My Other Half

† Twelve †

"I told you.. Yumi-chan~ You can't go against me"

"P-please.. I beg you onii-san! Please don't kill him!"

"Kill him?Why~ ? Don't you love him?"

"N-no.. That's not it! Please.. I'll do what you want!"

"Do what I want~?"



"Anything! Just don't hurt him!"

"Then tell me you love me.."

". . . . ."

". . No~?"

"I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! Now please.. Let him go!"





"Okay~! . . . . . Not!"




"NOOOOOOOO!" I jolt awake while sweating profusely and my breath ragged. My head suddenly throbbed and I fell back on my bed. Realizing I woke up from a nightmare, terrible nightmares from my past, I covered my eyes with an arm and sighed deeply.

"Yumi-chan! Are you alright?!" I jumped from the sudden appearance of my brothers + Yui. "Urgh.." I groaned, clutching my head as it throbbed. "Where am I?"

"You're in your room" Yui said "Kanato-kun brought you here"

"You should rest more" Suba-nii helped me up while Reiji-nii put up more pillows before they laid me comfortably on the bed.

"Don't over-exert yourself, idiot" Ayato said, brushing some hair out of my face and Kana-nii pulled up the covers. "You had us all worried, right teddy?"

"I'm sorry for troubling you guys" I smiled at how affectionate they are "I'm fine now"

"Naaaah! Just be glad that nothing bad happened to you, little sis~" Laito ruffled my hair while Ayato glared at him. Yui handed me a pain reliever and a glass of water. I took it in one gulp and Shu came, surprisingly carrying a basin of water with a towel.

Once he placed it on the night table, beside my bed, the brothers all stood up. "If you need something, just call us" Reiji-nii said "And Yui.."


"Tend to her" he glared at her "If you don't.. You'll be punished"

And with that, the brothers suddenly all disappeared, leaving me alone with Yui. She took the towel and damped it on the water before gently pat it on my forehead. "They all seemed to care for you a lot" she smiled but I could see a faint sadness in the. "Yui, what's wrong?" I asked.

"N-nothing.." her words made my brows furrowed and she turned, avoiding eye contact. However, her action made her light-blonde hair exposed her pale. My blood ran cold. I can't believe what my eyes just saw.. Because on her once, flawless skin weren't tainted by just love bites but also bite marks..

A vampire's bites mark...

"Who did this to you?" I demanded "Who bit you?"

Yui looked shock but avoided eye contact again. She bit her lip refusing to talk. "Why didn't you tell me?!" I stood up ignoring the pain I'm feeling in my chest and throbbing of my head. "Aren't we best friends? Why did you lied, pretending you're alright?" I aksed, tears starting to build up from the corner of my eyes.

"B-because.. It's the first time I've seen you so happy for years" she said as tears started streaming down her face "Ever since we we're children, even if you smile so brightly, I can see in your eyes on how lonely you are..

I know you have problems more than I have and how you've kept it all inside for years just to not trouble anyone" I bit my lip as I bowed my head remembering everything ever since before I met Yui.


Ever since I was a child, my mom is always sick. Her illness caused us to loose a lot of our fortune just to buy medicine. My dad is just a simple labor worker and his income isn't enough to support the family.

Even so, we're always a one big happy family..

But one faithful day, my mom's illness finally caused her death and my dad mourned for her lost. I was there all the time.. I've studied hard just so one day I can become a doctor and cure her.

But that didn't dream will never come true.. because she's already gone..

My father's side of the family and other relatives came on my mom's funeral. But all they do is to call her names, insult her and call me a 'bastard child'

Because of that, my dad instilled in me the phrases of "No matter what happens, you should always be at the top.. You should always study hard, because if that happens, no one can ever step on you.."

"Remember, education is the only treasure I can give you.. And the only treasure that can never be robbed by anyone" he said "One day, you will be the one to raise our heads up high.. I love you, Yumiko.. Me and your mother always did"

Ever since then, dad had always focused on work and me. Everything in his revolved around those two priorities until he got promoted again and again. He was finally able to put up his own successful company in just 3 years. But one day, he died on a car crash while on his way home on my 10th birthday.

Three months later, my aunt from America adopted me. Not because of pity, but because of my dad's insurance and the company. With those plan in hand, I had never been able to live a decent life.

She never took care of me like her own daughter. I was outcasted by her family..

For years that I've lived with her and my spend-thrift foster brother, not once did I ever felt like a family to them. I was left, always watching from the sidelines as they benefits from the money they got from my father, from the company and from my career..

End of Flashback...

I realized I've been crying dry tears and my chest began to hurts more. I clutched on it and Yui put her hand on mine. "Let it all out" she said "You've been holding on far too long"

She smiled thinly at me and as the pain rose, I finally cried..

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