Living Nightmares

Angelina Johnson

"Ronald Weasley, if you don't get out of bed right now, I swear I will make sure that you can never get out of bed again!" shouted Hermione.

George was used to hearing threats like that from his mother or even Ginny, but hearing Hermione shout it made it evident that she was fitting into the Weasley way of life. He turned off his lamp that he left on during the night, got out of bed and closed the window. When he looked at his mess of a bed, he couldn't help but look at Fred's, it looked like their mum had just come in and spent an hour making sure that every corner, every edge and every little detail was perfect.

"George, are you going to come down? Breakfast is getting cold," called Molly,

"There's no need to shout, mum, I'm right here," George smiled.

He had a quick shower and changed into his striped russet brown suit and waistcoat with a maroon tie. Ron ran past him and sat in the chair next to Hermione while apologising for being late for breakfast. Arthur was sitting at the head of the table as usual, with Ginny pouring out cereal to his left and an empty chair to his right where Molly would sit. Hermione sat next to Ginny and dictated what Ron would have for breakfast instead of his normal sausages and bacon with toast, Percy sat opposite her, eating a piece of buttered toast while reading The Daily Prophet and Charlie was helping Molly cook the last of the bacon. Everyone was there. Everyone but Fred. Percy turned his head to look at George, then tapped the chair next to him with a friendly grin. When George sat down next to him, Molly came over with a glass of pumpkin juice.

"Now, what would you like dear? Ron obviously wanted a fry up so we have sausages, bacon, toast, beans and eggs, but I can make you something else if that's what you want," she had been fussing over George a lot recently, as if to put all her love for Fred into the next best thing,

"I'll just have toast and bacon, I'm going to the shop today, so I won't be staying here long," George said as he drank some juice,

"Well, be back in time for tea, Harry is coming back from whatever business he's been on and I want him to come back to a family," Molly gave him a plate of toast and bacon with ketchup on in the shape of a G.

"I'll come to the shop with you, I haven't been there in a while," Ron stuffed a piece of toast into his mouth,

"Ron, we have that thing in an hour remember," Hermione gave him a stare of annoyance,

"Yes, but afterwards, I will go to the shop while you go to the library," Ron kissed her cheek.

Hermione wiped the toast crumbs off her cheek with a face of disgust. George had a feeling that Ron and Hermione were hiding something from them, something big. He could feel Arthur, Molly and Ginny looking at him, Hermione didn't have to tell him that they were worried about him, it was written over their faces in big flashing lights. He realized that everyone was talking at the table; he didn't seem to want to be a part of any conversation, but when he saw the concerned face on Molly while she drank her tea, he knew he had to at least try.

"I think we should have a banner for Harry when he comes back," he suggested,

"He said he didn't really want anything big," Ginny tied her glossy ginger hair back,

"But this is Harry" Ron complained,

"Yeah, and he is part of the family," George shrugged and smiled at Ginny,

"Well, I'll just make some nibbles and we'll have a home coming party," Molly smiled as she ate,

"I invited Bill and Fleur with their little one," Percy put down the newspaper and got up,

"That sounds lovely. Now, I want everyone here by 5 o'clock sharp, I'm not going through all this trouble for nothing, I tell you that now," Molly pointed her knife at each and every one of them with the stare of death, forcing everyone to furiously nod.

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes was busy as usual. It was the afternoon and children came in with their parents begging for a bottle of this and one hundred grams of that, witches and wizards from Hogwarts came to pick out what to use to get at the teacher they hated the most and the regulars came with friends and a built in map of where all the stuff they wanted was.

George stood in the middle of the highest staircase, watching over everything. Then he saw her. She had dark brown, almost black, silky hair that ended at her shoulders where it slightly curled, her slight side fringe partly covered her glittering deep brown eyes and her sweet chocolate skin. She wore a dress covered in purple flowers with black ballet pumps. There was something about her that he recognised, but he had never seen someone who seemed to shine so brightly before. She hypnotized him, making him unaware of Ron and Hermione's entrance.

"You know, people find it weird when they're stared at," Hermione said in his ear as she stood to the right of him.

He jumped and put his hand on his chest as he turned to face Hermione while calming himself down. Hermione wore a grey top that hung loosely on her with quarter length sleeves, along with blue jeans and red ballet pumps. Her hair was put into a French plait and there was a natural glow about her.

"I'm not staring at anyone," he lied with an innocent face,

"I've seen Ron and Harry stare at many girls in the past and you look exactly like them when they are pining over a girl," she crossed her arms with a grin,

"I haven't stared at many girls," Ron protested as he took off his red and black checkered shirt and pulled at his grey t-shirt to cool himself down.

Both George and Hermione looked at each other, then back at Ron to simultaneously say, "Yes you have," and laugh.

Ron shrugged and laughed a little before asking, "Who are you admiring?"

"No one," George shook his head.

He looked back down and searched the crowd of people for the girl he saw before. Finding her was like the opposite to Where's Wally, she had turned her attention to the Flirting Fancies after picking up a couple Canary Creams. The way she picked up the potion was very delicate and graceful.

"Oh, her, that's Angelina Johnson," Hermione had obviously followed his gaze,

"Who?" he asked without looking at Hermione,

"Angelina Johnson, she was on the Quidditch team and Fred asked her to the Yule Ball years ago," Ron explained.

George suddenly remembered her. He remembered her being probably one of the best Chaser's on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and Ron complaining about her when she became captain. He remembered being partly disappointed when she agreed to go to the Yule Ball with Fred and having to force a smile when Fred talked about their relationship. It was amazing how she had matured and still looked as beautiful as he thought she was years ago.

"Apparently she didn't take Fred's death well, but she has gotten over it now," Hermione said,

"How do you know that?" George asked, finally taking his eyes off Angelina to look at Hermione,

"This is Hermione, there is nothing that she doesn't know," Ron said.

George nodded in agreement before looking back at Angelina.

"Oh for God's sake, go talk to her," Hermione suggested,

"Yeah, and remind her of her boyfriend that tragically died," Ron responded.

By the slapping noise and Ron saying, "Oi, that hurt!" George could tell that Hermione had hit his arm pretty hard. George would've kicked him himself, but he couldn't take his eyes off Angelina. A voice emerged in his head, Fred's voice, are you really thinking about going for a girl I once dated? George shook his head and turned around so his back was leaning against the barrier.

"You know what, a jellyfish has more backbone than you Weasleys'" Hermione sighed before going down the steps and making her way to Angelina.

George and Ron looked at each other and ran after her before she could say anything that would embarrass him. But they were too late. When they got to where they were, Hermione was already having a conversation with Angelina. They were too far away to hear what they were saying, but George hoped that it was something that didn't make him sound like a wimp, because he knew that was what he was acting like. After a couple of laughs, Angelina glanced at George with a gleam in her eyes and smiled before looking back at Hermione and nodding. Hermione shook her hand, turned away from her and walked up to George.

"You are so very welcome," she smiled before grabbing Ron's arm and pulling him away,

"Good luck!" Ron shouted before he was dragged out of the shop.

George slowly walked up to Angelina while a knot started to form in his stomach and a lump began to grow in his throat. She was fiddling with her dress and looked up when he finally stood in front of her. He didn't know what he was going to say, obviously he should start with something like 'Hello' but he wasn't sure if he could force the word out of his mouth. She smiled at him with her glossed lips and her eyes looked more dazzling up close than when he was up on the staircase. He had to say something, anything. He gulped and smiled, "Hi."

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