My Other Half

† Eleven †

The small sounds of a swirling pen through my fingers could be heard as I walked through the hallway while reading my textbook. I woke up earlier than usual and I was on my way to Reiji-nii's room to help me out with my studies.

" Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme

Remember me to one who lives there

She once was a true love of mine "

I heard a voice, singing just around the corner. As I walk towards it, the sounds gradually became louder. It peaked my interest of whose it from.

When I opened the door, leading to the balcony, I saw Kanato sitting on top of the balustrades. "Oh it's just you, Suba - " he said "No, you're Yumi-chan right? Hehe, you look so much like Subaru now" he smiled sweetly - entirely different with his creepy side

"I love your voice" I smiled, leaning on beside him. "What are you doing here?" I asked, but he looks to be troubled as he stared at my text book.

"Are you going to study and spent your time with Reiji again?" he asked, confusing me. "Come with me.. There's somewhere I want to go"

He started walking away and I can't do anything but complied. He seems to more demanding than Reiji-nii. This senario made me remember what my twin said the other day.

"Kanato's the most violent among the triplets once he has his mood swing attacks" Suba-nii explained "He's very impatient when he demands what he wants AND an attention seeker also.. So try not to anger him, okay?"

I shook my head, remembering how Kanato creeps me out. But somehow, I can't help but feels like something wrong - or rather missing - is with him.


We stood infront of a grave at the cemetery on the far back of the mansion. "She's my mother" Kanato said. I never knew that their mother is already dead, but one thing's I knew for sure.. I'm just like them.

I kneeled infront of the grave, praying for her soul to be at peace. "What are you doing?" Kanato asked. Finally finishing my prayers, I said "It's just a habbit of praying for someone who's no longer here"

I suddenly remembered my mom. How her arms warmly wrapped around me. How her long purple hair fell down on her shoulders. How her affectionate green eyes and bright red lips speak out the words "I love you so much.."

But unfortunately, she's no longer here..

A tear escaped from my eyes as I recall the memories of the past and.. The tragic memories of that fateful day..

"Why are you crying, Yumi-chan?" Kanato asked and I stood up to be in his eye level at least. "I just remembered my mom.." I sobbed wiping my tears with my hand "She isn't just the most beautiful woman on earth, but I love her sooo much, so much more than anyone else"

"It's been six years already since she died, Kanato-san.. but not once did she ever died in my heart.. And you know what it hurts the most? I tried hard to save her but in the end, she died in my arms and I can do nothing about it!"

Rivers of tears began to flow freely in my eyes when Kanato suddenly hugged me. "Me too.." he whispered "I love my mother so much.. But she died and I can do nothing about it.."

"I guess death is just one thing to make lives more miserable than it already is.." he let me go and wiped my tears away. I shook my head and said "No.. Death is just the end of one's own chapter. But it is also another start for someone else's life..

You know.. Before she died, she told me that life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about those who dont and always believe that everything happens for a reason"

My eyes widenned and I turned, facing my back with him and facing my front with the grave. "That's right..! Everything happens for a reason.." I smiled "When she died, a chance came to me and I took it. It did changed my life that time..

It wasn't easy at first, but it was worth it beacause I met you guys.." I turned back to Kanato, smiling bright as ever "I met my sweet, charming and handsome brothers"

Kanato smiled "You're right.. Everything happens for a reason because that chance led me to meet you too"

We both hug each other. But that happiness was short lived..

In my side vision, I saw a woman standing on the other side of the gates. I turned my head and saw the same familiar and beautiful woman with purple hair. "Mom - ?"

Ba - thump

I suddenly clutched my chest and my whole body began to burn in pain..

Ba - thump

"Urgh.." She held on the metal railings and leaned in. My pain gradually increases and my breathing ragged.

Ba - thump

I fell on the ground, reaching out for her as I watched her bright red lips turned into a smirk..

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