My Other Half

† Ten †

"Where are we going anyway?" Suba-nii grumbled. Unlike the others, I called him that because he's my twin. But somehow, I don't feel like we're twins. He seems to be always distancing himself away from everyone.

"You'll see!" I cheered.

We arrived infront of the arcade centre and Suba-nii looked more pissed that ever. He snapped his hand from my hold and started walking away.

He mumbled about how ridiculous arcades are. It didn't escaped my ears though. My hearing skills are good. I grabbed him by the arm again, using my tricks for persuading people.

He turned to me scowling "WHAT?!"

"If I made something outrageous to embarass myself.." I smiled "Will you come with me?"

He scoffed saying "What a waste of time" but decided to tag along. I also sent a text message to Reiji-nii, just in case he began to worry for my disappearance. Good thing he didn't destroyed my phone though.

He replied quickly asking where I am, who's with me, what time will I come back and the likes.. It's a first he's like that and I can't help but wondered if he's sick - or do vampires actually get sick? - I shook my head and put the phone in my bag.

"Are we there yet?" Suba-nii growled impatiently and I just smiled, trying to ease the tension. "We're here!" I cheered, gesturing the mall. Thank God it's still too early for the closing time.

I grabbed his hand again and dragged him inside. We went to the salon. Suba-nii had mixed expression when we went inside and all women there squealed at the sight of my hot and handsome twin.

I sat him at the waiting area as one of the beautician there assists me. "Is he your boyfriend~?" the beautician squealed at me "He's very hot~"

"Umm.. No, he's my brother" I said and the other girls there kept on asking me if he's available. I just shrugged and told the beautician of my purpose. We both smiled mischievously...


"How dare you interupt my precious sleep?!" I scowled infront of Suba-nii. The people there squealed and laughed. My twin just looked flabbergasted.

"W-what..?" he stuttered.

"Answer the question first!" I smashed the wall but failed on making even the slightest dent... Suddenly, I burst out laughing.

I actually made the beauticial cut my long hair in the same length as Suba-nii's and dyed my hair back to it's original color like my twin's.

I imittated him infront of everyone and there's no denying we're twins. "So this is what you mean by outrageous" he shook his head in disbelief, paying for my expenses - how generous of him!

"This is just the prologue, nii-san" I smiled and thanked everyone at the salon before we head off to our next stop, the clothing department. I took a black jacket, a white blouse, black jeans shorts and a pair of white knee-length suede flat boots.

I checked out the items and change into that outfit. I can see Suba-nii face-palmed, trying to hide his smile but failing in the process.

I know he's trying hard not to laugh right now. The people at the mall smiled at the image of how cute of a sibling we are. We both looked like a gender counterpart of each other.

"Why do I felt like something's missing?" I wondered. Suba-nii smirked and dragged me at the jewelry store.

"This is what's missing, idiot" he said, buying a necklace. He replaced the pendant with my key and wrapped it around my neck twice, similar to his.

I smiled and hugged him before leaving the mall - it's already closing time - and went back to the arcade store. Thank God, this time, he actually went inside with me.

"Nii-san!" I turned us around with the arcade centre as our backgroud. I held my Iphone high up and took a picture of us together...

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