Forest Demons - Taekook/Sope


In which Jung Hoseok and Kim Taehyung happened to go into the wrong forest and woke something up that should have stayed asleep.... because the forest is alive. And its inhabitants are thirsting for the young flesh of the students.

Mystery / Horror
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The first

“C’mon Tae, don’t be a party pooper and help me searching for this horny Namjin couple!“, Jung Hoseok announced cheerfully, glancing over to his petite friend that bit down onto his pink bottom lip while staring with doe eyes at Hoseok.

“H-Hobi, can’t we just let the two have their fun?“, the cute puppy asked worried, glancing towards the dark forest before looking desperately back to the house where the party was full ongoing, lights flickered through the night.

“Tae, Sweetie, nothing will happen okay? Just help me and then I’ll drive you back home, alright? These two are always so horny, sneaking away just to fuck in the forest”, Hoseok chuckled amused, correcting his way too big sweater while taking out his phone, turning the flash on.

“I don’t know, Hyung... They say something evil is living in that forest...“, Kim Taehyung’s fragile voice trailed off at the end, clutching with his soft sweater paws onto his chest. The small boy was utterly fragile and Hoseok’s best friend for so many years already.

The loss of their best friend Park Jimin completely broke him and Hoseok now had the urge to always protect the cute little ball of fluff that brought nothing but happiness into his life. Hoseok quickly skipped over to his best friend, hugging him tightly.

“Don’t worry, TaeTae, Hyung’s going to protect you!“, he announced cheerfully before pulling his frightened friend towards the forest.

The forest was something Taehyung deeply feared. Evil creatures lived in there, almost next to the humans and it was just a few steps to get them captured and under their spell. And throwing a party right next to such a house wasn’t even better.

“H-Hyung”, Taehyung whimpered, clutching scared onto Hoseok’s sleeve while following him deep inside the dark forest, the light of Hoseok’s phone the only thing that brightened their path.

Evil eyes watched the two getting into thier territory, staring right through them, into their souls. Whispers. Sounds of feet against the dark cold forest ground. An owl howling in the back.

Taehyung flinched, whimpering softly. He was utterly scared, terrified even and all he wanted to do was to run out of the forest to leave. But he just couldn’t leave Hoseok alone. And he wanted to be strong.

“Jin! Namjoon! Come out you horny fucks!“, Hoseok shouted loudly, ignoring the small whimper of his delicate friend by his side. He laughed loudly when he started to realize how dumb he sounded.

“Oh god. Let’s just find them and get the fuck out of here”, Hoseok mumbled, throwing a glance to his side. Something dark moved inside the woods, eyes boring into Hoseok’s. Faint laughter were heard.

Hoseok shivered, pulling the anxious whimpering Taehyung closer. “This is starting to get creepy.”

Two dark figures watched the two humans stepping into their territory, creepy smirks on fuly display on their faces. Theirred eyes glowed in the darkness while they watched, hidden from the two friends who were dumb enough to enter the forest.

“Which one do you want, Jungkook?”, the shorter one asked with a deep raspy voice, evil thoughts wailing in his mind while staring at the two. Humans. So fragile, so easy to break. The forest demon was just waiting for them to make a mistake.

“I want the pretty brunet. Exactly my type. Beautiful and submissive”, the other, a tall, muscular looking man announced, licking his bloodless lips while staring at the small angel clutching onto his friend’s shirt.

“Didn’t have such a beautiful one in a long time. Might as well keep this beauty with me forever”, the man adressed as Jungkook growled with a even deeper, more evil voice, staring at the two.

“Are you getting rid of that littleslave of yours for the other, Hyung?”, Jungkook asked the short man next to him, his face deeply hidden behind shadows. His arms were crossed over his wide chest while he thought about it.

Hearing another whimper of the petite human and an evil smirk formed on the male’s face, exposing white, sharp teeth. Sharp enough to rip a throat out. “Maybe.”

The two hidden figured were still watching their desired preys, waiting impatiently for the two to make a mistake. And they did. Taehyung tripped over a wood stick and moaned in pain, the sweet sound sending surprising waves of pleasure through the two demons, growling lowly.

Hoseok was too surprised to react, falling with Taehyung as well, his phone fell out of his hand and the light disappeared when the two humans fell. And that was the start point for the two demons to react and they moved forward.

Ready to take their new prey.

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