Little Red - Taekook


In which the young human boy Kim Taehyung runs away from his destiny of becoming the king´s husband and meets the king of the woods, the big bad wolf, Jeon Jeongguk.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapitre 1

Once upon a time...

In a land controlled by a cruel and horrible wizard, there lived a boy, known as Kim Taehyung. He was known for his beauty and kindness, giving his everything for people who were poorer than him. And everyone in his village adored the beauty for this.

Taehyung was the hope they never had, the goodness they never believed to see. The boy himself sacrified the most, losing his parents at a young age to orcs should have broken him, but it didn’t. It made the boy strong, strong to see the worths in life and trying his best to show others the same.

And then there was Park Jimin, Taehyung’s best friend. The overprotective, loving but clumsy type of person. He often got in dangerous situations and not often it needed Taehyung’s stunning looks or kindness to help his friend out of the situation.

Park Jimin promised to marry Taehyung once they were old enough. And Taehyung being Taehuyng didn’t deny the promise like the pure soul he was. It was better than marrying some stranger who was only attracted to him because of his looks.

Yes, Taehyung was known in his entire village for his beauty, innocence and sweetness. And many tried to approach or flirt with him. Begging Taehyung to notice them or go on a date with them. Taehyung hated all the attention on his person, the beautiful brunet was desired immediately someone laid their eyes on him.

Something that would be his disadvantage in the future.

“You’re a filthy rat, Park Jimin!“, the owner of the only bar in the village shouted when he threw Jimin out of the pub, making the man crash onto the dirty ground, his clothes immediately soaked with wet dirt. He groaned, trying to lift himself up but got kicked in the stomach by the elder man.

“Taeil, listen, it was an accident...“, but Jimin got knocked off by a punch before he could finish his sentence. “It’s always a fucking accident, Park”, Taeil growled angrily before grabbing Jimin’s collar. “Listen here, dumpshit you would have been dead if it wasn’t for the sake of Taehyung...”

“Taeil, please don’t hurt him!“, the sweet, deep and alluring voice of a male made both men look up, their eyes widened when they saw the most beautiful creature on earth running towards them, his dress waving behind him a bit.

“Please don’t hurt Jiminie”, Taehyung begged Taeil breathlessly when he reached them, kneeling next to Jimin, not caring that he got dirt on his pure dress while Jimin protested. The crowd that had appeared around Jimin and Taeil admired Taehyung’s beauty.

The boy’s chocolate colored hair curled in perfect curls around his stunning face and he pouted his pink plushy lips before looking up to face Taeil, staring at them with his big doe eyes. His skin was glowing in the soft shine of the sun and Taeil had his difficults not to jump onto Taehyung right on the spot.

“He broke a fu... fudging table, Taehyung, he’s out of control!“, Taeil scoffed, not daring to curse in front of the innocent angel and Taehyung looked down at Jimin who breathed heavily and tried to lift himself up. “Jiminie... what have you done this time”, Taehyung mumbled sadly before looking back to Taeil who looked lustfully at the petite frame of Taehyung.

“Let me fix what he broke but please... don’t hurt him”, Taheuyng begged the bulky man, tears brimmed in his eyes by thinking of his Jiminie getting hurt. Jimin was his weak spot and almost everyone in the village knew this. So the best way to approach Taehyung was to get involved with Jimin.

“I don’t know Gorgeous... he broke my best table... he should pay for it”, Taeil said, smirking when he saw Taehyung’s pretty eyes widen in fear for his best friend. “Please... what do you want in return?“, he asked the man with quivering bottom lip and now it was Taeil’s turn to widen his eyes.

“I want you, Little One. Go on a date with me”, the man said without hesitation, of coures he wanted Taehyung. Who didn’t dreamed of having the beauty by his side, or his beautiful plump lips wrapped around his cock, whimpering under him in pleasure...

“O-okay”, Taehyung whispered shakily, if that was the prize he needed to pay so Jimin would be unharmed, then so it be. “Great, Beautiful! You can have him”, Taeil smiled widely and patted Taehyung’s soft locks before turning to Jimin to throw him a glare.

“You’re banned from my bar, Park”, he said and spatted at Jimin’s feet who only snarled in return. Taehyung wrapped his arms protectively around his friend and asked him worried if everything was fine, his caramel eyes searching for any other injuries.

The crowd slowly disappeared, mostly men who came out of the pub to watch Taeil and Jimin fight. They glanced towards the village’s beauty who help his best friend getting up, his delicate body moving oh so innocently, yet so seductively.

“You don’t need to save me all the time, Tae. I can watch over myself”, Jimin said in embarassement but Taehyung only laughed softly, a beautiful melody to Jimin’s ears. “It’s fine, Chim really”, the brunet said softly and carefully helped his best friend back towards their shared home.

“I would do anything to keep you safe, Jiminie.”

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