The last standing


When they are losing hope, the chance rise again... No more words, they must continue...

Drama / Romance
Khải Nhà Quê
Age Rating:

The Last Standing

They walked lonely on their road, no idea, no target, they just walked like that...

They still looked... like that.

"Do you want to see this?"

"No! Never will!"

"Hope so..."

The captain of the gang saw everything! They only saw a mass of ruins and pains through this place. This desolated place. Why it looks like Texas?

No way!

They still felt like that...

And they still like it...






"Hold on! If we keep like that! What can we do?"

They woke up, took a moment. Yes, he was right. What would they do? They ran like that, ran like nothing left, but they were watched, followed, even laughed like cowards. They... they were...

They were all...

"I guess you are right! Nothing can stop us now! Why should we run?"



They all woke up from the darkness. Now, they realized, nothing could save them, except themselves. They knew their time was not much longer, so they needed to go immediately!

And they left their place... to continue...

...their journey...

From now, from the ruins of Mesopotamia, the damage of Egypt and Libya, or even the deadly strike...

They would never let it go.

Who are they?

"Do you know why I said that?"

"Captain, you mean..."

"Yes... because... we...



...we are...




And yes they are! The seven heroes, seven heroes, with hearts and dreams.

Together, crossing through conflicts, their eternal brotherhoods... is forever!

The Doraemons.

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