My Other Half

† Nine †

It's been 3 nights already since I began hanging out with Reiji-nii. I finaly decided to call him that because I think it would be more approriate in our case.

My class with him for today is a self-study so I decided to study with him at the cafeteria. It looked like an expensive cafe, unlike my previous school in America.

This school always seemed to amuse me. "For cases like this, you should use this formula.." Reiji-nii doodled on my pad paper, explaining the lesson well.

I nodded and analyzed the problem and practiced each equations. "You seemed to be a very studious person" he looked at me as I practice the scientific formulas he taught me.

"No wonder you're an advance student" he said and I just stare at him before shaking my head. "It's just.. One of the few things I can at least be good at" I said

He rose an eyebrow. "My curriculum in America is just a little bit advanced, that's why I was able to become an advance student" I continued "I also found out from our classmates and teachers that you're both a top student and a role model of the whole campus which is the exact opposite of me..

You're much better than I am, Reiji-nii.. And as you're little sister, I should at least be as good as you to be worthy for that tittle.. Right?"

Reiji's POV...

My eyes widenned when she said that. No one had ever told me those words before. All my life, I always did my best just so 'she' would look at me. But not once did 'she' ever appreciated my hard work.

But Yumiko, she looked up to me so much. I never knew how much she is willing to work hard just so she could walk side by side with me. Just looking at her reminds me so much of myself.

I couldn't help but smile on the inside. I'm glad I have a sister like her. "You're already a good and worthy sister for me.."

End of Reiji's POV...

I didn't know if it was my imagination or not, but just now.. Did I just saw Reiji-nii smiled..? That I didn't know.

The bell rang signaling the next subject is about to start. I turned to him, only find the person in front of me, missing. I shrugged, picking up my things and went straight forward to my next class.


This time, I have the same class as Suba-nii again. Since I'm originally a freshman and an advance student, I have the most class with him.

Like always, he's sitting alone at the corner. So gloomy and away from everybody. I sighed and sat beside him even though I know he won't try talking to me again.

The class ended with me trying to start a conversation between us. This twin brother of mine would only give me a quick reply of "Yes" , "No" and simple gestures.

A tick mark appeared on my forehead "Nii-san!" I slammed the palm of my hands on his desk, making him jump. I don't know why, but he turned to 'pissed of mode'

"You're so annoying!" he hollered "Now what do you want?!"

I was surprised by his reaction. It seemed that he must be frustrated about something and I know well that this means that he needs to take it all out.

I decided to take him at a 24-hour arcade centre I heard from my class mates about. "Come with me" I smiled despite the situation and dragged him out of the room...

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