Strange Impressions


Sophie McIntyre is a firestarter and she becomes close to Stephen Strange during missions and Tony's birthday party that he had been invited to.

Romance / Action
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Decisions, Decisions

Alone in my room I sit, against the pillows of my all too cozy bed, my nose in a book as usual, caught up in a world so different from mine. This particular world was perhaps so engrossing that I don’t register the knock at my open door or as a figure enters and perches itself on the edge of my bed. That is, not until a familiar voice speaks.

“How is it that you’re not ready for the party that’s happening downstairs?” the voice asks, causing me to look up at it, or rather at my best friend Natasha Romanoff.

“Party? What party?” I ask her, raising an eyebrow before returning to the page I was on.

“Uh…the one for Cap, for his birthday. Oh, Sophie, please don’t tell me you forgot. Steve will be so devastated,” She replied.

“No, no. I didn’t forget. That party isn’t until next week. I even got him a gift. Or rather made his one. What?” I commented, watching as the red head’s lips twisted into a grin.

“Sweetie…it is next week. Working a little hard I see. The days blurring together so much that you don’t even notice. Get out of the bed; get ready. I’ll tell everyone you’re just running a bit behind,” She told me. When I made no immediate move to get out from under the comfort of my covers, she yanked them off of me and snatched the book out of my hands.

“Hey! Nat, come on, give that back! I’m not even sure I want to go. I already feel bad that I’m going to be late already,” I whined, immediately shrinking back at the glare she shot my way.

“Oh no, you’re going. That’s not an option. You need to hang out with us more instead of locked up in your room with a book. Get ready. Come down. Have fun,” She snapped.

“But-,” I began before she shook her head.

“Besides, Loki will be there and who’s going to talk to him if you’re not there. Also, it seems Strange is in attendance as well and I know very well that you like him,” she interrupted. I froze. Stephen Strange was coming. I had had a crush in him ever since he showed up at Tony’s birthday dinner. He strode in wearing a burgundy, long sleeve shirt and black jeans; bright blue eyes that had met my own across the room and nearly caused my heart to stop.

That night we had talked endlessly about anything, his voice music in my ears. Of course, when we needed him to help out in missions, undercover or otherwise, we talked more and more; mostly about important details about plans to thwart enemies rather more than discussing personal interests, but still we became close.

“Natasha, I don’t know. Stephen…he makes me…nervous. I’d rather not make a fool out of myself. He might not even like me…in that way,” I commented, ignoring the look of disbelief on my friend’s face.

“Sophie...please get dressed; for me, for Steve? He’d really like to see you. As for the other matter, just be you. It may surprise you on how he really feels about you,” She stated before placing my book back on the bed and walking out of my room, closing the door behind her.

Sighing, I pulled myself off the bed and walked towards my closet, pulling the doors open. Pushing the my everyday clothes to one side, I slid out a silky, long, royal blue dress with a slit that came to the bottom of my thigh when I tried it on a few weeks ago. It was strapless, the top of the dress accentuating my shoulders and breasts properly.

I laid it out on the bed, staring at it, debating on what to do. Be yourself. It may surprise you on how he really feels about you, Natasha’s words echoing through my mind. It was at that moment that I made a decision.

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