Midnight Swim


Gemma goes down to the pool during a heat wave and wakes up Wanda who goes to investigate. Things get pretty heated.

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

A Midnight Swim and Some Fun

I tossed and turned in my bed uncomfortably hot; sweat drenching all parts of my body. Though there was air conditioning and I used a fan, the heat wave that was happening in New York wasn’t helping my sleep scheduling. Groaning in frustration, I sat up, ripping the sheets off of my boiling skin and placed my feet on the cool hardwood floor. Rubbing my face, still a little tired, I reached over and turned on the lamp on my nightstand, illuminating the room.

Getting out of the bed, I padded over to the dresser and pulled out a bathing suit, planning to head to the indoor pool on the third floor for a late night swim. I just really needed to cool down and the 60-degree water would be a nice relief. I quickly changed, pulling a cover-up over the suit and grabbed a towel before quietly exiting my room. I tip-toed down the hallway, peeking around the corner into the lounge, finding it empty and dark, continuing to the stairs; I didn’t want to use the elevator in fear of waking my fellow Avengers.

I took the three flights down the rubber steps, slipping through the glass door that lead to the indoor pool. The interior of the room was a dark blue illuminated by bright, white lights. The water looked like liquid silver thanks to the silver lining of the pool itself. It was at least 10 feet deep, the length of it almost taking up the whole room if it wasn’t for the recreational room connected to it.

After laying my towel on one of the pool chairs and removing my cover-up, I made my way to the entrance of the pool. I took a deep, relaxing breath taking the steps one by one, the cool water rippling over my skin. Oh, how marvelous it felt despite the cold temperature. I stood in the shallow end, letting my body get acclimated to the cold before plunging into the water completely immersing myself.

Whenever I was in water, I felt alive and in complete control. I could spend hours and hours in it, not leaving until I was absolutely exhausted. Doing a few laps, I felt the tension leave my body, the heat having evaporated from my skin. I let myself float in the water, closing my eyes, enjoying the silence until a voice interrupted my thoughts.

“What are you doing swimming this late at night?” the accented female voice called out. So much for not waking any Avengers, I thought to myself. I stopped floating, swimming until I could stand on the pool floor coming face to face with the Scarlet Witch herself; Wanda Maximoff.

She was currently wearing a red tank top and black, satin pajama shorts, her long brown hair over one shoulder. Her green eyes were sparkling in the illustrious white lights and she was absolutely beautiful, not that I was about to tell her that.

“I can’t sleep in this heat. I thought I’d come down here to cool off. Sorry if I woke you,” I replied, pushing myself backwards to tread the water in five feet. She raised an eyebrow, eventually sitting at the edge, dipping her long legs in the water.

Stop staring and ask her to join you, an intrusive thought ran through my mind.

“That’s alright. I couldn’t sleep either. In fact, I had just woken up when I heard someone down here. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t an enemy or something. Instead I found you swimming down here in the dark,” she said, mindlessly playing with her powers, the red glow reflecting in the shimmering water.

“I guess I’m an disappointing find then. No excitement whatsoever,” I commented, half joking.

“You’re more exciting than you think. You’re definitely a pleasant surprise to me actually,” She stated, flashing me a smile, the energy leaving her hand.

“In that case, would you like to join me? I find the water is extremely relaxing. Plus it’s nice to have some relief from this heat wave,” I invited her, quirking an eyebrow, a playful smile lingering on my lips. I had to admit I had a minor…okay major crush on the Sovokian woman. She was gorgeous, her accent making her that much more alluring. I just hadn’t the courage to tell her at the moment. She laughed, the sound sending tingles throughout my entire body, my soul.

“I didn’t bring a suit,” she responded. I shrugged my shoulders, turning away from her, swimming in the deep end.

“There’s no one else here; No one to see what you’re wearing. We could even lock the doors if you want,” I suggested, hoping she would take the hint.

“Mm-hm. I guess that’s true. I don’t have any other choice but to join you for a late night swim,” She said. I turned back to her, watching as she slipped off her shorts and lowered herself into the water. She yelped at the freezing temperature but dove underneath the water to acclimate her body to it anyway. Breaking the surface, she wiped the water from her face, turning her attention to me. Swimming over to me, she smiled, the action nearly causing my heart to stop. She leaned back, floating the sight that had me falling for her more. I could reach out, take her in my arms, holding her close.

Restraining myself from doing just that, I swam to the shallow end, standing, resting from treading the water.

“Hey, don’t go so far away. I can’t talk to you if you’re all the way over there,” she commented, flipping so she could swim to where I was standing.

“You’re right Gemma. The water is definitely relaxing but honestly I’d rather do something else entirely,” Wanda told me.

“Oh? What do you wish you’d rather be doing?” I asked, curious to know what her answer might be. Her response came in the form of a kiss, throwing me off my game. I was so thrown off in fact that I didn’t react like how I imagined. She pulled back, disappointment clouding over her features when I hadn’t kissed her back.

“Wanda…” I stated confused as to what just happened. I liked her off course but I didn’t know she had felt the same way.

“I’m sorry. I thought that you felt the same way. I…I should go,” She stated, wading through the water to exit the pool. She didn’t get to far when I grasped her arm, stopping her.

“I do feel the same way. Wanda, you don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to kiss me, how much I’ve wanted to kiss you. I was just caught off guard. Please…kiss me again,” I confessed. She faced me again, her hands cupping the back of my head; she pulled me into another kiss. This time I kissed her back, my hands wrapping around her waist. I pulled her closer, my hands traveling to her back. Wanda’s lips were soft against mine tasting like vanilla and marshmallows. She licked my lower lip, begging for entrance. I parted my lips and let her in, our tongues battling for dominance. He hands moved from head to my neck, her fingers untying the bow of my bikini top.

From there she slipped her hands to the middle of my back and untied the second set of strings to my top, the fabric falling off into the water. Pulling back from our fiery kiss, her eyes drifted down to my exposed breasts, her hands cupping them, her thumbs brushing lightly over my nipples, which hardened at her touch.

She bent down and took one in her mouth eliciting a soft moan from me. Suckling on it, Wanda kneaded the other, occasionally pulling and pinching the nipple. My breaths were getting quicker, a desire stirring in my core wanting more. Removing that sweet mouth of hers, she met my lips again, hands sliding down to my hips. She took hold of my bikini bottoms and pulled them down my legs, momentarily breaking the kiss to pull them off underwater. She came back up to the surface just as the clothing floated to the top. There I was naked in front of her and in her eyes was a hungry desire.

“You’re so beautiful, so perfect,” she whispered, a slight rasp in her voice. She wrapped her arms around me, kissed me and lifted us out of the pool, floating to the archway of the recreational room. I heard the doors of the pool click before she pulled me inside, closing the door of the recreational room as well.

She told me to stay where I was to pull down some blankets and pillows out of one of the closets. She created a makeshift bed on the floor and motioned for me to come over there.

“Lie down,” she ordered me. I did as she asked and soon she was on top of me, kissing me propped up on her elbows. She moved her lips to my neck, one hand playing with one of my breasts. I moaned, my hands reaching the hem of her shirt. She pushed my hands away, trailing kisses down my chest to my stomach. Her eyes flashed up to mine, pausing to spread my legs apart, as far as they could go. She placed her head between my thighs, mouth hovering just above my core, her warm breath cause a heat to pool there.

Wanda inserted a finger, stroking my folds, causing me to moan loudly, my hands clinging to the blanket beneath me.

“That’s my girl. Keep moaning for me my love,” She ordered, inserting another finger, slowly making me come undone in her hands. She was slow at first but quickened her pace bit by bit, soon removing her fingers and replacing them with her mouth, which sent more pleasure through me. She hooked her hands under my thighs keeping them spread as she worked me, faster and faster until my orgasm exploded into her mouth and I cried out her name.

She pulled back, wiping her mouth before she kissed me again. I took the opportunity to slowly grab at the hem of her shirt and pulling it off her head, tossing it aimlessly to the floor. I massaged her breasts, pulling her nipples causing her illicit breathy moans. I distracted her long enough to flip her over so that I was now on top of her, moving my mouth to suck on her breasts, my tongue swirling around the nipples; I nipped occasionally making her cry out in pleasure, much to my delight. Trailing kisses down her body, I stopped at the top of her underwear, pulling them off; she was now completely naked and I marveled at the beauty of her body. I didn’t hesitate, spreading her thighs and placed my mouth against her slick core, my tongue flicking out, licking her, tasting her. She squirmed a little, so I placed my hands on her thighs, keeping them from moving as I ate her out.

“Gemma, please! Don’t stop!” She cried out, her fingers threading through my hair. I worked her to the edge, my mouth replaces by two fingers, stroking her as she climaxed, coating my hand. She pulled me in for a passionate kiss, her arms keeping me close against her. That night we took turns fucking each other, coming over and over until we were both exhausted and breathing hard. It ended with her head on my chest, one arm draped over my waist. We fell asleep holding each other, breathing in sync.

The next morning, I awoke curled up next to Wanda, who was still fast asleep, fingers linked with mine. I kissed the top of her head causing her to stir. She turned to face me, those green eyes of her mesmerizing me.

“Good morning. We should probably get dressed and return to our rooms before someone comes down here,” I greeted her, not wanting to leave but knowing we wouldn’t have a choice.

’Or we should get dressed and go to my room to go back to sleep until training begins,” she suggested instead.

“That sounds like a better idea,” I responded. We climbed out of the makeshift bed, back to the pool area, Wanda quickly pulling on her top and underwear. She used her powers to get my swimsuit, which I changed into, throwing over the cover-up and grabbing the towel to cut the mild chill. We left the pool going to her room, stripping out of the wet clothes and climbing into her cozy bed where we slept for two more hours until Steve’s voice alerted us for training. Wanda let me borrow a change of clothes and we walked down to the training room holding hands.

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