Strange Impressions

The Move In and The First Meeting

Two days after our capture, I returned to the compound to pack my things. I planned on moving in with Stephen; a new step in our relationship. Everyone appeared to be fine with the change; all except Tony, who tried to get me to stay at the compound.

“Tell him to move in here with you. I’ll miss you too much. Who will I go to for party ideas or for food? You’re one of the best cooks in the compound. Who will stop Loki from pranking me? Sophie don’t go. Please,” he begged, following me around the building as I moved boxes to the front entrance. I giggled at him, turning to place my palms on his shoulders.

“One, he can’t move in here. He has to be the protector of the Sanctum. Two, I’m sure there’s someone else who’s better with cooking and you have your own vault of ideas for parties. If you seek advice, I’m a phone call away,”


“Three, I will talk to Loki before I leave and convince him not to prank you. Don’t worry Tony. I’ll come back and visit some. How could I leave you behind? Plus, Natasha still lives here. I have to see my best friend too,” I told him.

“You better because who else will I talk to about relationship advice?” Nat asked, walking in the lounge. She came over to me, wrapping her arms around me.

“I don’t know Nat. You’ve got a handle on things with Steve. You may not need me anymore,”

“I’ll always need you. You’re my best friend. Stephen’s a lucky man. He’s got you after all,”

“I plan on keeping her. I can’t imagine my life without Sophie,” Stephen’s voice said from behind me. I turned and placed a kiss on his lips, standing beside him with an arm wrapped around his middle once I pulled back. I almost burst out laughing at Tony’s face; anger contorted his features making his skin red, a vein popping out on his forehead, a frown deep enough to produce more wrinkles.

“You! You’re taking my Sophie away from us. Give her back,” he growled. This time I did laugh at his outburst, reaching out with my free hand to pat his shoulder.

“Calm down. It’s not like I’m moving that far away. We’re still in New York. Does it matter that I love him? You’d do the same if Pepper asked you to move in with her. Let me begin my future with Stephen. Please?” I stated. Tony’s features softened, releasing a sigh of defeat.

“You’re right. Go on Sophie. Live with the wizard if he makes you happy,” he said.

“Thank you,” Stephen an I grabbed some boxes, leaving a portal open to remove all of them from the compound. Sticking to my promise to Tony about talking to Loki, I confronted the God and convinced him of not playing pranks unless he wanted to face my wrath, which was never good in some situations.

With the final box removed from the compound, we closed the portal and I placed my hands on my hips, staring at the stacks of boxes. I didn’t have much, but enough where I didn’t know where to start.

“Where to begin? Hmm…Maybe with-,”

“Sophie, you can have one of the spare rooms to store your belongings. Books can be added to the library downstairs. That’s the one where we keep our normal books separate from the magic volumes,” Stephen told me, grabbing a box and walking up the steps.

“Spare room? You don’t want me staying with you?” I asked, grabbing another one and catching up to him. He chuckled, turning his sparkling blue eyes on me.

“You’ll be sleeping in my room. Your clothes and other belongings will stay in the spare room next to mine. I’m not sure there’s enough room to fit both of our clothes. There’s enough room to fit you in my bed by my side. Think of all the possibilities,” he told me. The look he gave me at the statement sent tingles and heat throughout my body. I knew what he’s been implying, and a lot of scenarios came to my mind.

“You’re such a flirt, Doctor. Don’t stop on my account. In fact, you can flirt all you want. I enjoy every bit of it. I might even flirt back, handsome,” I commented, leaning close to his lips; his breath hitched, anticipating a kiss from me. Deciding to be a tease, I pulled back at the last second, walking past him, hips swaying, to the right where the spare room was located.

“You, Sophie, are a tease. Playing with my emotions like that. I might need to kiss you later or maybe…strip you from all those clothes and do some teasing of my own,”

“I might let you. Strip and tease me? Is that all you wish to do Stephen? What were to happen if I took off all your clothing now? Would you have sex with me on these stairs? What do you say, sexy? Wouldn’t it be fun?” I responded, placing my box down, approaching him. I ran my hands over his chest, grabbing the box from him and placing it aside.

I managed to back his body against the railing. He swallowed, getting nervous. His blue eyes darkened; pupils dilated with apparent desire. I ghosted my lips over his, those brilliant eyes of his closing as I did so. I moved my lips against his neck, kissing it swift and light, my hands finding their way under his shirt, his skin hot to the touch. Sliding them around to his back, I let my fingers brush over his muscles. I could hear his erratic breathing; it got heavier with each touch.

I pressed closer, his erection pushing against my thigh. Using it to my advantage, I moved my thigh slow against his jeans, causing friction, his length hardening even more.

“Sophie. Please, I…”

“Sh. Relax, enjoy the pleasure,” I continued my teasing, withdrawing once I sensed I’d done enough, leaving him with a simple kiss.

“Stephen, sweetheart. Open your eyes,” I stated. He released a shuddering breath, adjusting himself and cracked open his eyes, desire still lingering within them.

“How do you do that? When I first met you, I never realized you could be so…so…”


“Powerful. It’s not just the teasing or the domination, or the fire. It’s power. You’ve got an innate ability to take control. You saved me twice by doing just that. You’re magical,” he responded. Heat flushed my cheeks at his comment.

“You’ve realized this now? Did you think me weak before or-?”

“Sophie, you misunderstand me. You’ve never been weak to me. I knew you had power, a strength to which everyone should have. I meant you have more power than I previously though. It’s one of the things I love about you,” he answered. The heat deepened and I feared I resembled a tomato.

“Good. I love you power as well. I think it complements my own. We should get back to unpacking these boxes. Less mess in the Sanctum, the better,” We grabbed our boxes, toting them to the spare bedroom. I opened mine and put away my shirts, pants and dresses; Stephen helped hang thinks, discovering my lingerie at the bottom of his box.

“Will I get to see any of these on later?” he asked, arching an eyebrow. I took the lacy dress from him folding it to put it away in a drawer.

“Maybe. Do you…”

“Do I what?”

“Never mind,” I replied, tucking away the rest of the lingerie.

“What do you want to ask me?” he pressed, coming to me and lifting my chin with his fingers. His gaze held mine, opening up my walls.

“Do you ever think back to the night we met?” I asked. He smiled, kissing my forehead.

“Of course. Not every day, but whenever I’m missing you, I like to look back on it. The focus should have been on Tony’ birthday, but when Tony’ introduced us, I got lost focusing on you,” he told me. He kissed me, long and sweet, pulling back so we could resume unpacking the boxes. As we continued, I let myself drift off the very night of our first meeting.

One Year Ago

Tony’s birthday party had me looking for the perfect gift at the mall, going from store to store, unsure what he might want. The problem is he had most of everything; technology was out the question; he had already upgraded to the latest gadgets. I didn’t want to pick out clothing, not knowing if I’d great taste in that department. He didn’t wear fancy watches, my options dwindling down to nothing; almost nothing. As it hit me what I could give him, my phone buzzed in my pocket. Glancing at the caller ID, I noticed Natasha’s name scrolling across the screen, answering it to hear what she wanted.

“What’s up bestie? Do you need something at the mall?” I asked, still browsing around in case I saw something Tony might want at the last minute.

“You’re still at the mall?! You’re going to be late. Guests are starting to arrive. Sophie, you need to get back here immediately. Get dressed and come to the party,” she barked at me.

“What? I thought I had enough time. Okay, I’m going to head to the exit now. Tell Tony I might be running a little behind,”

“Alright. Oh, just a heads up. He’s invited someone new. I looked him up a few minutes ago. Absolutely dreamy. There’s a possible chance you could fall in love with him,”

“Dreamy huh? I thought you only had eyes for Steve. It’s not possible. Stop trying to set me up with someone. I’ll find the one when I’m ready,” I stated.

“I do, but Sophie, he’s gorgeous. Dark hair, blue eyes, tall. He’s kind of interesting,”

“What’s his name?”

“No, no. I’m not giving you it to you. I want Tony to introduce you two. Hurry and get your ass back to the compound,” she told me, hanging up. Nice try Natasha. There’s no way I’m going to meet my soulmate tonight, I thought. Boy, was I wrong about that?

I got back to the compound and sneaked in the back to get to my room and change into a sleek, strapless teal, satin dress and black booties. I pinned my hair back in a neat bun and left my makeup neutral except for the eyeliner which was teal to match the dress. I made my way downstairs to the lounge and located Tony to give him his gift. I spotted him by a makeshift bar talking to Steve and descended the steps to approach them.

“Tony! I’m sorry I’m late. I couldn’t find an appropriate gift. It occurred to me that the best thing I can give you is one of my famous free hugs,” I greeted him, wrapping him in one of my special embraces which warmed anyone up inside.

“Thank you, Sophie. I adore your hugs. Oh, hey, I want to introduce to someone. He just arrived. Let me go grab him and bring him over here,” Tony told me. He let go and walked over in the direction I had come from and I turned to see who he meant; my heart almost stopped at the sight of the new guest. He wore a long sleeve, burgundy button up shirt tucked in black trousers, black shoes to match. His midnight black hair had been combed back, a little gray at his temples accentuating more of his features, the main focus being his eyes; blue eyes, bright when he smiled. They shone even more when they flickered over at me. He also had a beard that more or less resembled Tony’s. Our gaze locked and held as Tony escorted him over Steve and me.

“Sophie, this is Doctor Stephen Strange. Strange, Sophie McIntyre. He’s some kind of wizard and she’s our very own firestarter,” Tony introduced us.

“Sorcerer Supreme, actually. Nice to meet you, Sophie,” Strange stated, his hand outstretched.

“Pleasure’s all mine,” I told him, taking it in mine, shaking it. Two things happened; first I noticed the contrast in temperature of our hands. Second, a spark of electricity shot through my hand as our skin touched. We didn’t release the handshake for a few seconds, Steve’s voice breaking the contact.

“Welcome to the compound. I hope you’ll have fun at the party,” he interrupted.

“I’m sure I will,” Strange commented, pulling back first.

“I think I’ll go find Natasha. Excuse me,” I said, walking through the crowd of people to find everyone’s favorite red head. She happened to be right. I fell in love with no other than Doctor Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme.

“Natasha! You should have warned me earlier. I just met Steph- I mean, Strange. Dreamy? That word doesn’t even begin to cover that man,” I told her.

“Uh-oh, someone’s got a new crush. I’m willing to bed you two will be dating in six months. Where is he? Does his picture do him justice?” She stated, showing me a news article, she had found on him.

“Neuro-surgeon? Tony said he’s a wizard,” I stated, viewing his picture. In it he was clean shaven, in a tux, the headline covering a benefit he had attended. He looks good with or without a beard. He even looks good in a tux. I wonder what he’d look like in scrubs or even without any clothes on at all. Damn, I’m in trouble, I thought.

“Sorcerer Supreme. Hello. You must be Natasha Romanoff. Hard to miss the only red head in the room. I’m Stephen Strange, though I’m certain you already know that. Are you girls talking about me?” a deep voice said behind us, causing us to jump.

“All good things, I promise. I have an unfortunate habit of researching new people who come into our life. Sorry. Nice to meet you. I…You know I should probably find Wanda. Excuse me. You two talk. Get to know each other,” Natasha commented, a little flustered, before walking off leaving me with the handsome sorcerer.

“You’re a neuro-surgeon as well? What an impressive skill set?” I commented, breaking the silence.

“Former neuro-surgeon. I got into a really terrible car accident almost two years ago. I severely damaged my hands to the point where I can’t operate anymore. It left some scars as behind. Both mental and physical,” He held up his hands, lines of scars running down to his wrist.

“May I?” I asked, gesturing to his hands, hoping I didn’t invade his personal space or boundaries. He nodded and I took one of his hands in mine. With a light touch, I traced over the scars, his skin cool where nearly no circulation traveled to the area. There was also a slight tremor to them even as I held one in my grasp.

“How did you become Sorcerer Supreme?” I asked. He told me of his training, of his battle with an enemy named Dormammu and of his adventures battling other foes. We moved to a couch to sit down moving from subject to subject. He asked about my powers, I asked for a demonstration of his magic. I talked about life in the compound, about other interests, which I found some he shared with me. We exchanged numbers to keep in future contact if we wanted to. Our conversation flowed very well, cut off when it was time to eat and cut cake.

“Maybe Strange can help us out from time to time, should we need his help,” Tony mentioned, after a few toasts were given and things began to wind down.

“Let me know. I’ll be glad to offer assistance. It was a pleasure to meet all of you. I should return to the Sanctum. Thanks for inviting me. Goodnight, Sophie. I enjoyed our conversation tonight. I hope I get a chance to have even more with you sometime,” Stephen said.

“Goodnight, Stephen. I’m glad I could provide some entertainment for you. You have my number. Send me a text when you feel like hanging out or just talking to someone,” I told him as he smiled, crinkles at his eyes forming and as he walked through a portal to his home. I turned back to see everyone staring at me, heat flushing my face.


“You gave him your number to talk. I believe he’s going to want more than a conversation,” Tony stated.

“Don’t be absurd. We’re becoming friends. He’s sweet,” I commented, twirling a strand of hair around one finger.

“Oh, Sophie. You’ve got it bad for him. I suspect he’s got it bad for you too,” Nat whispered in my ear.

“Don’t be ridiculous. There’s no way he’d ever date some like me,” I stated. Funny how things work out.

Present Day

“Now this looks perfect. The room is all set up and it took almost all day,” I stated, inspecting the spare room to make sure I had it like I wanted it. Stephen and I had taken a few breaks, one to eat lunch and another for dinner; sandwiches, something simple to continue unpacking the boxes. Other breaks were more for the bathroom or water, sitting side by side, sharing a few kisses or subtle touches to get each other worked up.

“You’re officially moved in. How about tonight we settle in and watch a movie? Snuggle some. I’m exhausted from all the unpacking. How about you?” Stephen said.

“Mm-hm. All that teasing and I’d rather curl up in your arms and relax,” I told him through a yawn. I wrapped my arms around his waist, resting my head on his shoulder.

“Maybe we can fool around tomorrow. Celebrate a new step in our relationship,” he commented, walking us toward his bedroom, our bedroom, and switching on the light. He stripped down to his underwear, throwing me one his t-shirts to sleep in. I didn’t want to grab a set of pajamas from the other room, too tired to walk back. We climbed in bed and turned on a movie, cuddling close.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to this,” he stated during one part, glancing down at me.

“What? Cuddling all the time?”

“No. I don’t think I’m going to get used to you living here. Indefinitely. Waking up in the morning and seeing your beautiful face, knowing you’re all mine. I’m excited you’re here Sophie. I love you so much,” he answered.

“I love you too. I’m happy to be here with you. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than here in your arms, in our home,” Stephen kissed me, gentle and long, sliding our bodies under the covers, my head on the pillows, him on top of me. He pulled back, coming back down for more, devouring me. The longer we kissed, the hotter it became, more desire building as we made out. He removed his shirt from my body, followed by my underwear. I pulled down his underwear, Stephen kicking them off when I reached his ankles.

“So much for fooling around tomorrow. We appear to be moving it up a day,” I told him.

“Apparently. Let’s go slow. I want to take my time making love to you,” he said, pressing his lips to mine, his hands tracing small patterns on my breasts, my nipples perking up at his touch; heat and wetness pooled in my center. Soft moans escaped my lips as he continued to touch me, going as slow as possible. We took our time, building up the foreplay, reaching a point where we needed to be connected. Stephen reached over in the nightstand and pulled out a condom, sliding it onto his member. He sheathed himself inside my folds, his thrust nice and slow, building up our climaxes. We touched each other as we made love, brushed over each muscle, each limb; my nails dug into his skin, the muscle there rippling as he thrust into me repeatedly.

Hours crept by, moans, groans, and grunts escaping our lips; we were a sweaty mess by the time of the first climax. Multiple orgasms were achieved that night before we ended up in each other’s arms, sleeping and dreaming about what our future held.

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