Strange Impressions

Can't Get Enough of You

Breathe, Sophie. Just breathe, I thought to myself as I shuffled through the clothes in my closet plagued by indecision on what would be perfect to wear on the third date with Stephen. This was the date, the one where I’d allow myself to be up for anything and tonight I was hoping…longing for his touch. I wanted to be enveloped by him, to have his passionate kisses all over my body. I wanted him to let his hands roam wherever they pleased. Even the thoughts of pleasure made a warmth pool in my core, made my face flush with desire.

“The red halter top with the black skirt should be perfect if you’re still having trouble choosing your outfit,” a voice spoke, silencing the thoughts floating around in my mind. I turned to the source of the voice and was surprised to see Steve standing outside my room; only he wasn’t dressed in his casual clothing. He was wearing his combat suit-the one he usually wore for missions-instead of the navy t-shirt and jeans he had on this morning.

“Is there trouble? Wait, why didn’t you come get me? Did you just get the call? Should I-”I began, the idea of a mission overtaking the date tonight. Steve held a hand up, stopping me in the middle of my question.

“We don’t need you to come with us this time. I know you’ve been looking forward to seeing Strange, so I’m giving you the night off. Well, actually, the next three days off,” he remarked.

“Thank you. Hold on you said the next three days? Are you don’t need-,”

“Sophie, take the days off. That’s an order. The rest of us are going to Australia for this mission. Enjoy yourself,”


“Have. Fun,” Steve said, ending the argument there. I sighed, lowering my head surrendering to the fact that I was given the time off.

“Yeah, because you’ll be the only one in the compound. I’m certain you’ll think of some ways to…entertain yourself,” Nat’s voice called out as she walked by my chambers on the way to the jet, currently on standby, occupied by the remaining Avengers.

“See you in three days. Have fun. Relax,” Steve told me, leaving me to get ready for tonight. I had the entire compound to myself, no one to bother us or to walk in on us, for three days. Curling my lips into smile, I thought of having Stephen all to myself here at the empty compound. All the things we could do, I thought, strolling over to my dresser and turning on the portable speaker sitting on top.

Finding the perfect music to play, I busied myself in getting ready; I danced around in my underwear-a crimson, strapless bra accompanied by matching silk panties-putting on makeup, the red eye-shadow highlighting my eyes.

Satisfied with the end result, I slid on the black leather mini skirt, the pleats resting a few inches above my knees. The silky, red halter top showed off my tanned shoulders, the neckline plunging, leaving the proper amount of cleavage exposed; it wasn’t too much to cause people to stare but enough to capture Stephen’s attention. I released my hair, the curls coming to rest against my collarbones, smoothing everything out to look presentable. Exiting my room-phone and purse in hand- I descended the stairs to wait for Stephen’s arrival.

A few minutes went by when a knock sounded at the front door, signaling his arrival. Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, I opened the door to reveal Stephen standing outside; the outfit he wore left me breathless. He had on a standard red long sleeve shirt, dark blue jeans and brown shoes to match. His hair had been combed back, his blue eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

“Wow, you look stunning,” he greeted me, extending his hand towards me. I placed mine in his, Stephen pulling me into a tight embrace. I inhaled the scent of him, nuzzling my face in the crook of his neck, closing my eyes for a moment.

His hands-a slight warmth to them this time-drifted against my back, shifting my hair to one side. He let one hand linger against the back of my neck, the other still holding my body close. We stayed like this for another moment, pulling back to share a kiss, his hands having moved to cup my jaw. My arms instinctively wrapped around his neck, securing Stephen to me. We kissed one more, Stephen’s arm locking around my waist, opening a portal; the theater appeared in front of us.

We stepped through to the box office, purchasing our tickets and going inside for the showing. We headed to the back of the auditorium, sitting in our seats; Stephen lifted up the armrest between us, draping his arm around my shoulders allowing me to rest my head against him. During the movie, I kept itching to touch him, my hand curled into a fist to restrain from brushing the side of his thigh. It would’ve been easier if I hadn’t noticed him staring at me during various parts of the film.

He wasn’t just staring, but giving me looks of desire; ones which caused my heart rate to spike sending waves of electricity to settle in my loins. Unable to resist any longer, I uncurled my fist, inching my fingers to linger first against the side of his leg, then on top of his thigh; I gave it a quick squeeze, and heard his sharp intake of breath. Shifting my head a little, I caught another one of his “looks”, one that drifted to my lips and back up again to meet my eyes. He leaned in to capture my lips in a kiss, the arm draped over my shoulders retreating to my thigh; he slid the thin material up, giving him access to touch the inner side of it. I gasped as he slid his hand closer to my panties, a finger slipping underneath the silky fabric.

Stifling a moan as he inserted his finger inside my core, my hand gripped his thigh, eliciting a low growl from his mouth. He removed his hand, hooking his arm under my legs, the other gripping my torso; he pulled me into his lap, holding me sideways to both kiss me and to slide my panties off me.

“Do you think you’ll be able to stay quiet?” he whispered, his lips dangerously close to mine, handing me my underwear, which I stuffed in my purse. I nodded, moving his hand underneath my skirt. He inserted two fingers and stroked my folds; I bit my bottom lip to keep from making a sound, waves of pleasure spreading within my body. My hands gripped Stephen’s shirt, bunching the soft fabric as he continued to work me; I had soaked his hand at this point, a shaky breath escaping my lips.

He took the opportunity to kiss me deeply, his tongue slipping inside of my mouth, stroking my own. My hands slid into his hair, tugging gently causing him to deepen the kiss even more. We were so lost in each other that we were no longer paying attention to the screen in front of us, our actions drove us both wild, pushing each other closer to the edge. He removed his fingers, breaking our kiss to suck my juices off his fingers.

“Delicious. I’d love to have more of you later,” he purred. My gaze drifted to his hand, pulling it to my mouth. I sucked on each finger, my tongue swirling around them, his turn to keep quiet.

“Sophie, we should really get out of here. You’re driving me crazy and I need you…now,” he told me, shifting in his seat. His erection pressed against my ass, the craving for him growing stronger. Deciding to prolong my teasing, I grinded against him, a groan escaping his throat.

“Please, Sophie. You’ve got to stop doing that. I can barely contain myself,” he stated, his hands clutching the edge of his seat, bone white from holding on too tight; His voice sounded strained, like he was holding back another moan.

“Stop doing what? This?” I asked, teasing him a bit more, watching as he tilted his head back, curling his lips in to stay quiet. Grinning, I kissed his neck, sucking and nibbling in various places; Stephen’s breath quickened as I continued to torment him with my teasing.

“Sophie…please, I’m begging you…to stop. I don’t know how…much longer I can hold myself…back,” he stated in between breaths, his voice raspy and raw.

“Ooh, doctor, I like hearing you beg,” I told him, my words rumbling low in his ear. Satisfied with myself, I ceased my movements, allowing him to relax his hands; he took a couple of slow, long breaths to get back in control.

“Everything okay doctor? I thought for a minute there you were going to-,” I remarked cut off by his lips pressed to mine.

“You, my dear, are a tease. I’d like to take you home and punish you for that,” he murmured, encasing me in his arms and getting up, carrying me down the stairs of the theater.

He put me down outside, tugging me in the direction of the Sanctum.

“Why don’t we return to my place? The compound is...completely…empty, no one to…interrupt us,” I stated, my fingers crawling up his chest slowly, making my point absolutely clear.

“Very well. The closer the place, the faster I can get you out of those clothes,” he stated, forming a portal to the compound pulling me through. It appeared he wanted to resume our theater shenanigans because he had brought us to my room, pulling me into a kiss, his hands tangling in my hair.

He lifted me up, carrying me to the bed, laying me down; he slipped off my skirt, discarding it to the floor. He lied down on top of me, his fingers finding my sweet spot, coaxing a moan out of my lips. My hands latched on to the edge of his shirt, lifting it up pausing his actions-so I could pull it off of him.

I brushed my hands over his toned chest and stomach, grazing over his belt and undoing it. I quickly unbuttoned his jeans unzipping them; I hooked my fingers and pulled both jeans and boxers down, releasing the full extent of him. I pushed him back, sitting up and pulled him to me, kissing him; my tongue licked his lower lip, asking for entrance. His lips parted, allowing me to slip my tongue inside, both of us fighting for dominance, moaning for more. Stephen’s hands slid behind my neck, trembling a little while untying the knot holding my halter top up. The fabric fell to my waist, Stephen pulling it off of my head; both us now totally naked.

He kissed me pushing me back until my head hit the pillows, his lips capturing mine, his hands brushing all over my body. He intertwined our fingers, holding them above my head. Hooking my leg under his, I rolled him over; trapping his hands trailing light kisses from his lips to his chest. I removed my fingers, his hands flying down to my back; I pulled them off, placing them back in their previous position.

“Keep them there until I tell you otherwise,” I told him, a dominating tone to my voice.

“Yes ma’am,” he stated, arching an eyebrow. I kissed him passionately, my tongue overtaking his, kissed his jaw; I trailed the hungry kisses down to his chest. I swirled my tongue around both nipples, moving down to his stomach. Lower I went until I reached the length of him, tiny kisses left upon his shaft.

“Sophie…” he moaned as my tongue lapped at the tip. I briefly looked up to see he still hadn’t moved his hands, his eyes closed from the pleasure currently coursing through his body.

“Shh, let me pleasure you. You’re welcome to move your hands if you want,” I told him, my hands wrapping around him, moving up and down. I pulled his into my mouth licking and sucking, driving him wild, pushing him closer to the edge until he spilled into my mouth. I swallowed, licking my lips clean ready to take him again; I leaned over Stephen to pull out a condom from the nightstand drawer. Tearing the packaging open with my teeth, I pulled it out, placing it over him and slid him inside me; He moaned and placed his hands on my hips. I rode him slow at first, keeping his hands in place. I picked up the pace, both of us starting to sweat; our easy breathing turned into a pant.

He came first, his fingers digging into my skin, his body shuddering beneath me. Leaning up to kiss me, he flipped me over, linking our fingers again.

“It’s my turn now,” he stated, pumping in and out of my body, his lips connecting with mine, locked in a make-out session; our hips in sync as he drove me over the edge. My nails dug into his back as a loud moan echoed throughout the room, one that came directly from my mouth.

Pulling out, he disposed of the condom, returning to my side, kissing my neck and moving down until he reached my core. His tongue expertly darted in and out, sucking me; my hands involuntarily clenched the sheets, my legs spreading farther apart giving him more access. Another wave of pleasure rocked me, another scream of delight spilling from my mouth as I cried out his name. Cleaning his lips, he kissed me shifting the sheets over us.

He held me close to him, my head resting on his chest, an arm across his waist.

“That was fun. Who knew you could be so dominant?” he commented, stroking my back.

“Nobody until you,” I answered, earning a chuckle from him. He crooked a finger under my chin, kissing me sweetly.

“I love you Sophie,” Stephen said, throwing me off guard. I thought about my conversation with Natasha on the jet a week ago and how she had said that she thought I had fallen in love with him. Had I? The answer to that questions was…Yes, I had.

“I love you too, “ I responded with complete certainty. I kissed him once more, turning out the light. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, the truth of our feelings revealed.

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