Strange Impressions

One Battle and the Second Date

Steve, Natasha, Wanda, Bruce and I had been called out to investigate two boys who had the ability to send out sonic waves and pulses. They had been causing chaos in the city and they wanted us to stop them from creating anymore.

“The goal is not to kill them but to stop them and get them detained,” Steve commanded to us on the jet on the way to our location. We nodded and then Wanda spoke up.

“What are their names?” she asked. Steve looked through the file we had been sent with us and told us that their names were Hunter and Colby Jacobs. They were only a few years apart and their powers had been a natural part of their lives. They just had chosen to use them for malicious intent rather than using them for something good.

“What happens if they don’t let us detain them?” I asked, afraid of what would happen if they gave us no choice but to kill them.

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, the less casualties the better. We’re here. Wanda, Nat you two come from behind them. I’ll try to distract them long enough to let you restrain them from harming any others. Bruce, get ready to Hulk out if we need you to use your strength to hold them back. Sophie, be prepared to use your fire column to keep them from running from the area. Ready? Let’s go team. Remember, detain them only,” He replied, as the jet came to a landing.

We opened the back and climbed out, going to our positions, Steve approaching them cautiously. Colby had dark blonde hair; Hunter, a reddish brown color to his hair. Their eyes matched, a glowing light purplish-blue, the color matching their sonic waves we had been told about.

“Hello, Hunter, Colby. We don’t want to hurt you. We’ve been asked to take you to some place where you can’t hurt anyone. If you come with us willingly, no harm will come to you. We can-,” he began to explain, trying to reason with them until, one of the brothers sent out a wave and sent Cap flying to the ground. He grunted, signaling to Wanda to hold their arms from moving. Unfortunately they saw her coming, turning to clap their hands, huge pulses sending both her and Natasha into a car behind them, debris hitting the buildings surrounding us.

“Bruce! Now!” Steve called out, pulling himself up, throwing up his shield, ready to charge them if necessary. Bruce changed into the Hulk, running into the boys, knocking them off their feet and onto their backs. This only fueled their anger, their hands hitting the ground hard, an overwhelming sonic wave rumbling the ground. I watched as the Hulk was slammed into a building, the windows shattering, momentarily stunning him. I launched my attack, a wall of fire hitting both boys square on, trying to separate them.

It seemed if they were working together, they were stronger and the goal was not to kill them. If we separated them, the less likely they’d be able to throw us off our guard. Hunter screamed, the sound so loud it made me clasp my hands over my ears, the wall of fire disappearing. It distracted me long enough for Colby to come close enough to punch me, the power sending me rolling a few feet away.

So much for the separation theory, I thought as I pulled myself up, picking gravel out of the cut on my forehead and my hands. Steve, charging them with his shield was met with resistance, Hunter grabbing it and slamming his fist down upon it, sending him into a building as well.

“You think to defeat us. We can tell you, it won’t be that easy. We will not stand down and let you capture us. We will destroy you before that happens,” They spoke at the same time and in sync with was little eerie if you asked me. I created a couple of fire tornadoes and propelled them forward towards the brothers, hoping to catch them off guard. They dodged them, their hands pushing my tornadoes down the street towards innocent people. Grunting, I pushed them upwards to the sky, smothering the flames before they could hurt anyone. Wanda had moved from the car and wrapped her magic around Hunter and launched him into a tree, knocking him to his knees. Colby growled at his brother’s distress and stomped his foot down, the motion sending the asphalt up and towards her, giving her barely enough time to deflect the debris. Some of it sliced her skin; she cried out at the pain. Natasha whipped out her batons, running towards them, Steve joining her as they blocked him from using his powers to attack us. They had him pinned for a moment, but hadn’t realized that Hunter was up, one hand on the ground, sending various pulses into the ground, pushing them both away from Colby.

I levitated over to him, kicking him in the chest, having to engage in hand to hand combat to push him back, trying to make him tired, preventing him from being able to conjure up any pulses. Hunter hit me square in the chest, the breath rushing out of me as I collided with a light post at the strong pulse. I fell to my knees, clutching my stomach, coughing slightly. Bruce was up charging Hunter now, succeeding in stunning him despite the pulse sent his way, Colby screamed and moved his hands in a way that had Bruce flying in the air and then being slammed back down.

“Steve, they’re too strong. We need to find a way to tire them out or separate them far enough where they can’t see each other. The angrier they get at seeing each other hurt, the stronger the attack,” I said.

“Okay, Wanda and Sophie get Hunter. Nat and I will try to get Colby as far away as possible,” he ordered. We rushed Hunter and Colby, a mistake that left us colliding with each other as they had stood beside each other, slamming their hands to the ground and flexing their hand up send a huge wave; a direct hit to the four of us. We groaned as we got up to our feet, breathing hard.

“Okay, we need a new plan of attack. Wanda, do you think you can push one back from here and pull the other one to us at the same time?” Steve asked, wiping blood from his mouth.

“ I can try. Hang on,” She replied, pushing with one hand and pulling with the other. Hunter went flying back a few feet, Colby pulled towards, Steve landing a punch to his face. Wanda and Nat moved forward to fight Hunter, leaving Steve and me to take on Colby. Bruce lifted himself up to help the girls. I was shoved back with a pulse and watched with horror as Colby was generating a huge wave directing it at Steve with full force.

“Steve! Look out!” I yelled, pulling myself forward, landing in between him and the sonic wave. I shoved him out of the wave, taking on the full force of the wave, the blast sending me flying into a concrete wall behind us. I crumpled, crying out as my back made contact first, the pain flooding my body.

“Sophie! Are you alright?” I registered Steve’s voice calling out to me. Spots danced around my vision unable to pinpoint which direction he came from; I coughed, blood splattering the ground.

“Give…me…a minute,” I replied between breaths, the oxygen slowly returning to my body. I pulled on my fire healing ability, watching it coil around my arms, legs and torso; the heat being a low simmer, fixing the damage caused by the wave. I slowly rose to my feet, one arm clutching my stomach, wincing at the pain still lingering in some places.

“Ready to end this?” Steve asked me, glancing in the direction where our enemies were located. Hunter and Colby were now fighting against Wanda, Natasha and Bruce, sending blasts at them to knock them off their guard.

“Certainly. Let’s get this over with so we can go home,” I answered, fueling the fire in my fists. I slammed them down on the ground sending two walls of fire to the targets, controlling it so as to not harm the other teammates. My attack succeeded into knocking them on their back.

“Thanks for the help Soph. Now secure them,” Nat ordered. As I sent a column of fire down to trap them, another wave vibrated the ground towards us. Prepared for it this time, Steve and I rolled out of the way of its path. Charging towards the boys, I levitated, raining multiple fireballs down upon them. They dodged, sending mini pulses upwards, sending me sprawling backwards.

Launching another attack at my teammates, I blocked it with a firewall, distracting them from Wanda, who used her powers to restrain them from moving.

“Secure them. Now, please,” she stated, struggling to restrain them as they were sending pulses through their bodies to break through her hold on them. Creating another column around our enemies, I allowed Wanda to release her hold on them, lowering myself beside her. I formed another column around them, thick enough to prevent them from breaking through and escaping.

“Great work team. I’ll call this in and then we can take the jet back to the compound,” Steve stated. We were all sweaty and tired, ready to wind down for the day. About a half hour later a chopper came to escort our opponents to a secure prison location; we got on the jet to return home.

“So, Sophie, are you seeing Stephen tonight?” Natasha asked me on the way back to the compound. It was a five-hour flight back; the others were asleep leaving Nat and I the only ones awake.

No, tomorrow night. He’s taking me to a show downtown, then dinner afterwards,” I told her, the thought of seeing Stephen bringing a smile to my lips.

“This will be what, the second date?” Have you slept with him yet?” She asked, a teasing grin on her lips. She was blunt with how she approached me about my relationship with him and I suddenly felt embarrassed about my choice to wait to have sex with him. I tucked my hair behind my ears, heat rising to my face.

“No. I was waiting until the third date to do that,” I responded, uncomfortable with the question.

“I’m only teasing you. I think it’s sweet you’re waiting. It makes the experience more thrilling that way. I do have to ask though. You do want to sleep with him right?” she commented, giving me a playful shove.

“Of course I do. I really like him but I don’t want to screw this up if we rush things. I don’t want to lose this wonderful relationship we have,” I remarked, picking at my fingers, the heat on my face more intense.

“I think you’re in love with him. You’ve been different ever since the party. You’re more vibrant, more confident. It’s like he’s pulling you out of your shell. That’s great. I’m happy for you,” Nat told me. I didn’t know if that was true or not. I hadn’t really thought about it much.

“Maybe. I don’t know. What about you and Cap? You two seem to be hanging out a lot more lately,” I stated, changing the subject.

“I don’t know. We’re close but I don’t know if our friendship will progress to anything more,” She answered, peeking over her shoulder at his sleeping form.

“Do you want it to? From what I can tell, you two have great chemistry. I think things could work out,” I said, expressing my opinion.

“I wouldn’t mind if it did. Okay, sure I’d like it to but I don’t know if he wants it to. We don’t really talk about it much. We’re both private about things like that,” she replied.

“You won’t know if you don’t try. You helped me with Stephen. Maybe you should try to take your own advice. I mean that in the most positive way,” I told her. She simply nodded, concentrating on flying the jet. The last few hours were spent in silence, exhaustion present in both of us; all we wanted was a shower and to get some rest after the long battle we had. Arriving at the compound, we saw to the wounds we received during the fight, retiring shortly to our rooms. I showered and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I drifted off into a deep slumber.

The next morning, we met downstairs for training, my partner being Bucky this time; He managed to send me sprawling on my back several times, but I still took him by surprise myself.

“I think someone is a little distracted this morning. Are you thinking about someone in particular? Strange, for instance?” Bucky teased me, a playful smirk on his lips. He threw a punch but I dodged it, leaning under him, causing him to stumble. I kicked out low, knocking him off his feet; he fell to his knees, grunting.

“Maybe I am, but I’m not really all that distracted. Still managed to take you down a few times,” I answered as he got back up. We were breathing hard and sweating. It was my turn to strike out, but he caught my fist, bending it behind my back.

“Are you sure about that? Normally, you fight better than this. Seems to me that you can’t get him out of your head for the moment,” he stated, preventing me from moving. I shot out a quick fireball from my free hand, Bucky letting go to dodge it, before I pushed myself close to him and kicked him in the stomach. He stumbled back a few paces, regaining his balance and tackled me to the mattress, pinning me down.

“I think this makes me the winner,” he said, smirking as I struggled against his weight, or so he thought.

“Or does it?” I asked, confusing him enough to hook my leg under his, flipping him over onto his back, the wind knocked out of him.

“Well done, Sophie. All right guys, let’s break for lunch and then you’re free for the rest of the day,” Steve ordered. I got off Bucky, stretching out my hand to help him up and we went down to kitchen for water and sandwiches, talking with each other. Stephen wasn’t picking me up until 6:45, so after lunch I spent the rest of the day lounging by the pool reading. Around four, I returned to my room to get ready for tonight’s date.

Stephen had texted me to tell me to dress casual for the show; I changed into a pair of dark blue shorts and a green t-shirt, throwing on a pair of black converse. I pulled my hair into a ponytail before deciding that I liked it better down, letting it sit on my shoulders, putting on a little bit of eyeliner and a nude eye-shadow, leaving my lips natural.

“You know, I may not be able to keep my hands off of you tonight seeing you dressed like that,” Stephen’s voice alerted me from my door. Startled, I turned to see him leaning against the doorframe, wearing a light gray t-shirt, which showed off the muscles in his chest and in his arms, black jeans and tennis shoes. That same rogue piece of hair lay on his forehead, his crystal blue eyes shining.

“I wouldn’t mind having your hands on me tonight. Perhaps that’s why I dressed this way. Maybe I wanted to distract you,” I said, walking closer to him. When I reached him, I took his hands, placing them on my shoulders; I trailed them down my skin to my hips. His eyes followed the motion, flickering back up to meet my gaze. He looped his fingers through the belt loops of my shorts, pulling me close to his body; one hand cradled the small of my back, the other tilting my chin up; our lips were now inches apart.

I parted my lips a little at the sudden movement, my hands resting on his chest, Stephen’s lips ghosting over mine.

“We haven’t even left for the show and you’ve already gotten me craving for your touch,” he whispered, pulling back too soon. Okay, two can play this game, I thought to myself. I brushed my fingers down his chest, slipping them under his shirt, gliding them lightly against his warm skin. At his sharp intake of breath, I looked up to notice he had closed his eyes at my touch. I moved my hands around to his back, feeling the muscles there; Stephen’s eyes fluttered open.

“We should leave for the show,” he stated, his voice soft, head bent to capture my lips in a kiss.

“Okay, but I was having fun teasing you,” I whispered in his ear. He shivered, pulling my hands from under his shirt, linking one and pulling me out of the room.

“Keep doing that and I’ll have to let you continue. Maybe I’ll even have to tease you myself,” he told me, forming a portal in front of us. We stepped through to downtown New York on our way to the show.

Turns out the show had a horror theme to it; something we both enjoyed. There were three acts and people were pulled onto stage, an audience participation portion that we hadn’t anticipated. We laughed at the hilarious skits people were put through, awed by the acrobatic skills the performers had; we hadn’t stopped holding hands from the moment we left the compound.

At the end, a standing ovation was given and we left for dinner at a small diner, which had a cozy atmosphere. I still had his hand in mine, unlinking it to trace his scars every now and then. We shared a milkshake enjoying every bit of each other’s company. Leaving the diner, we walked around, holding hands and talking, not wanting the night to end.

“Is it that late already? I guess I should take you back home,” Stephen commented, looking at his watch, checking the time; it was close to 11.

“I’d rather stay with you again,” I remarked, knowing full well that I had to return for another training session in the morning. He sighed and with reluctance created a portal to the compound. We walked through and found the other Avengers hanging out in the T.V. room.

“Welcome back, you two lovebirds. Have fun?” Tony greeted us.

“Very much so,” we answered, Stephen and I glancing at each other, adoration in our eyes.

“Come, join us. We were about to start a movie. It’s a horror movie. You might like it,” Tony invited us, a pleading look on his face.

“What do you think? Shall we?” I asked Stephen, gesturing to the couches in front of us.

“Sure, I wasn’t ready for the night to end anyway. A few more hours couldn’t hurt,” he replied, leading me to one of the bigger chairs, pulling me into his lap. One arm wrapped around my waist, the other lying on the armrest.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. turn off the lights,” Tony said, hitting play on the remote. The movie started and during some parts I felt Stephen rubbing circles in my side, a soothing motion. He glided his hand down and under my shirt, continuing the motion; he slid his hands to my back, discreetly unhooking m bra. He moved his back to the front, the pad of his thumb grazing my breast, passing lightly over the nipple. My gasp was timed perfectly with the current scene in the movie as he did so. He moved his arm on the armrest down to rest on my thigh. He continued to tease me until the movie was over, careful to re-hook my bra in a way no one else would notice.

“May I walk you to your room?” Stephen asked as I slid out his lap, standing to the side so he could get up. I nodded, saying goodnight to my friends, intertwining my hand in his. At my room, I pulled him inside, his hands sliding into my hair, kissing me. I broke the kiss to pull him to my bed and pushing him to lie against the pillows. I straddled him, meeting his lips once more; he held me against him, deepening the kiss.

“Want to go to a movie next week?” he asked me, pulling back. I nodded, pulling him into another kiss.

“One more thing. How about we make our relationship official? Would you like to become my girlfriend?” he asked, breaking the kiss again.

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that. The answer is yes. I’d love to be your girlfriend,” I responded. He pulled me into a tight embrace, kissing my cheek, then my lips. He slid us down so I was lying on top of him, my hands caressing his jaw, continuing to kiss him. After what felt like a half hour, we stopped kissing, my head resting on his chest; he stroked my hair, one hand resting on my arm.

“I have to go back to the Sanctum. I’ll see you next week. Is Thursday okay with you?” he told me. I squeezed him tighter not wanting him to leave, wanting him to stay here with me. He squeezed me back, but got up anyways. I followed him to the door, kissing him before giving a response.

“Thursday is perfect,” I replied, earning one last kiss before he created a portal and left to return to the Sanctum.

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