Strange Impressions

Paralysis and Moving In

“Do you really need to leave tomorrow? I’d rather you stay here with me,” Stephen complained. We were sitting on a couch in the living room, his arms around me; we often snuggled like this, my legs draped over his lap and with him holding me super close to his body.

“Yes, I do. I have my other belongings there and there’s training that needs to be done. I know, I want to stay with you too, but we both have our responsibilities. That still doesn’t change the fact that I’ve gotten comfortable here and it’s only been two days,” I told him. I looked up at him to capture his lips in a kiss.

“Well, what if you were to move in with me? There’s plenty of room and we could always go over to the compound for training if need be,” he asked me.

“Move in with you? I didn’t think we were to that point yet. Are you sure it’s what you want?” I asked him, surprised at his suggestion.


“Aww. Look at the cute couple. I’d love to see what they taste like,” a male voice echoed throughout the room.

“What is that?” Stephen asked, trying to pinpoint where it came from.

“More importantly, who is that? Also, where is it?”

I dropped my legs to the floor, ready to strike if it came to that.

“A sorcerer supreme who isn’t ugly. I wonder how he feels inside someone,” another voice, this time female, stated.

“I have a feeling what or whomever we’re dealing with is invisible,” Stephen commented, getting off the couch and commanding the cloak of levitation to attach to his shoulders, his tunic appearing through magic. I flared my fire, the flames engulfing my fists and pressed my back against Stephen’s.

“Any way you can light them up?”

“I don’t know. It’d be risky. I might accidentally set the room ablaze if I miscalculated. You don’t know a spell to reveal them do you?”

“A few, but I wouldn’t know which one would work best. We don’t know if they’re human, demon or something else entirely,” Stephen responded.

“Okay, so it’s either burning down the room or a failed spell. Isn’t that lovely? I think we’re at an impasse here,” I noted, trying not to let my fear show.

“Mm. I can smell their fear. It smells so good, like candy. Gummy, juicy candy,” the male voice commented. So much for not showing it, apparently it’s oozing from our pores.

“If we could somehow lure…” Stephen began saying, cut off by a whistling sound and something piercing his skin with a thwack sound.

“What…” he questioned, pulling a miniature dart from his neck. He fell to his knees and sprawled out on the floor unconscious.

“Stephen! Hey, wake up! Stephen. Damn it, you’ve been tranquilized,” I shouted, kneeling down to try and rouse him from his current state.

’Time for you to sleep as well, my dear,” the female informed me. I turned in the direction I thought the voice came from only to be met with the same dart.

“Damn,” I managed to say before collapsing beside Stephen. I saw a pair of shoes and hooved claws, the world turning black shortly after.

I gasped aloud when I woke, unable to move. I diverted my gaze downward to see my hands and feet shackled to the floor. Looking around, I found I was alone in a dimly lit room, Stephen nowhere to be found. I pulled against the restraints to see if they’d give any but unfortunately they were extremely tight around my ankles and wrists.

As I tried to figure out a way to escape my bonds, a loud groan echoed in my ears from a room next to mine.

“It’s no use to scream. My venom paralyzes you. You’ll be a delicious treat sorcerer,” the same male voice from before stated, the sound permeating the walls of my room. Oh no, Stephen. What are they going to do to you? I thought. Silence followed and then another groan echoed again. Once more I pulled against my bonds coming to the conclusion fire was the only option to free myself. Though painful, it became a way to get to him, to stop what was happening to him.

Stephen’s POV

When I opened my eyes and tried to sit up, I realized I couldn’t move. Pain burned in my abdomen but I couldn’t move my head to see the damage.

“Hello, sorcerer. Arlen is going to have a juicy treat. Your skin will taste divine in Arlen’s belly,” a male voice stated. The voice that spoke happened to be the same one from the Sanctum this morning.

A figure appeared over me; a demon with a putrid yellow color for skin, hooved claws for feet and hooked claws for fingers. It straddled me; fluttering its claws before cutting into my body, pain shooting through every nerve of my skin. I groaned, clenching my teeth as best as I could.

“Arlen knows how to paint a picture in blood, how to flay skin slowly so the treat lasts longer,” it said. Great, it’s talking in third person, I thought to myself. I groaned again uttering ‘stop’ in a muffled voice.

“It’s no use to scream. My venom paralyzes you. You’ll be a delicious treat, sorcerer,” it said. It hooked a claw under the layer of skin it carved out, leaning down to bite it off my stomach. I groaned again, the pain excruciating.

“How nice. You’ve left him naked for me. I’ve always wondered how a sorcerer supreme feels. He’s got an impressive size for one. I think I’d like to play with him a little,” a female voice comments. She appears before me, human unlike her companion and wearing an olive green tank top and jeans. She’s also barefoot, the slap of her feet alerting me to her approach.

“Arlen asks for you to wait just a minute. Arlen wants another piece before he slides to the side,” the demon responds, peeling off another layer. I hiss in pain, knowing there wasn’t anything I can do. Arlen slid off me and sits on my left, continuing his grotesque work, while the female sits on my right.

“My name is Allura, not that it matters. I’m going to enjoy you and your girlfriend won’t be able to stop me,” she says as she reaches down to grip my cock.

“No, please. Don’t…do this,” I mutter through gritted teeth before she starts stroking me.

“Ooh, you’re responsive. Tell me, does she satisfy you enough?” Allura taunts, still moving her hand to get me erect. I groan from pain and slight arousal, cursing myself for responding to her touch. Sophie is the only one I love and now I’m afraid she won’t be able to come back from this. The paralysis keeps me from moving, from stopping her actions, my body responds to sensations I wished it didn’t. Tears spring to my eyes as a new scream reverberates the walls of my room.

Sophie’s POV

Turning my wrists so my hands face the metal, I start heating up the bonds to melt them away. I start slow, the burning not too intense to where I won’t be able to rip it from my skin. I turn up the intensity, wincing from the pain on my skin, tears springing up. As the metal begins to turn to liquid, I turn up my heat and fire to full blast screaming as it melts the metal into my skin. I pull up breaking free of the bonds that took longer than I would’ve liked. Sitting up, I rip the melted metal from my wrists, the smell of burning flesh still present in the air. I grunted in pain inspecting the damage. It won’t last long, the healing already activated; there will be scars from it but I didn’t have any other choice.

Instead of burning through the bonds at my feet, I melt the bolts connecting them and flip over the metal itself. Finding the exit, I blast through it and burn through the rooms on either side of me, the groaning coming from my left. I burst through the room finding Stephen naked on the ground, a demon flaying the skin from his stomach and a woman stroking his cock, an erection beginning to form. I don’t fault him for this; he’s paralyzed from the venom coursing through his body, unable to push off anyone. The woman turns her attention to me, flashing a malevolent smile and I lose it.

“Get off my boyfriend!” I shout, aiming a well- crafted fireball at her, sending her body flying into a wall. I push a wave of heat at the yellow skinned demon, careening him in the same wall. Leaping into action, I cover Stephen with my body surrounding us in a dome of fire, no one able to penetrate its thickness.

“Oh, god. What have they done to you?” I stated, assessing the wounds to his abdomen. He moans as I lightly brush over the cuts, making me look at him with concern. His eyes are red, his face streaked from tears he shed.

“I’m…sorry. Don’t…leave me,” he mutters through his lips, not able to move his mouth.

“Sh, it’s all right. Everything’s fine. I’m not leaving you but I-,” I tell him, leaning over him when a loud explosion hits the room. I look behind me to see Wong, Steve, and Tony standing through a blasted wall. I glance over to the wall where the demon and the woman were flown into; they were gone or possibly went back to being invisible.

“Uh…Soph. Your boyfriend is naked. That’s not appropriate for battle,” Tony states.

“Thank you for pointing out the obvious. I didn’t strip him. The people who captured us did. He’s paralyzed. I think it’s temporary but I’m positive you have to kill the demon,” I comment, annoyance in my tone.

“Behead…it,” Stephen muttered and I relayed the message to my three colleagues.

“Be careful. They can become invisible. If the demon scratches you, you’ll be paralyzed. I’ll try my best to light them up for you. I have to protect Stephen right now,” I told them, turning my attention back to Stephen. I brought his hand to my thigh, rubbing soothing circles into the back of it.

“You can’t find us. More treaties for me, more playthings for her,” the male voice told us.

“What is this thing’s name?” Steve asked; a circle formed with the three heroes.

“Arlen…the demon. Allura…the girl,” Stephen mumbled.

“Sophie, how can we fight something we can’t see?” Tony asked.

“Stop talking. Let me concentrate,”

I honed in on my senses, breaking down the dome and building heat in the ground. I closed my eyes, pressing a hand into the concrete floor, feeling for differences throughout. A pulse beat against my hand; human in nature and another quicker pulse pounded my fingertips; demon in nature. Pushing past them, I pinpointed their location.

“I’ve got you,” I stated, flaring up a row of flames in their direction; they had snuck up in front of Wong, screaming when my flames licked their heels. Wong formed a portal over the demon’s head, closing it and beheading Arlen. Allura charged Tony, who blasted her through the stomach; she dropped dead, eyes glazing over. Stephen sighed under me, moving his hands to grip my arms.

“Sophie, I’m sorry. I couldn’t move. She touched me and my body responded. I didn’t want her to. I’m so sorry,” he apologized, more tears escaping down his cheeks.

“Somebody find his clothes. Now,” I ordered, before turning my attention to him.

“You’re okay. Relax. I heard everything. There’s nothing you could have done. It’s okay. You’re safe now,” I told him, leaning down to kiss him.

“Here, Sophie. I found them in the other room. They took his sling ring and hid it in a lockbox on the floor. Sophie, look at his stomach. He’s really hurt,” Wong told me, handing me Stephen’s clothing.

“I know. My healing won’t work on him. It could make it worse. Stephen, can you stand up?” I stated, getting off of him. He nodded, wincing as he did so. I handed him the tunic and underwear, patient as he slid them on, the cloak resting on his shoulders. I handed him his sling ring and allowed Wong to transport all of us back to the Sanctum. I helped Stephen to his room, coming back down when he removed the tunic and changed into sweatpants; he insisted on cleaning and bandaging the wounds, so I got to say goodbye to Steve and Tony.

“How did you get free?” they asked me. I showed them the scars on my wrists, still bright red from where they were still healing.

“I didn’t have another option,” I told them, as Steve trailed a finger over the crescent shape.

“Sophie, can I talk to you? Alone?” Stephen’s voice asked causing me to turn towards the stairs.

“Sure,” turning back to Steve and Tony, I gave them both hugs. “Thanks again, guys. I’ll come back in two days,” I told them, following Stephen to his room.

Stephen closed the door and locked it before bringing me to sit down on the bed.

“What’s wrong? It it’s about what happened with…” I asked, cut off by his lips against mine, warm and soft, the passion behind them overpowering my senses. I latched my fingers into his hair, tugging on it, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. His teeth nipped my bottom lip, slipping his tongue inside when I gasped. His strong arms pulled me into his lap as he leaned back against the pillows, his hands slipping underneath my shirt; he found his way to my bra, squeezing my breasts over the fabric. He moved the straps down, my breasts spilling over the pushed down fabric. He twisted my nipples and I moaned, his touch irresistible.

“Wait, wait, wait. Didn’t you say you wanted to talk?” I asked, pulling back before we got carried away. My eyes met his; his pupils were dilated from our actions, breathing hard from exertion.

“Right, I did,” he answered me, his hands still on my breasts, kneading them.

“Stephen? What…did you want…to talk about?” I asked between moans.

“I never answered your question from this morning. You asked me if I wanted you to move in with me. The answer is yes. I’d love that very much,” he told me. He grew frustrated with my shirt and pulled it off of me, my breasts exposed for him. He unclasped my bra, giving him more access to my flesh.

“That’s all? Great, I’ll start packing when I go back to the compound,” I told him. I passed a hand gently over his stomach. He winced and I removed his hands from my chest.

“Slide down. Let me take care of you,”

He did as he was told and I pulled down his pants and boxer briefs, freeing him. I ran my finger along his shaft, stopping when he flinched.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to stop? I don’t want to push you especially after…” I questioned, wondering if Allura traumatized him too much.

“Don’t stop. I’m fine. I want you to touch me. Please, Sophie. Touch me all you want,” he replied.

“All right. How about I come at this in a different way?”

I licked the tip, his cock twitching at the contact. Smiling, I took him in my mouth and swirled my tongue over him, hollowing my cheeks to take him further in. He moaned; his hips thrust up as I bobbed up and down, bringing him slow to his orgasm. I wrapped a hand around his shaft, the other cupping his balls to fondle him, stroking him to the point where he erupted in my mouth. I swallowed, removing my lips from him. I got off the bed to take off my shorts and panties before climbing on top, straddling him. Stephen handed me a condom to slip on and once I finished, I sheathed his cock into my body, my walls adapting to his length.

Leaning down I kissed him, slipping my tongue in and out like I was fucking him, before I started riding him. His hands flew to my back holding me close despite the pain on his stomach. I went slow, pulling his hands from my back and trapping them above his head, our fingers linked. He flipped me over, his biceps bulging as he held my hands to the pillows. He kissed me, moving his lips to my neck and down to my chest. We climaxed at the same time; sweat pouring from our limbs, breathing hard. I brushed the bandages again, a hiss passing through his lips.

“I’m healing. Trying to grow new skin. I’m just exhausted,” he told me.

“Exhausted huh? Are you sure? I’d say you had enough to do this with me?” I asked, arching an eyebrow. He chuckled, kissing me.

“I’m never too tired to make love to you,” he commented, bringing a smile to my lips.

“Just to meditate? Do you want me to help? I’ve got enough strength that I’m willing to give away,”

“That would be nice,” he said, pulling out, so we could get dressed. I left my shorts off, so I could sit comfortably in front of him. I joined hands with him, my wrists up; he passed his thumbs over the angry scars, catching my gaze.

“I had to melt the bonds to get free. I didn’t have a choice. I only melted the bolts at my feet because my hands were free. I ripped the metal from my skin where it melted into it. Stephen, I needed to get to you,” I told him.

“I love you Sophie. Thank you for saving me for the second time,” he responded.

“I love you too,”

The rest of the afternoon was spent in silence, Stephen and I meditating to help him heal. Our breathing synced, the power flaring around us. The moment was a sweet one, our relationship shifting into the next step; moving in with the love of my life.

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