Frozen: The After Story

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The idea of sleeping alone in her bed unnerved Elsa. She had let herself get used to sleeping beside Tristan, feeling his big strong arms hold her protectively in a warm embrace.

She only just realized how quiet the room was when she lay awake, looking up at the other side of the large bed. There was room for at least three people on this bed and it felt strangely wide when it was only her who occupied it.

Even if this was just the first night, she already missed Tristan's quiet snores and occasional mumbling while he slept. She missed how the mattress often squeaked and shifted as either of them tossed and turned. She missed saying goodnight to him before going to bed and she missed how he would kiss her goodnight in return.

The fact that the pillow beside her still smelled like Tristan only made it worse and she was already sitting up before she could stop herself.

Elsa tried to ward off the oncoming tears as she slid off of the covers and off the bed. She opened the door and nearly sprinted towards the direction of the only one who could ease her emotions right now.

She stopped in front of a large white door decorated with paintings of blue snowflakes and arrow-like banners. Out of habit, she glanced farther down the hallway where she could make out Anna's room. Even now, she still felt guilty for shutting her out. After their parents separated them, whenever she went to her room, she would always glance at that door where she knew Anna was just beyond it.

Elsa shook her head to clear it from those thoughts and, very slowly and carefully, opened the door, taking care not to wake its occupant. She closed it with the same amount of caution and once she did, she quickly whipped her head to check on the sleeping toddler on the bed.

Good. She was still snoring.

Elsa maneuvered her way around the floor littered with dolls and blocks and crayons. Once she reached the bed, she carefully set herself down on it. The sudden shift of the mattress made the sleeping toddler mumble something but she promptly went back to snoring after that.

Elsa smiled at her daughter as she reached out to brush her platinum blond hair out of her face. After she did, she took in Thalia's features. She could never grow tired of seeing her face. Her fingers slowly trailed down her pale cheeks and towards her chin. Even until now, she still felt amazed at how her normally cool hands didn't make her shiver. Then, she had to remind herself that were in the same situation. She passed on her gift to her daughter and she still didn't know how to feel about that.

At first she was horrified at the prospect of having her daughter grow up in isolation like her. She knew she wouldn't do that since their powers aren't secret anymore. But Thalia was still growing and so were her powers. Even if she let her be free, what if she accidentally freezes something? Or someone.

But then Tristan jokingly offered that she would always be around to unfreeze things if that were to happen. She slapped his arm after he said that, although, he was right.

On the other hand, she was relieved that she wouldn't cause any kind of discomfort to her daughter. In fact, she was grateful that they would have something that connected them, the way Kristoff and Ivan do with Ice Harvesting. She was awkward around children. She was sort of eased into it when Ivan was born. She knew how to handle them but she wasn't comfortable with the comforting and touching part. Anna still teased her about the incident where she brushed her hand lightly on Ivan's arm when he was a year old and he shivered a bit. That sent Elsa on edge and she freaked out.

At least Anna's wish came true. Elsa would have someone to accompany her in cold winter days clad in only a shoulder-less dress and dance around in the snow like weirdos.

Still, she couldn't believe how lucky she was to have given life to someone as irreplaceable and precious as Thalia.

She still remembered the day she was born and she particularly recalled Kristoff making a comment about how creepy she looked with a baby that looked so much like her, hence the nickname "Mini-Elsa".

Thalia had mumbled something and she withdrew her hand just in time for her daughter to stretch her arms out and open her blue eyes sleepily.


Elsa smiled at her and ran a gentle hand through her hair. "Hello, snowflake… I'm sorry I woke you…"

Thalia yawned and shook her head. "Is… okay…"

Elsa moved and carefully shifted Thalia to one side of the bed as she occupied the other. "Is it okay if Mama sleeps with you tonight?"

Thalia sleepily nodded her head and pulled her mother's arms into a tight grip. Elsa pulled her closer in her arms and she kissed her forehead.

"Goodnight Thalia…" Elsa whispered and closed her eyes to doze off to sleep with Thalia encased in a protective embrace. She swore then and there that she would never let her daughter feel alone. It didn't matter if she felt lonely as long as her daughter was warm and happy in her arms.

Growing up without her father never bothered Thalia all that much. She had a father figure. Kristoff. Well… sort of. He was more like a big brother. A REALLY big brother.

He would often comfort her and sometimes become overprotective. During parties, he stuck to her like glue, glaring at any boys he saw. Elsa tried to tell him that they were too young to understand dating and love but Kristoff only brushed her off.

"You never know, Elsa… You never know…" he said as he glared at a young prince that passed them by. "Keep walking, buster."

Elsa groaned and shook her head. Why did she let Anna marry an idiot?

Nevertheless, Thalia was grateful for it. She knew about her mother and father's predicament. She was told that her father had to be called back to his kingdom to rule since he was the only living heir.

It never really bothered her much since he sent her letters and she learned that her father was skilled in art, like her. Whenever she showed her mother something she drew or painted she would be overjoyed and would praise her. But whenever she showed her her father's artwork, she would turn away and refuse to look at it.

That was weird.

Her lessons were done for today and she was currently scouring the castle for her cousin, Ivan. Instead, she found her aunt walking around the palace gardens. If there was anyone who knew Ivan's whereabouts, it was his mother. Thalia quickly made her way towards Anna.

"Aunt Anna!"

Anna turned around at the sound of her name being called. She was surprised to see her niece running towards her.

"Thalia." She said as she caught the girl in her arms before she tripped over her dress. "What's going on? Why are you in such a hurry?"

Thalia smiled. "Sorry. I wanted to ask you where Ivan is."

"Ivan? He's gone out with his father. I don't think they'll be back until this evening. You know, quality time. It's a guy thing." Anna answered her.

The grin on Thalia's face disappeared after hearing that. She was looking forward to spending time with her cousin. He even told her that he'd bring his sled and they would race in the Great Hall.

Anna noticed her niece's smile disappear from her face. "Oh… did… were you… ? Did you plan on something for today?"

Thalia nodded sadly. "Yeah…"

"Hmm… well, you know Kristoff. No wonder Ivan was a bit reluctant to go with him earlier." Anna said, rubbing her chin in thought. "Maybe I should talk to Kristoff about that. He really needs to learn the importance of planning ahead."

"No. No, it's okay, aunt Anna. I'll just… I'll just go upstairs." She smiled at Anna and started to walk away. Or was about to. Anna pulled her back in an instant.

"Where do you think you're going?" she asked with a large grin on her face.

"What?" Thalia said, confused.

"Well, if the boys are having their day out, why don't we have ours? Girls only? Hmmm?" Anna said, tempting Thalia.

Thalia's face immediately lit up. "Really?!"

Anna nodded. "Of course! Let's go and get Elsa!"




"No? Why no?"

Elsa groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose. "I'm a bit busy right now, Anna, if the piles of paperwork aren't an indication."

"But… come on, Elsa! This might be our only chance! Plus, Thalia's bored. You're bored, right, sweetie?" Anna said, turning to her niece for back up.

Thalia nodded and put on the most adorable kicked puppy look she could muster. Anna inwardly grinned at how she was in sync with her niece.

Elsa quickly turned her attention on her paperwork and tried to block out her sister's and her daughter's pleas. She didn't think it possible that her daughter looked so much like her yet acted a lot like Anna. She blamed herself for letting Thalia get too attached to her aunt. But then, how was she supposed to predict that her daughter would follow her aunt's actions?

"Elsa, please?"

"Mama, please?"

"Please, Elsa… puh-lease?"

"Please, Mama… please?"



They were seriously starting to get annoying. Elsa rubbed the sides of her head, feeling a headache coming on. Should she continue to ignore them or just give in? Either way, she's going to get a headache.

"Fine… I'll go." She muttered.

"YES!" Anna and Thalia exclaimed at the same time.

"IF!" Two heads turned to Elsa's direction. "Anna will help me with my meetings. And yes, you will dance."

Anna didn't seem at all fazed at her sister's condition. "Done deal."

Elsa blinked back her surprise. "That's all? No… no complaints?"

Anna smirked. "If that's the only price I have to pay for the queen's company, then sure."

"Hm… I need to change tactics then." Elsa said, getting up from her desk and walking towards Anna and Thalia.

"So… where are we headed?" she asked as she straightened out her dress.

The reply she got from the pair were devious chuckles and evil grins. Was it too late to reconsider her choice?

"What on earth are the both of you made of?" Anna groaned as she planted herself on the couch in Elsa's study. Her dress still had bits of snow on it and she was wet from head to toe but she didn't care. All she wanted was to get near to the fire and rub at the bruises she acquired from the earlier snowball fight.

"Having Thalia at your side doesn't really make much of a difference, Anna." Elsa said as she sat on the chair opposite to the couch her sister was sprawled on. As soon as Elsa was settled, her daughter immediately climbed up to sit on her legs.

"I figured as much…" Anna mumbled from the couch.

"Didn't seem like it when you struck me with that snowball earlier. You of all people should know that it's suicide to challenge me to a snowball fight." Elsa said as she stroked Thalia's soaked hair.

"Yeah, would've been better if you remind me before you decide to bury me alive with snow." Anna said as she picked at a particularly nasty bruise.

"Like that would stop you from hitting me with a snowball." Elsa near snorted. Thalia laughed and let her head rest on her mother's chest. Today was a nice way to exercise the magic build up from the past few weeks. Though, the forest clearing they had chosen as an arena was not easily spared.

"Well… lesson learned." Anna replied.

"I thought we were going to go into town and do some window-shopping for our Girl's day out. I guess I was wrong." Elsa told her as she adjusted Thalia's head. She was starting to doze off.

"No thanks. I want excitement, not dresses. Kristoff and Ivan are having their own set of adventures and I'm just here, sitting and waiting for them to come back."

"Then it's good that I had Thalia, wouldn't you say?" Elsa said, smiling at her sister.

"Yep. She's our saving grace."

Those words could never hold more meaning to it than it did to Elsa. Thalia really was her saving grace.

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