad's hand.

"What? No!" Vlad screamed in shock but then notices the specter speeder coming right at him. "Oh butter biscuits!"

Vlad gets drilled by the vehicle, flies across the lab and gets knocked out when he slams into the wall. Johnny smiles and blasts Danny and Dani free from the straps. The specter speeder's door open and Sam bursts out with a huge blaster and aims it at Johnny. "Alright buddy!" Sam screamed. "You got 10 seconds to give me a reason why I shouldn't blast you across the room for taking my boyfriend and his cousin!"

Danny forces Sam to lower her blaster with his arm.

"Relax Sam." Said Danny. "He's not the enemy."

"What?" Sam replied confusingly.

Johnny turns into a human again and Sam & Tucker are shocked to find out Johnny's a halfa.

"Johnny?" Asked Tucker. "But how?"

"It's a long story." Johnny replied. "I'll explain to you later."

At that moment Vlad gets up and starts to laugh.

"You think you've won? We'll see who gets the last laugh!"

Vlad presses the self-destruct button, blasts the controls with his ghost ray, and flies into the ghost portal while also in the process ghost rays the power controls so no one can follow him and escape.

"Quickly!" Sam yelled. "Into the speeder!"

Danny, Sam, Tucker, Dani and Johnny rush into the speeder and quickly fly out of the mansion before it explodes, leaving only but the huge pool house in the backyard still intact.

As the speeder drives back to the Fenton's, Tucker looks out the window.

"Guys, look!" Tucker yelled. "The Danny Phantom statue, it's gone!"

Danny and them look outside to be shocked the statue is gone.

"So that low life did change everything." Danny uttered.

The Fenton speeder returns to the Fenton household, only to return to see an angry Jack and Maddie Fenton.

"Uh oh." Danny uttered. "I just remembered something. My parents don't know I'm half ghost again, which means…"

"We are in serious trouble aren't we?" Dani replied.

Tucker looks around.

"Hey, where's Johnny?" He asked.

The four look around to see Johnny is not with them.

"We'll deal with that later." Said Danny. "Right now we got other problems to deal with."

The four exit the vehicle and Maddie begins to lecture everyone.

"Daniel and Danielle Fenton!" She screamed. "Just what on earth were you two thinking when you took the Specter speeder?!"

"Wow." Dani whispered to Danny. "Your mom actually thinks I'm related to you guys."

"I guess that's a good thing." Danny whispered back. "But how?"

Dani shrugs her shoulders. Jack looks at Sam and Tucker.

"As for you Sam and Tucker." Said Jack. "I'm going to call your parents and let them know..." Suddenly, a ghost possesses Jack secretly. "That you did absolutely nothing wrong and are more than welcome to come here whenever you two would like."

"Uh…" Sam replied. "Thanks?"

Maddie is confused but then she gets possessed as well.

"Yes, I agree honey." Said Maddie. "And as for you Danny and Danielle, you guys are more than welcome to use the speeder whenever you want and we won't care. You guys are not in trouble, and for some reason I feel like giving you both a raise in allowance."

At that moment, Danny, Dani, Sam and Tucker realize Johnny is the one causing Jack and Maddie to say those things. Johnny stops and leaves the room while giving the others a notification to meet him up on the roof. Jack and Maddie snap out of it and get dizzy.

"Whoa momma, what just happened?" Jack asked while holding his head,

"I think those chili dogs we had earlier are getting to us." Maddie replied. "What was I doing again?"

"You were telling us how well behaved we are and that you two were going upstairs to do…uh, activities?" Said Danny while smiling nervously.

"Oh yeah, thanks sweetie." Maddie responded. "Come on Jack, I'll play you at scrabble." Maddie walks upstairs and Jack frowns.

"I hate scrabble." Jack uttered while walking upstairs pouting.

The four of them sigh in relief.


Danny, Sam, Tucker, Dani, and Johnny are all on the rooftop of Danny's house. Johnny sighs.

"First off, I'd like to say that I'm truly and deeply really sorry for all of this and I feel really bad about causing everything to be changed back." Said Johnny. "But, you have to understand my parents and my best friend were the only family I had in the world and when I lost both I was willing to do anything to bring them back. But it looks like in the end, I'm still alone and I helped someone evil get their life back."

Danny puts his hand on Johnny's shoulder.

"It okay Johnny." Said Danny. "We all forgive you and understand your reason for doing it."

Johnny looks up at everyone and smiles.

"Thanks guys, it means a lot."

"What are you going to do now?" Asked Tucker.

"To be completely honest." Johnny replied. "I don't know; but now that I think about it this seems like an area I can get use to."

"So you're staying here in Amity Park?" Danny asked. "But where will you live and stay at?"

Johnny grins.

"Well, it just so happens that Vlad's pool house was never destroyed and when I was looking around earlier today I noticed he kept his vault of money within it. So I'm pretty much set. But there's another reason why I'm staying here too."

"And what's that?"

Johnny looks around at everyone.

"I feel like I owe you guys big time. So if it's alright with you all, if any ghosts come to terrorize Amity Park and you guys are on it, I'll be right there with you guys to stop them as a teammate."

Danny shook his head.

"Not a teammate, a friend."

Johnny smiles and shakes Danny's hand. Johnny then looks at his phone.

"Its only 9:30 on a Friday night and I'm starving. Is there anywhere good to eat around here?"

Tucker springs up.

"To the Nasty Burger!" He yelled and quickly sprints downstairs.

Danny looks at Sam, Dani and Johnny.

"Guess we're going to Nasty Burger." Uttered Danny.

The four laugh and began to walk to the Nasty Burger as well, knowing that this is a new beginning for something else in their lives.


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